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Over an 8 year period he will change American history for the better...

Obama is inspiring many to live up to their ideals.

UPDATED: Jason Carter to Run for Governor of Georgia

Remember this?

Obama meets 47% video guy

By REID J. EPSTEIN - 2/14/13

DECATUR, Ga. -- President Obama on Thursday met the man who made "47 percent" part of Mitt Romney's legacy.

Obama and opposition researcher James Carter, who released the infamous Romney fundraiser video, met backstage before Obama's education event here, Carter's cousin, Georgia state Sen. Jason Carter, told POLITICO.

Upon being introduced and told of James Carter's role in the 47 percent video, Obama jumped forward to embrace him.

"Thank you, thank you so much," Obama told James Carter, his cousin said...


Jason and James are President Carter's grandsons. I'd love to see Carter bring Georgia back to sanity. Maybe he'll go down the same road as Jimmy Carter?

Here's where I heard this good news, please go and rec and comment on babylonsister's thread:

Jimmy Carter’s Grandson Running For Governor of Georgia



Wonders never cease...

UPDATE with photos:

With his family:

With Jimmy Carter:

Thanks to pacalo for posting it on that original thread.


He can plagiarize 'A Tale of Two Cities,' by Charles Dickens:

"It is a far, far better thing that I do, than I have ever done; it is a far, far better rest that I go to than I have ever known."

Oh, I forgot, he's an Ayn Rand groupie. He'd push grandma to take his place at the guillotine. As there is not one drop of love or self-sacrifice within him.

Oh my paws and whiskers, that was painful. Thanks, Obama, sparing us from that!

Please, please, let this happen! Even Queen Elizabeth the 2nd despises him!

OMG, it's Obama's Commie Tsunami! The Reds have arrived! Get your gunz!

The OP is a thing of beauty, though. Well said, rug.

The president is forced to deal with the ignorance of the world. And here's another video to enjoy:

Our problem is seeing life as a commodity to be used for profit in a market instead of as a gift. It will ruin our home. JMHO.

It breaks my heart to think of what we're losing to their insane greed and lust of the endtimes.

I know some people that gleefully report every ecological horror story as God's Will to punish the sinners and herald the Second Coming. It's what Al Gore spoke of in Earth in the Balance: Ecology and the Human Spirit.

There have been many lies spread about his book by those who never read it. The quote I refer to on Page 263 is critical of some Christians whose "prophetic vision of the apocalypse is used as an excuse for abdicating their responsibility to be good stewards of God's creation."


It made the rightists hate him with 'the heat of a thousand blazing suns' as the saying goes. Their vision is not ours.

Here is another favorite video of what America was and should be:

This is what I think of you:

President Obama Issues Executive Order On Climate

Enigma - Gravity of Love With Stunning Earth Footage

From the video:

Irreversibly more than one in ten of all plants and animals today will become extinct because of global warming gases already released into the atmosphere.

Scientists estimate that if mankind continues to burn oil, coal and gas at the current rate, one in every three animals will be doomed by the 2050.

Scientists estimate that if current deforesttation rates continue that all the rainforests will be destroyed by the year 2060.

This is what is at stake. No president in history has faced the mulititude of challenges Obama has, save Wahington, Lincoln, Roosevelt and Kennedy. We are at a pivotal point as Americans and citizens of the world:

President Obama issues Executive Order on Climate

by VL Baker - Nov 01, 2013

President Obama just issued an executive order “to prepare the Nation for the impacts of climate change by undertaking actions to enhance climate preparedness and resilience."


Office of the Press Secretary


November 1, 2013

FACT SHEET: Executive Order on Climate Preparedness

President Obama Establishes a Task Force on Climate

“We're going to need to get prepared. And that’s why this plan will also protect critical sectors of our economy and prepare the United States for the impacts of climate change that we cannot avoid. States and cities across the country are already taking it upon themselves to get ready… And we’ll partner with communities seeking help to prepare for droughts and floods, reduce the risk of wildfires, protect the dunes and wetlands that pull double duty as green space and as natural storm barriers.” – President Barack Obama, June 25, 2013

Today, President Obama established a Task Force on Climate Preparedness and Resilience to advise the Administration on how the Federal Government can respond to the needs of communities nationwide that are dealing with the impacts of climate change. The Task Force members include state, local and tribal leaders from across the country who will use their first-hand experiences in building climate preparedness and resilience in their communities to inform their recommendations to the Administration.

The President signed an Executive Order that directs Federal agencies to take a series of steps to make it easier for American communities to strengthen their resilience to extreme weather and prepare for other impacts of climate change.

President Obama has said that we have a moral obligation to our children and future generations to leave them a planet that is not polluted or damaged. That is why in June, the President launched a Climate Action Plan to cut carbon pollution, prepare communities for the impacts of climate change, and lead international efforts to address this global challenge. The Climate Action Plan recognizes that even as we act to curb the carbon pollution that is driving climate change, we must also improve our ability to prepare for the climate impacts we are already seeing across the country. Across America, states, cities, and communities are taking steps to protect themselves from extreme weather and other climate impacts by updating building codes, adjusting the way they manage natural resources, investing in more resilient infrastructure, and planning for rapid recovery from damages that nonetheless occur.

The Federal Government has an important role to play in supporting community-based preparedness and resilience efforts by establishing policies and prioritizing investments that promote preparedness, protecting critical infrastructure and public resources, supporting science and research needed to prepare for climate impacts, and ensuring that Federal operations and facilities continue to protect and serve citizens in a changing climate.

State, Local and Tribal Leaders Task Force on Climate Preparedness and Resilience

State, local and tribal leaders across the country are already contending with more frequent or severe heat waves, droughts, wildfires, storms and floods, and other impacts of climate change. The Task Force will provide recommendations to the President on removing barriers to resilient investments, modernizing Federal grant and loan programs to better support local efforts, and developing the information and tools they need to prepare.

Task Force members comprise governors, mayors, county officials and tribal leaders, representing a diverse range of communities. The members of the Task Force include:

State Officials:

Governor Neil Abercrombie (HI)
Governor Jerry Brown (CA)
Governor Eddie Calvo (GU)
Governor Jay Inslee (WA)
Governor Jack Markell (DE)
Governor Martin O’Malley (MD)
Governor Pat Quinn (IL)
Governor Peter Shumlin (VT)

Local Officials:

Mayor Ralph Becker (Salt Lake City, UT)
Mayor James Brainard (Carmel, IN)
Commissioner Paula Brooks (Franklin County, OH)
Supervisor Salud Carbajal (Santa Barbara County, CA)
Mayor Frank Cownie (Des Moines, IA)
Mayor Bob Dixson (Greensburg, KS)
Mayor Eric Garcetti (Los Angeles, CA)
Mayor George Heartwell (Grand Rapids, MI)
Mayor Kristin Jacobs (Broward County, FL)
Mayor Kevin Johnson (Sacramento, CA)
Mayor Michael Nutter (Philadelphia, PA)
Mayor Annise Parker (Houston, TX)
Mayor Patsy Parker (Perdido Beach, AL)
Mayor Madeline Rogero (Knoxville, TN)
Mayor Karen Weitkunat (Fort Collins, CO)
Mayor Dawn Zimmer (Hoboken, NJ)

Tribal Officials:

Karen Diver, Chairwoman, Fond du Lac Band of Lake Superior Chippewa (MN)

Reggie Joule, Mayor, Northwest Arctic Borough (AK)

An Executive Order to Protect Our Communities

The Obama Administration has taken significant steps to strengthen the climate resilience of America’s communities and economy. More than 30 Federal agencies developed their first-ever Climate Change Adaptation Plans, outlining strategies to protect their operations, programs, and investments to better serve communities and safeguard our public resources in the face of climate change. In the wake of Hurricane Sandy, the Administration has provided resources to rebuild the affected area to be more resilient than before, including support for more climate-resilient roads and infrastructure, and projects that protect drinking water and buffer communities from flooding. In addition, Federal agencies have partnered with states, cities, tribes, and the private sector to develop strategies to address the impacts of climate change on our freshwater resources, oceans and coasts, and wildlife. Agencies have also built new, data-driven tools to help decision makers and resource managers map and plan for future sea level rise. From Florida to Minnesota, and from Alaska to New York, Federal agencies have partnered with communities to provide funding and technical assistance to address local climate impacts such as sea level rise, flooding, and water scarcity.

To build on this progress, the Executive Order (E.O.) “Preparing the United States for the Impacts of Climate Change,” signed today directs Federal agencies to:

Modernize Federal programs to support climate-resilient investments: Agencies will examine their policies and programs and find ways to make it easier for cities and towns to build smarter and stronger. Agencies will identify and remove any barriers to resilience-focused actions and investments– for example, policies that encourage communities to rebuild to past standards after disasters instead of to stronger standards – including through agency grants, technical assistance, and other programs in sectors from transportation and water management to conservation and disaster relief.
Manage lands and waters for climate preparedness and resilience: America’s natural resources are critical to our Nation’s economy, health and quality of life. The E.O. directs agencies to identify changes that must be made to land- and water-related policies, programs, and regulations to strengthen the climate resilience of our watersheds, natural resources, and ecosystems, and the communities and economies that depend on them. Federal agencies will also evaluate how to better promote natural storm barriers such as dunes and wetlands, as well as how to protect the carbon sequestration benefits of forests and lands to help reduce the carbon pollution that causes climate change.

· Provide information, data and tools for climate change preparedness and resilience: Scientific data and insights are essential to help communities and businesses better understand and manage the risks associated with extreme weather and other impacts of climate change. The E.O. instructs Federal agencies to work together and with information users to develop new climate preparedness tools and information that state, local, and private-sector leaders need to make smart decisions. In keeping with the President’s Open Data initiative, agencies will also make extensive Federal climate data accessible to the public through an easy-to-use online portal.

Plan for climate change related risk: Recognizing the threat that climate change poses to Federal facilities, operations and programs, the E.O. builds on the first-ever set of Federal agency adaptation plans released earlier this year and directs Federal agencies to develop and implement strategies to evaluate and address their most significant climate change related risks.

To implement these actions, the E.O. establishes an interagency Council on Climate Preparedness and Resilience, chaired by the White House and composed of more than 25 agencies. To assist in achieving the goals of the E.O., these agencies are directed to consider the recommendations of the State, Local, and Tribal Leaders Task Force on Climate Preparedness and Resilience.

This is an amazing,timely action by our president. He is calling on those governors who have expressed commitment to mitigating and adapting to climate change. In states where the issue does not have the governors support he called on local officials such as Mayor Kristin Jacobs (Broward County, FL) to lead.


Thanks to babylonsister for posting the full details:


Will XP in V&MM to pass the word along.

And they didn't need a list after AFN. This is a Koch operation. We must push back.

And we can't wait for the free marketeers to do the right thing.

Slavery of all kinds, wars, price fixing, dangerous products, pollution, bait and switch, monopolies, child labor, women kept at home, corruption and cronyism are free market enterprises.

Their version of liberty and freedom never freed anyone but the predators of society to prey on the rest of us.

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