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red dog 1

Profile Information

Gender: Male
Hometown: San Francisco, Ca.
Home country: U.S.A.
Member since: Tue Sep 14, 2010, 03:05 PM
Number of posts: 3,862

About Me

San Francisco State University grad (Psychology).

Journal Archives

So who would YOU like to see as Hillary Clinton's running mate?

My choice would be either Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren

If none of the posted choices appeals to you, please post a reply naming your choice.

What's your favorite line from Pulp Fiction?

I like the way you stink.

Sign the petition: Tell Congress to take action vs assault weapons

Move On.org
June 24, 2016

Speaker Ryan ignored our pleas and the pleas of our #gunsafety champions and adjourned the U.S. House.
But we will continue the fight on their return to Washington, D.C., and deliver your message after the Fourth of July weekend.
So please continue to sign on.

To be delivered to Speaker Ryan and the House of Representatives

"We Call on You to Take Action Against Gun Violence and Schedule Votes on the Following Measures:
-- Expand background checks on gun sales and strengthen the background check system.
-- Give the Department of Justice an avenue to block the sale of guns to suspected
terrorists with a robust due process and appeals system in place
-- Close the Charleston loophole that allowed the Charleston shooter to purchase his
weapons because his background check hadn't been completed within three days,
weapons he then used to kill nine people in their place of worship
-- Ban military-style assault weapons and high-capacity magazines."

What's your favorite line or scene from The Commitments?

Elvis is not soul.

(defensively) Elvis is God!

I never pictured God with a fat gut and a corset singing "My Way" at Caesar's Palace.

I love the scene where one of the girl singers pushes Deco off the top of the piano.

What's your favorite line from Sleeper?

Pass the celery.

What's your favorite line from Get Shorty?

You don't know me...You only think you do.

Dog With Artery Exposed By Six Pound Chain Deserves Justice

Animal Petitions.org
June 17, 2016

A South Carolina dog was reportedly found with a six-pound chain wrapped around her neck, causing her main artery to be exposed.

The one-year-old pit bull terrier, named Roxanne, was barely alive and her head was swollen beyond belief.

Veterinarians had to use bolt cutters to get the chain off, then Roxanne was rushed for emergency surgery where 95 percent of her neck was stitched up.

They stated that her entire neck was open and bleeding from the chain that was slowly choking her to death.

The veterinarians and rescue team that are assisting Roxanne with her fight to survive say that they have notified authorities of the horrific abuse.

So far, it would appear that this innocent dog's abuser is still at large.

Please sign this petition urging authorities to utilize all resources to find and prosecute this cruel abuser to the maximum extent.

"RatF**ked: The True Story Behind The Secret Plan To Steal America's Democracy"

Fresh Air (NPR)
June 15, 2016

Fresh Air's Dave Davies today interviewed Salon's editor-in-chief David Daley who has a new book that he says began with a simple question:
When President Obama won re-election in 2012 and the Democratic tide gave the party a big majority in the Senate, why did the House of Representatives remain firmly in Republican hands?
The result was even more striking since voters cast 1.3 million more ballots for Democratic House candidates than Republican ones.

The answer, Daley decided, was effective gerrymandering of House districts following the 2010 census.
And it's state legislatures that draw most of the Congressional districts across the country.
The result of Daley's research is his new book, which details an effort by Republican strategists to put money and campaign resources into targeted state legislative races in key states in 2010, so Republicans could control the statehouses and control congressional redistricting.
Daley's book is titled: "Rat-Fucked: The True Story Behind The Secret Plan To Steal America's Democracy."

"Well, David Daley, welcome to FRESH AIR...You know it's interesting to know that Republican control of Congress kind of feels like an ironclad reality of politics these days.
But, you know, you remind us that in the election of 2008, when Barack Obama took the White House, the Congressional picture was very different.
Remind us of that election and where the Republican Party stood not so long ago."

"If you go back and watch the tapes from election night, the smartest minds in the Republican Party are despairing on television.
They are trying to understand where all the Republican voters went.
The Republicans realized that they were staring down a demographic tidal wave, that the nature of the electorate was changing and the Democrats were talking about a coalition of the ascendant and looking at a decade of changing politics.
The Democrats took a super majority in the Senate - we forget - and how quickly it all changed."

DAVIES: "Right. The Democrats then had a 60-plus-seat majority in the House of Representatives
And you write about a Republican strategist named Chris Jankowski.
Tell us about him and what he saw as a way back."

Read more:

Listen to complete interview:
(Scroll down to Understanding Congressional Gerrymandering: "It's Moneyball Applied To Politics"

Donald Trump is Sworn in as President of the United States on January 20, 2017

On the first night he spends in the White House, President Trump is visited by the ghost of George Washington.
Trump asks:" George, what can I best do to serve the people of the United States?"
The ghost of George Washington replies: "Never tell a lie."
Trump replies: "Oh, I don't think I can do that."

The next night Trump is visited by the ghost of Thomas Jefferson.
Trump asks: "Thomas, what can I best do to serve the people of the United States?"
The ghost of Thomas Jefferson replies: "Do not bully the people."
Again Trump replies: "Oh, I don't think I can do that."

On the third night Trump is visited by the ghost of Abraham Lincoln.
Trump asks: "Abraham, what can I best do to serve the people of the United States?"
The ghost of Abraham Lincoln replies: "Go see a play."

Dogs Reportedly Shot by Laughing Police Officers deserve Justice (PETITION)

Animal Petitions.org

DETROIT, Michigan -- Three non-threatening dogs were allegedly murdered by five police officers.
Officers Gaines, Paul and Morrison, along with two other Detroit policemen, were executing a search warrant at the home of Nikita Smith, who was suspected of possessing drugs.

In order to make sure her dogs were safe, Smith put two of her dogs in the basement and one of her dogs in the bathroom.
One of the dogs apparently escaped the basement and ran to go sit next to Smith, at which point an officer allegedly shot it.

The officers then went down to the basement, shot another one of her dogs, and then shot the last dog through the bathroom door, according to reports.

Afterwards the officers laughed about the incident.

Demand that the prosecuting attorney suggest that these police officers be punished to the fullest extent of the law if is found that they committed this cruel and inexcusable act.

Dogs that are not presenting a threat to others don't deserve to be shot in cold blood.

To sign petition:
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