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Member since: Wed Oct 28, 2009, 02:15 PM
Number of posts: 3,648

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Posted by a friend on Facebook, I've known him since I was 12...........

Irony: people who criticize the Head Coach of the Steelers for giving evasive answers and demand specifics during a post game press conference, will accept a total lack of substance from the republican candidate for the office of President. I guess it's better to know the press corner's responsibility in the Tampa 2, than if Russia invaded the Ukraine.

I love him!

My 86 year old mother, 16 minutes into the debate.........

counted that trump had snorted 8 times. She wants to know what he actually has been snorting.

Okay, post a quote & see if someone knows who said it. I'll go first.......

"I cannot and will not cut my conscience to fit this year’s fashions."

Okay, what drinking games have you scheduled for the Monday debate......

Me and my 86 year old mom will watch together. I told her we would have to take a shot of bourbon every time Trump utters the phrase "believe me". Mom said "shit I'll be on my ass in the first 10 minutes".

Got to love my mom.

6 weeks from Halloween, list any paranormal experiences you've had.....

I've had a few:

The 1st when I was about 5 months old. My parents, my brother and me were visiting my grandma. My grandfather had died the previous year. Mom put me to bed in a bassinet on the 2nd floor, my brother asleep on the couch. Dad had gone out with brothers in law. Mom heard me making baby noises & footsteps coming from the 2nd floor. She asked grandma what was going on, and grandma said don't worry that's just your dad visiting his granddaughter. It makes sense as mom miscarried twice between my brother and me and grandpap knew that & was probably happy for mom & dad.

The 2nd, I was 4. We moved to a new house. I was investigating, went to the 2nd floor and went into the bedroom on the left. I told mom that I loved my bedroom, it was so pretty. She asked me to show it to her, I went upstairs with her & there was no bedroom on the left, just a solid wall. All the bedrooms were down a hall on the right.

The 3rd, I was about 8 or 9. We were in a new home. Mom asked me to get something from her bedroom. When I entered the bedroom, there was a woman laying on the bed, beckoning me to come to her. I flew down the stairs, getting my dad, he ran up the stairs, me behind him. There was nothing on the bed. It was perfectly made up. This house was about 100 years old at that time.

The 4th, I was 10. We were having breakfast. We all saw dad coming to the house from the backyard. Mom, said what's going on, he should be at work. I said "he fell". Dad did fall, he fell down an open manhole.

A lot of incidents, where I can finish your thoughts, sentences for you. Used to freak out of one of my bosses with this. His response usually was "how did you know I was going to ask that?"

Was listening to NPR news at 1:00 pm.............

they led with the fact that Trump now said that President Obama was American born, but that the birther movement was started by Secretary Clinton in 2008. Then NPR made the comment..........wait for it, wait for it..........


Trump and Rev. Faith Green Timmons............3 strikes by Trump...

Trump's encounter with Reverend Timmons led him to

1. Disrespect a woman
2. Disrespect a woman of color
3. Disrespect a woman of the cloth

He's out. How low can one man go?

Was at the Post Office today..........

The clerk asked if there was anything "perishable or hazardous" in the envelope. I said "it depends on your viewpoint, they're absentee ballot request forms".

I was sending them to my nephew & his girlfriend who are on temporary assignment with their respective companies in Baltimore. They're both good Democrats, thank God.

I just got home from a Marine Corps League meeting................

I DVR'd the debate & will watch it in a few minutes. With that said, I did see Trump being interviewed by Matt Lauer. I think I just heard Trump say that the Generals he asks the question of what to do to rid the world of ISIS, are not the Generals that are currently the ones in leadership roles.

Basically I heard him say that the current leaders will be "fired"

Yes, he just wants "yes" men and women.

I don' understand this damn "pay for play" accusations against Hillary..........

the repugs are pointing to her time as Secretary of State and the Clinton Foundation receiving donations from countries. There's nothing that I can see that she "gave" to these countries. Our system of checks and balances would/could not allow the State Department to arbitrarily give anything to these countries.

Now on the other hand giving $25,000 to an Attorney General & then that AG not prosecuting you & your entities, now that's "pay for play".
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