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Flying Squirrel

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Member since: Fri Aug 20, 2010, 06:40 PM
Number of posts: 2,283

About Me

I am the same DU member who formerly posted under the name FlyingSquirrel (no space). I killed this profile by changing both my password and email at a time when I felt I had developed an unhealthy addiction to the internet in general and DU in particular. Not sayin' I'm any better now ;-)

Journal Archives

If you can't get your point across with words, you shouldn't be here.

The exact same thing is happening now that happened in 2007-8 on DU. It was wrong then and it's wrong now. You wanna post something negative about a candidate, that's your right (until one of them wins the nomination).

But to start your post with the most unflattering picture of the candidate that you can find, that to me is over-the-top, unnecessary, and tantamount to inciting hatred.

When someone does that, I don't even bother to read the rest of the post or any comments; to me, at that point it's over because the poster is completely "in the tank" for the opposing candidate and nothing anyone says can change their mind. As the saying goes, you can win an argument with a wise person but not with a fool, because the fool KNOWS they are right.

So keep on with the unflattering candidate pics if you must, but keep in mind that you are outing yourself to thinking DU members as a fool.
Posted by Flying Squirrel | Fri Oct 16, 2015, 01:40 PM (20 replies)

It struck me today why the youth vote matters

Even if, as some claim, they "won't even vote."

Today my 20-year-old daughter texted me asking who we supported for the Democratic nomination (probably because of the debate). I said "Bernie!" She said "Yay!"

And that's when I realized it: The youth actually have some influence on the older voters! Just like I (at 47) was the one to introduce Bernie Sanders to my 75-year-old dad, many youths who may or may not actually vote when the time comes will at least have a conversation with their parent about it and state their preference. And this will have a major impact.

What parent doesn't want what's best for their kids? What parent would not take their kids' preference into account when deciding whom to vote for, knowing this affects their child's future?

To anyone who pooh-poohs the effect of the youth preference for Bernie, I'd say maybe you aren't a parent!

Posted by Flying Squirrel | Wed Oct 14, 2015, 03:58 AM (1 replies)

Graphing candidate excitement and interest on DU: O'Malley vs Hillary vs Sanders

Just a little something I whipped up special for y'all...

I went through the O'Malley, Hillary and Sanders groups and compiled data on the number of overall recs and views each group's posts received over a period from July 12 to Oct 10 (I was unable to go that far back in the Sanders group due to the number of posts in that group).

Here are the results:

Make of it what ye will....

Posted by Flying Squirrel | Sat Oct 10, 2015, 11:56 PM (34 replies)

You only got 33% of the way there... So you only get

33% of my naked body. I know it's the middle third you're interested in, so here ya go:





Posted by Flying Squirrel | Fri Oct 9, 2015, 05:45 AM (4 replies)

Hide this post... Pleeeease!

I signed up for MIRT, not realizing what I was in for. Soon after, my fiance made it clear she did not want to be a DU widow. I did the honorable thing and resigned from MIRT.

Thing is, apparently MIRT is like the mob. You cannot resign, you can only be killed.

I now have 319 unread messages in my inbox. I can take it no longer! Please someone alert on this post, and jurors please hide it!

Otherwise I may be forced to post naked pictures of myself. You have been warned.

(If this post is not hidden and instead receives 200 recs, I will have to assume that DU really does want to see my naked body.)

Posted by Flying Squirrel | Thu Oct 8, 2015, 06:15 AM (36 replies)

Hoomans r going 2 Dizneeland...

...wish dey wud just leev me out of it.

Posted by Flying Squirrel | Wed Oct 7, 2015, 01:46 AM (2 replies)

The FBI defines mass murder as

murdering four or more persons during an event with no "cooling-off period" between the murders.

So here's my proposal:

A national waiting period of thirty (30) days after a mass murder, before any more guns/rifles may be sold.

After all, the current situation is a feedback loop where every massacre causes more people to rush out and buy guns for fear that sales will be banned. This would slow that down, while also providing a decent grieving period and making the point very clear to prospective gun buyers just how big a problem we have. (Damn, I was hoping to buy a gun today but someone just had to kill 4 people on the last day of the waiting period!)

Guess what... Under that proposal, there would have been no legal gun sales in 2015. Yep, that's right, we didn't manage a single 30-day period without a mass murder.


Then, in future years, just like they keep lowering the allowable blood alcohol level while driving, we can increase the waiting period after a mass murder.

Posted by Flying Squirrel | Tue Oct 6, 2015, 05:37 AM (7 replies)

Mass murders are great for business

The gun business, that is. Every time there's a mass murder these days, more nuts (or some of the same ones) rush out to buy more guns and ammo in the fear that Congress might finally take some serious action. (They should know better, shouldn't they?)

The ironic thing is, we're hearing about conspiracy theories regarding Sandy Hook being a hoax or false flag operation to try and get the guns taken away...

Why no conspiracy theories that massacres are being perpetrated or aided by the gun industry in order to increase sales and profits?

Must be too farfetched... Nobody would ever try to profit off misery and death.

Here's an idea... A national waiting period of 60 days after a mass murder before any new guns or ammo can be purchased.

The way things are going now, that would pretty much stop all sales forever -- you wanna buy more guns and ammo? Not till the mass murders stop.
Posted by Flying Squirrel | Tue Oct 6, 2015, 05:00 AM (2 replies)

BULLDOG style vs. BULLY style...

Bernie Sanders To Pit His BULLDOG STYLE vs Clinton In First Debate



Any questions?
Posted by Flying Squirrel | Mon Oct 5, 2015, 06:33 PM (3 replies)

Hillary's endorsements mean exactly zero to me.

They are nothing more than a further show of how corrupt every institution in this country is becoming.

She could nab every major endorsement that is out there to be given, and it would only harden my resolve to vote for Bernie.

There are people on this board who will say that this proves I (and every other Bernie supporter) am blind, manic, or outright insane; so be it. I'll be voting for Bernie and they can all stuff their endorsements.
Posted by Flying Squirrel | Sun Oct 4, 2015, 05:08 PM (73 replies)
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