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Member since: Wed Mar 24, 2010, 06:35 PM
Number of posts: 1,492

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Proud mom, grandma, and Democrat! I work for the government, am a member of our Union, and I volunteer for President Obama. My interests are spirituality, alternative healing, politics, cooking and reading. I'm single and looking - my dream would be to find a mate who shared my life views... My website: www.youngliving.com/achaffee - ask me about Essential Oils and Energy!

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Post a Link to your area Democratic Voter Guide - ORANGE COUNTY, FLORIDA

Please post your local democratic voter guide - its very helpful!


Shine on,

Post a Link to your area Democratic Voter Guide - ORANGE COUNTY, FLORIDA

Good morning,

If you feel so inclined to help others who may not have the time to investigate every candidate running for some kind of office in the November elections, please post a link to your State's/county democratic voter guide. I find it helps tremendously for those charter, supreme court, and other local choices since I plan to vote for the Democrat in every case.

Orange County, FL


Shine on and GOTV! I'm doing mail in right now!!

Annette in Orlando

OMG the emails!!

For cripes sake - I work for the government - our inboxes are amazingly small for the amount of incoming and outgoing email we receive DAILY. I get over 300 incoming emails per day - IF WE DO NOT DELETE, OUR MAILBOXES FREEZE. and I said 300 incoming - that does not count my outgoing, responding to the emails, meetings, etc. People have NO IDEA. Say someone sets up a meeting for you and invites 50 people - your email will receive 50 responses for ONE MEETING. of course you have to mass delete!

I also have experience with the encrypted blackberries/iphones. Nothing can come through our federal email system when encrypted without you putting in your code. If anything even LOOKS like the last four of a social, it is blocked by the system and we are reported to our security team for trying to send it without encrypting it. We have to change that code every 90 days - the SOS probably had to change her code much more often than that.

When i continue to read about the goddamned emails it makes me furious - i bet i delete easily over a thousand emails a week. Someone like the Secretary of State - who may be out of the country for weeks at a time - who knows how many emails come through, and personal emails - well, since I have begun this high stress job I have, who has time for personal emails on my personal account? it has thousands of emails that I have to delete on a regular basis.

I get very riled up about these deleted emails. It is a stupid, ignorant argument. He has nothing else.

What is the best debate feedback website for tonight?

I have seen sites where we can give live feedback on debate, truth, feelings etc.. Can anyone recommend? We really need to represent as the republicans will be all over the place backing up the lies... Recommendations appreciated as I want to sign up and be part of an online feedback panel.

They better be as tough on Trump

What, is this another court hearing? How about asking her leadership questions and quit wasting time focusing on the stupid emails. F Matt Lauer

What ever happened to equal media time for the Presidential Candidates?

My understanding is that the candidates are supposed to receive EQUAL air time during a presidential campaign. It seems to me that the crazier he is, the more time he gets in the media - the very media he calls dishonest and shuns from his events! Turn on any television or radio political or news channel and you tell me if the coverage is equal.

Seems to me that not only does Hillary, a woman, get far less recognition and coverage for all the GOOD she is doing as she tries to educate America on her plans (yes - she has PLANS!) for America, but her opponent gets MORE coverage for lying, cheating, inciting violence, and having absolutely NO plan or NOTHING of importance to say.

It seems to me that the media would rather hand out airtime to a, at the very least, severely unbalanced individual with anger issues, daddy issues, mommy issues and a 4th grade vocabulary and understanding of current events. While Hillary and her surrogates are basically given whatever is left, or brought on to try to provide facts - that are easily uncovered by the very media who allows them to be aired on their programming, and dispute the lies.

In the end - turn on your radio or television - who are you hearing about?

Why is a horse race more important than our country's safety and well being? Have we really come to this?

I want to see EQUAL coverage for the candidates. Every time he calls in and his call is accepted on a show, Hillary gets that same amount of air time. Every time a surrogate comes on and is able to spread ignorance hate and lies, they should have a surrogate of Hillary standing split screen, giving the facts - RIGHT THEN AND THERE.

Otherwise - yes, this race is rigged - and it will be rigged in Russia's direction.

Wake up! It is time for the PEOPLE to show how very very quickly they can affect change. We need to use our voice and our pocketbooks - organized write in campaign s and boycott advertisers of shows that are not giving equal airtime to the Democratic message, or are not immediately disputing GOP outright lies and hate. It sends a message very quickly - I've seen it work many times over the past 10 years.

Orlando, who may turn blue this year!
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