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Wait in line, he's got lots of company:

Well, he's not in office. But this one is:

Our tax dollars support these clowns!

Yes, the ones who'll repeal Obamacare when they win the Senate next month:

And stocking up on gold and ammo because... Obama!

Obama invoked that term here:

Possibility Of Genocide Moved Obama To Act In Iraq

by Josh Lederman at the Huffington Post

...Wednesday was a major tipping point. Obama was engrossed in three days of meeting with dozens of African presidents he'd invited to Washington. But roughly 6,000 miles away, the Yazidis were in trouble, having fled to the mountains to escape the extremists.

With Obama at the summit, his team met throughout the day at the White House, where they learned that the Iraqis had tried — and failed — to resupply the Yazidis, who were in dire need of food and water.

The Kurds, America's closest allies in Iraq, had sought to hold off the extremists. But on Wednesday, the Kurdish militia started falling back, moving precipitously away from Iraq's largest hydroelectric dam as they sought to consolidate their forces to protect Irbil.

Eventually, insurgents took the dam. If fully breached, the dam could flood major swaths of land, endangering the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad.

The chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Gen. Martin Dempsey, joined Obama for the limo ride back to the White House, where Obama said he knew the Yazidis' humanitarian crisis must be addressed. Obama had plans to join the first lady at an Italian restaurant, but the Oval Office meeting dragged on. Dinner would have to wait...



More here, beware, BOG:

President Obama Addresses the Nation on the ISIL Threat

...ISIL is a terrorist organization, pure and simple. And it has no vision other than the slaughter of all who stand in its way.

In a region that has known so much bloodshed, these terrorists are unique in their brutality. They execute captured prisoners. They kill children. They enslave, rape, and force women into marriage. They threatened a religious minority with genocide...


I recall images of Obama looking up at mulitiple overhead screens of what was going on prior to his announcement. His face was determined and keen to retain all that he saw. He was thinking.

Obama has the ability through the infrastructure of the USA government to see what is happening in real time and hear the stories of those thousands of miles away. If he calls it genocide, one should take that seriously.

Now we have some of the numbers. 5,000 executed prisoners. 7,000 women being abuses as Obama said. I find it reassuring that he has never forgotten women and minorities in all matters.

For those who use Twitter, I found an excellent link on TOD today on this. A guy who is there:

Thomas van Linge @arabthomness

#Kurdistan BREAKING: #YPG and allies are in control of 70% of #Kobanę according to local journalists. #TwitterKurds #Rojava
10:05 AM - 15 Oct 2014

Unfortunately, I don't do Twitter and unable to make it show. Some TOD comments on the Twitter feed above:


If Turkey would allow passage of Turkish Kurds to go help in the fight, IS would be thrown out completely in just a matter of days. Erdogan is missing a major chance to gain good will from the Kurds...

And one more point. If IS does get tossed out of Kobane, it will mark a major defeat. If they can’t beat the Kurds, who were underarmed and who had a lot of women fighting, they will lose a lot of their draw. Additionally, the Iraqi forces, including the Sunnis, will not want to be shown up by the Kurds, particularly the female Kurdish fighters.

Losing Kobane, after gaining almost 70% of it, will be, if handled by the allies properly, a major turning point in the battle against IS. It won’t be over immediately, and you can be sure they will make a major push somewhere to show they still have “what it takes”, but resistance in other areas will be hardened...

I went to this guys timeline. Wow, full of stuff and not just about Kobane. I have been out of it so I didn’t realize that Ansar al Sharia, one of the groups implicated in the consulate attack, had taken over control of Benghazi, but it looks like they are being routed by a combination of Libyan army and locals.

Today's issue of TOD.

Exclusive: Ebola didn’t have to kill Thomas Eric Duncan, nephew says


Published: 14 October 2014; Updated: 15 October 2014

On Friday, Sept. 25, 2014, my uncle Thomas Eric Duncan went to Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Dallas. He had a high fever and stomach pains. He told the nurse he had recently been in Liberia. But he was a man of color with no health insurance and no means to pay for treatment, so within hours he was released with some antibiotics and Tylenol. Two days later, he returned to the hospital in an ambulance. Two days after that, he was finally diagnosed with Ebola. Eight days later, he died alone in a hospital room.

Now, Dallas suffers. Our country is concerned. Greatly. About the lack of answers and transparency coming from a hospital whose ignorance, incompetence and indecency has yet to be explained. I write this on behalf of my family because we want to set the record straight about what happened and ensure that Thomas Eric did not die in vain. So, here’s the truth about my uncle and his battle with Ebola.

Thomas Eric Duncan was cautious.

Among the most offensive errors in the media during my uncle’s illness are the accusations that he knew he was exposed to Ebola — that is just not true. Eric lived in a careful manner, as he understood the dangers of living in Liberia amid this outbreak. He limited guests in his home, he did not share drinking cups or eating utensils...

More at the link:


The writer, Josephus Weeks is an Iraq War veteran who lives in North Carolina. And he knows a lot more about this man than the media or citizens.

I have defended Duncan both online and offline, had arguments with others over his culpability. I feel that this story, along with others I could cite posted on DU and elsewhere, justify my opinion that this man and his family were treated shamefully and that those who have been most hysterical and angry at him are not on the side of science and justice.

The most heartbreaking an enraging things to me, I have emboldened. When one goes the link for more, this also stands out:

Thomas Eric Duncan could have been saved.

People are not giving him the benefit of he doubt as they should, as a human being. Would they ascribe venal or sinister motives to him if they were talking about themselves or their own families?

It says more about them than Duncan, IMO. This should be hashed out in the AA group, as I am tired of what I'm seeing in other forums about AAs.

Some people are focusing on the disease and not the person, as they would demand to be treated as in real life. I don't have enough facepalm pictures to express my fatigue.

Intel iMac question:

When I got my iMac some years ago, I found that one can use half the hard drive to run a Mac OS and by using BootCamp can work with a Windows OS.

Can't operate both at the same time, but can shut down one and do work on the other. I haven't done that, but I have a question about this process. I see nothing about it \online or in books or instructions.

My older Mac OS has features that I will lose if I upgrade. I have the disc for the upgrade, but have not used it. Because I bought an identical disc for another computer and upgraded. After I saw what happened, such as losing a lot of iTunes and Quick Times functions, I refused to upgrade my computer.

In fact, I'm considering setting the other machine back to the older OS. Of course, I was unable to get my current versions of iTunes and Quick Time to interface with the new OS and I hate it. But I'm really getting behind on updates now and want to run both.

Anyone who knows if I can do this, please post.

I will have to call and pay Apple for a Tech call at $30 per problem as this iMac is out of warranty and need to specify what it is I am trying to do. They aren't trained to deal with such questions, they keep trying to get me to buy an upgrade. And therein lies my problem.


Quite a tangled web, that is. However, you neglected the crucial elment:

Victoria Nuland's Nazi Cookies!

Classic DU headline, generous use of the F word:



That's about the level of discourse some days on the internet. And it's not getting any better. All of that is merely the product of millions of precious little snowflakes.

They never made any sense in 2008 with that. Obama was the best candidate, period. She lost me in

the primary debates with her style, and he won me with his. He was willing to learn and think ahead.

I didn't see anyone of his intellectual caliber in the race. Voting for Obama after watching the 2008 competition was simply a no brainer.

Just as it was in 2012:

I prefer physical comedy. My favorite example of thrashing:

Basil is a horrid man.

He says what I feel at times.

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