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Member since: Wed Aug 11, 2010, 01:33 AM
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Mr. Noun and Verb + 9/11

Giuliani ALWAYS HAS BEEN and ALWAYS WILL BE an asshole. He was an asshole when he was mayor and a major asshole now! So awarding him asshole of the day doesn't faze this guy! I just wish he would just STFU forever and disappear!

What Law School did this "Judge" came from?

He keeps quoting from the Declaration of Independence which is not the basis of creating laws from. Did he learn that from "JimBob's School of Law, God and Stuff" It seems like Judge Moore is more happy to deny the pursuit of happiness from Gay people to marry! What a dolt!

Well Said!

Well Said AngryChair! I was a Boy Scout for 5 years from 1993-1998. I loved the troop that I was in. We had kids from the neighborhood that was all races and nationalities. I wasn't aware that any Scout that was gay but we would accepted him too. I agree if Scouting is to survive they must be very inclusive. It's in the Scout Law (A Scout is Friendly, Courteous and Kind!!!) We had to work with all people of all backgrounds to achieve our goals and help each other out no matter what! I only wish that some of the adults who spew homophobia in Scouts truly understood all aspects of the Scout Law.

Good Point Rational Man!

Conservatives and Libertarians forget that paying your taxes is like paying your dues to the union. The very same unions that they hate and disparage daily. If you are a member of a club or a union your paying your dues or your taxes helps the union or the club do activities to benefit its membership. If you don't pay into that you don't get to do some of the fun things that everyone is doing! Conservatives and Libertarians can talk all they want government tyranny, quote Ayn Rand "Objectivism" philosophy all day every day until the cows come home and the rooster comes home to roost. If to want to be an American citizen and enjoy all its benefits PAY YER FUCKING TAXES!!!!!

Moral of the Story

American Citizenship is like American Express, Membership has its privileges and rewards!!

Being an American Citizen you can't leave home without it !

Too Bad So Sad Mr. Ver!

I'm a MTA Employee

I'm a MTA Employee that is very outraged that this off duty cop did this to one of our own!! Working in the subways late at night as a platform comductor when there's trackwork is often a risky job to do. When service on the subway is disrupted and that subway line have to make a diverson usually a platform conductor is placed there to explain to passengers what the diverson is and how to go around it to get to where they are going. It's sometimes risky because most because some passengers are annoyed that their train is not going to stop at a specific station and have to go to the next major station ahead then reach the stop they want to get off at going the other way. When I worked platform, I had annoyed to slightly angry passengers but they grumbled on their way as they were going to their destination. I never had someone like this a-hole here to deal with. What he did was uncalled for because what happened to the female conductor could've happened to anyone of us!! I could have been there and that could have happen to me. Many of the people at the job are angry about it and rightfully so. I guess PBA President Patrick Lynch is going to call this cop "a model police officer" like he spoke of Officer Pantleo and was using the same takedown techniques to the conductor like Pantleo did to Eric Garner. This cop MUST be charged with assault to a public employee like himself and kicked out of the force and not sweeped under the rug!! I repect the police as we work with them daily .However its harder and harder for me as a transit worker and a Black Man to respect them.

TWU President Samuelson statement on this incident: http://bit.ly/1A27Ahn

Thanks MineralMan

I don't post on DU often but I do read a lot of the posts on DU all the time. Sometimes DUers can be very passionate about the topics discussed here and sometimes it feels like a free-for-all bashfest. Besides that It's a good place talk to people here and just state your views here.

Mr. Noun and Verb 9/11 don't know good character when he sees one!

The Asshole Mayor thinks that there's a problem with Anthony Wiener ? Really? Giuliani should look at his questionable choices when he hired Bernie Kerick as his NYPD Commish. Giuliani should look at himself! Once an asshole Mayor, always an asshole Mayor!
@Busterbrown : Not only I would have paid to see Giuliani's reaction with you of Lawrence O's reaction but I would have taped it posted on youtube and sell the video!

Everytime I hear Giuliani's name pops up anywhere my hatred for him explodes!

All of this

All of this is the result of 30 years of constant dumbing down people and turning the media as a watchdog on the government and corporations to its stenographer. Never I have seen a group of people who are proud to be very ignorant and wear it as a badge of honor. Its very alarming!

Jorno67 It seems like your half brother has the Joe Walsh syndrome!

It's a very acute form of it! Like the originator former Congressman Joe Walsh he prides in himself in being a deadbeat dad and refuses take care of oldest son yet be very sanctimonious, pompous and judgement of others that don't fit his "high" standards. If gays and lesbians marrying is destroying "traditional" marriage they are sure doing a poor job of "destroying" it. Its guys like him that is really destroying marriage!

Seriously I feel what it really boils down to is this: Who are we as average intellegence adults can dictate what who another person can love whether that person is male or female or any ethnic background. Its very arrogant of people who do that ! I hope you Jorno can be a better role model to your nephew than his father!
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