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Profile Information

Name: Carrie
Gender: Do not display
Hometown: Kent, Wa
Member since: Sat Sep 18, 2010, 07:34 PM
Number of posts: 400

About Me

I am a 44 year old woman, no kids, just getting my life back after 3 years unemployed....bought a house just before everything went to crap, and the rest of my homeownership story sounds exactly like everyone elses....bad loans, refi...HARP....underwater...cant sell, cant refi etc.... so I got a divorce and gave him the house....lol I\'m an atheist and raging liberal....I recently married a soldier who is much younger, and all over the map politically, having been raised in a very red state and very religious environment.... We live an alternative lifestyle and much of how and who we are must remain a secret from the judgemental and religious members of our families....but we are open about it with those we know will not judge us :) He and I are working towards buying a sailboat and sailing to somewhere in the south pacific to start a new stress free life...to live beautifully and naturally! :) 3 1/2 to 5 years from now...cant wait! we have two sweet little black kittens :) Formally they are named Sandy and Katrina because they destroyed the christmas village we had set up over the holidays lol but we usually just call them Big Kitty and Little Kitty...cause we\'re dorks lol

Journal Archives

weird - should I worry?

I caucused for bernie here in wa on the 26th but I was not chosen as a delegate - however, I just got a text asking me to confirm I would be there this sunday to be a delegate for him.....

I informed the person that I wasnt a delegate, that I'd go if needed but that theres an error....she instructed me to report it to bernies wa ppl...so I did....

but this is weird....maybe im just paranoid....

Nelson middle school caucus

Def feeling the Bern here

Feelin the Bern! Rally tomorrow night then caucus on sat!!

so excited!!

whats the difference between musim extremeists and american rednecks?

My hubby works in a boatyard and theres a few hardcore rednecks there.....the other day he came home and said one of them said that we need to just turn all of the middle east into a glass sheet...it would be more shocking except you hear this all the time....

I heard "Death to America!"

We have our rednecks advocating for genocide.....the middle east has their extremists advocating for genocide....

I don't see the difference between the two.....

I think this could be pulled together in some kinda comic strip for facebook lol

anyway - maybe the answer isn't the US(or whoever) going after Muslim extremists and vice versa - but maybe each country should address - scratch that - ERADICATE - the extremism in our own back yards.....

Went to see Bernie....couldn't get in!

Place holds 10k and I'd guess another few thousand.... Couldn't get in.....Seattle made me proud tonight!

Pear Energy - clean energy company

I will be switching asap...this is cool....i guess it pays to read your spam sometimes lol


this is hard to watch, but must be seen!

serious trigger alert - people really need to change how we think and how we act.....


William Zeitler - Glass Armonica

I used to work with this guy in the early 90's and he gave me a CD of his work - I've never forgotten it....at the time there was only 3 of these instruments in the world!

wowthe misinformation...

My company sent me out to several of our branches to give people some one-on-one time regarding our benefits.....

Obamacare didnt affect us much because our benefits already well exceeded the standards...but ...this one guy on Oregon...recently retired military, Iraq war vet.....I walk in and he crosses his arms and says "Is this Obamacare? Do I HAVE to do this?"
'uhh...no this is our company insurance....'
'well ill probably get on the Tricare from the VA anyway.....besides...I heard Premera is getting absorbed by obama care...'


Obamacare phone operator who talked to Sean Hannity loses her job

Hope this isnt a dupe!


An Obamacare phone operator who had a conversation with Fox News host Sean Hannity lost her job on Thursday.

On Monday, the “Hannity” host called up the Affordable Care Act phone number provided by the federal government. Eventually, he was connected with Erling Davis, a phone operator working for a private contract company .

Hannity quizzed Davis about technical issues facing the government healthcare website and engaged in some small talk during their 10-minute conversation.

However, on Thursday Davis revealed that she was fired by her employer over the conversation. For his part, Hannity told listeners of his radio show that he will compensate Davis for a year’s salary tax free and try to help her find a new job.

“They fired me from my job,” Davis told Hannity while being interviewed on his radio program.
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