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Member since: Sat Aug 28, 2010, 11:23 AM
Number of posts: 2,656

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Montana (R) S. Daines per politico nt

CO to close to call Gardner (R) Udall (D) nt

Well Brown got kicked to the curb (again) MI senate stays blue, yay

South Dakota goes to the GOP...

how does VA have Warner at 45 and Gilliespe at 52 this makes no sense.

I really am not liking this.
unless Nor VA hasn't been counted yet.

how can Nunn only be at 38.6 and Perdue at 59.8 ???

just saw that WV went GOP Capito nt

ballot flipping that is being reported.

This should strengthen the demand for paper ballots.

MD, IL, CO. all reporting ballots being flipped.
also votes being changed on amendments.

in the cases I saw in Google it was machines switching votes
from GOP to Dems. but I have seen here on DU votes being
switched from Dems to GOP.

we need paper ballots.

Just a short rant, I will be so glad for Tuesday.

I am sooooo d*mn sick of getting spamm phone calls.
*rant off*
thanks for letting me vent.

The BOSTON GLOBE endorses Baker for Governor. WTF


Baker’s candidacy offers an opportunity to consolidate some of the advances made during the administration of Deval Patrick. Baker could be counted on to preserve and extend educational reforms, to ensure the rigorous administration of new funds for transportation, to knowledgeably oversee the cost-containment law now reshaping the state’s signature health care industry. At a difficult inflection point in state government, Massachusetts needs a governor who’s focused on steady management and demonstrable results.
Roundup of endorsements
Governor: Charlie Baker
Attorney General: Maura Healey
State Treasurer: Deb Goldberg
State Auditor: Patricia Saint Aubin
Secretary of State: Bill Galvin
3d District: Niki Tsongas
9th District: Bill Keating
Question 1: No
Question 2: Yes
Question 3: Yes
Question 4: Yes

much more at the link.

since we have now started early voting how is it that

the races are so close, I mean 1-3 points on most races and in many cases
both candidates are under 50 percent ...
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