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NJ, please remove this Koch puppet from office ASAP. He is an exceedingly dangerous man:

Audio: Chris Christie Lets Loose at Secret Koch Brothers Confab


In our exclusive recordings, David Koch introduces the New Jersey governor as "my kind of guy" and "a true political hero."

Click for Part 1 of this two-part series: "Exclusive Audio: Inside The Koch Brothers Secret Seminar

Also read Gavin Aronsen's breakdown of top Koch donors: "Exclusive: The Koch Brothers' Million-Dollar Donor Club"

On the morning of June 26, Chris Christie, New Jersey's flamboyant, tough-talking Republican governor, appeared on NBC's Meet The Press. He then jetted out to Colorado, delivered a keynote speech at Charles and David Koch's ultra-exclusive seminar at the Ritz-Carlton resort near Vail, and returned home the same night, all without breathing a word about his adventure to his constituents.

In Part 1 of this report, we gave you the inside scoop on the Kochs' top-secret strategy meeting, where hundreds of wealthy patrons were urged to open their wallets for what Charles Koch described as "the mother of all wars"—the effort to unseat President Obama. We also told you we'd obtained exclusive audio recordings from the event. And we promised to reveal the identity of the main keynote speaker.

With security extraordinary on the seminar's opening night—audio speakers around the periphery of the outdoor dining pavilion blasted out static to thwart eavesdroppers—David Koch introduced Gov. Christie as "my kind of guy." (The two had previously met in private at Koch's New York City office, he revealed.) Before long, seminar attendees were roaring with laughter as Christie regaled them over dessert, telling them how, in his first weeks in office, he'd exercised extraordinary executive powers to impound billions of dollars in planned spending. ("The good news for all of you and for me," he said, "is that the governorship in New Jersey is the most powerful constitutional governorship in America.")

to hue:



more from the article:

In one instance, Christie cut a fellowship program run by a Rutgers University professor who had served as a referee in the state's contentious redistricting fight. He also "mowed down a series of Democratic add-ons, including $45 million in tax credits for the working poor, $9 million in health care for the working poor, $8 million for women's health care, another $8 million in AIDS funding and $9 million in mental-health services," wrote Star-Ledger columnist Tom Moran. "But the governor added $150 million in school aid for the suburbs, including the wealthiest towns in the state. That is enough to restore all the cuts just listed."

In response, Sweeney went nuclear on Christie, claiming he "wanted to punch him in his head" and comparing the governor to "Mr. Potter from 'It's a Wonderful Life,' the mean old bastard who screws everybody," according to the paper. "Don't be vindictive and punish innocent people," he ranted. "These people didn't do anything to him. It's like a bank robber taking hostages. And now he's starting to shoot people." For good measure he called Christie "a cruel man," "mean-spirited," and "a rotten prick."


During the Q&A, one of the questioners wondered what Christie had learned in New Jersey that might be applied to the nation. His answer was direct: "This is not hard. We spend too much. We borrow too much. We tax too much. It is time to turn those three things around."

"Now, pain will be inflicted when we change that," he went on. "People are going to do with less. People who are used to having entitlement at a certain level will not have them at that level anymore. That's the story." Christie cited Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan's "courageous" and "thoughtful plan" to "fix those systems" by replacing Medicare with a voucher program.

to notadmbld in the same thread. More from that thread by hue:

1 of the Koch bros. (William) is building a "Wild West" town in Colorado.

here's the link:

Besides the WW town they have a huge compound in CO.


The Wild West isn't gone -- in fact, it's re-emerging in Colorado.

Billionaire Bill Koch is building an entire Wild West town (pictured above) on his 6,400-acre Bear Ranch in Gunnison County, Colo., the Denver Post reported. It has 50 buildings, which include a saloon, a jail, a church and a train station.

But Old West enthusiasts shouldn't expect to visit Koch's private, unpopulated town: It's for his amusement only and reportedly will not be open to the public.

another link with a map:


From the same thread, a to Beacool:

I can't STAND the SOB!!!!!

Christie went on to explain how he'd convinced the state's Democratic majority leaders, against the wishes of most of their caucus, to help him slash public-sector pensions and benefits. And he drew a bead on his next major target: public-school teachers and their union. "That's where we head next," Christie said. "We need to take on the teachers' union once and for all, and we need to decide who is determining our children's future, who is running this place. Them or us? I say it's us."

He presented his accomplishments in New Jersey as a model for curing the nation's ills: "We know the answers. They're painful answers. We're going to have to reduce Medicare benefits. We're going to have to reduce Medicaid benefits. We're going to have to raise the Social Security age. We're going to have to do these things. We're going to have to cut all types of other government programs that some people in this room might like."

Democrats better watch out if this guy somehow manages to get the nomination. He pretends to be a "moderate", but he's as RW as a Tea Party denizen.


Actually, I think he's worse...

The WTO set the stage. And with a bit of music, here is the problem laid bare after the 6:40 mark:

Our leaders see this reality face to face, and work with it. They didn't choose this, the problem extends over generations.

As long as we look at this world and other people as numbers on a business ledger, the name of the agreements don't matter. IMO, the problem is deeper than a treaty.

Went directly to youtube, Nothing right wing about it. This is a setup with actors.

Aeiou posted the video:


Let's get back to what the OP is about, tolerance in the black community. This has been my experience throughout my life, both personally and at work and in my family contacts. Many, still being oppressed, found time to care about my life, and I am forever grateful for support and kindnesses that some might think undeserved.

I remember a black executive weeping as I was advocating a case, he could clearly see that people were being mistreated by management - whites by other whites - in that case. He felt the injustice. Other black executives were much more honest about the views of the corporation and that they really didn't care about us, we had to take our health into account. He was warning us that they could not trusted. These two in particular did not hide behind their management position. Others that were coworkers also looked out after me.

True, I have run into what the people in the video would term ignorance in people of all races, genders, etc. Not being able to see beyond the package to the person within. But there are more people that are not, at least in my experience, being shown wisdom and kindness from childhood and years later.

The blacks who are silent in the face of the loud person, Rachel in the video, are no different whites unwilling to speak. They don't agree, but are afraid of such voices for various reasons. They will, as one women did at first, offer quiet comfort, that ended up being strident as they were also attacked for showing kindness. Some like myself, cannot bear to be silent, but that does not make me special, it's just that I felt safe to do so.

I have been in a number of situations like this in my life and spoke out, either loudly and faced people down, with sarcasm or whatever it took to defuse things. I also told whites that if they disrespected others, I would not support them. As I have gotten older, I am not as loud as I once was, but still will not put up with it. Fortunately, in my area, hate is uncommon.

I'll note specifically something that some might find surprising. At times when I was most put out by seeing a minority being disrespected in a group, and most usually that was a black, it was they who held me back. They didn't want to get me in trouble or on the 'outs' with white people. They knew what they were dealing with, and saw me as a bit naive and did not want me to be a target. I made some enemies speaking out, and they had no tolerance and did seek to get revenge.

But some whites did support my notions of equality. Those are my brothers and sisters and those come in every size, color and kind.

Thanks for posting this video. It was a good thing for today.

Never forget Benghazi!!! The Tea Party's Alamo reference. All mangled, but it's still a Trifecta:

Bad Arabs!

Bad Clinton!

Bad Obama!


Sounds just like Kamikazi!

Which means it's also Nazi!

Check your latest Beck and Rush shows for further details!

It really doesn't matter if the media reports except in national votes. The states are being changed

from the school house, the parks, the roads, the hospitals one by one. People that are involved and talk face to face without benefit of the media do these things 365 days a year.

We don't talk about it on the net as we get our cues from the media stories that are easily transfered to texts and pixels. There are revolutions in states and cities now. It depends on who shows up, not how they are portrayed.

In my area, we have full social services, parks, new public schools, help for emigrants, we know what is going on, it's quite transparent. We literally vote on how the schools will function and how the utility will be run, and all of that. We have found out what ALEC was doing, what corporations were doing with elections, called those who took the money and were screwing us and put a stop to it.

We support unions, public transportation and alternative power and we pay for them. We vote repeatedly all year, and most of those are for tax increases to fund what we think makes for a good society and public workers. We have guns but don't threaten others in public.

We are against inserting religion in government and we voted for marriage equality and protect women's rights to choice and equal pay. We welcome emigrants and do all we can to integrate them into our society, providing them translators for all functions. Our elections are clean and there is no call to shut people out of the vote, in fact our government goes out of its way to guarantee the right to vote to everyone.

Go to another state and a city, and those who show up, and for the last decade it's been GOP corporate activists, and the Tea Party, who turn the schools creationist, charter, private, eliminate all social services, privatize to hand over land and infrastructure and let theology rule, run around like rootin' tootin' cowboys, and you have red state hell. They welcome the Koch brothers as their heroes, think ALEC is great and theocracy is their goal.

They think paying taxes is a sin. For them, public transportation is worthless as are the poor and emigrant, gays and others, and hate labor and public workers, take away equal pay and refuse women the right to choose, and punish emigrants for being in their borders and scream that they should be deported or learn to speak English. Their governments work to deny the vote to everyone they can, save the GOP Tea Party.

There is already a movement to rewrite the Constitution from the right. Paul Ryan wants to get enough states red to call within their state legislators for a Constitutional convention, and they can do it. That's why we see these stories lauding Iceland to encourage it here. Ryan has stated their intent is to eliminate the 14th amendment, but it won't stop there, once the rightwingers get their hands in the Constitutional toolbox.

Anyone who respects the 14th and what it has given us, which is more than the 4th, with Due Process, Birthright Citizenship and Equal Treatment Under the Law has grown up in a society that has protections seldome seen in the world. But it took a Civil War to get and then the 15th and 16th to perfect it; plus another to get women and 18 year olds the right to vote.

Anyone who comprehends how hard it was to get these rights, does not want these fascists to have access to the power to steal them, which they have proven they intend to do.

The Tenther Movement wants to eliminate everything after the 10th, and we have not lived under that system for centuries. It's the perfect divide and conquer and set up state wide fiefdoms. Others would return to the Articles of Confederation. We have to consider that they did not touch on slavery and many other crimes.

That is why these gleeful calls to the attack the Bastille leave me cold. The powers infringing on us now are the primary voices calling for a revolution. From the right. A regressive revolution, and some are in denial that would happen. We have seen it with the election of Nixon, Reagan and Bush. Just think what they would do, the party of the fabled quote of the 'Constitution is just a piece of paper' when called out for war, torture and rendition.

We have the best system if we will fill the offices and do the ground work and not expect chaos to suddenly not turn into a utopian vision. It won't, it has not done so historically. It will lead to strong man governance, it always does.

I've listened to Birchers my entire life call for the evil government to be taken down for some pure vision they have. They are not gone, they are the Tea Party and the Koch brothers and others are very serious about creating that. They want to restrict by birth the personal and economic mobility for those they don't consider to be worthy of those rights, and we see that in deep red states now.

Based on years of seeing these things in action, reading and realizing that what feels good at first, is touted widely at first, ends up tasting very bad.


K&R. The opposition has been bare knuckled. Glad progress is being made. n/t

I've got more! This one really tells the tale:

Gotta sign off for tonight...

Merry Christmas Glenn!

But did he sing to her?

It's that time of year...

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