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That's his sick wife by his side, no? She was enjoying the bullying. Disgusting demagoguery.

That will ALWAYS be my image of him and her. It's incredible Democrats voted for him. Between that and Tampa, we know what kind of animal he is.

You don't act like that, bullying a person in public, humiliating them, and not have something wrong inside, and so does that woman with him. It's not a difference of opinion, passion or anything like that.

He shouted her down and denied her the right to speak in a democracy. That is how a country loses its freedoms. It's pathological and he'd be no different than the fascist rulers of Europe in WW2.

I hope he ends up in the same seat Nugent did. And poor Texas, yes, he can win there.


Did he make any statements about the GOP transvaginal rape crowd? I want to see a

mass exodus from the GOP of anyone who claims to be against bigotry. But I won't hold my breath. Most will shill for Rand Paul now, is what I'm going to guess. Libertarians have a strange line in the sand as they support the plutocracy, which love theocrats to shush the masses.

Don't forget the Confederate flag. Always a win with the Tenthers. n/t

Porcelain express, here I come:

The range of their revolt will be limited by availability of commie charging stations in D.C.:


Well, then it must be The Truth©! Look, I found the full documentary. I love this stuffs!


Nice comments below the video, too. Settle down and enjoy a descent down into the rabbit hole. Bring lots of butter for the popcorn.

Just wish I knew how to make a Vimeo video work on DU...

'ABSOLUTELY.' Per the Alan Colmes radio interview with Riley, tens of millions are expected:

Riley: We are intending to field about 10-20 million people in Washington, D.C. and we're going to close it down. We are going to circulate, clear out into Maryland and Virginia.

You are predicting 10 million people will be doing this?

Riley: Absolutely.

Riley: We will have a gigantic, massive rally on May 16. Then some of those people will have to go home, they have to work. We will come up with a plan where we keep a large body of patriots there over a long period of time. We've come up with a plan whereby there will be a flow-in weekly.

Colmes: Keep them where? Where will they be exactly?

Riley: They will be all over DC. Wherever they can find a spot to stand, that's where they'll be. Around the White House, around the Capitol, on the Mall, all over.

Colmes: They are just going to be standing and doing what?

Riley: They are going to be there and we will be presenting grievances and our demands. We will wait, we will be there, we will interrupt the traffic, we will interrupt the commerce.

Colmes: You're going to stop the traffic flow, you're going to stop commerce.

Riley: Mhmm.

Colmes: You're going to get in the way of the ingress and egress of people going about their daily business and really get in the way of citizens who through no fault of their own are just happen to be going about their daily lives, right?

Riley: That's the way it is when we're pursuing freedom and liberty for all.

Colmes: So you are actually threatening obstruction?

Riley: What I'm saying is, we're going to shut the city down. You can call it what you want but we're going to do it in a peaceful, non-violent, unarmed manner of citizens expressing our disgust with the deceit, the betrayal and the lies the government has been feeding us the last five years.

Colmes: What's your plan to stop traffic? How are you going to do that?

Riley: We're going to have to be in the streets, that's how we stop it.

Colmes: You're going to be standing in the streets stopping traffic?

Riley: Absolutely.


Colmes never calls these guys out on what they say, he always sticks to shallow complaints. I wish he'd asked about this mindset the guy is using, that is ensnaring the baggers, when he says:

Riley: That's the way it is when we're pursuing freedom and liberty for all.

Why Colmes doesn't ask this loon what he means by freedom and liberty for all, IDK. Also he doesn't call it him out on the meme, leaving the impression he can't dispute the wingnut legions when the guy says:

Riley: What I'm saying is, we're going to shut the city down. You can call it what you want but we're going to do it in a peaceful, non-violent, unarmed manner of citizens expressing our disgust with the deceit, the betrayal and the lies the government has been feeding us the last five years.

There wasn no 'deceit...betrayal and the lies' during the Nixon, Reagan and Bush Administration? Only since the black guy got in the White House?

Colmes should have said something. But he didn't, and it's stuff like this that always makes me think he is 'rooting for the other side.'

Riley is recycling the same line as Libertarian Kokesh's reported plans for an open carry event last year in D.C. Which met MSM's meme that 'everyone hates Obama' so they gave it airtime as a 'movement' to not report Obama requesting Congress to repeal the AUMF.

Now they give all credit to Rand Paul this year for that. Which they still have not done. I've come to see MSM as Libertarian owned and operated. A look at the market shows and the kind of reasoning used backs that up, IMO.

This event is Koch funded, they pay for crazy to feed the media and not report what good is being done. Unless we are paying for these stunts just as we pay for Kokesh, who gets 70% disability from the federal governent he wants gone:

Variously identifying as anarchist, agorist, voluntaryist, Kokesh has called for a "new American revolution" for the "orderly dissolution of the federal government."


Go on ahead and get rid of it and the payments and protection government provides for all of those 'authoritarian-loving mooching statists,' just so long as special folks like him keep getting their disability check and health care.

In May of 2013 when Obama asked Congress to repeal the AUMF, the media was all over false flag attack memes. They continued bashing PBO, while Rand, wanted to sanction any country that 'oppressed Christians.'

Iran and Russia were Syria's main financial support for decades, and the ruckus last fall was all about the CWC which the media did not report. Iran ared Syria had not signed onto it at that time. It has not been reported as it was a victory for the environment and peace by PBO.

Since the summit in Moscow, both countries signed onto the CWC with the majority of the world. The media gave credit to Putin as saving the day to prevent war as did many here. EarlG's pic of the day reflected the prevalent media memes at the time:

Is it any wonder the USA looks nuts with what the media puts forth daily?

Fortunately, there is an epidemic of sanity that goes largely unreported. Mainly from this White House.

Just had to vent... Sorry about that...

K&R. The family that brought us the John Birch Society, etc. keeps on corrupting... n/t

OMG!!! From the Link:

Jim Garrow Reveals Obama's Secret Plan To Use Aliens And Canadians To Plot Against America

Submitted by Brian Tashman on Monday, 12/30/2013

Jim Garrow today appeared on Erik Rush’s radio show to promote the Operation American Spring rally, where he predicted that President Obama will try to distract Americans from his supposed scandals…by claiming that he is now in touch with alien life.

This must be Obama’s Plan B, as Garrow previously claimed that Obama almost launched a devastating nuclear attack on the US with the goal of killing 90% of Americans in order to help George Soros make money.

“What we’re going to see soon is an unveiling of the concept that we have in fact been contacted by and have been in communication with people from other civilizations beyond earth and that will be part of the great deception that is forthcoming soon from Mr. Obama,” Garrow told Rush.

Another guest, Nancy Smith of the Tea Party news show “Politichicks,” said she is not shocked by Obama’s latest scheme: “Personally I’ve already heard some other sources saying the very same thing that you’re saying.”


It's on the History Channel so it must be true:

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