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Member since: Fri Dec 10, 2010, 10:36 PM
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The stastistics on the right explain how we got where we are. CSPAN & the other NOOZ won't.

Good points to bring up during the election season this year. And to drive home in local races, as well. I'll add this I found, because it can't be said too often about our opposition:

The single largest defect of modern conservatism is that it has ruined the nation. Conservatives do not have ideas; they have interests.

Conservatives are not “thinkers”; they are rationalizers who give an intellectual gloss to their belief that an alliance of predatory businesspeople and religious extremists should rule the rest of us.

The wreckage caused by modern conservatism lies all around us, and speaks for itself: If conservatism isn’t dead, it should be.

- DANIEL ROSEN - Washington Post 10/9/2009

2012 State Of The Union Address: Enhanced Version

The permanent link that won't go away. For you to watch here or download for later. Enjoy:

You spoke the truth gently and made the case perfectly. I'm in awe of what you wrote and saving it.

Although I'd warn the white woman 'who got the vapors' that the truth shouldn't hurt, it should be liberating to everyone.

I think she's too afraid to speak up, so she's lost her 'liberty' already. If any of them want to make the case for 'liberty,' they need to understand they are in a group that actually espouse these values:

'How Freedom Became Tyranny'

Rightwing libertarians have turned “freedom” into an excuse for greed and exploitation.


It's an eye opener and those women should resist Ron Paul and his 'campaign for liberty' while they can still vote. Some of the Paul crowd want every amendment to the Constitution repealed except the first ten and don't mind saying they'll rescind the right of women to vote, too.

This is so complicated IDK what he did. But this and another thread makes him seem like O'Keefe.

I was unaware of unethical things he has done until I read some of the articles posted here recently. I'd only read his writings on Salon about the GOP. He has a certain insight and extremely active.

It is his actions on the individuals used in his causes I find troubling. He has a disconnect between the harm he is causing and his zeal for his causes. He appears to use and discard people as if they are pawns in a game.
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