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Member since: Thu Apr 29, 2010, 03:31 PM
Number of posts: 38,825

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Jon on the tax code

Snowden didn't take an "oath of secrecy"

Please share if ....

They'll eat basically anything, but red meat is their favorite.

Wisconsin: Walker Floats Stupidest Jobs-Promise Fail Excuse

Apparently Squatty's latest excuse is that he's not allowed to be a complete dictator...


Our pass-the-buck Governor has previously blamed Obamacare, Syrian fighting, Jim Doyle (man, that's so 2010), numbers, Act 10 protests, the 2012 recall election, Congressional fiscal cliff antics and government itself for his failed signature campaign promise to create 250,000 new private-sector jobs in one term, but on Mike Gousha's Sunday TV show last weekend, Walker came up with the most absurd yet: "the current election cycle." (And, for good measure, the recall election, again. So 2012.)

This is like your basketball team's seasoned point guard promising to score 25 points a game, only netting ten per contest after nearly four years, and blaming his air balls on crowd noise.

Still available as excuses to Walker: Falling Beanie Baby prices. That thing that girl said in the cafeteria last year. Crocs.

I think he forgot to mention "corporate uncertainty about the Governor's legal problems".

On March 15, 1973 I was on the flight line at Clark Air Base in the Republic of the Philippines.

I well remember our POW's returning from Hanoi, their faces both drawn and jubilant. John McCain was there that day. I wonder why he doesn't remember.

Tracks In The Sand

Poor Neighborhood Pretends To Be Wealthy In Order To Bring National Attention To Their Gun Violence


A poor neighborhood on the outskirts of New Orleans, Louisiana is making a bold move to bring attention to their epidemic of gun violence. They have a plan to make their neighborhood look like a well-to-do suburb in order to get the national news to take notice.

“Well, we just want some national media attention to maybe get some legislation moving to stop gun violence,” said a local town council-member. “We’ve seen that a lot of the gun violence coverage is in wealthy neighborhoods, so we figured we’d do our best to get noticed. We’ll begin by throwing a fundraiser for PETA and hold a $500/plate meal at the local high school. Of course, we’ll have to paint and clean the school ourselves since funding has been cut to give money to suburban charter schools that none of our children can seem to get into. After the fundraiser, we’ll ask everyone to rename their children to names like Trent, Bruce, Alice, Mildred, etc. to give the appearance that our children are worth caring about too. However, in order to really sell our dire situation we may have to make everyone’s bank account appear larger than it actually is and give out loaner Mercedes, Range Rovers, and maybe even a Tesla. We’re really hoping that once we get national coverage other cities will take our cue and do similar manipulations of the media. We’ve already heard rumors that the South side of Chicago is in need of a lot of attention, but they haven’t figured out how to nab the media just yet. Hopefully, we can finally get some proactive legislation done.”

Free Wood Post will let you know if this manipulation of the media is successful, or if they really just don’t give a shit.

(This article was written not to diminish the atrocities that happen in wealthy areas, but rather to bring attention to the fact that the majority of gun violence goes unnoticed. Everyone matters… everyone)

When I was a young man rebelling meant bell bottomed jeans and long hair. Now it's different.

Five really good reasons to vote Democratic in November

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