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Quotes I like: "Prediction is very difficult, especially concerning the future." "There are some things so serious that you have to laugh at them.” __ Niels Bohr Given his contribution to the establishment of quantum mechanics, I guess it's not surprising he had such a quirky of sense of humor. ......................."Deliberate misinterpretation and misrepresentation of another's position is a basic technique of (dis)information processing" __ I said that

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HALLELUJUH!!! PBS allowed the word "filibuster" to be uttered onthe 11/7/14 broadcast ofthe NewsHour

As far as I know THIS IS THE FIRST TIME ANY OF THE M$M NETWORKS HAS ALLOWED THE VERBOTEN WORD "FILIBUSTER" TO BE SPOKEN SINCE BARACK OBAMA WAS ELECTED. Obviously, if nobody could utter the word "filibuster" then it was pretty hard for anybody to report the fact that the GOP has set records for filibustering during Obama's presidency. Which would have been a little problematic when the GOP set out to blame Obama and 'his policies' for any perceived inadequacy in the recovery. (Wouldn't do to have voters hear that the GOP filibustered several jobs bills proposed by the President and Democrats, now would it?)

Don't believe me? Hey , I don't blame you. But here's what Mark Shields actually said on FRidays PBS Newshour broadcast:

from the transcript..
"I think it’s awfully important to point out that Mitch McConnell now is against gridlock and dysfunction.

There were 458 times during Barack Obama’s six years in office that there had been a filibuster or the threat of a filibuster to stop the Senate from acting. During Dwight Eisenhower’s eight years, there were two. During Ronald Reagan’s, there were 75 in eight years.

This is in six years.
So it’s going to be a total — it’s going to be a 180 if, in fact, this does happen. And the Senate is tough, because all it takes is one person to stop it. And you can talk about it’s not being a Ted Cruz caucus or a Mike Lee caucus. But I really think it’s going to be a problem for the Republicans. And I think that’s where the action is, is to watch that dynamic."

... of course, this was AFTER the last election of Obama's presidency --- so I guess the GOP thought: "Hell, let 'em say it. we don't give a shit. We pulled off the 'Sabotage and blame Obama' trick already. Too late for voters to ask for a 'do-over'! Ha-ha-ha-ha! Yeah, tell the PBS we'll allow it."

Election 2014: The GOP's war on Obama works, or: sabotage and proclaim: "Look he can't get it done!"

The GOP said they were going to make this election about Obama. That's hardly a surprise to anyone. They didn't have any accomplishments or positive policy positions to propose and everyone knows that their campaign against Obama started on the President's day of inauguration, Jan 20, 2009. They decided then that, lacking any policy ground to stand on (Trickle Down Deregulation disaster was the culmination of thirty years of Republican policies of wealth concentration (e.g. tax reform) and the undermining of civic responsibility (i.e. Deregulation), their only course of action was - rather than admit they were clueless as to how to run the country - obstruct and attack Obama (i.e. sabotage everything the President and the Democrats tried to do - to prevent them from expeditiously repairing the economy and then blame President Obama for any lack of results.)

To that end, while President Obama was working to keep our ship from sinking, the Republicans were down below drilling new holes in the hull. Then, later they criticized President Obama because he hadn't returned the ship 'to trim'. This is like the guy who complains: "How DARE you strike my fist with your face!".

Now this vaudeville inspired campaign tactic would not fool anyone - except those not capable of thinking for themselves or those profoundly misinformed. But this being an 'off-year' election that would be of no concern as Republicans would be out 'in numbers' relative to Democrats. And the Corporate media could be counted on to take care of the misinformation part.

So, the result was Republicans gained several Senate seats and as the faithful M$M would pronounce hourly - Obama was drag on the Democratic candidates - WHILE the exit polls showed the voters prioritized concerns matched closely with what Obama and the Democrats have been focused on accomplishing but were obstructed and undermined at every step by the destructively partisan Republicans. ('destructively partisan' in that they worked to prevent the President from succeeding at everything he tried to do - and hurt the American people in the consequence)

Here is what the voters indicated were their greatest concerns...

Analysis: Shaking things up ... and making them and making them worse

Six years after the financial meltdown that led to the Great Recession, Americans continue to worry about the economy. It was the top issue cited by voters, well ahead of health care and immigration. Nearly eight in 10 say they are worried about the economy. Seven in 10 assess the economy as being "not good" or poor. Nearly as many say the economy is getting worse as those who say it's getting better.

What's more, there is a growing perception that the U.S. economic system is unfair. Two-thirds of voters say the system generally favors the wealthy; just a third say it is fair to most people. That has contributed to an erosion in faith in the traditional American dream: Now just one in five say the next generation will be better off than the current one. Half say it will be worse off.

So, there it is, among the voters...

The Economy is the top issue. Nearly 8 in 10 voters said they feel it's the TOP issue.

Nearly as many feel the economy is getting WORSE - as who feel it's getting better!

There is a pervasive feeling that the economic system is UNFAIR.

Two thirds of the voters feel the system generally favors the wealthy

Only a third say the economic system is fair to most people.

Just 1 in 5 say the next generation will be better off than the current one!

Half say the next generation will be worse off than the current generation!

So I guess if they voted in many Republicans - and, as the M$M tells us, this was a GOP "wave" election and that the vote "sends a message" to President Obama - then I guess the President's actions and policy priorities ran counter to the expressed concerns of the voters ...right? ......WRONG!

President Obama's and the Democratic Party's Priorities were those of 'everyday' Americans--
and they were opposed consistently and cynically by the GOP

The President acted to repair the economy from the Republican's Trickle Down Deregulation disaster. And he was fought by the Republicans every step of the way. The GOP attempted to filibuster the original stimulus bill (ARRA) even after he gave them what they said they wanted - a reduction of the spending (economic stimulus) in the bill by converting one third of the bill to tax cuts (hardly stimulating in a recession when people are worried they may not have a job in six months). In the end, three Republican Senators decided to vote FOR their country than WITH their party and the ARRA was passed into law.

President Obama has said several times that concentration of wealth in too few hands isn't good for our economy or our democracy. He tried to terminate the BUSH tax cuts only for the middle and low income people (feeling that the highest income groups really didn't need a permanent tax cut). But the GOP threatened to filibuster such a bill which would mean tax increases for everybody and a threat to the continuing recovery. Eventually, the President won a tax cut permanent extension only for those with incomes BELOW $400,000 ($450,000 filing jointly).

In president Obama's second term one of his top priorities was raising the Federal Minimum wage, but when the Democrats tried to introduce such a bill in Congress, the Republicans filibustered that too.

President Obama/Democrats have introduced several jobs/stimulus bills to provide further needed economic stimulus but the GOP successfully filibustered every one of these bills.

The GOP threatened and eventually shutdown the Government and threatened to cause a default on U.S. Debt. For the first time in history Standard & Poor's downgraded the U.S. credit rating. downgraded the credit rating of the United States.

The political brinksmanship of recent months highlights what we see as America's governance and policymaking becoming less stable, less effective, and less predictable than what we previously believed. The statutory debt ceiling and the threat of default have become political bargaining chips in the debate over fiscal policy.

The GOP's brand of 'War on Obama' politics lead businesses to be very wary of hiring back full-time permanent people. Businesses hired many more part-time workers than historically was the case. The reason was businesses weren't sure just what the GOP was capable of in terms of killing the recovery to hurt President Obama. Businesses over the last few years have been holding unprecedented cash hoards larger than at any time in the last half century. Not being sure what the Republicans were capable of doing to sabotage the recovery they have been wary of committing to investments, expansions or hiring back full-time workers. The result was to slow down and diminish the recovery.

So there you have it. The voters priorities have been President Obama's priorities. The Republicans have been undermining every effort to build an economic recovery. Yet the electorate voted in Republicans. The obvious reason for this result was that the GOP gambit of sabotaging everything President Obama has tried to do for the country and then attacking and demonizing the President for any lack of success - worked. The voters bought (well the Republicans and some Independents anyway) the campaign tactic (strait from the 'Marx brothers' repertoire) of sabotaging the ship and blaming the President for being a lousy 'skipper'.

But the Corporate Media don't want to talk about this - first of all, because it contradicts the GOP's narrative that this election result was a "wave election" for the Republicans and that therefore it means the American public supported GOP policies (now what were their expressed policies in this election? - oh yeah, "GET OBAMA!") and REJECTED PRESIDENT OBAMA. And to pull off this con on the electorate, Corporate media played an essential part.

During the runup to the election, M$M reliably repeated that the President was "toxic". But for the last six years, that same media did a thorough job of NOT informing people of the Republican Party's unremitting efforts to obstruct and sabotage everything the President tried to do - especially in terms of rebuilding the economy. Throughout President Obama's administrations the GOP set records for filibustering legislation and presidential appointments. But over this time period the M$M has held the word 'filibuster' verboten. And if 'filibuster' is verboten, you're going to have a hard time reporting the record setting GOP campaign of filibustering everything the president tried to do for the country. Nowhere in M$M television was this ever a subject of conversation. Thus, the preproduction work for the conning of the American electorate producing the GOP "wave" election was being done for several years in advance by the GOP with essential help provided by the Corporate television media.

McConnell interviewed after election said: "If the President is willing to move to the middle were..

..ready to work with him."

RIGHT. Like they worked WITH HIM when he proposed a Republican Health care plan based on Romneycare with a mandate - a Republican idea first proposed as a countermeasure to the Single payer system being proposed by Clinton.

McConnell's and all the Insurgency Republicans' idea of meeting in the middle is for Democrats to embrace entirely the proposals of the GOP. That's how they define "compromise".

Here's some more double talk from the consummate master of duplicity:

McConnell says GOP Senate will seek areas of agreement with Obama

The question now is whether the man who once said the GOP’s top priority was to make President Obama a one-term president will follow through on a pledge to seek common ground with the White House at the end of its second term.


McConnell said there are areas where he expects the president will be willing to work with Republicans, naming trade and tax reform as topics that already came up in a conversation he had with Obama earlier in the day. On Friday, congressional leadership will meet with the president for lunch at the White House.


Beyond that, whether or not Washington sees continued gridlock will depend on the president, McConnell said.


He also said Republicans continue to believe that Obamacare “was a huge legislative mistake” but acknowledged limitations they face if they pursue full repeal.

How The Media Helped The GOP Sell Their Fear-Based Appeal - MediaMatters


Forget the issues. Let's talk about fear and anger.

That message, coming out of a CNN interview with Vice President Joe Biden, perfectly captures the media's role in the 2014 midterm elections.

Biden and Gloria Borger, CNN's chief political analyst, discussed the VP's future political ambitions and his take on whether the 2014 midterms will shift the balance of power in Washington in an interview that aired this morning.

"If you look at every single major issue in this campaign, the American public agree with our position," Biden said, "from federal support for infrastructure to minimum wage to marriage equality."

Biden is right, and the numbers are staggering. Seventy percent of Americans support increasing the minimum wage to $10.10 per hour, according to the results of a CBS News/New York Times poll from September. When Gallup asked whether voters would be more likely to support candidates who want to spend federal government money on infrastructure repairs, 72 percent said they would. Polling from ABCNews/Washington Post, The New York Times/CBS News, and McClatchy-Marist all shows majority support for marriage equality. Add universal background checks and federal action to combat climate change to the growing list of progressive issues backed by large majorities of the electorate.

"But wait a minute," Borger injected:

Our polls show voters are angry, they're fearful, they're frustrated. Not only about domestic policy, like the roll out of the president's health care reform, but also on the handling of Ebola and ISIS. So the question is how do you fix that?

It's true that a recent CNN poll found that voters are scared and angry -- when they are asked by pollsters how scared and angry they are. That poll, incidentally, didn't ask what issues matter most to voters. All of this feeds right into the GOP electoral strategy of using fear-based appeals to sway voters.

M$M calls Obama 'Toxic', thus declaring the victim guilty of the crime. What's Toxic is GOP politics

of opposition to whatever Obama and the Democrats have proposed especially to repair and rebuild the economy from the Trickle Down - Deregulation disaster.

Lately, I was taken aback to hear some M$M Fascist Fellatiators declare that President Obama was "toxic". John Dickerson on PBS (Faux News - Light) Washington Week in Review (where they tell viewers what to think about previous weeks events in D.C.) is a case in point. M$M is doing its duty to the GOP wherein they reverse reality so as to end up with the GOP free of any political blood on its hands. Calling Obama toxic implies he is the actor, that he is the cause of the toxicity in the political environment today.

But it is the Republican war on Obama that is toxic. In 2008 after 30 years of Republican policies that promoted concentration of wealth (i.e. Tax reform) and the undermining of civil authority (deregulation) we experienced the greatest economic calamity this country has seen since the (first) Great Depression. The GOP had a problem. With all their crack-pot economic theories shown to be spectacularly wrong, GOP leaders decided the only thing they could do was just attack Obama on whatever he did. They would work their damnedest to see that he and the Democrats would fail at repairing the economy from the Trickle Down Deregulation disaster (couldn't have Democrats come into office and in a few years clean up the GOP's disaster- what an embarrassment that would be). So they decided they had to make sure he failed. This was decided on the day of Obama's inauguration in January 2009.

The Republicans proceeded to set records for filibustering legislation and presidential appointments. They even filibustered a deficit commission they demanded - when Obama supported the idea. On November 4, 2010 Mitch O'Connell declared "The single most important thing we want to achieve is for President Obama to be a one-term president.". The Republicans filibustered every stimulus/jobs bill proposed by the Democrats seriously undermining the recovery. The Republicans threatened to filibuster the initial stimulus bill unless about a third of what was to be Government spending was converted to tax cuts. (The GOP knew that in a time of recession with people worried about whether they would have a job in six months such a tax cut would not be spent. People would save it or pay down debt in case they got laid off. At any rate they knew tax cuts would NOT be stimulative to the economy). When President Obama obliged them and converted one third of the stimulus bill to tax cuts - the GOP still filibustered it. (Fortunately, three Republican Senators put the country before party and voted for the ARRA) Then came three years of repetitive threats to shut down the government - topped off with an actual Government shutdown. And let's not forget the threat to force a default on the U.S. debt. These kind of tactics caused Standard & Poor's to downgrade the U.S. credit rating!!! Needless to say this made businessmen very cautious about hiring back full time permanent workers which slowed the recovery by perhaps two years. Businesses hired back more part-time workers and built up huge cash hoards. Ordinarily businesses do not like to hold too much cash as it doesn't earn that much for them (especially now) and they would rather put it to use in their own businesses. But businessmen weren't sure what the Republicans might do to sabotage the recovery. Thus another brake on the recovery was applied by the patriotism-challenged Republicans.

No, calling President Obama 'toxic' is the M$M performing 'tricks' for the GOP. Obama is not the cause of the toxic political environment. THe Toxicity comes from the GOP. But M$M is playing a critical role in duping the American public by confusing them into thinking all our problems are because of Obama's lack of "leadership" and not the fact that the GOP is acting as an insurgency as Thomas Mann (Brookings Institution) and Norman Ornstein (AMerican Enterprise Institute) described them in the article "Let's Just Say it: the Republicans are the problem". No matter what President Obama did the GOP fought him at it. Trying to see that he would fail and they could go out and say: "See what a BAD President he is. Give US another chance." - or in 2014 - hand control of the Senate to them.

Well, there's one thing I can say on there behalf. As P.T. Barnum said: "There's a sucker born every minute."

Stanford scientists develop a process & catalyst for making ethanol from Carbon monoxide & water

The researchers disclosed their discovery in the latest online edition of the journal Nature, and in it they say that in less than three years’ time they expect to have a prototype device ready that will make biofuel from using not much more than carbon monoxide, easily derived from carbon dioxide.

"We have discovered the first metal catalyst that can produce appreciable amounts of ethanol from carbon monoxide at room temperature and pressure – a notoriously difficult electrochemical reaction," wrote Stanford’s Matthew Kanan, a co-author of the report released this week.

The scientists say that they are still a ways from developing said prototype, but believe they are on the right track towards achieving a goal that has the potential of providing people with a new, less-costly biofuel that could essentially revamp the energy industry.


...the researchers say that biofuel would be generated by using a state-of-the-art device still in development that uses two electrodes, including one made of an "oxide-derived copper," to convert it into fuel.

The Revenge Of Mitch McConnell: GOP Senate Will Halt Obama Nominations: What to expect if Dems don't

... get out the vote (i.e. not one Democrat stays home on election day).


If Republicans win control of the Senate next week, as many expect, they will gain a powerful weapon to reshape President Barack Obama's legacy in his final two years: the authority to block his nominations.

Under a Democratic-led Senate, Obama has enjoyed remarkable success in confirming his executive appointees and remaking the federal courts in his image.


That streak could screech to a halt if Republicans win the net six seats needed to take the Senate come January. In that scenario, probable Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley (R-IA) could prevent any nomination from coming up in committee, and probable Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) could block anyone from receiving a full Senate vote.

"My guess is Obama would have to present nominees that are much much more acceptable to Republicans, or they won't even schedule hearings," Barnett said.

M$M celebrating their party's taking control of Senate. 'Great achievement' of campaign of Nothing

The GOP public relations arm, the Corporate M$M has been celebrating the last couple of weeks the takeover of the Senate. They are quite confident in voter apathy as we march Democracy to the showers.

But I think it's time ...

President Obama should make a statement explaining to voters what that the GOP's Campaign offering Nothing is all about.

The GOP plan to repeal Obamacare .. a Healthcare law modelled after a Republican healthcare plan: Romneycare.

The Idea of the individual mandate was a Republican idea first proposed in the Clinton administration as an alternative to the Single Payer system most Democrats were for.

And this is what the GOP says is so 'intolerable'. I guess they want to go back to a system of the most expensive health care in the world (with the pre-existing conditions trap door) which had a tendency to disappear just when you needed it.

What the GOP mean by "less Government" in your lives

"Less Government" means more deregulation and more tax cuts for the wealthy further aggrandizing the already economy-sickening wealth concentration problem which lead to the Trickle Down Deregulation disaster of 2008.

The GOP, he should tell voters, criticize the performance of the recovery (from the economic disaster they created) while the M$M has not bothered to tell viewers that the GOP set records filibustering every stimulus and jobs bill proposed by the Dems. Ever since President Obama took office the word "filibuster" is verboten on M$M tv.

____ The original Stimulus bill (ARRA) did receive - three Republican votes - but only after the bill was weakened by about a third by converting government spending into tax cuts. The GOP demanded this as the price of their votes to pass the ARRA - and when this was added - they didn't vote for it anyway (except for the three who broke ranks and voted for the country). The GOP demanded he convert government spending to tax cuts because they knew that when you are sliding into a depression and everybody is wondering if they will have a job in six months - that tax cuts WILL NOT LEAD TO SPENDING - BECAUSE PEOPLE WILL SAVE ANY TAX CUT OR USE IT TO PAY DOWN DEBT. Which is exactly what most people did. Thus the original stimulus was downsized by a third.

GOP Improvised Economic Disasters - Government shutdown and threats of government default on its debt

The repetitive threats and then the actual shutdown of the Government and the threat to cause a default on the U.S. debt caused businesses to become extremely wary of hiring back FULL TIME PERMANENT workers. Businesses have been sitting on huge cash hoards over the last few years. Now, businesses don 't like keeping mountains of cash. It doesn't make much money for them and they would rather be putting that money into their busineses - as in hiringmore people. But WITH THE GOP THREATENING GOVERNMENT CLOSURES AND DEFAULT ON THE DEBT - the businesses weren't about to hire back full time people - just to lay them off a few months later. That costs businesses money.

As the GOP like to say: "businesses don't like uncertainty". You got that right. And the uncertainty cast over the recovery by continued threats to the economy really scares business. So, given the reckless behavior of the GOP the businesses were playing it safe and hired fewer than they would have (2011 - 2013). This of course slowed the recovery and with less hiring slowed the recovery of wages - making many people wonder "what recovery?". Tell them that Mr. President.

More on "less government"

The GOP are 'hot' to privatize social security. GOP friends on Wall Street have been salivating over all that money for decades. A great idea - have everybody's safety-net invested in the stock market then the next Trickle Down disaster will be even worse!

Mr. President, challenge the GOP to tell people what their Nihilist Campaign of Nothing is all about - and then go ahead and tell people what they plan to do to America. Let the GOP deny it. Make your points now - just before people go to vote.

Mr. President, Democrats would like to see you are willing to fight for what's right.

First Industrial-scale Municipal Solid Waste to Biofuel Facility Opens


The first industrial-scale municipal solid waste to biofuel facility opened in Edmonton on June 4, 2014. Enerkem’s waste-to-biofuels and chemicals facility will convert 100,000 tonnes of sorted municipal waste per year into biofuels and chemicals. Once the facility is up to full capacity in 2016, the city will be able to divert 90% of its residential waste from landfills.


Edmonton will produce 38 million litres of clean fuels and biochemicals from waste that used to end up in landfills, which will initially be used to produce methanol. The facility will eventually produce enough ethanol to fill the tanks of 400,000 cars with a 5% (E5) blend.

“We believe that this game-changing facility, built in partnership with the City of Edmonton, can become a model for many communities around the world that are looking for a sustainable way to manage waste,” said Vincent Chornet, President and CEO of Enerkem.


Chornet said, “We break down the waste using heat and convert it into a gas that is as clean as natural gas. Then we convert the gas to liquid methanol — and all that happens in three minutes.”

Two Organizations Call Out th EPA on Corn Ethanol Emissions Modeling, 'Seriously Flawed' (i.e BOGUS)


The Urban Air Initiative (UAI) and the Energy Future Coalition (EFC) are questioning the Environmental Protection Agency's MOVES (motor vehicle emissions simulator) modeling system for estimating the emissions from mobile sources. Calling the methodology "seriously flawed," the groups are calling for peer review of the models, especially as they treat higher ethanol blends.

The EPA's Office of Transportation and Air Quality (OTAQ) developed the MOVES report to estimate the emissions for mobile sources at the national, county, and project level for specific pollutants. These include air toxins, greenhouse gases, and others. The latest report is MOVES2014, which includes the effect of Tier 3 rule and the impacts of other EPA rules promulgated since the last report, MOVES2010.

The trouble is, the MOVES report is not peer reviewed, but is still a go-to source for policy makers. UAI and EFC note that MOVES2014 will be used to estimate air pollution emissions from cars, trucks, motorcycles, and buses in official State Implementation Plan (SIP) submissions to EPA. The EPA has advised states to use MOVES2014 in SIP development as expeditiously as possible. A letter from the two organizations to EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy calls for the agency to suspend the use of MOVES model with respect to ethanol blends until the EPAct study that it's based upon can be peer reviewed by transportation fuels experts at the Department of Energy's Oak Ridge National Laboratory and National Renewable Energy Laboratory. After the peer review, they further request analysis evaluation to maximize the accuracy of the EPA's modeling.


The groups' primary concern is that the EPA's study used match-blending ethanol in its study whereas the majority of the ethanol fuels sold in the U.S. are splash-blended. The difference is not insignificant. Products like E10 and E15 are splash blended (meaning the ethanol is poured into standard petroleum fuel and mixed). The fuels the EPA tested were match-blended, a method by which gasoline blendstock is adjusted to match certain selected parameters (by adding , usually to maximize octane ratings. This second method is more expensive and is not normally used in consumer fuels.

click here to see letter

excerpt from letter:
(emphasis my own)
The EPAct study compared the emissions of 27 fuel blends at different boiling points designed to fit a desired distillation profile. Because ethanol’s distillation characteristics are unlike those of hydrocarbons, and because it evaporates at a temperature below two of the specified boiling points, the tests added more “high boiling point” components of gasoline to achieve a “match.” However, these high boiling point components are typically aromatic compounds – the worst-polluting components of gasoline. Emissions increased because of the changes in the base fuel, not the ethanol. Thus, ethanol was unfairly and incorrectly blamed for emissions caused by aromatic hydrocarbons.

The study concluded that “other factors being equal, increasing ethanol is associated with an increase in emissions”3 – but it later acknowledged: “However, if typical collateral fuel changes (lower T50 and aromatics) are accounted for, we might project that blending ethanol would tend to reduce THC, NMHC and NMOG emissions (highlighting the important sensitivities to these other fuel parameters).”4 (Emphasis added.)

... Environmental Protection courtesy of Exxon - Mobil et al!!

- See more at: http://www.torquenews.com/1080/two-organizations-call-out-epa-corn-ethanol-emissions-modeling-seriously-flawed#sthash.ptAsClxR.dpuf
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