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Member since: Thu Apr 29, 2010, 03:31 PM
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Wisconsin: After Threat of Legal Action, Governor’s Office Fulfills Open Records Request


Madison, WI — After 74 days, the Department of Administration has finally turned over more than 500 pages of records detailing Governor Walker’s travel. However, the request for the Governor’s campaign travel remains unanswered. The request went unfulfilled for 50 business days, five-times past the legally advised time period. Stay tuned for more as we review Governor Walker’s records.

“Unfortunately, it took the threat of legal action for Governor Walker to take this request seriously,” said Mark Pocan. “This episode has clearly shown Governor Walker’s disregard for the law as he fights for his political survival. In the end, the Governor’s office complied with the law and now we’ll see just how much travel he has taken as he runs for President.”

Pocan raised the issue back in June as he was trying to determine how much Scott Walker has traveled in his quest for the White House, especially in comparison to the number of jobs he’s created in Wisconsin. (www.WheresScottWalker.com)

Nice of the taxpayers here in Wisconsin to fund the Governer's (sic) presidential campaign.

Military surplus weapons sent to Virginia college campuses

You juist never know when a panty raid might require an armed assault ...


WILLIAMSBURG, Va. (WTKR) — The same military-surplus program that has sent more than 300 M-16 battlefield rifles to local police departments has also sent the weapons to local colleges. A state-police database obtained by NewsChannel 3 shows the College of William and Mary and Old Dominion University have received fully automatic M-16s through the same surplus program at the center of scrutiny in Ferguson, Mo.


Documents from William and Mary show the college asked for the M-16s to protect dignitaries and to combat terrorism. The campus police, like other agencies, was attracted to the no-cost weapons as a way to keep spending down. “They acquired these weapons from the state, for free, then all we had to do was pay for the training and the ammunition,” said acting police chief Ed Schardein.

That acquisition happened before Schardein was appointed, he said. However once the guns arrived, Schardein said it was clear the extra training needed, and the rifles’ limited usefulness, made them more trouble than they were worth. “My concerns about deploying a fully automatic rifle are just that, it is a fully automatic rifle,” he said. “I don’t see the need for a fully automatic rifle on a campus.”

It’s a different story at Old Dominion University. The Norfolk college’s surplus shopping list included M-16s, shotguns, combat knee pads and elbow pads, ballistic goggles, shields, and metal batons. ODU officials could not find the paperwork justifying all this, but a spokeswoman said the campus police once had a SWAT-style team. It disbanded, and some of the guns were given away. The campus police chief, Rhonda Harris, said the remaining rifles were converted to semiautomatic, meaning they can’t shoot like machine guns. Officers still have access to them.

Who supports the will of the People?

World's Deadliest Animals (Chart)

Republican Party Announces New Education Policy

Meet Mark Harris tonight in Fond du Lac

Mark Harris is running for Congress in Wisconsin's 6th congressional district. Mark will be at the Fond du Lac County Democratic Office from 6:00 to 8:00 tonight.

51 N. Main Street
Fond du Lac

Sorry about the late notice.


Burger King spokesman: "We are not moving to Canada to avoid US taxes ...

Burger King spokesman: "We are not moving to Canada to avoid US taxes. We're moving for the gun control and socialized medicine."


Egypt and the United Arab Emirates launched airstrikes against Islamist militias in Libya. John McCain totally jealous.

Next up on Hannity:

Next up on Hannity: Cliven Bundy explains how “Michael Brown would be alive today if he’d been picking cotton like he’s supposed to.”

Fox News doesn't want Michael Brown called an "unarmed teen", even though he was unarmed and 18

House GOP to hold hearings about Obama taking week of vacation just as soon as their 5-week recess is over.

New York Times defends describing Michael Brown as 'no angel' saying "under the Constitution, he could only be 3/5ths of an angel."


Rand Paul aside, why ...

Rand Paul aside, why aren't Democratic Party leaders seen as anti-war, anti-TPP and pro-legalization? Do they think these are poor positions? Do they think ceding these positions to the other side helps their chances of election?

Rand Paul Poll

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