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Hometown: Sacramento, California
Member since: Wed Nov 17, 2010, 01:02 PM
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Check out this Jeb sign...ROTFLMAO

Posted by Playinghardball | Mon Jun 29, 2015, 08:13 PM (14 replies)

Iowa labor leaders call for unions to endorse Sanders

‘We need a voice of our own, not an echo of the Republicans’

CEDAR RAPIDS — Fourteen Iowa labor leaders are among more than 1,000 nationwide calling on unions to support 2016 Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders.

“I’m not often impressed with a candidate, but Sanders seems very genuine,” said Steve Abbott, president of CWA Local 7108 in Waterloo and head of the CWA’s Iowa state council.

“From my perspective, and I always listen to all of the candidates and have been close to many candidates over the years, what Bernie says is the truth,” said Abbott, who has been working on campaigns since 1980.

So he’s joined other labor leaders embracing Sanders as the only declared candidate, in either major party, “who challenges the billionaires who are trying to steal our pensions, our jobs, our homes, and what’s left of our democracy,” according to their statement at www.LaborforBernie.org.

“We need a presidential candidate willing to confront big money and its corrupting influence on American politics,” Abbott said. “That kind of leadership is not going to come from someone trying to raise a billion dollars from Wall Street banks and other business interests. We need a voice of our own, not an echo of the Republicans.”

Abbott expects a resolution along the lines of one approved by the South Carolina AFL-CIO executive board supporting Sanders and recommending his endorsement by the national labor organization will be approved at the Iowa Federation of Labor AFL-CIO annual convention in August. Sanders, former Virginia Sen. Jim Webb, Hillary Clinton, former Gov. Martin O’Malley and former Rhode Island senator and governor Lincoln Chaffee have been invited to speak, according to the Federation.

In addition to Abbott, other Iowa labor union members recommending union support for Sanders include:

Read more at http://www.kcrg.com/subject/news/iowa-labor-leaders-call-for-unions-to-endorse-sanders-20150627#ZhSCmjvISk6kKsPd.99
Posted by Playinghardball | Mon Jun 29, 2015, 07:59 PM (1 replies)

Labor for Bernie Kickstarts Effort to Get Unions Behind Sanders With Nearly 2,000 Union Backers

Friday, Jun 26, 2015

Labor for Bernie, a new nationwide network for union members, announced today the launch of their grassroots movement to push the AFL-CIO and other unaffiliated major labor organizations such as SEIU and the Teamsters toward endorsing Senator Bernie Sanders's 2016 presidential campaign.

Almost 2,000 union members have signed onto a letter outlining the network’s goals. Labor for Bernie reports that more than a third of these Sanders supporters belong to building trades unions, with 137 International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers signees alone. Other unions that showed significant representation in the letter include the Communications Workers of America, American Federation of Teachers, the National Education Association, Service Employees International Union, International Union of Operating Engineers, United Auto Workers and the International Brotherhood of Teamsters.

"Labor for Bernie 2016 won’t be a corporate-style, staff-driven, top-down campaign. It will reflect our commitment to creating fundamental change and the urgency of stronger grassroots organizing and political activity,” the letter reads. “We call on labor leaders, union members and working people to unite behind Bernie Sanders for a voice in the presidential political process and to elect the President working families need—a President who will answer to the 99 percent!”

The network’s website includes sample resolutions for rank and file activists hoping to push their locals and state-level federations of labor into endorsing Sanders. Thus far, AFL-CIO state-level federations from Vermont and South Carolina have chosen to do so.

"Bernie is running on a record of real accomplishment for workers, farmers, veterans, and millions of other blue-collar Americans," said Erin McKee, President of the South Carolina AFL-CIO, on the network’s website.

"But here's the real difference between him and all the rest: He's the candidate who truly believes in the power of grassroots organizing. Bernie has been to South Carolina over the past few years and some of our members got the chance to see that first hand when he met not only with labor unions but with the fast food workers fighting for $15 an hour and a union."

In late March, AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka delivered a speech mentioning that an endorsement from the national organization is still up for grabs.

“It is early, and although many candidates are already in the race, the field remains open,” he said then. “And the labor movement’s doors are open to any candidate who is serious about transforming our economy with high and rising wages.”

Front-runner Hillary Clinton’s recent silence on the labor-opposed Trans-Pacific Partnership trade agreement led Trumka to say a few weeks later, in late May, that it was “conceivable” that the nationwide AFL-CIO would not endorse a candidate for president, instead focusing on the legislative races in 2016 if a candidate didn’t commit to a platform that they would want to fight for.

Since 1989, 19 of Sanders’ top 20 donors are members of unions from across the county, whereas Clinton’s top 20 is heavily populated by titans of finance. Labor for Bernie will be a new institutional campaign presence amid this fiscal backdrop.

More here: http://inthesetimes.com/working/entry/18119/bernie_sanders_unions1
Posted by Playinghardball | Mon Jun 29, 2015, 07:51 PM (1 replies)

Typical Trump comment...

Posted by Playinghardball | Mon Jun 29, 2015, 06:34 PM (21 replies)

Posted without comment...

Posted by Playinghardball | Mon Jun 29, 2015, 06:26 PM (4 replies)

Tell Democrats to STOP Red-Baiting of Bernie Sanders

Today, Hillary Clinton's supporters (Claire McCaskill) urged media to start calling Bernie Sanders a "socialist" so that Americans would turn against him. This is NOT the 1950s and we do not need a Democratic candidate whose minions devolve into McCarthyism. Stick to the issues, not red-baiting.

There are currently 325 signatures. NEW goal - We need 400 signatures!

Petition Background
The Democratic power brokers proved they are in Wall Street's back pocket today, when Clinton campaign operative, Senator Claire McCaskill, began red-baiting presidential candidate Bernie Sanders, urging media to call him "a socialist" and calling Sander's ideas extreme. Sander's ideas of expanding Social Security and Healthcare and increasing the minimum wage, are ALL things the American people want in polls. Sounds like the pro-Wall Street Clinton operatives are the extreme ones.

Current petition signers

325. kevin McKee from bulger, PA signed this petition on Jun 29, 2015.
324. chris silva from westminster, VT signed this petition on Jun 29, 2015.
323. Lisa Denning from Simsbury, CT signed this petition on Jun 29, 2015.
322. Jeffrey J. Nichols from Menasha, WI signed this petition on Jun 29, 2015.
321. Shawn Gilbert from Palm Bay, FL signed this petition on Jun 29, 2015.
320. Douglas Beaver from Lebanon, PA signed this petition on Jun 29, 2015.

You should be ashamed. And afraid. Bernie is the REAL candidate that is not going to maintain the status quo, and move the country forward in the right direction. Not so for Hillary Clinton. Desperate, abominable, dirty tactics just show you have NOTHING to run on or for.

319. Esther Allman from Frankfort, IL signed this petition on Jun 29, 2015.
318. Kathy Reider from Howard City, MI signed this petition on Jun 29, 2015.
317. George A. Davis from Burlington, MA signed this petition on Jun 29, 2015.
316. Charlotte Bennett from LaPlace, LA signed this petition on Jun 29, 2015.

Posted by Playinghardball | Mon Jun 29, 2015, 03:51 PM (11 replies)

BERNIE (fundraising strategy) = ZERO % from the 1%! AND 100% for the 99%!!!

Posted by Playinghardball | Mon Jun 29, 2015, 02:09 PM (0 replies)

HRC's past campaign manager believes Bernie Sanders is the best for USA!

Posted by Playinghardball | Mon Jun 29, 2015, 02:05 PM (2 replies)

I am SO glad Bernie is in it to WIN IT!!

Posted by Playinghardball | Mon Jun 29, 2015, 02:03 PM (1 replies)

Who is is this Bernie Sanders?



Seriously, who is this guy that is starting to crop up in damn near every political discussion on the internet?

Here's a start:

If you're anything like me, the past few years of politics has just kind of passed you by. You've been just overall apathetic, condemning the actions of our politicians, while at the same time feeling like it's pointless to even do anything about it.

For me, though, something changed recently. While there has been a constant circlejerk on Reddit, and some on Imgur, over Bernie Sanders, I mostly avoided it. That is until I saw his AMA, live as it unfolded. The sheer honesty and transparency of this man was energizing and I had to find out more.

So, who is this crazy old man who is seeking the Democratic party nomination for presidency, REFUSING SUPER PAC FUNDING?

Who is this nutjob who wants universal healthcare on a single-payer system?

Who in their right mind would ever dare to not run a negative campaign against their opponents?!

That person is Bernie Sanders, the several year mayor of Burlington Vermont, longest serving Independent in Congress, and Democratic Nominee hopeful.

Lemmie walk you through some of what he's done...

Bernie Leads an Anti-segregation Sit-in, 1962

In 1962, Bernie Sanders was already in the fight for civil rights and was a Congress of Racial Equality officer. In this image, he was leading a multi-week sit-in to oppose segregation in off-campus housing owned by the University of Chicago.

About a year after this photo was taken, he visited Washington D.C. for the first time... to march on Washington with Martin Luther King jr., and got to hear the famous "I Have a Dream" speech in person.

Letter by Bernie Sanders Published in 1972

While running as a candidate for the governor of Vermont back in 1972, Sanders published this letter, calling for, among other things, an abolition of laws banning abortion, adultery, drugs, and homosexuality.

In the same letter, he calls for revising our system where taxation on cigarettes somehow brings in more than corporate income taxes, as well as how the Vietnam war, and our general foreign policies, were not only bankrupting us morally, but financially as well.

EDIT NOTE: I misread the part regarding cigarette taxation vs. corporate income and have corrected it. I previously mistook it for calling for higher taxes on cigarettes, when he was asking for a revision on our system that favors taxing average citizens more than large corporations.

Mayor of Burlington, VT, 1981 – 1989

1981, Bernie Sanders won the mayoral race in Burlington, VT, the states largest city, by just 10 votes, defeating the six-term Democrat incumbent, Gordon Paquette.

Under Sanders, the local government in 1984 established the first municipal housing land trust in the country for affordable housing.

In 1986, the owners of the city's largest affordable-housing complex, Northgate Apartments, were attempting to take advantage of a loophole, in a federal subsidization program, allowing the conversion of the buildings into market rentals or luxury condos.

"Over my dead body are you going to displace 336 working families. You are not going to convert Northgate into luxury housing."

For further reading on his time as Mayor, including the conclusion of what happened with Northgate Apartments, read this finely written article:

Defense of Marriage Act, 1996

At the time of making this post, only just yesterday the Defense of Marriage Act, passed in 1996, was effectively obliterated when the Supreme Court ruled unconstitutional. On the same day, June 26th, two years ago, Section Three defining marriage as only between a man and a woman was struck down.

Back in 1996, only 67 members of the House of Representatives voted against the Defense of Marriage Act, beaten out by an overwhelming 342. One of those 67 was Bernie Sanders.

On the Gramm–Leach–Bliley Act in 1999

The Gramm–Leach–Bliley Act (GLBA) is frequently said to be one of the major causes of our economic collapse. When the House voted to pass it with 362 votes, Bernie Sanders was one of only 57 who opposed it.

The GLBA attempted to modernize financial services, by ending regulations that prevented the merging of banks, and insurance and stock brokerage companies, ultimately allowing the set-up of institutions that are, as the popular phrase goes, "too big to fail", meaning that if there is imminent failure the government has no choice but to prop them up. When institutions so greatly affect the economy by being so large and interconnected, failure can result in an incredible collapse of the economy... which we witnessed.

Bernie Sanders was one of the few who tried to prevent this.

The Patriot Act, 2001

"All of us want to protect the American people from terrorist attacks, but in a way that does not undermine basic freedoms," -Bernie Sanders

In 2001, the House of Representatives passed the USA PATRIOT Act, 357 to 66, and the Senate went on to pass it with only ONE senator, out of 99, voting against it (Shout out to Russ Feingold for that!).

While being one of the 66 who opposed it, Bernie Sanders also voted against the re-authorization of the act in 2006 and 2011.

Earlier this month, he, along with 32 other senators, voted against the modified version, the USA Freedom Act, saying it did not go far enough to protect the freedoms and privacy of American citizens.

Bernie Sanders Voted Against the Iraq War in 2002.

In 2002, Bernie Sanders spoke out against the Iraq War, urging the House of Representatives to avoid an unnecessary and expensive war.

In his 5 minute speech to the House (), he questions the reasons of starting a war, citing reports of US intelligence agencies showing Saddam Hussein was unlikely to mount a chemical or biological warfare on us, as well as noting that abruptly invading Iraq would be far more dangerous to our country.

He goes on to list five reasons why invading Iraq is a bad idea. To summarize:

1. No estimates were given on how many young American men and women might die, or how many tens of thousands of women or children in Iraq might be killed.

2. Concerns over the precedent a unilateral invasion could establish in terms of international law and the role of the U.N.

3. Already in a war against international terrorism, in warfare we have never truly experienced before, attacking Iraq would jeopardize the global counterterrorist campaign we have undertaken.

4. With a $6 trillion national debt and a growing deficit, war and long-term occupation of Iraq could be extremely expensive.

5. Once Saddam is removed, there will likely be a civil war, and how will the US handle it? Will governments in the region be overthrown by Islamic extremists? Will the Israel and Palestinian conflict grow worse?

"War must be the last recourse in international relations, not the first."

The House, despite Bernie Sanders' best efforts, voted in favor of the Iraq War, 296 votes to 133.

Bernie Isn't Telling Us He Can Fix It All For Us

He knows there's a process that EVERYONE must participate in for real change to happen. He knows that even if he gets elected, he alone cannot fix everything. We're not to sit tight and wait for things to move our way, we have to make it happen, regardless of who is sitting in the Oval Office.

It just helps to have someone at the highest positions pushing on the other side for us, and we need someone to do just that. Someone who walks the walk, who practices what he preaches. He has followed the same principles he has spoken about his entire career.

So if you like the idea of universal healthcare, free higher education, more money into education, medicine, alternative energy, and many other good things, then give Bernie Sanders some consideration.



Bernie AMA:

OnTheIssues page, summarizing his voting record: http://www.ontheissues.org/Bernie_Sanders.htm

Daily Show on Sanders:

Bernie against Iraq War:

Bernie Sanders interview with Katy Couric:

Bernie vs. Rand Paul on universal healthcare:

On his time as Mayor of Burlington:

"In 180 Seconds You Will Be Voting for Bernie Sanders" (Video):


Posted by Playinghardball | Mon Jun 29, 2015, 01:01 PM (13 replies)
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