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Member since: Wed Oct 28, 2009, 02:15 PM
Number of posts: 3,215

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Can you help me here........

I am looking for the name of a Christmas song. It is an old folk song (renaissance, madrigal, I think). Al I can think of about it is that it has a very slow haunting to it and I think it's about a mother and child. I don't know. It's killing me.

Got it... All through the night. and that was before I finished this post.

My 86 year old mother, thinks & believes that her judgement in men has gotten bad.........

Ed Rendell: As a Pennsylvanian, she liked him when he was Governor. She has met him & spoken to him & speaks highly of him. On his statements from yesterday, her response was "what the fuck is he thinking and has he apologized yet?"

Phil Mickelson: For some unknown reason she likes him. She has an ongoing feud with her youngest grandson, a College golfer, who has told Grandma that Mickelson is not a nice guy. She saw tonight that Mickelson was being investigated for insider trading. Mom's response when seeing this was "I don't know what insider trading is, but what the fuck was he thinking?"

Mom then asked me, "do you think Bernie has done anything wrong? Because I really like him?"

Does anyone still have VHS tapes?

If so what are they of, and why do you still have them?

I have a friend who is a "Dark Shadows" fanatic. She has the entire series on VHS. She also has the entire series on DVD. When I ask her why she has kept the VHS series, her answer is, "it might be worth something."

Will Verizon please, please negotiate with the CWA..........

My Fios bill was paid on May 1. I got a text yesterday stating that my service would be shut off because I did not pay. Well true to their word they shut it off this morning about 10 am.

I called customer service and could not understand a word the rep was saying, too heavy of an accent for me. I asked to speak to another rep. Got one still with an accent, but not as bad.

I informed them that I had paid online and that the money had been taken from my account on May 3. They are starting an investigation, as to where the money is. Well it's not in my account anymore, it's in theirs. Service was restored within 3 minutes

Have to leave for a little bit...........

I have to go to town and pick up a couple I took to the Opera. I operate a fee for ride service. A friend of mine is an administrator of a retirement home. She recommends me to her residents. A week ago 94 year old man (I've ridden him before), wanted a ride to the opera & I was to pick him up and then pick up a woman at another apartment building.

The woman called me earlier this week (she's 96), she wanted me to pick her up, because she wanted to pay. I picked her up first, she paid me & then we picked him up.

They are just too cute for words.

BTW, the opera is "The Rake's Progress".

I went to the super market last week...........

and there was a sign in the produce department, near the bananas. It read: "Do not break the banana bunches apart". Now there were no less than 6 bananas in each bunch. I want only 3 bananas, I broke a bunch. I'm not paying for what I don't want.

When I was a kid, you could break a bunch of grapes & take the amount you wanted. Now they package them in bags usually weighing 2 lbs. I've taken a bag found a produce worker & told him I want only 1/2 lb. He did it, but he wasn't happy.

Anyone else having trouble logging onto facebook?,,,,,,

I keep getting the message that "this page can't be displayed"

Going in for cataract surgery on Thursday, can't believe......

how very serious they are about infection(s). I had knee replacement about 3 1/2 years ago, and just had to show up. With cataract I've been informed to call if I have the slightest indication of a cold, open wounds, and to shower the day before and the day of surgery with an anti bacterial soap. Also use no lotions. And I started using an anti-inflammatory eyedrop (4 times a day) this past Thursday, I understand the use of that.

I'm not complaining, it's just a world of difference in 3 years, and it's the same hospital system

My 3,000th post has come and gone............

and I missed it. What was I thinking?

My 85 year old mother is no longer...........

85. She turned 86 today, the 2nd of April. She's the last of her immediate family. Her father was born in 1887 in Poland and her mother inn 1895 in the US. She lost her first sibling in 1949 and the last one in 2011. She still has 2 cousins, they are the last children born of fathers that were brothers.
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