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red dog 1

Profile Information

Gender: Male
Hometown: San Francisco, Ca.
Home country: U.S.A.
Member since: Tue Sep 14, 2010, 02:05 PM
Number of posts: 3,264

About Me

Second generation native San Franciscan; and third generation Democrat.

Journal Archives

What do chickens and our constitutional rights have in common?

Jim Hightower
February 12, 2016

Imagine the outcry by tea party Republicans if state legislators were passing laws banning the use of video cameras in banks to capture images of robbers.

Yet, those very same tea partiers have been passing laws in various states to ban the use of videos to capture images of such giant, factory-farm operators as Tyson that engage in inhumane, immoral, and disgusting abuses of turkeys, hogs, and other animals.
The only reason the public knows about chickens being stomped to death and pregnant sows being driven insane because they're caged so tightly they can't even turn around is because courageous whistleblowers have secretly taped videos of the intolerable violence inside these animal concentration camps.

In response to the videoed expose's, however, eight states run by shameless, corporate-hugging Republicans have rushed to protect the worst abusers, making it illegal to release such tapes to the media or the public.
North Carolina's corrupt legislature, for example, has decreed that videoers who cause bad publicity for corporate animal torturers can be sued by the corporation and fined $5,000 for each day abuses are recorded.
To add the the Kafkaesque absurdity of this "ag gag law," the state legislature's corporate buttkissers mandated that releasing videos of abuses in nursing home chains, day care centers, and veteran's facilities is now also banned.

In their eagerness to please corporate lobbyists and get campaign donations from these
grossly-abusive profiteers, tea party Republicans across the country are stomping on our constitutional rights to free speech and freedom of the press, just as mindlessly as the animal abusers stomp chickens to death.

For information and action tips on stopping this disgraceful industry-legislative cabal,
go to:

"No More Expose's in North Carolina"..The New York Times, February 1, 2016


Do you have a favorite line or scene from "Pineapple Express"?

"Pineapple Express" is a 2008 American "stoner action-comedy" film directed by David Gordon Green, produced by Judd Apatow, written by Seth Rogan and Evan Goldberg, and starring Rogan and James Franco.

Seth Rogan plays a pothead process server named Dale Denton.
James Franco was nominated for a Golden Globe Award for his performance as pot dealer Saul Silver.

There are some hilarious scenes in this uneven but still very funny movie, especially the opening scene, which takes place in the late 1930s at a secret underground military base where an Army private is smoking marijuana and answering questions put to him by his superiors.

Another funny scene is after Dale & Saul have taken flight out of town into the woods because they are afraid that a killer named Ted Jones and his partner, a crooked female cop, might be able to locate them by "triangulating" their cell phones.

SAUL: : "The phones..the phones...I was thinking....maybe they can.. triangulate these things, man, or like, trace them, right?

DALE: "You're right!...That's how they got Saddam! Maybe they can even trace them..like, even when we're not even on them, you know?"

SAUL: "We can tie it to an animal, be a diversion."

DALE: "We'll never catch an animal."

SAUL: "The squirrel'd be up in a tree, they'd think we were."

DALE: "No, no, no!"

SAUL: "We'll build a hot air balloon and..."

DALE: "No"

(From then on, the scene gets even funnier)

Name a song that has the word "Love" in the title

Somebody To Love -- Jefferson Airplane

What is "Gang Stalking"?

(Note to Forum Administrator: The following is NOT a "conspiracy theory")

"Gang Stalking" is, very likely, a disinformation term created by U.S. intelligence agencies.
It refers to the intense, long-term, unconstitutional surveillance and harassment of a person who has been designated as a "target" by someone associated with America's security industry.

Such operations have nothing to do with criminal gangs.
Official domestic counterintelligence operations of this type are - apparently - perpetrated by federal agents and contractors, sometimes with the support of state and local law enforcement personnel.

The goal of such operations - in the parlance of counterintelligence agents - is to "subvert" or "neutralize" an individual deemed to be an enemy (or potential enemy) of clients or members of the security state.
Arguably, the most accurate term for this form of harassment would be
"counterintelligence stalking."

Published news reports and other evidence ...seem to suggest that much - but not all - of this stalking is done as part of a national program.
News reports indicate that such stalking is sometimes used unofficially for personal and corporate vendettas by current and former employees of law enforcement or intelligence agencies, and private investigators.

Since counterintelligence stalking goes far beyond surveillance - into the realm of psychological terrorism, it is essentially a form of extra-judicial punishment.
As such, the harassment is illegal - even when done by the government.
It clearly violates the Sixth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution, for example - which guarantees the right to a trial.
Such operations also violate similar fundamental rights defined by state constitutions,
which people on the right of America's political spectrum claim to respect.
Stalking is also specifically prohibited by the criminal codes of every state in America.

Although the term "gang stalking" is intentionally misleading, it does have one merit;
it is accurate in the sense that the perpetrators - law enforcement agencies, intelligence agencies, and private security thugs - do often function in the manner of criminal gangs.
Although they sometimes conduct their operations under the color of law, many of their activities have neither constitutional nor moral legitimacy.
This is true of all the likely major perpetrators of organized stalking in the U.S., the FBI,
the Department of Homeland Security, U.S. military counterintelligence agencies, state and local Law Enforcement Intelligence Units (LEIUs), and security contractors.
All of these groups - and other federal intelligence agencies, such as the CIA, and NSA -
have well-documented histories of abusing their powers.


A Canadian, a Texan, and a tea bagger walk into a bar...

..and the bartender says: "What'll it be, Senator Cruz?"

Why did Jeb Bush walk across the road?

Because his mother asked him not to run.

Why did Chris Christie cross the road?

To eat the chicken on the other side?

Why did Donald Trump cross the road?

To deport an illegal immigrant on the other side?

What's your favorite line or scene from the movie "Tombstone"?

"Tombstone" (1993) was directed by George P. Cosmatos, written by Kevin Jarre,
and starred Kurt Russell as Wyatt Earp, Val Kilmer as Doc Holiday, Sam Elliot as Virgil Earp,
Bill Paxton as Morgan Earp, Powers Boothe as Curly Bill Brocius,
Michael Biehn as Johnny Ringo, Charlton Heston as Henry Hooker,
Stephen Lang as Ike Clanton, and Thomas Haden Church as Billy Clanton

My favorite scene was when Doc Holiday, drunk as usual, was playing a somber piece on the piano in the bar:
BILLY CLANTON: (Also drunk) Is that "Old Dog Trey"?..Sounds like "Old Dog Trey"
BILLY CLANTON: Stephen Foster."Oh, Susannah" "Camptown Races". Stephen stinking Foster!
DOC HOLIDAY: Ah, yes. Well, this happens to be a nocturne.
DOC HOLIDAY: You know, Frederic fucking Chopin.

Cat Choked with Wire and Bludgeoned Deserves Justice (PETITION)

January 29, 2016

A cat was recently found in the cold after someone twisted a wire tightly around it's neck and left it for dead.
The calico cat, named Faith by rescue workers, had several lacerations on her head when she was brought to Heavenly Paws Animal Shelter in York County, Pennsylvania for veterinary attention.

Faith's injuries were treated, and a round of antibiotics started before she was allowed to go home with a foster care volunteer.

Over the course of only a few hours, Faith's condition deteriorated significantly.
She began to pace in circles and bump into furniture, showing signs of severe brain trauma.
By the time a veterinarian was able to see her, the cat was pronounced brain dead and had to be euthanized.

A necropsy revealed that the cat had a fractured skull and three distinct areas of blunt force trauma
Veterinarians suspect that the blows were caused by a hammer, and that the wire was used to hold the cat in place while someone bludgeoned it.
Aside from the obvious signs of abuse, the cat was in otherwise good health, suggesting that it was someone's pet.

This crime demonstrates extreme cruelty and is a shock to the entire community of Hanover County, PA.

In order to ensure that Faith receives justice, it is important that the person responsible is punished to the fullest extent of the law.

Please sign the petition letter to the Animal Control Officer to demand a harsh punishment for the person responsible, which will help deter similar crimes in the future.

To see petition, go to:
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