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Member since: Fri Dec 10, 2010, 10:36 PM
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Vladimir Putin's Long Shadow - the fifth estate

CBC News - Jan 9, 2015

He casts a long shadow over globe. Russian leader Vladimir Putin has outlasted three American presidents and is on track to stay in power until 2024. His incursions in Georgia, the Crimea and Ukraine have rattled the West, while his crackdowns inside Russia have riled his democratic opponents.

But a joint investigation by the fifth estate and PBS’ Frontline reveals an even darker side to one of the most powerful leaders in the world: Allegations of criminal activity dating as far back as his early days as a top official in St. Petersburg; ties to organized crime and money-laundering activities; and a secret personal fortune said to be in the billions.

“Putin’s Long Shadow” also raises disturbing questions about the role the Russian security services played in four apartment building bombings in Moscow and other cities in 1999 that killed nearly 300 people – a tragedy Putin blamed on terrorists and used to cement his power.

Host Gillian Findlay talks to a senior police officer who tried to arrest Putin on corruption charges; an investigator who was jailed for asking too many questions about the apartment bombings; and Russian businessmen who detail the levels of corruption and collusion.

Haven't had time to watch this video but googled after seeing a post on the PBS piece:

PBS, Frontline, Putin's Way.

to Volaris:


Felonious malefactors are always pro-felon:

Besides, they intend to benefit:

Republicans serve The Beast.

From the dawn of mankind they are the regressive element that's been holding back and destroying our civilization. They nourish other-dimensional entities that feed on misery, pain, and chaos.

Republicans are their minions, and hope to share in these entities' power, or be spared the pain.

But The Beast never shares; The Beast never spares.

You never know, really. That's from an unusual DU2 sigline...

The clip wasn't long enough to get a full context, so I googled and got this:

Former Sunni started a thread:

Yep_its_true 7 points8 points9 points 14 hours ago (7 children)

The Sunni community needs to admit that there is NO universally agreed upon code of conduct in their version of Islam, and they must admit that this is causing problems.

They can't confront the law breakers, when they haven't clearly defined what the laws actually are.

Sunni Muslims hang on to this idea of the 'perfection' of Sharia law, and then they won't admit that it's not even a real thing.

Admitting you have a problem is the first step to solving it. Sunni Muslim leaders haven't admitted that they have a problem, they just say things like 'foreign policy' and 'Wahabis are bad.'

(full disclosure: former Sunni Muslim. Love my friends and family, but I can say without a doubt that they are in denial...)

Replies, excuse me because I'm not signed in, don't see all of their format, and don't see it can't be posted elsewhere, so here goes:

toastymow -1 points0 points1 point 10 hours ago (1 child)

And terrorism is just the most visible manifestation of what is wrong with the system.

I'd like to think the abject poverty and horrible corruption help too. But terrorism is certainly more "in the face" of the West.

Yep_its_true 0 points1 point2 points 10 hours ago (0 children)


I live in the Middle East, in Muslim country.

The corruption and frankly, Un-Islamic distribution of wealth are causing horrid problems here, and I am sure that this part of the world will take 100 years to 'catch up' to the west.

As I have worked and lived here, I am shocked to see how often vague and nebulous 'Islamic' ideas are used by Muslims to oppress and harm other Muslims!

The non Muslim world can't really be expected to monitor or even be aware of these types of issues, though.

frmmtl 1 point2 points3 points 5 hours ago (2 children)

I still think this is new for a lot of people. When people get upset at Islam or Muslims, they're more often then not aware that where they should be directing their legitimate anger is towards Salafism and Wahabism. There are still many people in the west who couldn't tell you the difference between Shia vs Sunni beliefs nor could they enunciate the complexities within these communities of interpretation. I think education has to be at the heart of it but the media is doing a horrible job at it and our schools simply don't engage in what is a really important and worthwhile education around the diversity of religious beliefs, and education necessary to good democracies...



Tears in my eyes over the love being shown there.

Thanks Surya, for this thread!

Good article. Love the picture there. Thanks for posting, Sleepless!

If Obama had attended, Faux would demand we nuke Paris immediately to clear out ALL the Muslims...

Since they say Obama is their leader.

Honestly, though, why didn't they call for Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, McCain. Palin, Bachmann, Graham, Cruz, North, Kristol, Christie, Perry, Paul or the rest of their highly touted 'better than Obama' crew to go?

Who did I leave off the list?

And where was Putin when the French needed him?

Few people had heard of Vladimir Putin when Russia's then-President Boris Yeltsin appointed him prime minister in 1999. But the stern-faced former KGB officer triggered a love affair with the Russian population — by starting a popular second war in Chechnya later that year.

Soon after hostilities began, the man who later became president surprised the country with the first of what became known as "Putinisms." He issued a threat to Chechen rebels using slang terms usually heard only in Russia's notoriously tough prisons.

"If they're in the airport," Putin said, "we'll kill them there... and excuse me, but if we find them in the toilet, we'll exterminate them in their outhouses."


Doesn't that just warm your heart? Faux wants him in the White House. Whatever...

I was amazed to have a talk with a bagger relation. I brought up the Nordic model and summed it up.

'It means we are all in it together.'

This relation is old enough to remember the advantages the New Deal gave, despite years of Fauxian propaganda and living in a very red state.

The bagger thought it was great! There was actually a tone of joy in her voice and she is gradually leaving hate.

It was a lightbulb moment...

New York's Whiniest, Zimmerman and Self-Evident Truths (to AA's) by Bill Maher:

Bill Maher takes on NYPD

to Quixote1818:


There are at least two uncool remarks by Maher, but I didn't want to pass up by the 'by the book' killings and that 'the book' must be written by George Zimmerman! He really nailed that.

Oh, a little bit for the income inequality fans, first you get justice, then comes equality. The NYPD union, et al, needs a new book. Like yesterday.

All talkers? What about Bush and Cheney? They killed lots of Muslims. Why did they get a pass?

Al Qaeda Source: AQAP Directed Paris Attack

By Jeremy Scahill - 09 Jan 2015

...Sheikh Usama (RA) said in his message to the West: If there is no check on the freedom of your words, then let your hearts be open to the freedom of our actions...

The source, who demanded anonymity because the group had not yet released an official statement, also told The Intercept that two images in the latest issue of its publication, Inspire, published in December, contained a clue foreshadowing the attack on Charlie Hebdo. One image (at right, click to enlarge) shows a Muslim kneeling in prayer with a cooking pot similar to the one used by the Boston marathon bombers. “If you have the knowledge and inspiration all that’s left is to take action.” On the page immediately below it is a picture of a French passport. Throughout the day, several AQAP members have been praising the attack on social media and discussion sites. An AQAP source pointed The Intercept to a recording they claim is Cherif Kouachi, one of the suspects, acknowledging that his trips to Yemen in 2011 were “financed” by U.S.-born radical imam Anwar al Awlaki and that he was sent to Yemen by AQAP...

The Charlie magazine team deserved what they got. Many warnings have been given before, but they were persistent. They had the freedom to use cartoons in their magazine, and we have the freedom to use bullets from our magazines. As the ‘Wanted List’ stated: A bullet a day, keeps the kaffir away. Yes, Charb is no more. The lions of Jihad have stood. The followers of Muhammad – peace be upon him – have never forgotten. As Sheikh Anwar Rahimahullah put it: The Dust Will Never Settle Down.

Do not look for links or affiliation with Jihadi fronts. It is enough they are Muslims. They are Mujahideen. This is the Jihad of the Ummah. So France, are you ready for more attacks; Weren’t you asked by Inspire Magazine immediately after the Wanted List...


There is a false equivalency by AQ on some cases there. And grievances about actions and not words. They appear to let neocons off the hook, though.

They know that and it's why they're gutting education and healthcare.

They are fully against all forms of healthcare, assistance and public education. They'll get both cheap labor while they need it and reduce the population at the same time.

They're working to bankrupt all the states with no taxes. This is fully intentional. We must stop being outraged and understand what we're up against with these guys who aren't playing by our rules, but by the Koch playbook. Once more:


They are enacting this state by state and have met most of their goals as too many voters now agree with the reasoning there. You will not find any changes in that platform in any state or nationally that support any public education, publicly owned institutions, healthcare or help.


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