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Member since: Fri Dec 10, 2010, 10:36 PM
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How many people support the destruction of the DHS agency that uses 85% of its funding, FEMA?

Rand Paul and most diehard GOP want FEMA privatized. So shutting down the funding of DHS would be a major win for them, no wonder they are taking a vacation.

They're spending their bonuses from the Koch brothers. Any replacement won't represent the needy, as we've seen from the privatized fire department in TN that let the man's house with his pets inside burn for want of a few bucks.

Their version of emergency service is not universal. Yet people are going to cheer the downfall of FEMA because they've heard it's bad and when it's gone, it's gone.

So you have changed your mind after writing this email and OP?

Email to Common Dreams


Skip voting?

Or vote for some idiot who isn't running to win? Are you kidding? Too many on the left have been executing this brilliant strategy for the last 40 years. If that works so well, where is our functioning participatory democracy working for the 99%? I'm all for supporting left parties instead of Democrats, but only if they take winning seriously.

In Seattle last year, many Democrats supported the Socialist Alternative candidate for the Seattle City Council, but only because she was a serious candidate. She won narrowly due to the efforts of 400-500 volunteers phoning and doorbelling for her. But if you think this means that people should stop voting for Democrats, get back to me when Socialist Alternative wins seats on the city councils of Federal Way, Renton, Kent. Auburn, Spokane, etc.

In reality, only Demorats can run serious candidates all up and down the ballot. Left third parties can win in urban centers, small towns with big universities, and rural areas populated by a lot of refugees from Woodstock Nation--and nowhere else.

Back here in the real world, we are now in a hellhole run by the 1% because conservative whackjobs took over the Republicans working from the precinct level upward. On the left, idiots of tender conscience have refused to to the same to the Democrats. Democrats at least make an effort to talk to their neighbors.


You defended your postition in the thread twice:



Losing one's home and one's life are two different things, and people are calling for gays to be butchered in too many places. And it would never stop there, the killers would find the next group to move onto.

I've lost two houses due to medical bills and have lived in poverty for years. The GOP wants to cut the social safety net and it's all that prevents me and others I know from being on the street, much less having a 'home' to own. That position in society was denied me, not by a bank, but by the actions of GWB twenty years ago.

The rights of women to control their own body especially when raped and the choice taken away from them, is a more serious matter than losing a job, because bearing the child puts such a burden on the victim that they may end up working for nothing but food and board, or worse. Yes, there are worse things than losing a house or a job. Some things in life guarantee that, with or without a bank, no matter what the Libertarians and Tea Party have to say.

Anyone is free to abstain from voting. Democrats are right now saving the lives of people I know personally, so my abstaining isn't an option for me. But everyone is different. Peace Out.

BTW, I thought that Email was great.

Nice mix. Here's the full version of the buses. Great music and comments. It's in Seattle:

VIDEO from the link, imagine being on the recieving end. Beautiful countryside:

Doing what she loved. Pic of her last month in the snowy forest:

She planned to summit a few peaks alone. Climbers I've known love is to be as close to nature as possible.




Obama isn't doing what they want him to do. So is MSNBC, who was right in there cheering the Iraq Invasion, just reminding Ed who's paying his rent?

If someone wants to go fight, Christian Dominionists are the cheapest soldiers, they want to bring the Apocalypse, even if they die doing so, the same as ISIS, but from the other side. They don't plan to come back.

Some Americans are already there to fight for religion now:


Be grateful it's Obama and not:


What, John? Did they put in a rider to bomb Iran for you?

85% of DHS's budget goes to fund FEMA. Don't you want that privatized like your buddy Rand does, so only the rich get help and the rest are left to rot?

Do you also support Ryan's 'Kings don't pay taxes' bill? Why are you still running your mouth?

They enjoy those cold winters, huh? Mahalo, Cha!

Check out the love:


Yes, it's disinformation central. Drop me a line if you get a chance.

And yeah, I hear you:

I don't think my faith in humanity can survive being around such a complete absense of principle, values, and crtiical thought.

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