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The cult of personality

is effective in getting Americans' eyes off the ball. Making Wikileaks about Assange, making the surveillance revelations about Snowdon, and making the horrors Manning exposed about punishing and making an example out of him.

This is the SAME CRAP. President Obama is not 'The Government'--he is the Commander and Chief and Executive, but seeing what happens to any whistleblower or leaker indicates what would happen to him if he took a harder stance against these international privately owned entities that exist SYSEMS WIDE in our government.

Am I disappointed in being reminded that politicians lie to be elected? Yes. Do I still respect him? Absolutely, he is a decent human being, and RESPECT him enough to think he can handle honest and passionate discussions about what many see as a threat to our country--while discerning what is or is not actual racism or unmerited hatred.

For corruption this vast to change, it has to happen everywhere at once--constant and dedicated public pressure, along with people within each part of the systems, banks, wall street, secret government agencies, military, corrupt church meddling, prison corruption--reform is going to take a nationwide effort--and I think international effort.

We CAN work toward election reform, and elect the best people we can--WHILE keeping our eyes on the BALL of preserving our Republic and working toward exposing and reforming this vast corruption---which will take dedication and focus THROUGH election cycles and beyond the cult of personality that is being used to distract us all!
Posted by felix_numinous | Thu Jun 20, 2013, 06:06 PM (4 replies)
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