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Member since: Wed Oct 28, 2009, 02:15 PM
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Vibes meeded for a friend......

This past Saturday the intercom rang, the person calling was a friend's mother. (Friend lives 2 floors below me). Mom couldn't get my friend on either the land line or her cell phone. I buzzed Mom in and met her at the apartment door. Two neighbors also were helping her bang on the door. We called the maintenance man, who found that the office did not have a key to get into the apartment. The maintenance man had gone out into the yard and saw all the lights were on, her purse was on the floor and the cat was running around crazy. The maintenance man drilled out the deadbolt. My friend was found on her bedroom floor semi-conscious. Medics came & took her to the hospital. When I saw her on the floor I saw that her foot was black.

Updates from her family culminated with today's fact, she had her leg amputated above the knee. She is fighting an infection throughout her body, low potassium levels, high sugar levels (she has never been diagnosed as a diabetic, it is thought to be trauma induced diabetes), and a wound that is the flesh eating type. She is on a respirator at this point.

She is only 58. Minimally she had laid there for 24 hours.

Tennessee VW workers say no, but Pennsylvanians vote yes for unionization of a Tennessee Company...

Source: Pittsburgh Post Gazette

Medical staff at jail votes to unionize
February 14, 2014 11:39 PM

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Medical staff at jail votes to unionize

By Kaitlynn Riely / Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Shortly after voting to unionize, members of the Allegheny County Jail medical staff were feeling "pretty jubilant" Friday afternoon, said Randa Ruge, an organizer with the United Steelworkers.

"The next step is getting to the bargaining table and getting Corizon to bargain in good faith and get some changes made in the health system at the jail," said Ms. Ruge, naming staffing issues and health and safety as areas the union planned to address.

The employees, who include physician's assistants, nurse practitioners, registered nurses and psychiatric nurses, voted unanimously that they wanted to be in the same bargaining unit together.

They voted, 64-7, to be represented by the United Steelworkers. One vote in favor of unionization was challenged, that of Sister Barbara Finch, a nurse who was fired earlier this month.

The United Steelworkers have said that she was fired because she was spearheading union organizing. Corizon Health Inc., the firm that runs the jail health system, has said she was let go because her security clearances were revoked.

Corizon, a national healthcare provider based in Tennessee, took over management of the jail's health services in September. Allegheny County signed a contract with Corizon last summer for $11.5 million a year.

Corizon, which in the first few months of its contract seemed to have problems getting medication to inmates on time, earlier this week received a letter from Allegheny County Controller Chelsa Wagner, who said she had "grave and serious concerns" about health care and working conditions at the jail.

Ms. Ruge has said that, in the months after Corizon took over, jail employees approached the United Steelworkers union about unionizing, saying they had staffing issues and other concerns.

Corizon, in a statement emailed by a spokeswoman to reporters earlier this week, said "when the union petition first came to light, we told our employees that it was their choice and we would honor their decision."

"We have positive relationships with our employees at our union and non-union facilities," Corizon spokeswoman Susan Morgenstern said in her emailed statement, which she referred to when asked for a comment Friday. "Our position will always be to respect the employees' choice."

Ms. Ruge said the Steelworkers plan to send Corizon a letter Monday notifying the company that they are prepared to bargain, a process that she said is hopeful will yield a contract within the next four months.

Kaitlynn riely: kriely@post-gazette.com or 412-263-1707 First Published February 14, 2014 4:52 PM

Read more: http://www.post-gazette.com/local/region/2014/02/14/Medical-workers-vote-overwhelmingly-to-unionize-at-Allegheny-County-Jail/stories/201402140172#ixzz2tMb83bpr

Read more: Link to source

Thank you for my heart and

from my heart.

My 18 year old nephew and his Dad (my brother) stopped in yesterday.........

to visit me and my 83 year old Mother. My nephew attended college in North Carolina last semester. He is attending again this semester but here at home in Pittsburgh, via on line courses. He would be in NC right now, but he had a melanoma removed 2 weeks ago. It is stage 1, they excised it, did a battery of tests and he just needs follow up with the doctor every 6 months.

I was so happy, as is his grandmother, parents and his older brother. I was even happier yesterday as I saw him pick up the newspaper and read it, all section, though he went to the sports section first. I just wish more young people would look at a newspaper and view it as an extension of all the electronic gadgets they use every day.

BTW while he was reading the paper, he multi-tasked by conversing with me and Mom and answering many texts.

In honor of MFM

Aussies hold a "no pants commute"


Had a fever yesterday.............

never took my temperature, but I was hot & a blithering idiot. I was mumbling things about my nephew going to India (he's not), couldn't remember anything. I was going in and out of sleep in a chair. Crawled into bed with the clothes I wore all day, went from freezing to sweating, had a dry hacking cough.

Today I'm tired, no fever, still have a cough, and have a hell of a lot to do for tomorrow. Why can't my body realize what needs to be accomplished?

I just baked 3 loaves of pumpkin chocolate quick breads and 5 rum pound cakes.....Ask me anything

All were from scratch. I used 16 eggs, 15 cups of sugar, 3 lbs. of butter, 12 cups of flour and probably about 2 cups of rum (the most important ingredient.

I have 3 brothers and they each for Christmas get one pumpkin/chocolate bread and a pound cake. One pound cake stays at my house and a good friend gets the last pound cake along with a banana bread I made her yesterday. My friend's is a late Hanukkah gift.

F**k whoever is f***ing with the ACA website.........

I logged in and registered the first week the website was up. I don't know what my income will be for 2014 (as I was not working) and estimated it at $9000 per year. Since PA did not expand Medicaid I was not eligible for any subsidies and my insurance cost would be about $400-500 per month.

Since then I got a job and have been wanting to amend my ACA app showing my projected 2014 income. The only way to do this is to "report a life change". However that capability was not available until November 15. But November 15 came and went and it was supposed to be available in December. I went online December 1, and found it was still not available.

20 minutes ago I went to the site and find that my application does not exist. I tried to log in and found that my ID and password don't exist. I tried to register again and the site freezes.


Costco President's response............

I've been getting my prescriptions from Costco for about a year. The pharmacy team attached the label and then put heavy scotch like tape around the label and the entire vial.

I got sick and tired of trying to remove the paper from the vial in order to recycle it. I invariably just tossed the vial, as I couldn't even use a Sharpie over the tape to obliterate identifying info. About 2 months I emailed the President of Costco and asked why the Pharmacy did this and how it really stopped me from recycling, and doing the right thing.

The response I got from the President is............tape is no longer put on the vials. I just recycled two vials. I never received an email, but I know he got and answered it.

After near 3 years of unemployment..............

I have a job, if I pass the drug test (always worried about my prescription for vicodin). Will start Tuesday, driving seniors to various places. Pay $8.75 an hour and no benefits. Last job I had the pay was over $50,000 per year. I can't find anything, I get no interviews for anything even half of what I once made.

I don't qualify for Medicaid, but I did qualify today for food stamps, $200 a month retroactive to October 5. Well with a bit of help from Mom I will be able to pay the mortgage and few other bills, until the money comes in regularly. I will also have to start paying back my student loan. That payment will be based upon my income, so that won't be too bad.

Let's just hope the drug test is okay.
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