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Another idea that has no basis in reality

Explain how you plan to handle the following:

1. How are you going to get this passed in Congress
2. How do you think this will hold up to judicial scrutiny
3. How are you going to get ALL 50 states to comply
4. What are you going to do when states refuse to comply
5. What are you going to do when the local police refuse to enforce the law*
6. What are you going to do when people refuse to comply**

* CO, NY and WA police departments have publicly stated they would not/will not enforce the recent laws passed in those states

**While it is, for obvious reasons, impossible to get hard numbers, the laws passed in NY and CT have resulted in widespread non compliance with gun owners refusing to register the firearms and/or magazines as required by law.

Let's review the number of murders since 1960

The number of murders per year hasn't been this low since 1969:


Here is some CDC data for you:

In 2013 there were 2.6 million deaths and 11,208 homicides using a firearm, so that means homicides committed with a firearm amounts to 0.43 percent of the deaths in the United States using the 2013 data from the CDC.
If we add suicides (21,175 using a firearm) the number of deaths from homicide and suicide is 1.25 percent of the deaths. The CDC data also shows that roughly just under a third of homicides (4,913) in the U.S. were caused by other then firearm or by an unspecified method.

Murder worldwide:

Sorted by rate, the U.S. comes in at 111, sorted by total, the U.S. is 8th with Brazil and India having 3 times the total number of murders.

Why is school security taken so lightly?

Here is a partial list of things we protect with armed, trained law enforcement: Our politicians, our courts, our airports and our military bases.

Here is a partial list of things we protect with armed, trained security: Our money, nuclear power plants and other critical infrastructure.

So why do we leave our children virtually defenseless against mentally disturbed monsters?

And it is not just the mentally deranged monster that we need to consider, we also have foreign enemies that have no objection to targeting children: http://www.johnstonsarchive.net/terrorism/wrjp39ch.html
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