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Member since: Thu Apr 29, 2010, 03:31 PM
Number of posts: 38,902

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Don't allow your children to "fall into the grip of Satan"!

Well, Mr. Polster, I guess you showed us!

Another commie pinko thinks we need more gun control laws.

"Abstinence Only" Rep Cassidy's unwed teen daughter is pregnant. Can he work AND be good father?

How's that "abstinence only" working out for ya, Bill?


Co-sponsor of Abstinence Only legislation, Rep. Bill Cassidy (R) announced his unwed, 17 year old daughter is pregnant. Not long ago, Matt Lauer asked a female CEO if she could work and be a good mother. At the time, many people wondered why men are not asked the same type of question.

GOP Rep. Bill Cassidy's idea of a good father is a father who promotes abstinence only. In fact, Rep. Bill Cassidy co-sponsored the abstinence only bill in the US Congress which is titled "Abstinence Education Reallocation Act of 2013" ... hmmm ...


It appears that teaching "abstinence only" in his home failed as GOP Rep. Cassidy's daughter is an unwed, pregnant teen going into her senior year of high school. GOP Rep. Bill Cassidy also supported Roy Blunt's 2012 "moral conviction" legislation.

Recall, Roy Blunt's 2012 "moral conviction" legislation exempted employers from providing any health coverage that went against their "religious beliefs or moral convictions." That meant, Blunt's 2012 "moral conviction" legislation exempted all employers who had a "moral" objection from: providing birth control coverage, allow bigots to claim a “moral” objection to providing health coverage for minorities; employers with "moral" disdain for single mothers could deny them maternity coverage; Scientologists could deny coverage for mental health care; and over 20 million women receiving coverage for preventive services would have lost that coverage.

"Widening and deepening inequality is not driven by immutable economic laws ..."

On taxes, representation, and revolution.

Why debate one "morality" and ignore another?

America's got it bass ackwards

Who wants to watch a good old-fashioned ass kicking?

"The Hobby Lobby decision should have been 5-1, since the women should've recused themselves ..."

Top Conservative Cat is just too funny ...

The Hobby Lobby decision should have been 5-1, since the women should've recused themselves from any decision affecting women.

Darrell Issa: "I'm holding hearings on whether unemployment went down because Obamacare Death Panels are killing off unemployed."

Chris Christie won't accept any plan to reduce gun violence unless it prevents EVERY gun death. What high standards!

Tim Howard was great, but I still say Mitch McConnell should have been our goaltender. He can block anything.

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