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Alan Grayson

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Member since: Sat May 22, 2010, 01:02 PM
Number of posts: 400

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The Tea Party: "Agents of Chaos"

Yesterday, Salon.com published a detailed interview with Congressman Alan Grayson about his thoughts as the current artificial crisis induced by the Republicans in the House of Representatives was about to end. Read the full interview below. Share it with your friends and family, and ask them to join the thousands of Americans who have had enough of the Republicans' ridiculous antics by signing our petition to end the lunacy at the website (where else?) EndtheLunacy.com.

What's your sense of what's going on in the House right now?

Pathetic flailing around to little or no purpose.

What do you think John Boehner is trying to accomplish?

John Boehner is trying to maintain his position as President Obama's golf partner.

Do you think the intention is to pass something that will become law?

No. I think that has never been the Tea Party's intention. The Tea Party's intention is destruction.

Do you expect that Boehner's proposal will pass the House?

I'd have to see it first…. You may recall that when they took over the House, they promised we'd have 72 hours to deal with anything before we voted on it. And now we're not even getting 72 minutes.

What do you make of this Vitter Amendment (to deny all health coverage to Members of Congress and their staff)?

I think that only those Republicans who were determined to shut down the government should have their healthcare benefits cut. Not the rest of us.

And the drive to take benefits away from congressional staffers?

We have always had staffers get the same benefits as other federal employees. They are federal employees. I've never understood the logic of abandoning that principle.

What would you say to the Republican staffers who could be affected by this?

That they're fools, and they work for fools.

What's revealed by the fact that we're now talking about opening the government and raising the debt ceiling in exchange in part for getting rid of the portion of people's compensation that goes to health insurance?

What it shows is that the Tea Party emperor has no clothes — that they never should have, or could have, forced their idiocy on the other house of Congress, or the other branches of government. That their blackmail and extortion and coercion has been recognized for exactly what it is. It's never made any sort of sense or had any moral strength to say to America, as they've said, "If you don't let us steal your car, we will burn down your house." They tried to steal the car, which was Obamacare, under threat of burning down the house, which is the U.S. economy. That was always wrong, it's still wrong. It's always going to be wrong. The sad thing is that they were able to extort the concessions that they've already received with those kinds of tactics, such as the fact that they took the President's budget, cut it by 20 percent, and then threw it in the trash can.

If the portion of congressional staffers' compensation for health insurance were taken away, how do you think that would affect who comes to work in the House?

Well, I know what the Tea Party would say: They would say that denying healthcare benefits to congressional staffers ensures that we will have a healthy staff. That's Tea Party logic for you.

And what would you say?

I would say that it's torturing people who work very hard, for very long hours, and for at best modest pay — almost all of whom could be earning more in the private sector — for the sake of some kind of twisted symbolism that only Tea Party fanatics can understand.

Do you think it's necessary at this point, in order to keep the government open and avoid a default, to give the Republicans some sort of fig leaf at least that they could claim as a concession?

I think the president's got this exactly right: We don't bargain over whether the government does its job. We don't bargain over whether the government pays its debt… It shows an utter disrespect for the law itself, and a sick love of chaos and despair, to drag us down into the mud this way, and keep people from getting the benefits that they're legally entitled to.

If it comes down to it, are you willing to vote for something that has other policy language besides opening the government and/or raising the debt ceiling?

Every proposal will get considered on the merits. That is too broad a question for me to answer — I have to see it first. I'll know it when I see it. But it should never have come to this.

This discussion of additional income verification under the ACA, what do you make of that?

It's an effort analogous to the Republicans' voter suppression efforts: now they're getting into health suppression. They're trying to do whatever they can to block people who do qualify…from getting that health coverage, by throwing up bureaucratic roadblocks in their way.

And delay of this reinsurance tax that some unions and businesses have objected to reportedly being in the Senate deal – almost momentarily — and then taken out again, what do you make of that?

I think that it was meant to address one of the flaws from the unions' perspective in the arrangements that we're making for healthcare…. Because it would have benefited union members, the Republicans were against it, despite the fact that it's entirely just on the merits, and there's no reason that we should discriminate among union members and non-union members when we're talking about affordability credits.

What about the push to delay or remove the device tax?

It's an example of the lengths to which Republicans are willing to go in order to give payoffs to their corporate donors. I have characterized many Republicans as corporate shills, and this demonstrates that as well as anything I can imagine. The Republicans are insisting on keeping the government shut down and forcing the government into default in order to be able to deliver a benny — short for a benefit — a benny to a corporate special interest.

What does that suggest then about the Democrats who have backed getting rid of the device tax?

I think you'd have to ask them that question. I don't know what's on their minds. I do know what's on the minds of the Republicans, because all you have to do is check their FEC reports.

So when we hit midnight Thursday night what is going to have happened?

I don't know. But I do know that this will prove once and for all, beyond any doubt, that the Tea Party and the Republican Party are agents of chaos. And they are completely unsuited to participating in government.

Are you suggesting the voters will prevent it from happening again?

The voters will prevent this from happening again. Even a dog knows when it's being kicked.

How will they do that?

By voting the Republicans out of power and relegating the Republican Party to the ash heap of history.

Does that mean a new era of liberal legislation out of Washington?

I don't know. You know, eventually the Whig Party was replaced to some degree by the Republican Party. I don't know what's going to replace the Republican Party. I just hope that it's more benign and less malignant.

What about if there's a deal in the next couple of days?

It's irrelevant. (The Republicans) keep dragging America into heavy traffic. They've done this over and over again. The fact that there's some kind of temporary deal until December or January doesn't change the fact that they are anarchists. To the extent that responsible people want to continue having our society function, the Republicans will have to be rejected. They'll have to be expelled from the body politic.

Even though the Congressional Progressive Caucus is the largest caucus among Democrats, there's a perception that when push comes to shove — whether it's on the Affordable Care Act or the fiscal cliff deal — that the progressives aren't really able to extract concessions. That in the end, once there's a deal, the progressives — unlike some of the Tea Party members — will go along with whatever the leadership has come up with, or give John Boehner the votes to pass something like a fiscal cliff deal or raise the debt ceiling. Do you think that's fair?

No. I think you're vastly over generalizing…. The reason why the Progressive Caucus voted for the Affordable Care Act was because it saved lives and it saved money. The Affordable Care Act was progressive.… That's why the Tea Party is so desperate to eliminate it…

I think the Progressive Caucus hasn't shown the willingness to inflict pain on other people that the Tea Party has shown. The Progressive Caucus won't torpedo constructive, productive, progressive legislation because it's not good enough. But I don't think that that's somehow a criticism of the caucus. I think that shows that the caucus knows how to get what it's trying to get — it knows how to get to yes.

Assuming the government opens up again and the debt ceiling is raised, how concerned are you that we're going to see cuts to Medicare benefits and/or Social Security benefits afterwards?

Well, the possibility of a Great Betrayal has raised its ugly head again. I'm not going to call it a "Grand Bargain" — I know other people do. And I guess every time, it's going to be like a game of whack-a-mole: there are vast corporate interests and right-wing ideologues who want to privatize Social Security, and they want to voucherize Medicare. And they want to do that because they're going to make staggering amounts (of money) from doing so…I guess they're going to keep trying, and I guess we'll have to keep beating them.

I gave 3 million signatures on a petition to the White House a few months ago…demonstrating the public doesn't want to see cuts…. If you poll it, it's overwhelmingly true.

The public just doesn't want it. I mean, if we're still a functioning democracy, then any effort at cutting these (Social Security and Medicare) benefits should be shot down. And it probably will be shot down…The guy who ran against me last year said in a debate, he said that he wanted to raise the retirement age to 70 or 72. And he got 37 per cent of the vote, and I got 63.

Do you think progressives can get the president to back down on cutting Social Security or Medicare?

I think the public will. I mean, the public spoke vehemently against military intervention in Syria, and if necessary, the public will speak vehemently against any great betrayal of their earned benefits for Social Security, Medicare or Medicaid.

If the end of this shutdown is that Republicans get a change to the medical device tax, can they reasonably call that a victory?

No, not unless they've completely lost touch with reality. The only ones they can claim victory to in that regard would be the corporate lobbyists who pay them to obtain that kind of win. But in any larger and more general sense, they haven't won — they've lost.

They've, for one thing, tortured close to a million federal employees who deserve better treatment than this. For another, they've wasted staggering amounts of money… For another, they have stuck a knife into the economy… They have created chaos in the financial markets. They have substantially undermined consumer sentiment. And they've revealed themselves to be utterly incompetent when it comes to being a governing party. I mean, if they regard that as a plus, then that as much as anything shows how out of touch they are with reality, and how little they deserve to be part of government.

How concerned are you that there would be a debt default at this point?

I'm concerned. You know, the president has made it clear that the debt ceiling needs to be increased or we're likely to default. I take his word for it. I wish that he would declare the debt ceiling unconstitutional, but he has said that he is presently inclined against that approach. I hope he changes his mind…. In a Reuters op-ed piece a few days ago, I pointed out that you could easily avoid this entire problem if the Federal Reserve simply wrote off its Treasury debt…. The letter that I sent to Chairman Bernanke has gone unanswered….

The Republicans seem to be bent on destroying the credit of the United States. They actually want that to happen, as far as I can tell. There was an interesting ABC/Washington Post poll where we got the crosstabs…. 31 percent of Republicans thought that breaching the debt ceiling would cause serious economic harm, and they wanted to do it anyway. So yes, all of that makes me concerned. We have a significant part of the population that seems to have a financial death wish, and I'm concerned that they're going to drag us down with the rest of them.

Senator Ron Johnson said to me that not raising the debt ceiling "doesn't have to be a crisis," because you can prioritize payments. What do you make of that?

They're proving that they're economic illiterates. I mean, even if you prioritized payments, you would immediately be reducing the GNP by 4 percent overnight. It's just a matter of arithmetic…and this is before you get into the multiplier effects… I can't believe that in this day and age, people would think that if the government goes suddenly from borrowing $50 billion a month to borrowing zero, that that has no macroeconomic effect.

The language Republicans have proposed where the debt ceiling would be raised but the Treasury would be specifically prohibited from using so-called "extraordinary measures" to avoid a default – are there any circumstances under which you would vote for something that had that language?

I don't know… I'd like to see how it's worded, and what it's in the context of, and what are the trade-offs. But the fact is that they're like children putting their hands on a hot stove. They don't even know what these extraordinary measures are, and they want to cut them off… I'm sure they don't know. But whatever it is that they don't know, they want to stop them.

Stand with Congressman Alan Grayson, and tell the Republicans to end the lunacy at EndtheLunacy.com.

Sciortino Condemned -- For Defending Social Security

I always thought that defending Social Security and Medicare was a good thing. But apparently, the corporate media doesn't agree with me. So the corporate media has dumped all over Congressional candidate Carl Sciortino – for defending Social Security and Medicare.

Earlier this year, as you may recall, there was a lot of nattering about cutting Social Security benefits by messing with the cost-of-living adjustment (COLA). I didn't like that. My philosophy is simple: If it ain't broke, don't break it. So I authored the Grayson-Takano letter, pledging to vote against any and every cut in Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid benefits. Almost 50 of my House colleagues joined me. We posted the same pledge at No-Cuts.com, and that helped us to deliver almost 3,000,000 petition signatures to the White House and to the House Speaker against earned benefit cuts.

Call me naive, but I think that it's very important to let the voters know where every candidate stands. So I have encouraged Congressional candidates across the country to take the pledge, and promise to vote against earned benefit cuts.

Carl Sciortino is running to replace now-Senator Ed Markey in the U.S. House of Representatives. He did just that. Carl Sciortino promised to protect Social Security and Medicare from benefit cuts.

That pledge should have earned Sciortino applause. Instead, it earned him a nasty smack from the Boston Globe. By way of background, the Boston Globe is now owned by a Wall Street commodities and futures trader (but then again, what isn't?). Needless to say, Wall Street wants to privatize Social Security, and voucherize Medicare. So this week, the Boston Globe condemned Sciortino's staunch support for Social Security and Medicare, citing it as evidence that Sciortino lacks "maturity." (Excuse me, but isn't it precisely the "mature" ones among us who are most dependent on Social Security and Medicare?)

The Boston Globe chose to endorse a different candidate in Carl's race, on the theory that her stated willingness to cut Social Security and Medicare supposedly marked her as the "mature" candidate, even though this might be "disappointing to liberals." (Irony alert: the other candidate actually had pledged to a liberal group that she would not cut Social Security and Medicare, just before pledging to the Boston Globe that she would. So it appears that pandering and prevarication are the best marks of "maturity.")

The good voters of Massachusetts are about to choose between Carl Sciortino, a fierce defender of Social Security and Medicare, and another candidate who stands for I-don't-know-what. Shortly, one of these two candidates will be serving in the U.S. House of Representatives, and voting on our Social Security and our Medicare.

I think that we had better support Carl Sciortino. Right now. Because our future is at stake.

Last call. Tuesday is Election Day in Carl’s district.


Alan Grayson

The Speech the Republicans Wouldn't Let You Hear

Ten days ago, the Republicans in the U.S. House of Representatives shut down the federal government.

Two days ago, a pollster identified things that now are more popular than Congress. Here are some of them: Dog poop. Zombies. Witches. Hemorrhoids.

Yesterday, another pollster measured the GOP approval rating. Answer: 28%. No major political party has ever seen an approval rating this low.

I took to the House Floor to tell the Republicans exactly what you think of Congress. I pointed out that according to scientific polling, Americans think more of dog poop than Congress. And the Speaker of the House wouldn't let me finish.

You heard that right. When I carried your voice into Congress, the Republicans tried to shut me up. First they shut down the government. Now, they're telling America to shut up.

Despite their attempt to silence us, my speech was all over the media - from the Daily Show, to MSNBC's All In With Chris Hayes, to the Huffington Post, to Raw Story, to Gawker. Even right-wing propaganda organs like The Blaze and Weasel Zippers covered it. And now the polls are showing the Republicans might lose their majority in the U.S. House in next year's election.

Let's show them that when they shut down the government, we take back the House.

The GOP now knows that they're in trouble, and only their sewer money can save them. This means that every dollar we raise scares the GOP, and makes it more likely that they will fold on the government shutdown.

With every dollar, with every contribution that you make, I am going to work to take the House back for the Democrats. And I know I can count on you. Because I'm just saying what you're thinking. Which is that Congress shouldn't be less popular than dog poop.

Let's do this together.


Alan Grayson

The Ad That Can Change Congress

Rarely is there a political ad that can change Congress. But I just saw one.

You know Congressional candidate Carl Sciortino, whom we endorsed in August. In his groundbreaking ad, he "comes out" as a progressive to his Tea Party father. Watch it. It's stunning. Almost 400,000 people have seen it already on YouTube. They are passing it around to their family and friends, and even Weird Joey, who lives down the block. ("Yo, Joey, check this out!") It's that good.

Carl's not just running for Congress. He's running for Congress as a progressive. And if he can win, showing his true colors, then it will encourage candidates all over the country to do the same. And change Congress.

So help him keep this remarkable ad on the air. Watch it, and give.

There are five people running to replace Ed Markey in the House (Ed having joined the U.S. Senate). Only one of them -- Carl Sciortino -- is running as a "True Blue Democrat." And that's whom we've endorsed. In this low-profile special election, we have the chance to send a genuinely principled, pro-peace candidate to Congress.

Give $35 to Carl's campaign, or whatever you can.

We need Carl Sciortino on our team, in Congress. He has a bold record in the Massachusetts Legislature on Social Security expansion, the right to organize, marriage equality and peace. Carl has demonstrated that he's a leader. And with this brilliant ad, he has shown that he's one of us, a True Blue Democrat who deserves your help.


Alan Grayson
Posted by Alan Grayson | Tue Oct 8, 2013, 07:49 PM (6 replies)

Let's End the Lunacy

The government shutdown and the looming debt ceiling showdown both are a farce. Neither one is necessary. But the Tea Party lunatics want it this way. This is what they do. They manufacture one crisis after another, hoping either that the President or the Democrats in Congress will bend, or America will break. Either way, they win.

Well, we will not bend. And we do not have to bend, because I have a solution. I introduced a simple, two-page bill to END THE LUNACY. It does two basic things:

1. Ends the shutdown by funding the government at least at the "sequester" level for the next year. (I hate the sequester cuts. They hurt poor people, sick people, minorities, women and children. But in order to get everyone to agree to this bill, both Democrats and Republicans, we'll need first to restore the budget at some level, and that means the sequester level.)

2. Ends the debt ceiling crisis by suspending the debt ceiling until the end of 2014.

Sign our petition supporting my bill to end the lunacy, at EndTheLunacy.com.

This bill goes by two names: the "Anti-Self-Destruction Act" and the "Fiscal Sanity Act of 2013." Why? Because if we shut down our own government, and destroy our own credit, we're only hurting ourselves. And that's nuts.

We can't let Speaker Boehner and the radical wing of the Republican Party (a/k/a the Tea Party) cut our nose to spite their face. As I said recently on national TV, the Republican Party may be the largest suicide pact in history, but we can't let them take us all with them.

It's time to fight back. Sign our petition at EndTheLunacy.com. I will personally deliver your views to Speaker Boehner's office before the debt ceiling deadline, which is fast approaching.

Rep. Alan Grayson

P.S. If you care about our future, then share this with your friends via Facebook or Twitter. Not just your Democratic or your Independent friends, but also your Republican friends. There still are some sane Republicans who do not support the Tea Party's blackmail and extortion. Let's all join forces to wipe out the Tea Party's bullying, once and for all.

P.P.S. Senator Ted Cruz has been leading the Tea Party's efforts to shut down our Government and default on our debt. Cruz's wife is Vice President at Goldman Sachs, a Wall Street investment bank with just under $1,000,000,000,000.00 in assets. So no matter what happens to all of us, he'll be just fine, thank you.
Posted by Alan Grayson | Fri Oct 4, 2013, 11:40 PM (9 replies)

Why Alan Grayson Deserves Your Support TODAY

Well, first, before we say anything else, we want to say "thanks" – just for reading this. We're going to go out on a limb, and guess that this may not be the only campaign fundraising pitch that you may have seen during the last few days. So thank you for taking a little time out of your day, and reading what we have to say.

Not all fundraising pitches are created equal. Here are three reasons why Congressman Alan Grayson's campaign deserves your support – three reasons that you probably won't be hearing from any other officeholder or candidate:

1. Alan Grayson gets things done.
2. Alan Grayson gets good things done.
3. Alan Grayson involves all of us.

If you have read these e-mails before, you may already know that Slate magazine named Alan Grayson "the Most-Effective Member of Congress." Why? Because Alan has passed more amendments than any other Member of the House – 13 on the Floor of the House, and 33 in his committees. Some of them have already been approved by the Senate, and signed by the President – they are now law. And Alan accomplished that even though he is a Democrat, and the House is controlled by Republicans.

And these are real, important amendments – not renaming post offices, or establishing commissions, or requiring reports to Congress. Among other things, Alan Grayson's amendments prohibit seven different federal agencies from awarding contracts to contractors who have been indicted or convicted of serious crimes. One of Alan's amendments prohibits torture by the U.S. military. Another one prohibits racial profiling by the Department of Homeland Security. Another one forbids the use of weaponized drones in the United States. Yet another increased the budget for bilingual housing counseling by 50%.

And outside of Congress, time after time this year, Alan Grayson has organized, organized, organized. Alan personally delivered to House Speaker Boehner's office three million petition signatures against cutting Social Security COLAs ("No-Cuts.com"). Alan mobilized 100,000 public supporters against military intervention in Syria ("DontAttackSyria.com"). Alan has been an outspoken opponent of NSA's domestic spying. Alan has already galvanized tens of thousands of supporters against more "free trade" giveaways ("TradeTreachery.com"). Then Alan Grayson has squared the circle by having our supporters, our activists, make their opinions clear to Members of Congress and the Administration. Alan Grayson has been building a new progressive movement.

Who else in public life is doing things like this? Answer: no one. No one but Alan Grayson.

So if you have received other campaign solicitations lately, ask yourself: "What has this party/official/candidate actually accomplished?" Think about the answer. And then contribute to Alan Grayson's campaign.

And why “TODAY”? Because it’s the end of the fundraising quarter, and we need to show the corporations, the military industrial complex, and the Tea Party Republicans that Alan Grayson isn’t going anywhere. He’s going to stay in Congress – and continue fighting for us.

Oliver Stone: Alan Grayson is a Warrior for Peace

In 1967-1968 I went to Vietnam as a combat infantryman. I wanted to go, I volunteered, and I saw a good deal of action. I didn't understand exactly what I was fighting for. Certainly it took me years to understand. Now I do.

I support Congressman Alan Grayson because he supports peace -- and I'm asking for you to support him.

I thought we had woken up from the nightmare of war, but we didn't. And we kept going back to wars in my lifetime. The Cold War became the War against Terrorism, and it continues. Two wars in Iraq, one in Afghanistan.

The world is becoming more and more militarized. We need clarity. Congressman Grayson speaks out for the people who are trying to analyze and see through this morass. And he is a strong voice, he doesn't back down, he doesn't change his tune. He says it no matter what pressure is brought to bear on him; he sticks to his points, and his guns.

Join our movement for peace by contributing $35 to Rep. Alan Grayson’s re-election campaign by tonight's critical deadline.

He's the kind of guy I like, because he's not just a warrior, but a warrior for peace.


Oliver Stone

"Support Alan Grayson: He Shares My Love For Peace."

It takes courage to stand up for what you believe in – particularly when you are the only one. That's exactly what Congresswoman Barbara Lee did in 2001, when she was the only Member of Congress to vote against the 2001 Authorization of the Use of Military Force. Congresswoman Lee called it a "vote of conscience" - and during the war in Iraq, her conscience was clear.

Now, Congresswoman Lee is no longer alone. She has a friend and an ally in Congress, and his name is Alan Grayson. As Congresswoman Lee puts it, "In Alan Grayson, I see another Member of Congress who shares my love for peace."

Last month, Congressman Grayson and Congresswoman Lee worked together to prevent another war in the Middle East. They fought side-by-side to take control of our foreign policy away from the military-industrial complex, and return it to "We, the People."

As we approach a crucial fundraising deadline on Monday, Congresswoman Lee wanted to share an important message with you: "Support Congressman Grayson's campaign for justice, equality and peace."

Please take a minute to watch Congresswoman Lee's video, and click on any link to make a contribution before the end of the quarter.

Join our Peace Party, by contributing $25 or more to Rep. Alan Grayson's re-election campaign today.

Dear friend,

I'm Congresswoman Barbara Lee. I was the only Member of Congress to vote against the 2001 Authorization of the Use of Military Force, and I founded the Out-of-Iraq Caucus in Congress. I'm asking you today to support Congressman Alan Grayson.

In Alan Grayson, I see another Member of Congress who shares my love for peace. We have worked hand-in-hand to try to prevent another U.S. military intervention in the Middle East. We have labored arm-in-arm to end the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. We have fought side-by-side to take control of American foreign policy away from the military-industrial complex, and return it to "We, the People."

Alan Grayson is an articulate, plain-spoken and eloquent champion for peace. From the time that Alan Grayson entered Congress, he and I have worked together to realize John Lennon's dream, imagining all the people of the world, living life in peace. Please join us in that dream, and contribute to Alan Grayson's campaign right now – a campaign for justice, equality and peace.


Rep. Barbara Lee

"Imagine all the People,
Living life in peace.
You may say I'm a dreamer.
But I'm not the only one.
I hope someday you'll join us,
And the world will be as one."

John Lennon, "Imagine" (1971).

Support Alan Grayson, Our Leader Against War

Monday is the end of the fundraising quarter. It is crucial. The candidates who have failed to raise enough money during this quarter will immediately have targets on their backs. The fallout? A barrage of attack ads from the likes of the Koch Brothers, the sewer-money-drenched special interests and the military-industrial complex.

Let’s show all of them that our Champion for Peace, Congressman Alan Grayson, has an entire party behind him… a Peace Party. Please give to our campaign by Monday and let Congressman Grayson know that he can count on your support, not just for his courageous stand on Syria, but for all his years of promoting peace.

As the fundraising deadline approaches, Team Grayson wants to share another excellent video from our archives. It comes from award-winning actor and peace activist Martin Sheen. As he so eloquently puts it, “Peace is a family value.” Please take a minute to read Sheen’s passionate message, watch the video if you like, and click on any link to make a contribution before the end of the quarter to show your support for Congressman Alan Grayson.

Dear friend,

I’m Martin Sheen.

Congressman Alan Grayson has demonstrated the personal courage and leadership to speak out against war. We need that kind of courage in the people whom we select.

So please, join me in supporting Congressman Alan Grayson’s re-election at CongressmanWithGuts.com.

Because non-violence and peace are family values.


Martin Sheen

Join our movement for peace by contributing $35 to Rep. Alan Grayson’s re-election campaign by the September 30th deadline.

The Shutdown: Never in Bin Laden’s Wildest Dreams

“Nothing man has ever done to man in the horrible caprice of power and cruelty, exceeds his self-inflicted punishment.” Charles Dickens, Barnaby Rudge

America is the strongest nation on Earth, the strongest nation that the world has ever seen. America is so strong that the worst things that ever happen to us are the things that we do to ourselves.

Or the things that the Teahadist D.C. Republicans do to all of us. They want to cut our noses, to spite their faces. They want to shut down our government.

And why are the Tea Party Republicans so desperate to burden the body politic of America with this self-inflicted wound? Just to “de-fund” Obamacare, and make sure that 50 million Americans cannot see a doctor when they are sick.

These are some of the points that Alan Grayson made on national TV a few weeks ago, discussing the possible shutdown of the U.S. Government, by the U.S. Government. Listen up:

Cenk Uygur: Congressman Grayson, you know, policy-wise, I’m sure you don’t want the government to shut down. It has a lot of consequences. People might not be paid their Social Security, you might not be able to pay the FBI, et cetera, et cetera. On the other hand, politically, God, wouldn’t the Republicans be doing you guys an enormous favor?

Congressman Alan Grayson: Yes, they would. And I think that it would be the end of the Republican Party as we know it. But let’s talk a little bit about how we’ve come to this point. What Obamacare actually does is that it extends health insurance coverage to 50 million Americans who didn’t have it before now. And in addition to that, it makes health coverage affordable by very simple things like letting buyers pool their buying power through these exchanges, and coming up with transparent form contracts for insurance, so that you can get all the coverage you think you’re getting, without becoming a master of the fine print. Simple things like that. And are so far against letting poor, sick people see a doctor, that the Republican Party, many in the Republican Party, are willing to shut down the American government in order to prevent that from happening. They are so incessantly bent on seeing to it that there’s no healthcare for 50 million Americans that they willing to go that far to do it. That’s crazy. That is absolutely crazy. You know, Barney Frank used to have a bumper sticker that he circulated inside the Caucus saying, “Democrats may not be perfect, but Republicans, they’re crazy.” And that really is crazy. Osama Bin Laden, in his wildest dreams, never could have dreamed of shutting down the American government, and here the Republican Party is going to do it for him. For his ghost. And for the sake of what? To make absolutely certain that sick people can’t see a doctor? It's crazy.

Quick quiz:

Is shutting down the Government in order to deny sick people the care that they need to stay alive:
(a) Cruel,
(b) Sadistic,
(c) Savage,
(d) Brutal,
(e) Vicious,
(f) Inhuman,
(g) Barbarous,
(h) Malevolent,
(i) Despicable,
(j) Heartless,
(k) Monstrous,
(l) Business As Usual for the GOP, or
(m) All of the Above.

Click here to see the video, and support the Grayson campaign for justice, equality and peace.
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