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"...November is coming up, and you are out!"

Young black man warns Ferguson’s white establishment: ‘We’ve got the power — you don’t’

By Scott Kaufman - September 10, 2014

“...It is time for us to get suited and booted and kick their you-know-whats out of office,” he said. “We’ve got the power — they don’t. We’re trying to figure out how this man, that man, the old man — the Man, the Man, the Man up there on his iPad who don’t care what we have to say. How do we get him out? We vote him out! We recall him out!”

The young man added that the white community has “been thinking for too long, that black people don’t love each other — that me and this brother,” he said, pointing to a fellow attendee, “can’t go out there and peacefully protest for our rights. But guess what? It happened, and it’s not going to stop. If we don’t get justice, young people are going to continue to stand up.”

“We’re not fighting each other anymore, that stuff is dead,” he said. “We’re fighting them, because they’ve been fighting us. And we won’t take it. We’re fired up! We’re fed up! We’re young! We’re strong!”

“So mayor,” he concluded, “you better enjoy that seat, because November is coming up, and you are out!”


Many more of his words at the link:


Federal investigators went door to door to get witness statements and also handed out voter registration forms. The supporters of American democracy are those who actually built it. We need these voices heard nationwide.

Rand Paul says MTR is an improvement but many of us disagree:

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.: How Corporations Threaten Our Environment and Democracy

Uploaded on Jun 29, 2011

Mountaintop removal doesn't just destroy our environment—it completely subverts the democratic process. In their efforts to mine mountains for coal, large corporations deceive local communities, flagrantly break the law, silence journalists and buy out local governments.

In this conversation with The Nation and On the Earth Productions recorded at Chicago's Orrington Hotel, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. explains how corporations have illegally destroyed more than five hundred mountains and impoverished countless rural communities—and gotten away with it. Kennedy has long been active in the environmental justice movement, and his latest efforts to stop mountaintop removal mining are featured in the new documentary, The Last Mountain.

A GOP take over the Senate will result in their further attacks on the EPA, and they will continue defunding all regulatory agencies to stop them. Look at these stats he presents. In another video he describes it as ecocide, literally destroying the root of the Eastern ecosystem.

Let me throw this into the mix:

PNAC was formed while Clinton was in office. Iraq was on the list. The page was bare for a while, but other voices are well-represented now. Their philosophy is boiler plate media mem and their plans are both frightening and telling about the kind of people they are:


The only reason its doors were shutted in 2006 was that their real 'mission accomplished' was done deal by then. No POTUS after them could undo what they put into motion world wide, not in its entireity, only attempt to mitigate and work around it as Obama has. And they have not stopped fighting him over it, using every form of kind of media persuasion they can, to make his Nobel peace prize principles fail.

They have bought off the GOP justices on the USSC and in every state and district they can for total dominance of all branches of government as they had under GWB, shredding independence.

Only the voters can overturn this. But they may not show up, thus leading to now openly for war Rand Paul and Ted Cruz, both Koch employees, to rule the Senate. The public is kept diverted with many things that aren't true.

IMO, the Election of 2000 was a coup which was long planned, as Jeb Bush took over Florida and GWB defeated Ann Richards in Texas. Other than the rise of RW media giving what I see as the wrong solutions to everything, there was n o pressing need to have them elected. Oh, and I've actually talked to truly low-information GOP voters who literally thought they were voting for Bush, Sr. in 2000! Their lives were easier then as the systematical dismantling of New Deal advantages through the Gingrich years hadn't occured yet and they wanted a return to those 'kinder, gentler' days which FDR gave them as the GOP demonized it.

The Bush boys' victories were well funded and based on appealing to Baby Boomers' fears and resentments during the Carter presidency. It was an explosion of white rage against Progress, no matter how justified.

I think Reagan should have never been allowed to become President, any more than Nixon with what has been unearthed and is now known by the public, but was known by those defeated, yet they knew by then that they had lost in the court of public opinion. Both Nixon and Reagan and later the Bushes, acted with foreign powers to subvert our elections. Now we have others doing the same thing.

During the Reagan years, some found conservative religion to be their way of making a difference and validating their own positions in society, and turned their backs on the democratic society that gave them advantages, which they wanted to hold onto and embraced the defunding of all state and federal functions. National and local MSM gave them a sense that they were justified in hurting the unpopular and poor.

The photo of Bush at the ranch 'on vacation' is frequently cited, as well as the one in the class room as signs of Bush's stupidity and foolishness.

I buy neither of those ego boosting assumptions. It is dangerous to ignore what was really going on and ascribe it to quirks of personality or failures of intelligence. The left is well known for wearing blinders on what appears to me, blatantly obvious. Bush, the GOP, et all are not playing by the same book we are. They are NOT failing in any way. It's vanity to say they are stupid when what they do does not feed our narrative of history and is why they win.

There are, and always have been, parallel systems of economics competing in the USA. That is what led to the Civil War. And the Right wants another one and have poised themselves to take over peacefully, then the war on us will really begin. Although I'd say for some of us, it already has.

I feel the scene of Bush was not a pure vacation as many want to think. It was more of a working vacation with his PNAC buddies at his side, likely. I recall when he was asked about it being out of Washington that month, he said they were planning how to market their 'product line.' That is, the Iraq War.

Yes, that puts me close to the camp that says he planned the war before 9/11, and I think the war was also planned at the secret energy summit that Cheney held right after they got into the White House in 2001. PNAC needed the cover of a Pearl Harbor event to ignite public outrage for their plan. I think that the Cheney types had the war planned for decades, just waited for the right time to get it going.

Unfair, perhaps. But I try to follow the money every time. I regard the Iraq war as the greatest money laundering scheme and the greatest transfer of wealth that has ever occured. We are afflicted with the pirate mentality of 'take the money and run' and the 'let the devil take hindmost' of the spoils left behind. JMHO.

The GOP has spoken directly against both. As a precursor of Communism.

The Enlightenment came out of centuries of bloodshed and it was framing a way out of the feudal system. And was born on a planet with more resources than we have now.

It's been attacked by a culture that creates cults from mainstream and alternative media which does lead to Reason or Equality, but Tribalism, which has no need of it. At its base is fear, and is not wholly unfounded, considering what's going on in the natural world.

Those holding the ideals of the Enlightenment are called weak, spineless, not fit to lead in a harsh new reality, that did not have to be - we hope. At first thought, this is very depressing, but another organizing force will take its place.

I don't expect Reason or the Enlightenment to be respected, not anymore, unless everyone benefits. Inequality unaddressed is the cause of the failure. As James Baldwin warned William Buckley:

“...It is a terrible thing for an entire people to surrender to the notion that one-ninth of its population is beneath them. Until the moment comes when we, the Americans, are able to accept the fact that my ancestors are both black and white, that on that continent we are trying to forge a new identity, that we need each other, that I am not a ward of America, I am not an object of missionary charity, I am one of the people who built the country—until this moment comes there is scarcely any hope for the American dream. If the people are denied participation in it, by their very presence they will wreck it. And if that happens it is a very grave moment for the West.”


2 bedroom apartments here are for 2 incomes, where I live, they're $2K total a month.

With our minimum wage now set at $15/hour, the 2-income amount is about $5K a month, considered average here even before the raise. As an average, many makemore, some less dependent on other factors, but alleviated with government help, from expanded Medicaid, housing assistance and food help. Progressives to across the nation are addressing these issues:

The Revolt of the Cities

During the past 20 years, immigrants and young people have transformed the demographics of urban America. Now, they’re transforming its politics and mapping the future of liberalism.

~ Harold Meyerson

Pittsburgh is the perfect urban laboratory,” says Bill Peduto, the city’s new mayor. “We’re small enough to be able to do things and large enough for people to take notice.” More than its size, however, it’s Pittsburgh’s new government—Peduto and the five like-minded progressives who now constitute a majority on its city council—that is turning the city into a laboratory of democracy. In his first hundred days as mayor, Peduto has sought funding to establish universal pre-K education and partnered with a Swedish sustainable-technology fund to build four major developments with low carbon footprints and abundant affordable housing. Even before he became mayor, while still a council member, he steered to passage ordinances that mandated prevailing wages for employees on any project that received city funding and required local hiring for the jobs in the Pittsburgh Penguins’ new arena. He authored the city’s responsible-banking law, which directed government funds to those banks that lent in poor neighborhoods and away from those that didn’t...

Peduto, who is 49 years old, sees improving the lot of Pittsburgh’s new working class as his primary charge. In his city hall office, surrounded by such artifacts as a radio cabinet from the years when the city became home to the world’s first radio station, the new mayor outlined the task before him. “My grandfather, Sam Zarroli, came over in 1921 from Abruzzo,” he said. “He only had a second-grade education, but he was active in the Steel Workers Organizing Committee in its early years, and he made a good life for himself and his family. My challenge in today’s economy is how to get good jobs for people with no PhDs but with a good work ethic and GEDs. How do I get them the same kind of opportunities my grandfather had? All the mayors elected last year are asking this question.”

They are indeed. The mayoral and council class of 2013 is one of the most progressive cohorts of elected officials in recent American history. In one major city after another, newly elected officials are planning to raise the minimum wage or enact ordinances boosting wages in developments that have received city assistance. They are drafting legislation to require inner-city hiring on major projects and foster unionization in hotels, stores, and trucking. They are seeking the funds to establish universal pre-K and other programs for infants and toddlers. They are sketching the layout of new transit lines that will bring jobs and denser development to neighborhoods both poor and middle-class and reduce traffic and pollution in the bargain. They are—if they haven’t done so already—forbidding their police from cooperating with federal immigration authorities in the deportation of undocumented immigrants not convicted of felonies and requiring their police to have video or audio records of their encounters with the public. They are, in short, enacting at the municipal level many of the major policy changes that progressives have found themselves unable to enact at the federal and state levels. They also may be charting a new course for American liberalism.

New York’s Mayor Bill de Blasio has dominated the national press corps’ coverage of the new urban liberalism. His battles to establish citywide pre-K (successful but not funded, as he wished, by a dedicated tax on the wealthy), expand paid sick days (also successful), raise the minimum wage (blocked by the governor and legislature), and reform the police department’s stop-and-frisk policy (by dropping an appeal of a court order) have been extensively chronicled. But de Blasio is just one of a host of mayors elected last year who campaigned and now govern with similar populist agendas. The list also includes Pittsburgh’s Peduto, Minneapolis’s Betsy Hodges, Seattle’s Ed Murray, Boston’s Martin Walsh, Santa Fe’s Javier Gonzales...“We all ran on similar platforms,” Peduto says. “There wasn’t communication among us. It just emerged organically that way. We all faced the reality of growing disparities. The population beneath the poverty line is increasing everywhere. A lot of us were underdogs, populists, reformers, and the public was ready for us.”

Much more at the link:


to ProSense.

The thread recieved no attention, but the link details a lot of what is going and not covered by national media:


Obama also went across the country to push for increasing the minimum wage last year in red states, reported on DU. The blue cities were also supported by White House aides bringing information to use and left as they are also affected by the sequester.

But people must vote for those who want this solution instead of the Koch solution, the default position, in office:

“We support repeal of all law which impede the ability of any person to find employment, such as minimum wage laws.”


I watched as Democrats spoke to either hostile GOP or empty seats about raising the wage for years in the House and Senate. We need to talk about what is right in seeking prevailing wages and worker rights again. Not what is NOT happening, HOW to MAKE it happen.

The wage cannot be set by the President, he can only do that for federal workers, and has already done so. along with protections for gay workers.

It's very hard to fight off the Koch's nationally and locally. They have money and organization, but those they disregard can make a difference, if they care enough to vote.

The most heartbreaking speech by Sanders was one I posted here. He said he fears the people most affected by these issues will not get out to vote this year. Apathy and the purveyors of FUD always serves the status quo.

I felt, watching Bernie in that speech, that this is his last effort, as he was very nearly begging people to get out and vote.

This to me is the best picture of Obama ever.

His determination and fire while talking in the rain was close. But this was it for me. He is absolutely focused, intent, staying on course, making it work.

It shows a high level of intelligence, synthesizing all the data, looking for solutions. And complete awareness. An irresistable combination.

I was going to bust if I didn't share this picture here. Hope my fellow BOGsters enjoy the sight of the 44th President doing his job.

Agree with Juror #1. Seems a broad brush statement about DUers.

I don't enjoy any of this and sure Obama doesn't either. He's still stuck with cleaning up the mess.

We may want to pretend that saying 'Sorry, okay! Excuse us, we'll just go away now, please don't hurt us, we changed our mind and want you to...' will fix things.

We sowed the wind and will reap the whirlwind, that is the nature of it. Does a tornado let the unwilling escape because they don't want to go?

BushCo left a tragedy that must be addressed, since it will not let us be. People on the right and left want a hit and run, but I doubt ISIL agree with that:

‘Apocalyptic’ Isis beyond anything we've seen, say US defence chiefs

Senior Pentagon officials describe militants as ‘apocalyptic’ group that will need to be defeated but maintain limited strikes are sufficient

...(General) Dempsey, an Iraq veteran, has long been sceptical of US military involvement in the Syrian conflict, citing among other reasons the threat to US pilots from dictator Bashar al-Assad’s air defences. He has frustrated those who advocated American involvement in the two neighbouring wars, such as hawkish Republican senator John McCain, who in June called on Obama to fire Dempsey, saying he “has done nothing but invent ways for us not to be engaged.”

Echoing the White House’s stated position, Dempsey said the US needed “a coalition in the region that takes on the task of defeating Isis over time,” something the administration this week has put effort into broadening and strengthening. But the group’s ultimate defeat, the general said, would only come “when it is rejected by the over 20 million disenfranchised Sunnis that happen to reside between Damascus and Baghdad.”


From Baghdad to Damascus connects the Mediterranean and Persia Gulf. While no doubt only a small percentage of the 20 million displaced people support ISIL, there are a significant number of refugees from the Iraq War. We created their misery by going into Iraq and abusing the trust of our WW2 Allies, like a bull in a china shop.

We need to think of the needs of these people. They want a new home and ISIL is promising not only that, but glory as well. The victims in the Middle East aren't going to let us off the hook because we want to take our little red wagon and go home. There's no way to wash our hands, pretending we are absolved of all our sins. We will have to work this out.

Clearly, Obama has been stalling the PNAC gang for years, intent on getting away from the Middle East and being dependent on their oil. That's why he's pushed for alteratives so hard and why they've fought him on it and everything else. He is working to end the fossil fuel world oligarchy and they know it. A quick read of their actions shows this.

The PNAC crew is restless and has decided to throw everything plus the kitchen sink to get Democrats to stay away from the polls to carry out their own Apocalyptic vision on the Middle East. And people think Bush was insane?

We ain't seen nothing yet.

"Your love is the ultimate rebuke to the hatred of those who attacked us that bright, blue morning."

~ Barack Obama.

Love is as strong as death, as hard as Hell. Death separates the soul from the body, but love separates all things from the soul.

~ Meister Eckhart

For there are these three things that endure: Faith, Hope and Love, but the greatest of these is Love.

~ 1 Corinthians 13:13

Those pictures capture the freedom of love. Thanks, Cha!

Democrats know their own party platform and history. Once more:

Dismissing the rights and concerns of people of color and women is reactionary. It is way more reactionary than Third Way. There is nothing progressive or liberal about it, and I don't consider people who do so to be leftists. Period.

~ BainsBane

MLK, Jr. predicted somethimg like this. Nearing the promise, those who hate Equality will burn the

house down so that there is nothing left to have.

That is the attitude being taught by the Koch kiss-up media and their minions the GOP and Libertarians.

They feel they're being robbed and want to take everything away before those they consider to be beneath them get a chance at being Equal.

Everything they claim to believe is a fraud. It was always about power and wealth, not ideals or principles. Those were just the Emperor's clothes to make the continuing theft easier to take.

I'll be posting something about where the real power is in the USA later.

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