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Member since: Thu Apr 29, 2010, 03:31 PM
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Before replying to an OP, I generally ....

Maybe they were just training to run for Governor?


90 Arrests Made, Mostly in Florida, in Crackdown on Medicare Fraud

Ninety people, including doctors, pharmacy owners and elderly patients, were arrested this week in six cities and charged with submitting fake billings to Medicare worth nearly $260 million, federal officials said Tuesday. Since 2007, when federal agencies stepped up efforts to crack down on Medicare fraud, the authorities have arrested and charged more than 1,900 people who collectively have falsely billed more than $6 billion to the government health program for the elderly and those with disabilities.

A majority of the recent arrests were made in South Florida. Arrests were also made in Detroit, New York City, Los Angeles, Houston and Tampa, Fla.

Among those arrested was an 85-year-old man who allegedly received kickbacks in exchange for ordering home health care services. The schemes included recruiters paying elderly individuals to file excessive claims, home health care agencies seeking payment for services never performed and medical supply companies billing for equipment that was never ordered, officials said. The greatest concern was raised over fraud in Medicare Part D, which provides drug benefits through private insurers.

We need more war, but Obama has failed us.

Or so says US Senator Ron "Sunspot" Johnson (R-Wi).


Last week U.S. Senator Ron Johnson went on CNN's Crossfire to once again pound the war drum.

When U.S. Representative Karen Bass said, "there is real pushback, constituents in my district, the last thing in the world they want to hear is us getting into another conflict," Johnson interjected that the war fatigue Americans feel isn't because we've been at war longer than at any other time in our history, but because President Obama has done a realllllly crappy job selling them to the American people:

Damnit I hate the teabillies who voted for this asshat.


Bird's Eye Views


Seeing Famous Places From Above Is Surreal.

Niagara Falls


Mexico City


Tulip Fields, The Netherlands


Bac Son Valley, Vietnam

More at the link.

Koch Brothers' Americans for Prosperity has $125 million budget for 2014, but it's fair because ...

Koch Brothers' Americans for Prosperity has $125 million budget for 2014, but it's fair because every citizen is free to put up $125 million.


Sign of progress ...

Sign of progress, it seemed absolutely irrelevant today that Michael Sam’s boyfriend is white.


LA Times: Surprise! 'Pro-business' policies hurt state economic growth

Remember the Laffer Curve, what Paul Krugman calls "junk economics"? Well, Arthur Laffer's back with another deceitful piece of work, the ALEC-Laffer State Economic Index. The University of Wisconsin's Menzie Chinn has studied the Index and finds it upside down.


Conservative economic pundits just love to justify "business-friendly" policies to state governments as keys to job growth, which after all is the whole ballgame in economic policy-making. As Menzie Chinn of the University of Wisconsin has now shown, the problem is that pro-business policies don't really contribute to economic growth. They just make the rich richer, which is not the same thing at all.


But does a high ALEC ranking translate into high growth? That's the question Chinn asked. He started by measuring private nonfarm job growth in four states--California, Wisconsin, Kansas, and Minnesota--dating to January 2011, when all four got new governors. Scott Walker of Wisconsin and Sam Brownback of Kansas were extremely ALEC-friendly, Jerry Brown of California and Mark Dayton of Minnesota were not.

Here's what he found, in a nutshell: "Kansas and Wisconsin, ranked 15th and 17th in terms of the ALEC-Laffer Economic Outlook Rankings, are doing equally badly relative to US employment growth. In contrast, Minnesota (ranked 46th) is outperforming the United States and those two states...What about California? It is ranked 47th by ALEC-Laffer, and yet is doing the best in terms of employment amongst the four states." Chinn's graph of the four states' job growth accompanies this post.


Indeed, when Chinn mapped the ALEC rankings for all 50 states against their economic growth, he found that, if anything, a higher index score correlates with a worse economic performance. That won't come as a surprise to anyone who has followed the ALEC follies over time: The Iowa Policy Project found the same negative correlation in 2012.

Florida Man is a woman (this time)


Florida woman hires bulldozer to demolish neighbor’s home, authorities say

A Florida woman disliked her neighbors so much that she got a bulldozer to demolish their home, authorities said.
Ana Maria Moreta Folch, 62, somehow got a key to the mobile home next door and convinced a heavy equipment company that it was her property, according to Cmd. Chuck Mulligan of the St. Johns County Sheriff's Office.

Then she allegedly asked the operator of the bulldozer to raze the home in St. Augustine — but it's unclear how she ever thought she'd get away with it.

"It's difficult to say what goes through people's minds sometimes when they concoct these schemes," Mulligan told the Daily News.

Commander Mulligan speaks the truth.

Why did the chicken cross the pond?

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