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Member since: Fri Dec 10, 2010, 10:36 PM
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Your dad sounds exactly like mine in every way. Died in 1964.

Expunged like the GOP would. Sorry, FDR.

But I don't think Sanders would do that.

Have a nice weekend. And stay cool.

I stated it is BS in another reply. I didn't know David Swanson OP'd that at DU.

Those who liked DK knew he was a long shot.

I'm sick of the Democratic nomination horse race. I want to beat the Republican, not another Democrat. That's the goal for me, talking against another Democrat, isn't what I'm here for at all.

Many won't forgive when another tries to reconcile later after they feel personally disrespected and their issues disregarded. I'll be voting for the Democrat, not holding my nose or not voting to make a point when lives are at stake.

I no longer care who is nominated after what I've seen at DU. I don't think many care about anything but this horse race. It's not a game to some of us. The Democratic Party can run this guy, for all I care:

Oh, that makes me cry... I feel bad for being so hateful about that messed up person. n/t

And Obama does pray everyday to humbly do the right thing for everyone, including those that hate him so much.

Unlike those enjoy mocking and want to get their reward with their false religiousity, and 'compassion' that ruins the lives of so many.

They have now been revealed for the evil spirits they are. I do believe they are afraid of what he is because he is a better man.

Awed by the people of Charleston.

'In Obama I Trust'! Millions of lives better. Love always wins! We're smiling:

Quote from Skinner:

Skinner ADMIN - Jan-15-04

8. The mods have made their decision.

Calling a candidate a Republican is not appropriate. In fact, they felt that it was pretty much the definition of "extreme and inflammatory" on a progressive message board.

That was DU2. While DU3 has degraded to that kind of name calling, people have had hides for calling others GOP or accusing them of being GOP. There is more than one kind of name calling, and the ideological, rather than vulgar or bigoted, is what kind that is.

He considers HRC a friend as she helped fund his Senate run through HILLPAC.

That's why remarks like 'coronation' and 'warmonger' and other such perjoratives would not be favored by him because he knows her well and respects her decades of steady, unheralded progressive work.

One could call him a supporter of the MIC for the F-35 which is pork barrel for his state. One could call him a warmonger for supporting Israeli defense funds and the Kosovo campaign. He's for wiping out ISIS and says Israel is key to that aim.

Some don't appear to want to do anything in a world where the leaders in this world are burnt like strawdogs by the fickle masses when they are protecting those same people.

The same people that spit at Obama forget he has held true to his promise when he said, 'Social Security will not be privatized as long as I am in office.' Yet every GOP running has promised exactly that.

No Democrat supports it. But they will have to deal with those the voters and non-voters send to Congress or the White House. They are disrespected for this miserable task. Those who refuse to vote in 2016 because their person doesn't get the nod, will have the blood of Millions on their hands. They have no moral compass if they allow this to happen. Sanders calls the GOP plan for what it really is: Murder. But we all know that, don't we?

He knows he cannot get all he wants, has even begged those who come to his rallies to give him a Congress he can work with. This is the same thing that Obama has done.

These politicians don't live in the rarified air of self-righteous, 'No, I won't vote!' online warriors or those who have a visceral hatred for Clinton. We cannot afford this infantilism. He stumped the nation last year begging people to vote against the GOP.

Yet some would hand them the Presidency over to them in an fit of puerile petulance. I think he knows vastly more about Clinton than online pundits and he respects her.

Is that too much to ask for a site that bills itself as a haven for Democrats to live up to his standards? Of course, it's not just this site that's spinning the crank handle to get more water out of the well for whatever reason they are doing it. That alkaline water tastes lousy.

The Democratic party has given Bernie a lot of favors and he has voted with Democratic legislation 98% of the time, more than most Democrats! Howard Dean calls him a liberal DEMOCRAT!

They've funded his runs, didn't run competing candidates, accepted him with open arms and he is a favored member of the Democratic group the CPC, been approved by the DLC and welcomed by all candidates in the Democratic Party in his run for POTUS. The money of the party is carrying Bernie.

He's been given good committee assignments by Democrats no GOP ever would. He'd be sick if he read some of the stuff posted here.

To those who regard HRC as the ultimate evil:

What if he's Hillary's stalking horse to move the national conversation closer to what she wants it to be?

What if Bernie endorses her at the end?

What will the HRC haters do, commit hari kari?

Or even more so, if he gets the nod and wins the General, and is not able to deliver instant results, will he be, like Obama:

You bet he will!
But I'll be one of the ones defending him, not calling him names and snarling 'I was 'betrayed.'

Only children think they've been lied to, or been betrayed when a parent can't afford to get them the latest toy or can't take them to Camp Perfection.

People definitely need to lighten up:

The critical words from that song:

'You can all sleep sound tonight. I'm not crazy... or anything.'

That's what we've had since 2009 and still, he's despised. People should think about who they are going after, it might be the very best friend they were ever going to get.

Not all have the spiritual basis to be as patient and forgiving as the families in Charleston or Obama. Make good use of these days and show some love and compassion. We won't get this chance again.

Only 18 months more. No one ever made me feel as respected as a human as he has.

Thanks Obama!

What a time to be alive.

You know how I feel about you and your attempt to educate all of us, including me. I like to think

I have learned a lot from you. But when the urge is very strong, as it has been for me at times, just follow this advice:

And when Obama said Bucket, that's what he meant.

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