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Member since: Fri Dec 10, 2010, 10:36 PM
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Indeed. What have they seen that we have not?

Not one smug or proud face viewing what was going on thousands of miles away in real time:

HRC looks like she's going to puke there, no bluster or satisfaction. They all look chastened by what they are seeing. Obama looks both disgusted and stricken:

With all the satellites, video in real time and all the rest they see, I think we've been spared a lot.

We don't see the killings done by ISIS unedited on television, or hear the screams of those being raped and murdered, the cries of the children. We only saw a small part of the aftermath of what ISIS was doing to the Ysildi.

This stuff is not for public consumption, but it does effect Presidents and PMs if they aren't psychopaths.

We only see reports and opinions. Some people that have gone to cover the stories of horrible things going on in the world commit suicide.

If we were exposed to it, sad to say, not all would react with tears and a commitment for peace. Part of our population would begin beating on Muslims again and call for genocide.

Aww, they just wanna be loved, huh...

They planned to shut down all the *legal* points of entry. Why not shut down the illegal ones? LOL!!

OMFG these people are lazy, stupid and bigoted.

What a great voting block, they can't even figure out basic logic.

Why don't they just say 'brown people' instead of illegal. Besides, who's the illegal immigrant in this case, anyway?

Did the natives give their ancestors forms to fill out when they came to the Americas years ago?

Simple answer: NO!

A good message. Hope they don't try to monopolize water or arable land with the proceeds.

That's the next battle, corporate ownership of the REAL necessities of life, not just currency. I see that strategy fueling the new feudalism.

Yes, I know about that delusional Mercator thing. There is a solution:

"We don't have time for a meeting of the Flat Earth Society." ~ President Barack Obama, 6/25/13

Freeing the Prisoners of the Mercator Projection

“Geography, sir, is ruinous in its effects on the lower classes. Reading, writing, and arithmetic are comparatively safe, but geography invariably leads to revolution.”
(1879 testimony before a Select Committee of the House of Commons, London, England, regarding expenditures of the London School Board)


This is what Faux is really upset about! Obama is turning the world upside down.

Bartlett was not as advanced as President Obama. Must not have been coached by Alinsky and Ayers and stuff...

Okay, that's all I got.


You can tell by that last map there, that Russia may feel oppressed by geographic constraints.

But no more than the USA might feel, as it comes up short in regards to Latin America and Africa.

Besides, it's COLD there in Russia during the winter. They need more sunshine! Why you so mean?

They must not have gotten the memo:

Impressive, but not swooning yet...

Now that is *swoon* material!

Sorry, Vlad, I'm into long hair.

That's wonderful! Have some bear yoga!

Three arrested as independence rivals clash (Friday)

19 September 2014 at 11:51pm

Three people have been arrested by police following clashes between pro-union and independence campaigners in Glasgow.

Police separated rival supporters in Glasgow's George Square on Friday night. Credit: PA Wire
Officers were called to George Square after hundreds of rival supporters gathered in the hours after Scotland voted decisively against leaving the UK.

A spokesperson for Police Scotland said enquiries were underway which could lead to further arrests.

"Three people have been arrested so far in relation to the incident in George Square. Retrospective inquiries will be carried out which may lead to further arrests."


I didn't think this would happen there, didn't think people would be arguing with each other over the vote. Anyone heard about this incident or anything like it?

Yeah, they're like Kochroaches, they keep coming back:

Daily Kos: Bundy Ranch 'Security Chief' Kicks Oath Keepers OFF Bundy Ranch -- LMFAO

Yes, that is title of the article filed by TeamSarah4Choice at DK. This is a wild and crazy read.

Well ... paradise can only last so long before the new song turns to "Trouble In Paradise."

It all started on Friday (April 25) paranoid Stewart Rhodes, founder of Oath Keepers, got "intel" from a "source of intelligence of high value" within the Department of Defense who told them that "Eric Holder approved a hot drone strike on the Bundy ranch within 48 hours."

LMFAO "source of intelligence of high value"

Oh, but the delusional drone strike blah blah is not where trouble in paradise began. No, trouble in paradise began when Stewart Rhodes said he would have to "evacuate all of his Oath Keepers that have been stationed down" at the Bundy Ranch - and that is what pissed off Booda Bear, who is "head of security" for the Bundy Ranch.



to Skidmore:


Yes, those guys, founded by the Ron Paul staffer:


And another one, off the streets, at least:


And last but not least:

Militia Efforts to Converge at the Border Fizzle Out

...And then there was militia enthusiast Dyna DeRien, who posts at YouTube as 1HellOnHeels and calls herself the “CEO and founder” of “the American Anti-Federalist Patriot Party.”

After Davis yanked all his videos from the Internet, hers were the only videos remaining on the web describing the militia plan of attack and the motivation for turning out on the border.

“We’re tired of those SOBs in Washington D.C. bringing all these illegals into our country and just spreading ‘em out with all their diseases all over the place,” she said.

A day later, that rant had been taken down, too.

But it was caught by Hatewatch first:

Much more at link:


'Well, anyways...'

Watch the Idiocracy in full bloom.

BTW, Santilli is a grifter with a bad reputation.

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