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Member since: Fri Dec 10, 2010, 10:36 PM
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Happy Birthday!

Loved that scene! But a chorus of "if"s' making their appearance, looks more like:

DUers are a little bit smarter than Darrell (Grand Theft Auto) Issa and Trey (Howdy Doody) Gowdy. At least I think so...

Even better, means she learned. The rest of my post stands. Anyone likes the past better can say:

Whatever happens, some see the worst:

And Cecil was known to be people friendly. Never knew what was coming from this depraved man. What

went through his mind, for he had one to be sure, other than the pain as he suffered in agony?

This dentist also had to pay a settlement for sexual harrassment and was very big on entertaining with blood SPORT, not what he needed to eat.

I remember a scene from a movie, may be all fictional, but when some amerindians took down a deer, they begged his pardon as they did so.

This man is a poster for what will destroy all of us and led me to the conclusion - even though I was close - that the human race is not worthy to live on his planet anymore. As some amerindians and others have said - they will kill everything alive, until they kill themselves as well.

There is still time to reverse this course, but I don't see it happening. I see what Trump did in Scotland. I've seen what clear cutting does. I know what the mining companies are doing around the world. And what devastation to people, animals and all vegetation is done while forsest are destroyed in a wasteful matter to mine one product, like palm oil or copper or coal.

As the Pope said, greed is now destroying the ability of the planet to sustain life. The tribes know this. They have warned us. But people did not listen.

A reading of the writings of Derrick Jensen is chilling. or those of Jared Diamond even if disputed. And still we have the same mentality in Congress, with a Senator tossing a snowball. And before that another one apologizing to BP for the Gulf oil explosion, having unleashed the pressure that held down the oil into an almost volcanic eruption.

I felt at that time, Mother Earth said, 'You want the oil that bad? Here it is. All of it. Drink this cup you sought to have. It will kill you all, but I grant your wish.'

I saw about rescuers who had gone out into the Gulf to save some of the wildlife. Men who had plied those waters for decades. Some of them, after coming back and seeing the animals dying, came back and committed suicide.

Mankind is committing suicide.

Cats like it too! Just no chocolate for the pups, okay? Supposed to be bad for 'em!

Cheetos hasn't had any for years! Gratuitous Pic:

Been there, done that. No matter how much I scream! Got the giggles? Gratuitous PIC:

100% correct as I lived it in my union:

The decline in union membership is more traceable to unions becoming the monster that they were born to fight AND a generation (or more) of narcissistic workers.

But I'm not going to get closer.

I guess Judith Miller is still on the payroll? LOL. No, but this is serious. It's RF101.

Put out a spurious story, force the Democratic candidate... and it's ALWAYS the Democrat being attacked, to refute but first make sure to leave it in place long enough to imprint that piece of dirt in the public mind.

Because we hold onto dirt faster and harder than anything good. Dirt will imply distrust and danger, so it goes straight to the subconscious. Never to leave once it's there. The brain does not forget anything, but it does prioritize danger for survival. Kept in a constant state of low level fear alters the conscious mind to allow propaganda in.

My thread on this:


I posted this nearly two years ago. And I added this photo later:

One of the things the Clintons have been known for is their 'rapid response' team to these attacks. But the media is so much farther to the right, and the landscape of possible voters is too, that it doesn't take much to convince them.

A generation has grown up hearing Rush all their lives. Many regions of the country have lost all progressive, liberal or even neutral reporting. Journalism has been reduced to propaganda. And it is also in the hands of about half a dozen billionaires.

The airways and television and other venues, entertainment as well as 'news' is now echoing the same talking points until the human mind is overwhelmed. There are forms of what is called 'manufactured consent.' After a while those of an opposing view know better than to say a thing as they hear neighbors and their friends and family repeating it. Since it is everywhere, it's true.

One way is because a media story has been put out, there is an urgency to it. But it's not even current, oftentimes. I've caught 'breaking news' that is actually recycled from years ago. But when a manufacturer of some other vendor wants something to take part of the taxpayer's money or the Commons, a story pops up as if it's a crisis. It's not. At times the situation discussed has been taken care of, sometimes years ago. It may or may not generate public outrage and reaction.

But even everyone ignores it, the 'new crisis' is used as an excuse to pass a piece of legislation that profits someone by stealing the Commons or destroying some institution or agency no one had a problem with. Then it's passed even if the public does rouse itself to fight back.

Because it was 'on the news' so it must be true and important! The cycle repeats. I see all the news and entertainment as no more than selling a product. All kinds of things, from hate to war to gadgets.

'It's new! It's the best! Everyone wants it, everyone is buying it! Hurry! Don't miss out, you will get behind in the pack.'

It's buying to negate anxiety. The NYT is selling a product. Who benefits from it?

The GOP does.

And it's good to see someone point it out! I miss him already!

Savoring every moment. More greatness yet to come. Wonders never cease.

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