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Member since: Sat Aug 28, 2010, 10:23 AM
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to who ever gave me a heart ... thank you very much ... :D nt

Dish network gets slapped ...


this needs to happen more ...

According to the Federal Trade Commission, Dish Network violated the “Do Not Call” registry tens of millions of times. Even phone numbers on the company’s internal do-not-call list received prerecorded telemarketing messages pitching satellite television programming and services.


A federal judge issued a partial summary judgment, making the finding that those calls violated federal rules, but left open such questions as what potential penalty the satellite-TV provider could face. Penalties for violating the Telemarketing Sales Rule can be up to $16,000 for each instance.
A trial is set for July in the U.S. District Court for the Central District of Illinois. The government first lodged a complaint against Dish in 2009.

new years eve meals ..

I have found different areas of the country usually has different kinds
of meals. my mother, a norwegian by birth, would have Kraut and Herring .
here in NC they have black eyed peas and collards.

what about you and yours.

one way to have fun with sheep.

WAPO whites more confident that police treat blacks fairly.


WTF is in the water .... something is seriously wrong ....

The image of America’s police departments has been tarnished in recent months, with shootings and chokings of unarmed black men sparking nationwide protests charging racial bias.


An NBC News/Marist College poll released Sunday found 52 percent of whites saying they have a “great deal” of confidence that police officers in their community treat blacks and whites equally. That is 11 points higher than in a September NBC/Wall Street Journal poll asking the same question (albeit using a different polling firm). It also clearly exceeds levels of trust seen in a series of Pew Research Center and USA Today/Gallup surveys dating to 2007, as well as another NBC/WSJ poll conducted after the O.J. Simpson verdict in 1995.


There’s been no such boon in confidence among African Americans, though. Just 12 percent express a great deal of confidence in local police’s equal treatment of blacks and whites -- a number that is squarely within the 10-to-17-point range in previous surveys. Only one-third have at least a “fair amount” of confidence in their neighborhood police, compared with 78 percent of whites.
One possibility is that whites broadly believe white police officers had good intentions in recent deadly altercations and sympathize with them following protests and accusations of racism. National polls are consistent with this view, especially before the acquittal in Eric Garner’s death after an officer put him in a chokehold.


But another possibility is that whites do see major problems in recent police shootings in Ferguson, Cleveland and Staten Island, but don’t see them reflecting negatively about their own neighborhood’s police. It’s easy to see how a “this doesn’t happen in my town” logic could bolster whites’ faith in their own police force, who might seem much more competent in comparison to departments embroiled in accusations of racism. (It's kind of the same way with your local congressman. While Congress as a whole is generally held in very poor repute, people are much more forgiving of their own member -- and almost always reelect him or her.)

more at the link.

a question about Detroit.

I see where they are about to exit bankruptcy and the city council and mayor
will regain control of the city.
they "shed" 7 billion of the 18 billion they owed. I can not find
what they did to "shed" 7 billion.

wow even RW thinks the cop is guilty.

was listening to the radio last night
at work and Mike Savage was outraged that the cop got away
with it. "look at the video, how can you not bring an indictment.

FWIW I work nights, so my listening choices are C2C or Savage
or music that promises to lull u 2 sleep.
NPR comes in spotty.

also Management has the TV locked on Fox 24/7.
and they thought the cop should have been indicted.

So even RW folks think the cop is guilty.

One Dem I am really liking alot lately is Senator Warner of VA.

He is really taking to the VA and making clean up their act.
Personally it would not hurt my feelings to see him run
for president.

been a busy day ... using up leftovers.

Turkey Potpie in the oven.

Turkey Salad in the fridge.

Turkey Spectacular ready to go in the freezer for later.
(made with wild rice, cheese, french cut green beans.)

the rest of the bird cut up and ready for
open faced Turkey sandwiches
and white bean chili.

and preacher no baked cookies on the counter to snak on.

Does anyone have any experence with primary arms red dot sights.

I am liking one of their sights. a hundred bucks.
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