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Member since: Fri Dec 10, 2010, 10:36 PM
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Dogs can save lives:

No one was killed there.

#BBCtrending: Disowned on video, gay teen speaks out

When college student Daniel Pierce first came out to his family last October, they seemed to be supportive. His stepmother responded positively, even if his father said nothing.

He never expected that nine months later, they would kick him out of the house.

When he arrived at his Kennesaw, Georgia, home after finishing work on Tuesday, 26 August, Mr Pierce says that his family was waiting for him. Sensing that something was amiss, he took out his phone and began to film.

"I recorded the video because I knew something was going to happen and I wanted to protect myself in case I was harmed in any way," he told the BBC...

But then the world saw what happened and came to his aid and he recieved a lot of love from many people:

More at link:


This is going to do great good, William. Just like the video of the GOP judge who beat his disabled daughter. She had a video running to record what she knew was possible.

She has cerebral palsy and could not escape. She was crying, begging him to stop and he kept on cursing and beating her savagely.

I don't care about this 'family values', 'sanctity of the home' stuff when so much evil is being done. There is a reason that is the RWNJ's theme song. They don't want what they do in private made public.

But this young man is now safe and has a chance for a better life. I think we have a happy ending here, folks.

That just made me cry. That's like my own. Could be him. The witnesses are credible. Look how far

they go to be fair and honest in their words.

No sensationalizing in their statements. Just the truth and not coached or prejudiced, they are not hateful to Wilson, either. This speaks to their open mindedness and integrity.

This is The Last Word on this raging cop who was clearly out of control, before the shooting. And when the adrenaline died down, he knew he was guilty and the police and city are covering up for his crime.

This was not a lawful use of force as law demands, and falls into the realm of murder in some degree. IDK what the laws in Missouri are, they vary.

I see nothing at all in the response of the witnesses that is dishonest. I'm reading comments on the grand jury but have not seen a news story posted saying there is one. I want them to hear from all of these witnesses, if possible.

Not sure if they would have to wait for a trial, but I believe them whole-heartedly. I don't think any defense attorney will be able to intimidate them as they come from a place of decency and honor.

I want to see Missouri charge Wilson with some counts for a jury to select where he falls into them. From the highest level of murder to manslaughter. Don't deny Brown justice.

His life being so cruelly taken. You know it had to hurt like hell to be shot in the hand, then the chest and arms and as he fell, he was in agony. He was protecting his body with his arms or just using the instinct to hug in pain. That's why he was laying down in that strange position as shown in so many pictures.

If only Wilson had not kept shooting as he fell, he may have recovered to live another day, instead he died for jaywalking. The intent of laws for jaywalking is to protect the one doing it. Not as punishment.

I hope all the KKK and the rest of the media demagogues will finally hide their heads in shame and shut up about the alleged inhumanity or lack of morals of black people.

I see none of it here!

That was a better television series than this, though...

For BOG Members: Gee, Obama caught saying what he really thought in 2011. I heartily approve!

CNN: President Obama caught on open mic

Uploaded on Apr 15, 2011 by CNN

The White House is downplaying some behind-the-scenes remarks made about the budget battle that were caught on tape.

The description is wrong. The narrator acts as if this was a 'gotcha' moment, when it is anything but.

Even the video doesn't fit the description when it says, 'The White House is downplaying...' since they said they had nothing to apologize for.

This leads to their meme that 'Obama is weak,' or 'arrogant.' How very GOP of them!

But then, CNN was taken over by the tabloid guy who's done nothing but feed viewers BS for years.

This is same crew who had talks with Beck about bringing him to prime time on CNN this week.

The Brooks Brothers Rioters violated the Hatch Act in spades.

Rachel Maddow at the time:

These congressional aides and GOP operatives have been identified and been promoted to higher jobs:

Miami’s rent-a-riot

By John Lantigua - Nov 28, 2000


A lot of details there. I bet Issa was cheering it on, from wherever he was.

VIDEO of the now authenticated CNN clip:

Note the commentary about the pause. They all saw that as significant.

Thank you! May I call you Leslie?

Nuland's cookies are the real issue here, no doubt about it. Actual photo of them here:

The aggressive Obama prosecution is why the GOP will attempt another government shut down:

Blackwater Jurors Urged to Give Iraqis Justice... Behind the Blackwater Trial

By MATT APUZZO - AUG. 27, 2014

A look at why the case of four Blackwater guards, accused of murdering 17 Iraqis in Nisour Square on Sept. 16, 2007, has taken so long to reach the courtroom...

“People who could laugh, who could love, were turned into bloodied, bullet-riddled corpses,” said Anthony Asuncion, an assistant United States attorney...

Mr. Asuncion, who spoke softly for much of his three-hour closing argument, said that even if jurors believed there was Iraqi gunfire that day, nothing justified the Blackwater response. When the shooting stopped, he said, it was clear that none of the victims were insurgents, he said.

“Why shoot all of these people who are running away?” he asked. “Why shoot women and children who are unarmed? There’s no reason. What they did was criminal...”


Asuncion works out of the Washington, D.C. circuit, the one which the GOP has worked hardest to prevent Obama appointing judges and funding prosecutors. They fear what the law will do to the ones they are protecting:

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