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Member since: Fri Dec 10, 2010, 10:36 PM
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That's like what Obama said about Clive Bundy:

“As a general rule, things don’t end well if the sentence starts with, ‘Let me tell you something about the Negro,’” Obama added. “You don’t really need to know the rest of it.”

Worse are the numbers of people killed by the Daesh to take over Palmyra:

Isis beheads elderly chief of antiquities in ancient Syrian city, official says

Islamic State militants beheaded an antiquities scholar in the ancient Syrian city of Palmyra and hung his body on a column in a main square of the historic site, Syria’s antiquities chief said on Tuesday.

Isis, whose insurgents control swathes of Syria and Iraq, captured Palmyra in central Syria from government forces in May, but is not known to have damaged its monumental Roman-era ruins despite a reputation for destroying artefacts militants view as idolatrous under their puritanical interpretation of Islam.



It's their pattern:

Reports: ISIS bulldozed ancient Hatra city in Mosul

Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) militants bulldozed early Saturday the ancient city of Hatra founded 3rd or 2nd BC by the Seleucide Empire, activists and Kurdish media reported.

Spokesman for the 14th branch of the Kurdish Democratic Party (KDP) in Ninveh province Saeed Mumuzini told Rudaw news website that “ISIS militants used buldozzers to destroy Hatra city.”
Hatra floused during the 1st and 2nd centuries AD as a religious and trading center after it was captured the Parthian Empire.

Later on, the city became the capital of possibly the first Arab kingdom in the chain of Arab cities running from Hatra, in the northeast, via Palmyra, Baalbek and Petra, in the southwest.



1SBM, I think this thread requires music. Let me know if I'm off topic:

Black Sabbath - Paranoid 1970

Finished with my woman
cause she couldnt help me with my mind
People think Im insane
because I am browning all the time

All day long I think of things
but nothing seems to satisfy
Think I'll lose my mind
if I dont find something to pacify

Can you help me
thought you were my friend
Whoah yeah

I need someone to show me
the things in life that I cant find
I cant see the things
that make true happiness, I must be blind


Make a joke and I will sigh
and you will laugh and I will cry
Happiness I cannot feel
and love to me is so unreal

And so as you hear these words
telling you now of my state
I tell you to enjoy life
I wish I could but its too late

Jade Helm! Call the Texas National Guard, Obama's coming! Whoops! 10 years ago...

'La panza llena, corazón contento.'

Thanks for expanding my knowledge. Sounds like 'fusion politics' or 'the 3rd Reconstruction':


It fits all the GOP memes made to put down Democrats by the 'Oligarchy Are Us' GOP.

Who can forget the many coservative photoshops of 'Emperor (or King) Obama?

They don't have any fresh material, so rightwingers keep recycling their old slurs to demoralize Dems. Some would rather we lose and let the GOP have all three branches of federal governance again.

Since people will die from that, I'm not for it. Some many be immune, so they can afford to play games and depress the vote of Democrats here.

As 1SBM said:

And "Mission Accomplished" ... could be heard whispered throughout the land. (It seems)

GOP: "Government doesn't work" ... Check!

Libertarians (right and left): "Government is evil" ... Check!

Tea Party: "Government doesn't work and there is no difference between establishment republicans and establishment Democrats" ... Check!

"Liberals/Progressives": "Government is evil and there is no difference between establishment republicans and establishment Democrats" ... Check!

The media has played this narrative on a 7-day, 24-hour loop.

Result: Only 15% of the American people pay close attention to the only mechanism for change.

Nicely played, Oligarchs!


Whohoo! Good as Ann Richard! Powerful! Thanks for the news and the video! Yes!


Linkin Park - The Little Things Give You Away (Katrina Tribute)

From 1SBM replying to me:

"The levy system in N.O. was designed to flood one ward ... the 9th ward ... to save the rest of N.O. The 9th ward, also, was the only section of N.O. proper that Black folks could purchase on home (in the 50s, 60s and into the 70s), and later, was where the 'Projects' were built ... So yes, the deaths in the 9th ward had a racist component."

BLM mentioned in Seattle, they were being driven out of town by gentrification. The area they speak of, the Central District, IIRC was the only place in WA state blacks could legally live.

Only since 2004 Governor Gregoire signed a law to prohibit housing bias, not in 1968 when it became illegal as the law of the land, the Central has been the center of the black community.

It is now being gentrified and black people are losing their homes again. This process is a lengthy one where services are denied and an area is termed as 'blighted' and ready for renovation. By removing the residents in various ways.

My first reply ot 1SBM:


Background to the death toll of Katrina. This was discussed a lot afterward:


Some words to the song:

Hope decays

Generations disappear

Washed away

As a nation simply stares

Don't want to reach for me, do you?

I mean nothing to you

The little things give you away...

History shows a pattern. This was intentional and a crime against humanity. Call me crazy, but I know what I have seen and read.

Am I off topic?

Palin will probably be his VP.

Seabeyond writes in the style of e. e. cummings, required reading in my grade school.

He began to write avant-garde poems in which conventional punctuation and syntax were ignored in favor of a dynamic use of language....

That is a complex matter; irregular spacing ... allows both amplification and retardation. Further, spacing of key words allows puns which would otherwise be impossible. Some devices, such as the use of lowercase letters at the beginnings of lines ... allow a kind of distortion that often re-enforces that of the syntax.... All these devices have the effect of jarring the reader, of forcing him to examine experience with fresh eyes."

S. I. Hayakawa also remarked on this quality in Cummings' poetry. "No modern poet to my knowledge," Hayakawa wrote in Poetry, "has such a clear, childlike perception as E. E. Cummings—a way of coming smack against things with unaffected delight and wonder. This candor ... results in breath-takingly clean vision."

Norman Friedman explained in his E. E. Cummings: The Growth of a Writer that Cummings' innovations "are best understood as various ways of stripping the film of familiarity from language in order to strip the film of familiarity from the world. Transform the word, he seems to have felt, and you are on the way to transforming the world..."


I like to format my replies to emphasize and separate thoughts. Like Cummings, I enjoy creating formats as art on the page:

...Cummings also experimented with poems as visual objects on the page...

I've written novels and essays in the conventional style. But one of my largest works of fiction uses no capitalization. The journey is following the thoughts conveyed, not the format. No one has any difficulty with any of my works.

To read Seabeyond, a person must be willing to travel to where she is going and observe what she is pondering. She leaves much unfinished as she writes, not trying to sell anything. Her posts are mere explorations of the mind.

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