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red dog 1

Profile Information

Gender: Male
Hometown: San Francisco, Ca.
Home country: U.S.A.
Member since: Tue Sep 14, 2010, 03:05 PM
Number of posts: 1,638

About Me

Second generation native San Franciscan; and third generation Democrat.

Journal Archives

"Do-Nothing Congress Takes a Vacation"....by Jim Hightower

July 23, 2014
Jim Hightower

When I heard that our Congress critters are taking an extended vacation for all of August and part of September, I had two incongruous reactions: Anger... and gratitude.
Gratitude, because their vacation gives us a five-week-break from the spectacle of right-wing mad dogs in the House, yapping, foaming at the mouth, and running around in circles.
"Kill the minimum wage," they howl, "Repeal Obamacare, deport immigrant children, re-invade Iraq, impeach Obama"....and yada-yada-yada.

Yes, nutty as they are, it's also infuriating that these pampered politicos feel entitled to such a vacation...It's another sign of their total disconnect from the hard realities of the workaday majority they're supposed to serve.
EARTH TO CONGRESS CRITTERS: Most American families are being hosed out of the middle class, having to work harder and longer for less pay, no benefits, and not even two weeks off, much less a five-week getaway.

In the spirit of fairness, though, I should concede that the current do-nothing House has been setting an eight-year performance record in one category of congressional activity: Junkateering.
Yes, not only does this bunch love to vacation, but it also tiptoes around the ethics rules so lobbyists can pay for their trips.
Not since the sleaze days of pay-to-play uber-lobbyist Jack Abramoff have House members taken as many junkets, financed by corporate interests.

Oh, excuse me, they're called "fact-finding missions," not junkets..
By whatever name, nearly 1,900 of the free trips were enjoyed last year by lawmakers, their spouses, and staff -- paid for by private entities seeking legislative favors.
Adding to the disgust, House leaders very quietly axed an ethics requirement this year that lawmakers must disclose these travel freebies in their personal financial reports.
Yet they wonder why their public approval rating is in the ditch.


MoveOn.org Starts Petition To Impeach Boehner

July 14, 2014


John A. Boehner, Speaker of the United States House of Representatives,
is moving forward with his lawsuit against the President of the United States.

As of this hour, Speaker Boehner has introduced a formal petition on the Floor of the House to Sue a Sitting President.

Boehner has got to go!


"Under the 14th Amendment to the United States Constitution's Due Process and Equal Protection Clauses, We hereby petition the United States House of Representatives, the U.S. House Committee on Rules, and President Barack H. Obama to Impeach the Speaker of the House of Representatives, John H. Boehner (R-Ohio) for Dereliction of Duty in Governance"

To sign petition:

UPDATE: Saturday, July 19, 2014
MoveOn.org wants to get 7,500 signatures on this petition.
As of July 19, there are 7,050 signatures, so they only need about 450 more signatures.

Will President Obama ever pardon former Alabama Gov. Don Siegelman?

June 17, 2014

Former Alabama Governor Don Siegelman (D) is still rotting away in a prison cell for a crime he did not commit.

"Siegelman, whose Karl Rove-inspired prosecution helped gut Alabama's once-competitive Democratic Party, served nearly a year of his term before release on bond when whistle-blowers and legal experts helped show in 2007 and 2008 that he had been targeted for political reasons.

The prominent, blunt-speaking Alabama businessman Luther 'Stan' Pete has said his fellow Republicans clearly framed Siegelman.

In 2009, the Obama Justice Department requested that Judge Fuller sentence Siegelman to
20 more years in prison when his appeals were concluded.
The new administration stood shoulder-to-shoulder with it's Bush predecessors in continuing the frame-up and cover-up.
This was part of a 'look forward, not backward' mantra that President Obama articulated most famously in avoiding accountability for Bush-era torture and cover-up, but events make clear that the cover-ups obviously applied also to Bush political prosecutions."



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What's your favorite line from The Big Lebowski?

Dude, the Chinaman is not the issue!

Georgia Toddler Needs Our Prayers...TODAY!

June 8, 2014

Bou Phonesavanh, 19 months old, was sleeping in his playpen, when a Georgia Narcotics Task Force SWAT team member threw a stun grenade in the window which landed on the baby's pillow.

The Phonesavanh family's home in Wisconsin had burned down, and they were in Georgia temporarily to stay with relatives.

Bou is now in a medically-induced coma in Intensive Care at Atlanta's Grady Memorial Hospital, and it could be weeks before it's known if he'll survive, and what treatment he'll need.
Now, Bou's mother,father, and 3 sisters are facing weeks of uncertainty, unsure how long Bou will be hospitalized and where they'll live in the meantime.
The dad says they have nothing to do with drugs.
The family is angry, but hopeful that the toddler will make a full recovery.
His sisters' ages are 3, 5 and 7

He needs our prayers...He needs them badly And he needs them now, today!

Within hours of the "drug raid gone bad", both the District Attorney and the Sheriff issued statements saying that the police officers " had done nothing wrong"
I posted a story a few days ago about a Georgia Democratic State Senator calling for a federal investigation into the drug raid.

More info on the story:

Bou's family has no insurance.
A family friend has set up a fund to help pay the baby's medical expenses, as well as for food and other things the family will need.

Is Solitary Confinement Rehabilitation or Torture?...by Don Siegelman

"I am writing as a federal prisoner, a former Attorney General and Governor of Alabama in a response to Attorney General Eric Holder's comments.
Attorney General Holder gave hope to many of America'a 2,000,000 inmates and their families
resolving that "We must do better to bring our justice system in line with our values."

One of the many reforms that need to occur concerns the overuse of solitary confinement
NPR reported recently that some 4,000 California inmates are in solitary confinement, some for up to twenty years
Isolated, four walls..Out only an hour each day.
More common are the hundreds of thousands of inmates who are incarcerated for lengthy sentences for non-violent crimes.

I am one of those, but I write not about my case, but to highlight much bigger systemic problems
and possible solutions based on my personal experience as a state Attorney General, Governor and someone who has seen the criminal justice system from the other side of the fence.
There are many changes that need to be made to bring our justice system in line with our values, like stopping the overuse of solitary confinement

But a looming deadline puts campaigning for "applying sentence reductions retroactively"
at the front of the line
The deadline for input about retroactive sentencing from the public to the
U.S. Sentencing Commission is June 1st, THIS SUNDAY.
As a result, if you have not done so already, I am asking that you write a short e-mail or
post card to the U.S. Sentencing Commission asking that they apply sentence reductions retroactively."

Send your note or e-mail to:

More info on the Siegelman case or to make a donation to help Don:

Wall Street Rewards Bernanke & Geithner For Stiffing You

Jim Hightower


"Not only has the Wall Street bailout restored the banksters who wrecked our economy to full prosperity, it's also paying off very handsomely for the bank overseers who orchestrated the bailout.
For example, as Chairman of the Federal Reserve for six years, Ben Bernanke led the bucket brigade that poured trillions of public dollars into Wall Street's vaults.
So, he's now on a global "Show Me Some Love" tour, pocketing up to $400,000 for each speech he delivers to the financial giants he rescued with our money.

Then there's Timmy Geithner, who's chief responsibility for the New York Fed has been to regulate Wall Street's reckless banks so their greed wouldn't cause a nationwide financial crisis.
But - oops!- they did exactly that on Timmy's "see-no-evil" watch.
Still, having proven himself a banker's man, Geithner was promoted to be President Obama's Treasury Secretary...There, he insisted that the government's priority must be rescuing greedy bankers with taxpayer dollars, rather than saving the millions of American homeowners stuck with bloated mortgages, facing wage cuts and joblessness, and who were sinking into deep debt and poverty.

But, being a banker's man, Geithner was not punished for his inept and morally-deplorable policies.
Rather, he was richly rewarded with a top executive position as - what else? - a Wall Street banker.
Now he has published a book about his years of public screw-ups..Oh...sorry, I meant
"public service"
Concluding that he was correct and courageous, Geithner's book should have been titled
Heckuva job, Timmy!

This is Jim Hightower saying...So Wall Street prospers, Ben and Tim wallow in wealth --
and the real economy remains mired in the ditch of joblessness, low wages, household debt,
and rising anger at the Wall Street/Washington cabal of self-serving elites who shoved them into that ditch."


A thirteen-year-old boy comes home from school,

and his mother asks how his day was and he replies "I had sex with my teacher today."

"Oh my God, you get to your room..Wait until your father comes home," says the mother.

A while later, the father comes home and the mother says, "Go up to your son's room and talk to him..He's been really bad today."

Dad goes up to his son's room and asks why mom is so mad.

"I told her I had sex with my teacher today," replied the boy.

"Alright, that's my boy," says dad, "You know, women just don't think like men; but I'm proud of you..What are you now, about thirteen, right?..Wow! That's my boy! Ya know what?
I'm so proud of you, I'm gonna take you out and buy you that shiny new bike you've been wanting."

So the dad and his son go out and buy the nicest, shiniest, red bike in the whole town.

"You gonna ride it home, son?' asks dad.

The boy replied, "No, my ass is still sore."

Another blond joke

A blond was given a cell phone from her boyfriend as a birthday present

The next day, he calls her and asks her how she liked her birthday present.

"Oh I love it," the blond says, "It fits right in my purse, and your voice sounds so clear,
but how did you know I was at Walmart?"

A rabbi walks into a bar

A rabbi walks into a bar with a frog on his shoulder, and the bartender says, "Where'd you get him?"
The frog answers, "Brooklyn..There's hundreds of them."
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