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Member since: Tue Sep 7, 2010, 12:01 AM
Number of posts: 167

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Paying For Nothing!

My daughter just had a baby, I'm told I have to have a whooping cough vaccination! I've had that vaccination, but now anyone visiting the baby needs a booster shot.

Just whose idea is that?
I think it's the pharmaceutical companies, who are making a ton of money off this.

Whose recommending this vaccination shot?
The doctors, who more than likely are on the payroll of the pharmaceutical companies.

I have medicare, in which $104 is taken out of my very small check.
I've been forced to get Part D which is for prescriptions (I don't take any) that's $45 a month!
I had to get supplemental insurance and that's $113 a month!

When I went to Walgreens I was told the shot would cost $63 and medicare doesn't cover it, another pharmacy said $60 and medicare doesn't cover it.
My Part D doesn't cover the vaccination and neither does my supplemental, they only cover what medicare covers!
So I'm spending $262 every month FOR NOTHING!!
Medicare only covers the Flu, Hepatitis B and a shot for pneumonia!

We are the wealthiest nation in the world and yet our healthcare covers NOTHING!!
If we didn't spend billions of dollars on defense, maybe the American people would have proper medical coverage!

We need Bernie Sanders as our next President! He fights for the people of this country. Our country NEEDS a political revolution!

Follow The Money!

Frontline said they got a lot money from OIL!

They also said, kidnappings, taxes on the local people, lots of taxes on the people for everything.
I have read that other countries have supplied them with money, NOT religious charities!

Follow The Money!

I'd like to know who is BUYING all the oil from ISIS?

Who is SELLING them AK-47s, rifles, guns, materials to make explosives, trucks, etc!

What COUNTRIES are FUNDING them, somebody has to be?

Frontline had a program on ISIS this week on PBS, they said ISIS PAYS poor farmers, or anyone that they recruit $700 a MONTH!!! That's a lot of money in those poor countries to make each month. So is ISIS about religion, or about making enough money to support a family?

Is it about misfits in society who use religion as an excuse to bully, intimidate, kill, torture, everyone around them?


What Banks are LAUNDERING their money?
What countries are supplying them with arms?
What countries let them cross borders freely?
They couldn't do this without help!
Why are they ALLOWED the airwaves of the Internet, to broadcast their murders, beheadings?
Are you telling me with ALL our technology, WE CAN'T block YOUTUBE?
Without an audience they'd be nowhere!


Postal Banking

England has had postal banking for years. A little post office would be in a news agents shop or in a small little general store. You could buy stamps, mail packages and do banking.

Not sure if with branch banking if some of these postal branches were closed.

War Criminal!


I don't care if Vice Presidents have a statue or not. THIS Vice President IS a WAR CRIMINAL and should be prosecuted NOT honored at the Senate.

This is outrageous!
Of course the American tax payer gets stuck with the bill!

$100 million for What?

Why are we spending OUR tax dollars on Syria?

Seniors this year are not getting an increase in benefits , but contributions to medicare are going up! Plus many expenses a senior needs like, eyes, dental, hearing aids aren't covered by Medicare!
The middle class are being taxed and taxed and and the rich pay no taxes!

Many people getting government benefits are losing them, yet we can find millions for another countries wars! Think food stamps, disability, preschool, etc.

Our infrastructure is falling apart and yet we can find $100 million dollars for Syria!

Why are we the world's policeman? It's not our job and I'm sick and tired of pouring money into other countries when we need the money here to help our own people!

How about paying off or forgiving ALL the student loans out there? Our government is making $85 billion dollars in interest off those student loans! Obviously student loan interest is helping pay for a Syrian war!

Always Bailed Out!

Dan Rathers career was ruined, in order to get Bush elected.

Are you telling me, that the guy who got a gentlemens "C" from Harvard, was able to sit and take an 8 hour test to qualify for the guards pilots training program?

That test had to be altered, the guys too dumb to pass it on his own!
Yeah Daddy and his wealthy friends have bailed him out of everything his whole life!

He was an ALCOHOLIC UNTIL he was 40, who would even employ him????and yet the American people starting with Texas elected him to be Governor!!! Jeb got Florida handed to him too! And then the Presidency not once BUT twice!!

George Bush should be tried as a WAR CRIMINAL along with Cheney, Rumsfeld, Rice, Gonzales and all the rest that put us in a war AND opened Guantanamo to TORTURE prisoners!!
Americans DO NOT TORTURE!!!!!!!

Did he EVER learn to fly a plane, old or new? Just asking!


I don't have cable and I don't want cable!

I'd like to see the debates, but they're limited to ONLY the people who PAY to watch TV . That's leaving a LOT of Americans out of the debates AND exposure to Bernie!!!

If you're trying to reach the masses, well a lot of them can't afford cable.

The last Republican question and answer pony show, which is NOT a debate was on cable too!

Somebody should tell the Democratic Party leaders, that by not having the debates on regular TV, they're loosing a big audience.
Don't forget Trump and Carson are getting tons of publicity and name recognition without these debates.

Bernie needs more name recognition with the average person. Several people I've talked to, have no idea who he is, or that he's running for President!

To top it off ,its at the Wynn casino, who's anti democrats, that's plain stupid!

If It's So Great....

If the TPP is so great, WHY was it written BEHIND CLOSED DOORS?????
Why weren't the American people allowed to see it as it was written?
Why were ONLY lobbyists, corporation CEOs and other special interest people, allowed to WRITE this????

That alone tells me they have something to hide!!!
Every politican in ALL those countries involved in the TPP should vote NO for it!
The TPP over rides OUR CONSTITUTION and any laws on our books!!!! EPA, Food and Drug, ALL of our laws!!!
Why would you vote for that?
Secret tribunals, whose judges are the corporate lawyers that wrote the TPP!
This is a corporate Constitution, for the corporation and by the corporation!

Ex-Governor Walker!

Why would the Koch Brothers sink money in Walker in Wisconsin all these years? He's so dumb!

I guess like a horse race you put your money on several horses and spread your chances to win!
Well this race is OVER!

So Wisconsin, I think the Koch Brothers are threw with Scott Walker, so that's good news for you.
No more money spent on him for any kind of election!

He'll be dangling all by himself now. I doubt if the Koch's even take a phone call from Scott.
Walker who?

Goodbye and good riddance!
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