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Profile Information

Name: Ed R
Gender: Male
Current location: Naples FL
Member since: Fri May 21, 2010, 12:10 PM
Number of posts: 2,072

Journal Archives

Machine Guns and Jesus Christ by A Sheep at the Wheel

Maybe the wrong forum for this but thought some may like it.


Is this image of abortion what influences one's stance? (not a photo image)

With decisions such as the HL and clinics/health care nationally one must wonder what some people perceive as an abortion. In the movie "Coma" from 1978 a young woman goes to the hospital. Not a clinic. We are seeing this as a major operation, which sadly does not end well.

This section of the film starts about 10 minutes in and runs for another 10, the scene ending with the doctor saying let's get this mother off the table. Wait a minute. That's the last disgrace, remember? She just had an abortion. She is not a mother.

So again, is this related to how some policies are looked at in this whole country?

Ballotpedia must read DU

Yesterday morning a post was made in this forum stating Ballotpedia was a good source of information for proposed amendments, etc.

After visiting the site I made a negative comment regarding biased phrasing about Florida. Returning to the site a few minutes ago revealed they had changed their statement and removed the negative connotation.

I guess they can't be too bad if they listen to DU!


here is the original post: http://www.democraticunderground.com/1251372367

Destruction of government property in re the cattle

Maybe I tend to overly simplify things, yet still, why have I not heard anyone suggest that the cattle be fenced in on the federal land?

Would not the attempt to remove the cattle then necessitate taking down the fence and destroying government property, or any other basic illegal activity? Would an immediate on site arrest of the perpetrator be viewed differently?

Sincere thanks to the heart donor, I could have received nothing more humbling.

Could Investigative Press conquer Liberal Media?

Hearing once more, make that too many more times, "Lamestream Media", the familar feeling of persecution was back. Fortunately it was while watching Hardball with Chris Matthews.
We have allowed the Right Wing Media to bull us with the labels of Liberal Press and Lamestream Media for years. There is no indication that this will end unabated until it has run its full course.
For this reason we must consider and implement a strategy to end not only the bullying, but the brainwashing of those who suckle the misinformation from sources such as Faux and its ilk. You here at DU are most resourceful and creative, so please consider and discuss ideas such as this: Use the label "Investigative Press" in place of the derogatory label. Refer to the Right Wing sources as "The 3% Press".
Someone here knows what to do, what labels are good, etc. Lets hear it!

I Love Haters - was the bumpersticker

At first I didn't care to work on the motorcycle, but I did - with the same care and attention as any other. But the sticker kept bugging me.

Suddenly I understood the message. The mistake of judging others, of lending my values and standards as right for others made me the hater.

I looked at the sticker again, and despite its wording, read the message: To show love to those who hate is to be what they are not.

Needless to say, what made someone an a**hole and a good man in the same day was up to me all along.
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