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Member since: Tue Sep 7, 2010, 12:01 AM
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Just called the news room of Chicago NBC news and asked if they've been covering Bernies rallies?
LA 27,000, Seattle and several other rallies totaling 100,000 people!
They said they did put in on at 4:00 p.m. He thinks! So I said no ones watching at that time, you should put it on at 5:00, and /or 10:00 p.m. When people are watching.

If we start calling the news rooms of the T.V. Stations AND the editorial departments of the newspapers ASKING for coverage, demanding it, WE THE PEOPLE who ARE a powerful force will be heard!

Call your local T.V. And newspapers asking where's the coverage for BERNIE?

Bernies about the ISSUES that matter to US 99%!

Chicago Wants Bernie!

Chicago would love to have Bernie speak! I hope he plans to come here.
MSM won't give him the coverage the Donald is getting .
MSM has already chosen our two candidates Jeb/Clinton.
Doesn't matter how many crowds Bernie gets they'll focus on HIllary and make out Jeb has some brilliant ideas for our country!
MSM doesn't bother with anyone other than the ones that they put on a platter for us to choose from.
I wanted Dennis Kucinich, but they dismissed him, he didn't have the John Edwards looks!
I'm hoping that THE PEOPLE choose BERNIE and the MSM has no choice but to go with him.
The BERNIE tidal wave maybe getting under way.
If we want our country and Democracy back, then Bernie has to win!

3 Strikes You're Out!

Ring of Fire Mike Papantonio was talking to Ed Schultz about TPP (listened to video July 28 Tuesday)and on the same Ring of Fire site there was another video with Infowars (another radio show) about TPP which went into more detail about it.

This is in the TPP document that no one has seen, no politician can talk about it, they can read it, can't take notes, if they talk to each other about TPP they can be prosecuted.

Three strikes you're out means ANYONE who sends anti government or anti corporation information out to anyone on the Internet can do it 3 times, after that you're barred from the Internet!!! FOREVER????

So good bye social media, organizing like we're doing on the Internet for a candidate, petitions, raising money, informing the public about our politicians. The Internet providers will be monitoring what we do. So if you send 3 friends anti Bush,anti Koch Brothers, anti Comcast etc. You'll be cut off from Internet usage.

Mike Papantonio wrote on Ring of Fire/video why Ed was fired.
Ed Schultz was fired, because Comcast who now owns MSNBC didn't like that Ed talked against the TPP. Comcast helped write the TPP and Ed talked about it on his shows (15-18 times) Chris Hedges mentioned TPP once and the rest of the media ZERO TIMES!!!!

So elections will be the billionaires anointing their little KING and we the people are going to have a tough time organizating. NO newspapers, they own the RADIO, TV , CABLE and the INTERNET!
Please check out this INFOWARS which was on the Ring of Fire site. They talked about health care jobs all in the TPP. Not a pretty future for the U.S. Or the world.

Don Siegelman!

Why hasn't Obama commuted the sentence of Don Siegelman the ex-governor of Alabama?

Siegelman was railroaded by Karl Rove, his Republican operative Bill Canary and his wife Leura Canary a prosecutor in the U.S. District Attorneys office.

Prosecutors Republican AND Democrat across the country wrote a letter on Siegelman's behalf saying this was a miscarriage of justice and that he should be released.

Obama has yet to FREE an innocent man, convicted solely for political reasons.
If anyone should be in jail, it's Karl Rove the the Canary'sfor being the criminals that they are!


This opening of our embassy is 40 years over due!

The rest of the world has been trading, vacationing, and working with Cuba, while we've been in isolation all this time.

We've been trading and traveling during this same time period with the two biggest communist countries in the world, Russia (which is no longer a communist country) and China which IS a communist country.

The very small island of Cuba has for 40 years been cut off from us BECAUSE of the Cuban exiles that live in America, who applied political pressure to our politicians.

Finally, America is opening diplomatic ties with Cuba!

Chicago Is Calling Bernie Sanders!

I'm from Chicago, I'm hoping he plans to come here, the sooner the better!
As of now the campaign had no plans to come here!

Keep calling your local T.V. Stations about giving Bernie coverage.

Are True Conservatives Ready to Leave the Republican Party?

I don't know who these conservatives are, but if they're not apart of the teaparty and are true conservatives, then maybe they should switch over to the Democratic Party, split from the Republican party or become Independent.

Conservatives from years past crossed over to vote with Democrats and Democrats did the same and voted with Republicans. They were friends, they socialized together, but today no Republican can fraternize with the enemy.

Before the teaparty, both parties voted for what was good for AMERICA. Today with the teaparty and Koch money in the races they DON'T care about America only their MONEY!!!

I hope these three dozen conservatives have had enough and leave the Republican party or start another Republican party.
The teaparty are crazies who have no business being in government.
Glad that some Republicans are coming to their senses!

Chicago's Calling!

Does anyone know if Bernie is coming to Chicago? Or Madison, Wisconsin?

I think that the main stream media only thinks Bernie is there to move Hillary to the left and he's not a challenge to her.
They've underestimated the American people, we're tired of two names for political parties, when they're really ONLY ONE party and that's the Corporation Party.

Hillary is going to be surprised when she's NOT nominated. I'd love to see a women president in my like time(ELIZABETH WARREN where are you?), but Hillary isn't it.

I'm tired of the media CHOOSING our candidates for us. They don't give air time, or interviews to those without name recognition or aren't super handsome. They dismiss them as not relevant and we're stuck with who they showcase. Dennis Kucinich would have been a good candidate, but got no coverage as a viable candidate.

This time around I don't think ramming Hillary down our throats will work.

It's Crossed My Mind!

It's crossed my mind too, is it blackmail or a threat to the president or his family?

The secret service has been extremely negligent in protecting Obama. It could be that those in power, let him know that they could pull a string anytime that want to and he and his family won't be protected.
Obama's appointments, positions on many policies are so different from candidate Obama. Could it be that this is really him and he pretended( lied to us) to be a progressive to get elected OR has he been threatened?
J. Edgar Hoover( the head of the FBI in the 1960's) had files on everyone in D.C.and did use the information to blackmail the politicians.
EVERYTIME I think it can't get any worse, he goes and appoints or nominates someone who has represented the industry they're going to be police now!!
Isn't this guy coming from Eric Holders old law firm, before he became attorney general??

It's About Time!

It's about time that the Democrats/Progressives stood up to all the corporate and Wall Street politicans and laid it on the line. These politicians were elected to REPRESENT US not the 1% and the next future job after Washington.
Keep it up Jim Dean and no back pedaling.
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