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+1. I didn't even care until it was refuted. It's so common now, it's not remarkable.

Those who pile onto the threads and gin up the fear, don't come back and say they were fooled. They go straight to work and to find another story to show their inner demons.

Whatever's going on, won't stop, since the pattern is too consistent. Are those who post nothing but the 'it's hopeless, it's a trick and a plot, it's all over' gloom and doom or things that turn people inside out, really terrified?

No way to tell, but the stuff posted is designed to incite deep visceral feelings, and to have others give support for the fear. I won't focus on anything designed to make a person freeze up with fear, because there is some really bad stuff going on and we must work on. But it won't stop as we are a media driven site and that's what they put out.

I didn't know there was a sticker for that. Thanks, Kath1!

Well, I hope you enjoy this one I found:

It is sooo Obama's fault!

Obama is the last progressive President. Libertarians are not Progressives.

A progressive is not an anti-government anarchist. Anarchism is right wing in effect, with only the strong in command, many times with guns or religion.

It is now, because of its being marketed as the only true way to be free, called the wave of the future, but leads to feudalism.

People should not delude themselves by calling themselves progressives when they hate all government in knee jerk fashion. We The People government is not made of people who want it small enough to drown in a bath tub so they can ignore it.

We The People folks get into it and change it and don't call for its demise, as it is their vehicle to resist the forces Libertarians believe should rule us when government is gone.

They'd leave all needs to the church, and allow private business to do as they please with their faith it will make all rich, when it clearly is not organized for that purpose.

When that fails to create peace and prosprity, as it always has, they will protect their property with guns, etc. It's useless to indulge those who have a position in life that gives the luxury to argue semantics.

Obama is seeking results, the talking heads seek to get more attention for the billionaire libertarian media owners. EOM.

Remembering a bright light extinguished by the dark side of mankind.

Let's not forget the spirit of Frank Little.

Well, AJ and RP heart Putin, so what's not to like, LOL.

They've gone the free market paradise road. Just what the Libertarians want here. He'll do fine.

Gays had better stay away from Russia in 2014 or they'll be arrested:

Russian lawmaker: We will arrest gay athletes, tourists at Olympic Games


I still like Russians that I know personally, though...

Oops, there it is!

Oh Dark Lord, we hear and obey!

If only it were that simple...
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