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Member since: Tue Sep 7, 2010, 12:01 AM
Number of posts: 109

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Let Them Secede Please!

These Republicans, Tea BAGGERS, Southerners, religious Right, the Koch brothers, and All the other billionaires who want to fund these Crazy Republicans this is their dream come true.
No government to tell them what to do!
Yes, PLEASE SECEDE, I can't take what you're doing to my country and our Democracy.
Go move and take a few states, live under a plutocracy, have as many guns that you want, grow all the GMO crops you can, just don't sell them to us!
Pollute your rivers ,streams, and air, don't have EPA regulations, or Food and Drug departments to regulate your environment, food and drugs.
We can slug it out at the United Nations, that's if you join.
No abortion clinics great, no unions great, no public schools great, no Social Security great, no Medicare great, no Medicaid great, continuous war great, no Obamacare great, privatize everything great, and pray all day anywhere great.
You now can have EVERYTHING you've been fighting the Progressive Democrats for the last 30 years or more!
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