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K&R for video. Watching now. They haven't got to Faux Noise yet, but they're a major front group:

President Obama:

And speaking of conservative heroes, the Koch brothers bought a table here tonight. But as usual, they used a shadowy right-wing organization as a front. Hello, Fox News.


Obama and the State of the Union are Strong (Full VIDEO of the 2015 SOTU and more)

But first, behind the scenes:

Behind The Scenes: A State of the Union Sit-Down with President Obama

Published on Jan 19, 2015

Listen to President Obama talk about what it is like to give the State of the Union Address as well as his preview for what he will talk about in the speech.

Obama and the State of the Union are Strong

U.S. President Barack Obama delivers his State of the Union speech before members of Congress in the House chamber of the U.S. Capitol January 20, 2015 in Washington, D.C. (Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images)

By Jonathan Capehart - January 21, 2015

Untethered by reelection, powered by an economic resurgence and clearly feeling just plain good about his standing, President Obama forcefully delivered a vision of where the nation needs to go in his sixth State of the Union address. And any doubt about his confidence was dispelled in one drop-mic moment near the end of his address.

“I have no more campaigns to run,” Obama said in the middle of a compelling oration devoted to the need to for Democrats and Republicans to work together. In response, congressional Republicans in attendance applauded. The man who frustrated his base and others with his turn-the-other-cheek thought for just a second before acknowledging their cheeky reaction with an ad-libbed rebuke. “I know, because I won both of them,” said the first president since Dwight Eisenhower to win at least 51 percent of the vote twice...

What Obama said after he delivered that improvised response to GOP cheekiness shouldn’t get lost in all the high-fiving on the left and the sneering on the right.

"My only agenda for the next two years is the same as the one I’ve had since the day I swore an oath on the steps of this Capitol – to do what I believe is best for America.  If you share the broad vision I outlined tonight, join me in the work at hand.  If you disagree with parts of it, I hope you’ll at least work with me where you do agree.  And I commit to every Republican here tonight that I will not only seek out your ideas, I will seek to work with you to make this country stronger..."


Now to the Enhanced Full VIDEO:

Enjoy, fellow BOGsters! More videos and commentary to be posted as I get the time. Feel free to add images, videos and text to support our President.

***NOTE: This is posted in the BOG (Barack Obama Group) a safe haven created by the DU Admins. It is NOT a forum where maligning the 44th President's character, timing, policies, adminstration, Democrats or the members of this safe haven, is welcome.

Those are accepted in the GD (General Discussion) forum. This is an online haven where BOG members celebrate the life, achievements and policies of the 44th POTUS, and support him and each other. If you cannot respect PBO, his administration, the Democratic Party or the members of this group, and post in the spirit for which this haven was created to nurture, be advised we have a SOP and it is enforced to prevent disruption.

The SOP is in a pinned thread. Thanks in Advance.***

Typical media overkill while they promote the GOP all year long. Nothing to see here...

Obama knows the American people, the media only knows their owners in their bubble:

So many have shown him their hearts and he readily responds to all of them:

An open heart can meet with the essence of others, and both will respond with joy:

These people don't look cynical and they are the future:

Just read the entire story at the link, never heard of this. It would've been so heartening to me.

Never in my life have I heard of anyone running off the KKK without a military presence or federal law enforcement officers. I am amazed.

In the post-WW2 era Americans officially hated Nazi philosophy and their brand of Racism. That was the norm for me, then as it said the reaction built. Enter the John Birch Society...

It's no surprise 'Superman,' a white comic icon, was against the KKK' as the piece said. And the reaction of the vets was just what needed to be on the news...

I believe if this story of resisting Racism had been widely covered, it would have changed history, in particular this photograph of the confrontation:

And the aftermath, of those WW2 vets with their trophy taken from the anti-American KKK:

Educating people on what the Civil War and WW2 was fought for, not allowing Racist 'whitewashing' to be resurrected by Rush, etc. would have prevented much idiocy.

Thanks for posting this!

Where were whites when Baldwin gave his warning here?

James Baldwin debates William F. Buckley Jr. at Cambridge University | The Resolution: “Is the American Dream at the expense of the American Negro?”

Baldwin goes on to eloquently state the affirmative in what has to be one of the most encompassing and moving soliloquies I have ever heard. Excerpts follow, but do not sell yourselves short, watch it in its entirety:

“The white South African or Mississippi sharecropper or Alabama sheriff has at bottom a system of reality which compels them really to believe when they face the Negro that this woman, this man, this child must be insane to attack the system to which he owes his entire identity.”

“In the case of the American Negro, from the moment you are born every stick and stone, every face, is white. Since you have not yet seen a mirror, you suppose you are, too. It comes as a great shock around the age of 5, 6, or 7 to discover that the flag to which you have pledged allegiance, along with everybody else, has not pledged allegiance to you. It comes as a great shock to see Gary Cooper killing off the Indians, and although you are rooting for Gary Cooper, that the Indians are you.”

“From a very literal point of view, the harbors and the ports and the railroads of the country—the economy, especially in the South—could not conceivably be what they are if it had not been (and this is still so) for cheap labor. I am speaking very seriously, and this is not an overstatement: I picked cotton, I carried it to the market, I built the railroads under someone else’s whip for nothing. For nothing.”

The Southern oligarchy which has still today so very much power in Washington, and therefore some power in the world, was created by my labor and my sweat and the violation of my women and the murder of my children. This in the land of the free, the home of the brave.”

“Sheriff Clark in Selma, Ala., cannot be dismissed as a total monster; I am sure he loves his wife and children and likes to get drunk. One has to assume that he is a man like me. But he does not know what drives him to use the club, to menace with the gun and to use the cattle prod. Something awful must have happened to a human being to be able to put a cattle prod against a woman’s breasts. What happens to the woman is ghastly. What happens to the man who does it is in some ways much, much worse. Their moral lives have been destroyed by the plague called color.”

“It is a terrible thing for an entire people to surrender to the notion that one-ninth of its population is beneath them. Until the moment comes when we, the Americans, are able to accept the fact that my ancestors are both black and white, that on that continent we are trying to forge a new identity, that we need each other, that I am not a ward of America, I am not an object of missionary charity, I am one of the people who built the country—until this moment comes there is scarcely any hope for the American dream. If the people are denied participation in it, by their very presence they will wreck it. And if that happens it is a very grave moment for the West.”


Unfortunately, many were just too busy enjoying the spoils to think about these higher ideas. Yes, I am white, and do not hate 'my race' either. I just wish they would live up to the Ideals MLK, Jr. mentioned and do the right thing.

I had gathered a lot of links of videos of MLK, Jr. to post today but decided against it because I am so sick of the white people hanging onto the coattails of and hiding behind black people to further their own agendas.

I don't feel I have the right to talk, it's time to hear what all POC have to say.

Agree with all of that. Here are the words of MLK, Jr. on what created the inequality:

And he doesn't even mention slavery. But does explain how whites used the terms of Equality for themselves. Without using the exact same words as we often use today, he doesn't give a pass to Racism in any form.

Video also has James Baldwin who says what needs to be heard. It's very important to realize, as he says, that this is not academic. Those who keep on talking about this without going into the real people being effected are wrong.

I miss this kind of plain speech that I grew up with.

The OC crowd believes the communist cows are already armed and ready for revolution:

And they intend to protect their rights by any means necessary!

The liberty to barbeque requires eternal vigilance!

Sorry to trot that old one out, but you can see why they feel they need their guns. Vegetables may also be considered a threat, but IDK which ones they call terrorists. Pretty sure they consider most potatoes to be safe. While they pick those out in the grocery, is when the ground beef sneaks up on 'em.

Top 3 reasons for the incessant media-driven 'Obama Legacy' meme:

#3: They insist on not talking about the present in order to strangle his agenda to change the status quo.

BTW, he has said 'his legacy' never enters into what he does. He says his focus and joy with being POTUS lies within the changes for the better. It's not about him. It's whether life for others get better that is his pleasure.

#2: They are insinuating that he is a phony and as shallow as they are. They are privileged, most of them in their places through nepotism (check the marriages, family lineage and their shared associations) and living in that position seldom leads to original thought. They live in the past.

#1: They've been dreaming about him being out of office before he was in office. They can't bear to think for one second of 'that man' in the White House.

The more ominous part comes from the fact that a person's legacy is not usually discussed until they are dead. Which really puts the icing on the cake of #1. It's a Death Wish.


Didn't watch, but knew they won when I heard the fireworks and whoops outside my window...


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