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Member since: Sat Aug 28, 2010, 11:23 AM
Number of posts: 2,586

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my wife is a teacher (1st grade)
the parents of one of her students
gave us a plastic garbage bag full of
Pecans. so we have been shelling Pecans
for the last 4 hours. Have put a dent in the bag.
and I am done for a while. this weekend will finish
it up.

NY cops at it again (or is it still ? )


Saratoga County Deputy Shawn Glans had no idea he was being recorded as he tried to intimidate a man into allowing him to search his car, which is why he slapped him on the back of his head while yanking the keys out of his hand, tossing them to another deputy who searched the man's car and found nothing illegal.

But he does know now after Adam Roberts uploaded the video to Facebook where it began going viral Friday.
In a Facebook message interview with Photography is Not a Crime, Roberts explained that he and his buddy, Colin Fitch, who owns the car, had parked it at a business that was closed and walked to a nearby party Thursday night. They didnít spend much time at the party but when they walked back to the car, they were confronted by deputies who had spotted a rifle in the back seat and wanted to search the car.

Firth had purchased a .22 rifle earlier that day and had left it in the back seat, Roberts said. When Deputy Glans asked to search the car, Fitch would not give him permission, insisting he had done nothing illegal.
Unfortunately, that slapping part was not caught on video, but the sound of the slap is loud and clear. But he followed it up by making more threats, proving to be the real asshole.
As they were searching the car, Firth showed them his receipt for the gun and they allowed him to leave.

Read more at http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=290_1415427089#eLL3KhEvm7fvwpp3.99

I have a question concerning a new Senate

do you think that

1. Harry Reid will become minority leader or will he get dumped.

2. Will the independent from Maine Mr. King caucus with the GOP
now that they have the majority? I think the WAPO suggested this
would happen.

3. Will Senator Manchin switch parties ? Politico had something about this
I am not from WV so I do not know where he stands.

I do not think Reid is gonna get removed as Senate minority leader.
I could be wrong. but he has been in tough fights before and won.

I was watching the Senate races and just noticed

in the Governors race that Mass and Maryland and Il went to the R's ..
can someone tell me how.
it is bad enough that Snyder (R) won MI

GA has not been called yet here are the numbers from Politico

R D. Perdue 56.7% 1,068,946

D M. Nunn 41.4% 779,911

NC Senate: still to close to call 90% reporting

Thom Tillis 1,297,355 49%
Kay Hagan (i) 1,248,459 47%

Read more at http://www.wral.com/news/political/page/14082189/#VE4iJKsv1EbjBYKo.99

Montana (R) S. Daines per politico nt

CO to close to call Gardner (R) Udall (D) nt

Well Brown got kicked to the curb (again) MI senate stays blue, yay

South Dakota goes to the GOP...

how does VA have Warner at 45 and Gilliespe at 52 this makes no sense.

I really am not liking this.
unless Nor VA hasn't been counted yet.
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