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Here are more terms:

All of these search terms will yield pdfs, using the main search term of '1973 us department of defense global climate change strategy national defense threat.' I still have the document from years ago. It affected planning the government and private sectors, banking, industry and policy decisions.

Some of the results read as follows and include the 1973 documents as well as those more recent, but I am not able to present the links in the DU format to the pdfs as downloads, so you will have to pull them from the search terms. They will be uploaded to your computer:

1. The Age of Consequences - Center for Strategic and International ... 
www.csis.org/files/media/csis/pubs/071105_ageofconsequences.pdf - View by Ixquick Proxy - Highlight 
Kurt M. Campbell is CEO and co-founder of the Center for a New American Security and former deputy assistant secretary of defense for Asia and the Pacific. Leon Fuerth is a ... The Foreign Policy and National Security Implications of Global Climate Change. The Age of .... other great threat of our ...

2. DoD Manual 4715.03, November 25, 2013 - Defense Technical ... 
www.dtic.mil/whs/directives/corres/pdf/471503m.pdf - View by Ixquick Proxy - Highlight 
Nov 25, 2013 ... Planning for Climate Change Impacts to Natural Resources .... Species Act of 1973 (ESA)” ... (s) U.S. Global Climate Change Research Program, ... (w) National Fish, Wildlife & Plants Climate Adaptation Strategy, ...... Adding climate change to the threats analysis prepared as ...

3. National Security in the 21st Century - Digital Commons ... 
digitalcommons.wcl.american.edu/ cgi/ viewcontent.cgi?article=1470 &context=sdlp - View by Ixquick Proxy - Highlight 
the real threat climate change poses to U.S. security in the 2009. National ... motivated findings,15 being represented to the global community as scientifically factual ..... President's National Security Strategy report and the Department of Defense. Quadrennial ..... 555 (1973) (codified at ...

4. UPDATE: Climate Security 101: Why the U.S. National Security ... 
www.climateandsecurity.org/ 2014/ 02/ 26/ update-climate-security-101-why-the-u-s-national-security-establishme nt-takes-climate-change-seriously/ - View by Ixquick Proxy - Highlight 
Feb 26, 2014 ... The definition of a national security threat, and how climate change fits into that definition ... indirect threats from regions of the world that are either of strategic interest ... Review report conducted by the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD). ... to the U.S., instability can ...

5. Pentagon preparing for mass civil breakdown | Nafeez Ahmed ... 
www.theguardian.com/ environment/ earth-insight/ 2014/ jun/ 12/ pentagon-mass-civil-breakdown - View by Ixquick Proxy - Highlight 
Jun 12, 2014 ... A US Department of Defense (DoD) research programme is funding universities to ... Launched in 2008 – the year of the global banking crisis – the DoD 'Minerva ... activism in different parts of the world as a threat to US national security? ... Laboratory to gauge the risk ...

6. DOD's Energy Challenge as Strategic Opportunity - Rocky Mountain ... 
www.rmi.org/ cms/ Download.aspx?id=5026 &file=JFQ57_Lovins_unabridged.pdf &title=DOD%E2%80%99s+Energy+Challenge+as+Strategic+Opportunity - View by Ixquick Proxy - Highlight 
Yet energy is also a major source of global instability, conflict, pollution, and risk. Many of the gravest threats to national security are intimately intertwined with energy, ... domestic critical infrastructure vulnerabilities, and climate change ( which ... time, 37 years after the 1973 oil ...

7. Science & America's National Security - American Security Project 
https://www.americansecurityproject.org/ ASP%20Reports/ Ref%200092%20-%20Science%20and%20America%E2%80%99s%20National%20Secur ity.pdf - View by Ixquick Proxy - Highlight 
Recent data indicates that the United States is losing its position as a global ... Te U.S. Department of Defense is at the forefront of pursuing and developing sci- .... In the future, the largest threats to America's national security will require scientific solu- ... Retrieved from U.S. Navy ...

8. The Pentagon's Weather Nightmare The climate could change ... 
archive.fortune.com/ magazines/ fortune/ fortune_archive/ 2004/ 02/ 09/ 360120/ - View by Ixquick Proxy - Highlight 
Feb 9, 2004 ... That would be the mother of all national security issues. ... In fact, the prospect has become so real that the Pentagon's strategic planners are grappling with it. The threat that has riveted their attention is this: Global warming, rather than ... But recently, renowned ...

9. Lessons from Department of Defense Disaster Relief Efforts in the ... 
www.rand.org/ content/ dam/ rand/ pubs/ research_reports/ RR100/ RR146/ RAND_RR146.pdf - View by Ixquick Proxy - Highlight 
Moroney, Jennifer D. P., 1973- ... Center of the RAND National Defense Research Institute, a federally funded ... The U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) has long been able to play a ...... Articulate a new strategy and doctrine (or at least establish the .... climate change will further affect ...

10. Homeland Security and Defense - Strategic Studies Institute - U.S. ... 
www.strategicstudiesinstitute.army.mil/homeland-security-defense/ - View by Ixquick Proxy - Highlight 
All relevant SSI research for Homeland Security and Defense. ... changes in today's global energy markets affecting U.S. national security and the U.S. military? ... Counter Threat Finance strategies have the potential to be a multifaceted ... and is a list of high-priority topics submitted by ...
Some more search results, some are dupblicates:

1. Pentagon: Climate change a national security threat | TheHill 
www.thehill.com/ policy/ energy-environment/ 220575-pentagon-unveils-plan-to-fight-climate-change - View by Ixquick Proxy - Highlight 
Oct 13, 2014 ... The Pentagon calls climate change a "threat multiplier" in new "adaptation roadmap." ... House passes research and development tax. ... signaling a comprehensive attempt to tackle the impacts of global warming. ... "Among the future trends that will impact ...

2. Pentagon Signals Security Risks of Climate Change - NYTimes.com 
www.nytimes.com/ 2014/ 10/ 14/ us/ pentagon-says-global-warming-presents-immediate-security-threat.html - View by Ixquick Proxy - Highlight 
Oct 13, 2014 ... The Pentagon's increased emphasis on the national security threats of ... for a new global climate change treaty is a sign that the urgency of the ...

3. Pentagon preparing for mass civil breakdown | Nafeez Ahmed ... 
www.theguardian.com/ environment/ earth-insight/ 2014/ jun/ 12/ pentagon-mass-civil-breakdown - View by Ixquick Proxy - Highlight 
Jun 12, 2014 ... Pentagon Building in Washington ... A US Department of Defense (DoD) research programme is funding universities ... Launched in 2008 – the year of the global banking crisis – the DoD 'Minerva Research Initiative' ... constituted a potential national security threat of ...

4. The Pentagon's Weather Nightmare The climate could change ... 
archive.fortune.com/ magazines/ fortune/ fortune_archive/ 2004/ 02/ 09/ 360120/ - View by Ixquick Proxy - Highlight 
Feb 9, 2004 ... That would be the mother of all national security issues. ... The threat that has riveted their attention is this: Global warming, rather than causing ... Accordingly, the spotlight in climate research is shifting from gradual to rapid change. ... But recently, renowned Department of ...

5. Four star generals declare climate change a national security risk 
www.dailykos.com/ story/ 2014/ 05/ 14/ 1299233/ -Four-star-generals-declare-climate-change-a-national-security-risk - View by Ixquick Proxy - Highlight 
May 14, 2014 ... These 20 top military officers warn that the climate change that is projected ... declare climate change represent threats to America's national security of this ... This important study my highly respected military officers will represent a .... food and water resources as a ...

6. Capability, Not Politics, Should Drive DOD Energy Research 
www.heritage.org/ research/ reports/ 2011/ 06/ capability-not-politics-should-drive-dod-energy-research - View by Ixquick Proxy - Highlight 
Jun 22, 2011 ... WebMemo #3299 on National Security and Defense ... energy, its contribution to global warming is negligible even if one accepts the ... If the problem is that climate change is leading to a new set of conditions and threats to which ... used to justify taxpayer support for energy ...

7. MIT Western Hemisphere Project: Climate Change & National Security 
web.mit.edu/hemisphere/events/med-stipp20040209.shtml - View by Ixquick Proxy - Highlight 
Feb 9, 2004 ... That would be themother of all national security issues. ... The threat that has riveted their attention is this: Global warming, rather than ... easy to see why the Pentagon has become interested in abrupt climate change. ... Accordingly, the spotlight in climate research is ...

8. JASON (advisory group) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia 
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/JASON_(advisory_group) - View by Ixquick Proxy - Highlight 
Although most of its research is military-focused, JASON also produced early work on the science of global warming and acid rain. ... JASON members all have security clearances, and they include physicists, biologists, chemists, ... research, a proposed National Defense Institute, on behalf of the ...

9. ISIS, water scarcity: Is climate change destabilizing Iraq? 
www.slate.com/ articles/ technology/ future_tense/ 2014/ 06/ isis_water_scarcity_is_climate_change_destabilizing_iraq.single.html - View by Ixquick Proxy - Highlight 
Jun 27, 2014 ... A study published last year in the journal Science showed a strong ... Since 1973, Femia says, parts of Iraq and Syria have seen “some of the most ... Global warming might be affecting the rational processes at people working at Slate. ... For all the debate over climate change, ...

10. Pentagon Pollution, 7: The military assault on global climate 
www.climateandcapitalism.com/ 2015/ 02/ 08/ pentagon-pollution-7-military-assault-global-climate/ - View by Ixquick Proxy - Highlight 
Feb 8, 2015 ... The military reports no climate change emissions to any national or international body, ... DoD budget … is attributable to the objective of oil security. ... and called for “aggressive research in the whole field of solar energy” as well as ... The Carter Doctrine holds that ...

Those may not be what you want at all, some seem to be peripheral to what I am referring to here, but the cause of a changing climae and the demands of increasing population over the last decades make the matter obvious, IMO.

I am unable to find the original in my own computer self-search application. I saved it years ago as a pdf. It has been referred to by a number of books. I have 10 TB of documents and it takes forever to find just one without doing several searches in a row, defining which external hard drive possesses, even though they are all connected by hub to my desktop.

Good luck. And you're welcome.

I don't think so. None of the candidates have his temperament and brilliance. Certainly Hillary and

Bernie are very smart people, but neither has the temperament or the experience from living abroad of Obama. None of the candidates do. We won't see that in 2016.

Bernie is just what he is, no more or less. Refreshing to some, frustrating to those who want him to get into their boat. Like his 'support for guns' and voting against the Brady Bill (we don't have the reason on that, and his vote didn't change anything and he knew it didn't),

his support for the wasteful F-35 (which likely provided the tax base from high paying jobs working on it and built the praised waterfront in Burlington;

and he said is was going to be the F35 or something just like it as NATO wanted it would get it from us or some other nation, so why not us?),

and protecting Israel because Hamas is a danger;

and fighting ISIS, even though he disagrees on strategy with some, it is necessary.

He has his own way of looking at the world and his supporters need to understand that he is a mature, responsible politician, and not the ultra liberal they assume that a Democratic Socialist is always a pacifist, which is not true at all.

Clinton is complicated, has seen a lot, been down many paths. She has traveled the world to push women's rights and that of children, told us things we did not know and how precious what rights we do have here and is for reversing the tide. This is not getting support online, but it is in the real world. Those who support women's rights are simply not popular in the online world, our conservative nation and the World who don't want to hear what they see as an incoherent voice that profits them none, may even get in the way of their schemes.

But I think, like Bernie, that Barack and Hillary have kept true to their own principles, no matter the obstacles. They are exceedingly strong, focused individuals. And very different from each other.

There is one place where they meet in word and deed, they will give in for the public good, and that means not fooling around by not supporting or voting for the nominee of the Democratic Party.

HRC supported Obama after a brutal campaign. Sanders says he will not play the part of a spoiler and allow another right wing Republican into the White House as he sees the bigger picture. He is running against the billionaire class, has called out the Koches as much as Reid and Obama has. Hillary has to some extent, but everything she says is so in context, there are no soundbytes to make memes. I see this as her greatest weakness.

Some only see a small goal they want to attain, which will be no one's gain but the GOP.

The Democrats see people as valuable and not as liabilities on a profit and loss spreadsheet. But that's how the GOP classifies people. They twist their words to pretend they are saying other things, but their heart is not in it.

The reason they have a fetus fetish is it's their escape clause for their inhuman plans for millions, logic dictates that is what they are doing. They are killing the innocent now. So they make a fetish of the unborn, hoping to cleanse themselves and not be stained by what they are doing to us.

I can see a lot of women are not buying it and are for Hillary, since because never wavered on women's rights and fights back and cannot be talked down to by misogynists. I have considered her to be for a long time the voice of the unspoken rage of millions of women. That is why she is so hated and feared. All the stuff flung at her is a diversion. She will rock their world, they know it.

As I've said elsewhere, I won't disrespect the things people see as sympathico in HRC, ever, when I talk about Sanders. It doesn't work to change minds. Snarks and cheap shots score points online with some but don't change minds. (Not talking about you, Tarheel.)

That immature behavior just puts up walls. Our candidates don't stoop to that and if a person supports someone for POTUS, why not emulate them?

This is not a game. Real people's lives are at stake.

The GOP can't fund it without going against their Koch Daddies. But...

If they sell it as Toll Roads with the profits going to their cronies, they'll do it in a minute.

That is happening state by state. It's now barely remarked upon that SCOTUS judges, governors, legislatures and Congress persons openly hobnob with and pledge allegiance to their agenda. If they don't, they are run from office one way or the other.

The Koch orders on this were laid out years ago and being enacted right now:

*“We support the eventual repeal of all taxation.”

*“We call for the dissolution of all government agencies concerned with transportation, including the Department of Transportation.”

*“We demand the return of America's railroad system to private ownership. We call for the privatization of the public roads and national highway system.”

*“We call for the privatization of the inland waterways, and of the distribution system that brings water to industry, agriculture and households.”


So, as long as they can vote within those parmeters, they'll do something. Inhofe must not have been getting his cut. Look to see him go after the GOP for what appears to be the right reasons, but in fact will lead to exactly what the Koches want.

Faced with two obstructionist GOP factions, his view will be painted by mainstream media as reasonable. This is the first trailer to the Inhofe theatre. You know, the guy who knows full well climate change is taking place, but his pockets tell him to divert attention from it:

Does this photograph jog your memory?

Yelling 'Strawman' is a dead giveaway.

There's a bumper sticker for that:

My Motto:

Don't Believe Everything You Think.

For those who see themselves as Oracles:


There were claims widely promoted that Gore was anti-Christian as RWNJs say all Democrats are:

Snopes posted the claim, which is not true, and explains why it isn't:

Page 342 is part of a chapter entitled "A Global Marshall Plan" and contains a discussion about publicizing the acts of companies that violate environmental rules in order to put
public pressure on them to change their ways. The only reference to religion in the entire chapter is a (supportive) paragraph about the Catholic church and contraception on page 316.

Religion in general and Christianity specifically are touched upon in Chapter 13, "Environmentalism of the Spirit," but those passages are a defense against those who charge that Judeo-Christianity's conception of humankind as having "dominion" over the earth inspires "an arrogant and reckless attitude towards nature." A paragraph on page 263 is critical of some Christians whose "prophetic vision of the apocalypse is used as an excuse for abdicating their responsibility to be good stewards of God's creation."



His books truly threatened the power system to the core:

Earth in the Balance: Ecology and the Human Spirit

by Al Gore

Energy & Oil

The effects of global warming on polar ice are significant.
Global warming is a strategic threat.
Global Marshall Plan must include the First and Third worlds.
Global Marshall Plan: Five strategic goals.
Global Warming is a clear & present threat; but preventable.
Kyoto goals are an indispensable first step.


Our beaches mirror the degradation of the environment.
America is not responding to environmental danger signals.
Half of all American waters are polluted.
If we do nothing else, save the rain forest.
Americans generate too much waste.
Industrialism has led to tremendous waste and pollution.
In the U.S., chemicals constitute most hazardous waste.
The US should lead the global environmental movement.
Environmentalism can only thrive where democracy thrives.
Calculate environmental impact when measuring profit.
Economics does not account for the cost of consumption.
Internal combustion engines interfere with earth’s cleansing.
Civilization and the earth are increasingly in conflict.
The world must unite to save the environment.
Every individual should take responsibility for the earth.
A balance between civilization and the earth is needed.
Welcomes criticism as “too environmental”.
Ozone protection is working; keep up diligence.
Big Lie: good environment is bad economics.
Strengthen CAA; polluters pay for air cleanup.
Replacing internal combustion is possible & will create jobs.

Government Reform

Politicians address immediate problems, not long-term ones.
Our leaders are ignoring the threat to the environment.
Polls and technology dominate politics, not substance.


Global warming will cause Third World flight to the West.


More bio-energy means less greenhouse emissions & more jobs.

Principles & Values

Earth in the Balance is a call to action and hope.


Promote $500B market for energy technology



More of the Gore Victory:


Particularly this page:



Been planning to post on this. I'll post a link to the official stuff. Journaliing 4 recall.n/t

Excellent, succinct OP with it all in one piece. Thanks for writing it and the reply.

People who are out to hurt others can gain nothing of value from their actions, all they can do is create misery. Misery is easy to create.

It's the tool of the maliciously lazy.

Happiness takes work, it is the reward for a life being well lived.

Make the choice to not let others steal your hard earned joy.

Take the negative energy they fill you with and create something beautiful.

~ Anonymous


Republicans Forced To Admit That Obama Approved Raid On ISIS Was Successful

By Jason Easley - May, 17th, 2015

Republicans like Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) and Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) have been forced to admit on the Sunday shows that the Obama approved raid on ISIS in Syria has been successful...

McConnell and Rubio are two of the Republicans who tried to sabotage President Obama’s foreign policy with their letter to Iran, so for Republicans to not only admit the mission was a success, but also praise the president is something that has been virtually unseen during the Obama presidency.

Reports are that the US raid in Syria has killed 32 ISIS members including four leaders. The symbolic message that the raid sends is that terrorists are not safe anywhere on this Earth. It takes an unspeakable amount of leadership for the President to authorize a mission where special operations forces are going into a territory where they have no allies on the ground.

The courage showed by those who carried out the mission is immeasurable, but they wouldn’t have been there if Obama would not have approved the mission. As much as it must drive Republicans crazy, even they are admitting that President Obama has been successful.


BOG Post: This is not GD. We have a SOP for posting here. TIA.

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