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Member since: Wed Aug 11, 2010, 01:33 AM
Number of posts: 75

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Thanks MineralMan

I don't post on DU often but I do read a lot of the posts on DU all the time. Sometimes DUers can be very passionate about the topics discussed here and sometimes it feels like a free-for-all bashfest. Besides that It's a good place talk to people here and just state your views here.

Mr. Noun and Verb 9/11 don't know good character when he sees one!

The Asshole Mayor thinks that there's a problem with Anthony Wiener ? Really? Giuliani should look at his questionable choices when he hired Bernie Kerick as his NYPD Commish. Giuliani should look at himself! Once an asshole Mayor, always an asshole Mayor!
@Busterbrown : Not only I would have paid to see Giuliani's reaction with you of Lawrence O's reaction but I would have taped it posted on youtube and sell the video!

Everytime I hear Giuliani's name pops up anywhere my hatred for him explodes!

All of this

All of this is the result of 30 years of constant dumbing down people and turning the media as a watchdog on the government and corporations to its stenographer. Never I have seen a group of people who are proud to be very ignorant and wear it as a badge of honor. Its very alarming!

Jorno67 It seems like your half brother has the Joe Walsh syndrome!

It's a very acute form of it! Like the originator former Congressman Joe Walsh he prides in himself in being a deadbeat dad and refuses take care of oldest son yet be very sanctimonious, pompous and judgement of others that don't fit his "high" standards. If gays and lesbians marrying is destroying "traditional" marriage they are sure doing a poor job of "destroying" it. Its guys like him that is really destroying marriage!

Seriously I feel what it really boils down to is this: Who are we as average intellegence adults can dictate what who another person can love whether that person is male or female or any ethnic background. Its very arrogant of people who do that ! I hope you Jorno can be a better role model to your nephew than his father!

Pot calling the Kettle Black

Sister Sarah and her daughter in fact her whole family would know a thing or two about making bad reality shows! I guess quitting a government job to chase "fortune" and "fame" and a really ugly personality are the proper ingredients for a bad reality series! It does have it's advantages like being very hypocritical and not giving a shit about it helps!

*Raises Hand* "Here"

My very close friend who I adopted as my sister she is in the Army now really hates Hugo Chavez for taking some of her family's property down in Venezuela (Please don't ask she didn't go into detail!) Hugo Chavez was probably good to some of the poor in his country. Although I liked how he called Dumbya "The Devil" all those years ago (I think Chavez was really thinking about Dick Cheney not Dubya as Satan!) So as much Chavez may have rubbed some people the wrong way and was a savior to others in his life I will honor his passing by sending my condolences to his family and the people of Venezuela!

I Guess

According to Mr. Fisher women are designed to pop out a new human unit every 9 months or so! That won't probably happen right after the rapey sperm is eliminated!

Oh Great!

S.E Cupp is another SPITter (Sarah Palin In Training)

I bet you she will wink and nod and say "you betcha" when she is on TV spewing out BS. She'll say it without thinking it !
I don't watch the Cycle that much, I think its a throwaway show on MSNBC . I do see her on Bill Maher and Ms. Cuppy is very fake like Sister Sarah!

The Current NYS Assembly

is made of very strong democrats. They are led by Sheldon Silver an assemblyman from Manhattan.
I know a old Con Law Professor of mine who is also there and informed me through FB that he voted in favor of the State's new gun control legislation

Hold up!!!

Since when Jesus said " I hate teh GAYS " if he had 12 guys following him around. They ate together, probably they all slept together. They were there for Jesus's last supper. I imagine that Judas got jealous because Jesus gave the other 11 guys some good lovin' (in Christ of course). That's probably why Judas snitched to the Romans!
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