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Gender: Male
Hometown: Sacramento, California
Member since: Wed Nov 17, 2010, 01:02 PM
Number of posts: 9,828

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Video: Bernie Sanders Speaks To 600 In Rochester

Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders makes his second campaign stop in Minnesota and speaks to about 600 supporters in Rochester.

The Sanders campaign scheduled the appearance because it was on the way to Iowa. He spoke to about 10,000 people last night in Madison, Wisconsin.

Sanders hit upon many of the themes he did during his previous visit to Minnesota - economic fairness being the main one. He said the economy is “rigged” since one-tenth of one percent of the population owns most of the country’s wealth.

Video courtesy of the Rochester Post Bulletin.

Posted by Playinghardball | Thu Jul 2, 2015, 06:53 PM (3 replies)

President Bernie Sanders Will Save America From Endless Counterinsurgency Wars and Protect Our...

...Nation's Veterans

Americans want soldiers to protect them from ISIS and other threats, but who's protecting our veterans? Who in Congress or in the 2016 presidential race will bring home the hundreds of American soldiers sent back to Iraq by President Obama? Senator Bernie Sanders is against sending Americans into perpetual wars and as The Boston Globe writes, "many veterans believe he's gone to war for them." A recent article titled Bernie Sanders' surge is partly fueled by veterans explains how this member of the Veterans' Affairs committee has spent his entire career working to help veterans and their families:

DES MOINES -- Vermont's Bernie Sanders railed against the Vietnam War. He voted against invading Iraq -- both times...

He might not be a friend to the military, but many veterans believe he's gone to war for them...

There's the former Marine who drove about six hours to hear Sanders speak in Des Moines. There's another former Marine, this one a registered Republican, going door-to-door to collect signatures so Sanders' name will appear on the ballot in Indiana. Entire Reddit threads are dedicated to how veterans can best pitch Sanders to other veterans...

"He is revered," said Paul Loebe, a 31-year-old who served in both Iraq and Afghanistan during eight years of active duty and spends three hours a day updating a Facebook page promoting Sanders to veterans. "He's very consistent with where he stands. He's the first politician that I've believed in my life."

While CNN published an article titled Poll: Clinton's honesty and trustworthy problem extends to swing states, Senator Bernie Sanders has no such trust dilemmas with veterans. Even in 2003, with 72% of Americans supporting the Iraq War, Sanders still had the foresight to vote against sending Americans into a quagmire. In early 2015, when 62% of registered voters supported sending American ground troops to fight ISIL, Sanders stated that Muslim countries should send their own ground troops to fight ISIL, not America. Because he's consistently put principles above poll numbers or political expediency, Sanders is the only candidate in 2016 willing to protect American soldiers and their families from perpetual counterinsurgency wars like Vietnam and Iraq.

In early 2014, 41 Republican Senators blocked a landmark healthcare bill for veterans, conveniently forgetting that they never had a problem justifying hundreds of billions to wage war. Senator Richard Burr protested the healthcare legislation, stating "Now is not the time, in any federal department, to spend money we don't have." This, of course, was after Republicans (and some Democrats) voted for wars in Iraq and Afghanistan that Harvard University estimates cost $6 trillion, and could far exceed $7 trillion in "interest payments" by 2053.

Years earlier, Republicans blocked a bill giving soldiers more time between troop deployments, causing increased combat stress, a suicide epidemic, and higher rates of PTSD for American soldiers. According to USA Today, "American soldiers of the 21st century are quietly making history, serving in combat longer than almost any U.S. soldiers in the nation's past, military historians say." When a veterans' suicide prevention bill was introduced to Congress in 2014, Republican Senator Tom Coburn declared, "I'm going to be objecting to this bill because it actually throws money away" and singlehandedly blocked the Clay Hunt Veterans Suicide Legislation. Although the GOP claims to "support the troops," Paul Ryan will cut veterans programs and veterans groups wrote scathing letters in 2014 to Senator Richard Burr.

More here:http://www.huffingtonpost.com/h-a-goodman/bernie-sanders-iraq-war_b_7711222.html

Posted by Playinghardball | Thu Jul 2, 2015, 01:31 PM (3 replies)

Toon: Chris Christie...

Posted by Playinghardball | Thu Jul 2, 2015, 01:07 PM (7 replies)

It's official! Bernie-mania is sweeping the nation!

Posted by Playinghardball | Thu Jul 2, 2015, 01:02 PM (0 replies)

John Fugelsong comment

Posted by Playinghardball | Thu Jul 2, 2015, 12:57 PM (16 replies)

America will FeelTheBern. Madison is the Fire!

America will #FeelTheBern. Madison is the Fire!

When millions of people stand together, They win."

The crowd for Bernie Sanders, one hour before he takes the stage

Panorama front of Madison Coliseum

Posted by Playinghardball | Thu Jul 2, 2015, 12:50 PM (1 replies)

Neil deGrasse Tyson: The last Leap Second added was June 30, 2012....

Neil deGrasse Tyson ‏@neiltyson · Jun 28
The last Leap Second added was June 30, 2012. Here’s what it looked like from the Eastern Time Zone.
Posted by Playinghardball | Wed Jul 1, 2015, 05:08 PM (15 replies)

Bobby Jindal Tries #AskBobby Q&A On Twitter, Goes Down In Flames

My governor, Piyush “Bobby” Jindal, is one of many Republicans running for the party’s presidential nomination in 2016. With so many candidates in the race, anything he could do to get an edge on the competition would have been a welcome to his campaign, which is currently sitting in the low single digits in the polls.

Apparently someone on his campaign staff thought it was a good idea to do a Q&A session on Twitter in order to connect with more potential voters, especially since it doesn’t look like he’s going to be getting much in the way of funding from GOP sugar daddy donors like the Koch brothers or Sheldon Adelson. Currently, the Jindal 2016 campaign has been courting Duck Dynasty fans and far-right religious voters like the Duggars and the evangelical Christian homeschooling movement.

“No one has worked harder than Bobby Jindal for the support of evangelical Christians. He even invented an award just so he could give it to Willie Robertson; and, in exchange, he became the subject of an entire episode of “Duck Dynasty.” He organized a prayer rally on the campus of LSU, which was officially hosted by the American Family Association, a noted anti-gay hate group. He traded in his khakis and buttoned-up polos for belt buckles and cowboy boots. So far this year, he has already tweeted two different photos of himself holding a gun; his Christmas card was of him and his family, dressed in camouflage, posing in a golf cart on the grounds of the Governor’s Mansion as if they were somehow on a hunting expedition. On the increasingly rare Sunday mornings that he spends in state, he is usually in the backseat of his helicopter, shuffling between church services in North and Central Louisiana.” (Source)

Bobby Jindal can’t secure the Republican nomination solely on the support of 15 passenger van driving, gay hating evangelical Christians. Even many Republicans in Louisiana can’t stand the guy considering how badly he’s tarnished their brand by running the state into the ground while he’s spent the last two years crisscrossing the globe trying to drum up support for his eventual 2016 run. This is why someone made the suggestion that he should hop on Twitter, use the hashtag #AskBobby, and climb higher in the Fox News polls where he currently sits at the bottom. Except that’s not how it worked out, at all. In fact, it was an unmitigated disaster and from all around the country, people turned the #AskBobby hashtag into one of the most brutal, unbridled roastings Twitter has ever seen.

Here are just a few of the remarks that reminded America why Bobby Jindal is one of the most hated governors in the country

Did you get the idea for your portrait from all the white portraits of Jesus? #AskBobby - @rsoulela

Has Piyush been relegated to the status of an imaginary friend? And did you exorcise him?#AskBobby - @DaAwesumPossum

If you’re “fiscally conservative” why does our state have a huge deficit and why are you cutting education & mental health to pay it #AskBobby - @TheWickerMan504

#AskBobby My wife wants to know what else the @DuckDynastyAE guys have in common with Jesus besides beards, guns, hate gays… ? – @sacalait

Hey @BobbyJindal, before deciding to call yourself “Bobby,” were Greg, Peter or even Marcia options? #AskBobby -@harikondabolu

yo @BobbyJindal when did you first realize you were a white guy called Bobby trapped in brown man called Piyush’s body? #AskBobby - @azharusman

I’m going to venture a guess and say the person who came up with the idea of doing a Twitter Q&A is sitting with all of their luggage at the Des Moines, Iowa airport right now, waiting on a flight back to Louisiana. I can’t wait until the next Republican hopeful tries the same thing – this was too much fun not to do again.

Posted by Playinghardball | Wed Jul 1, 2015, 03:13 PM (7 replies)

Toon: Superman...

Posted by Playinghardball | Wed Jul 1, 2015, 02:52 PM (6 replies)

Bernie Sanders campaign rallies drawing enthusiastic progressive crowds

Fortunes of Democratic candidate opposing Hillary Clinton from left might rely on success in first-in-the-nation primary

NASHUA, New Hampshire — Amberlee Jones was lucky to get a seat. The crowd at Nashua Community College was overflowing into the aisles as they waited to hear Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt. When he took the stage, the room grew instantly quiet. When he stepped up to the microphone after a brief introduction, the room exploded in cheers.

“I think that he has a lot of integrity. That’s incredibly important to me,” Jones, a 28-year-old sign-language interpreter from Rochester, New York, said afterward. “I don’t think that we can run our country without some sort of moral or ethical guidelines. So that’s why I’m going to vote for him.”

Sanders is trying to start what he calls a “political revolution.” An independent who identifies as socialist, Sanders is running for the presidential nomination of the Democratic Party, with which he caucuses in Congress. He has refused to take super PAC funds or run negative campaign ads. Instead, he’s taking a message of economic populism directly to voters.

His approach seems to be paying off. Though written off as an outside shot by almost all mainstream political commentators, he is polling just 8 percentage points behind Hillary Clinton among likely Democratic primary voters in New Hampshire, according to a CNN/WMUR poll released last week.

Sanders is nearly 40 points behind Clinton in Iowa and more than 50 points behind her nationally, according to Real Clear Politics’ averages of recent polls. The Granite State could be key to turning around those national numbers. A win in New Hampshire’s first-in-the-nation primary, Feb. 9, would build momentum and funding going into the other primaries.

“What we do, what I’ve always done in Vermont and what we’re going to do here, is do exactly what this meeting was about — bring people together, have a serious discussion about serious issues, nothing fancy about it. I think that is the road to success, frankly,” Sanders told reporters after a speech in Henniker, New Hampshire.

He spent last weekend stumping across the state speaking to what is now a common sight: overflow crowds. In addition to Nashua and Henniker, he went to Bow, Rochester, Durham and Laconia on Sunday. In all, his staffers believe, more than 5,000 New Hampshire voters saw him speak at town meetings and house parties by the end of the weekend.

Really important to me’

Most of these going to see Sanders are there for his left-wing takes on issues concerning equality and the economy. Jennifer Alford-Teaster, 38, a geospatial research project director in Sutton, attended the meeting in Henniker with her husband. She said social mobility and equal pay for women are among her top priorities.

More here: http://america.aljazeera.com/articles/2015/7/1/live-free-or-die-bernie-sanders-campaign-could-hinge-on-new-hampshire.html
Posted by Playinghardball | Wed Jul 1, 2015, 02:43 PM (0 replies)
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