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Member since: Wed Oct 28, 2009, 01:15 PM
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Thought & prayers are requested

My 85 year old mother is currently in a rehab unit. She has been going down hill for awhile. She lives with me and I have 3 brothers nearby, 1 comes over once a week, 1 calls daily and 1 is battling cancer & calls a couple times a week. None of them liver more than 20 minutes away.

Her progression downward started 3 weeks ago. She had an upper respiratory infection, and though her immune system is low, due to congestive heart failure, previous wounds (due to edema) she would not go to her doctor.

Last Tuesday, she informed me that her wound was oozing. I got an appointment at the wound care center for Wednesday, I called her primary care office & got a prescription for a z pack. The wound care Doc, informed us that the wound had been oozing for more than 1 day, which is what my Mom stated to him & me. They cleaned & dressed the wound and explained to me what was to be done daily.

She was ok Thursday & Friday, Saturday I came home about 1:30 pm, had been gone only 1 hour and found her on the kitchen floor, she had fallen. I also saw that she had undressed her wounded leg & it was partially exposed. The medics came and assisted my mother off the floor & left. I for 2 hours suggested we go to the hospital, she refused.

She asked for assistance to the bathroom, and I could barely hold her up, her legs were so weak. My brother came over told her she was going to the hospital, and she said ok.

The hospital found that she had the upper respiratory infection a yeast infection with e coli present (she was keeping her diapers on too long and not wiping herself), they also found that she couldn't lift her legs, or walk.

On Monday they transferred her to a rehab facility. I visited yesterday & talked to her several times. She thinks she is at home (the home where I grew up) not where I am now. She wanted to know what I hadn't come upstairs to see her, wanted to know where Dad was (he died in 2000), etc.

My very good friend is an administrator at this facility, and told me "don't expect her to come home." I'm not.

If I didn't have bad luck I'd have no luck at all..

I have started a gofundme page, below is the link. I drive for uber and lyft and on October 18, I was hit in the rear by an idiot. I have been without income for 4 weeks now & my car still might not be ready for another 2 weeks. I am scraping the bottom of the barrel.


Does anyone have any info about.....

mengiomas. I just had a CT Scan (suffered a mild concussion). The scan showed the mengioma, also the PA said I also had a condition called eko something, that he defined as bone growth over the left side of my brain.

My brother was diagnosed last week with type 2 Diabetes...........

the doctor gave him two medications (I'm waiting to be told what they are) and the doc said they would control his diabetes and also to watch his carbs.

He was not given a glucose meter, told what was too high or too low, no information on diet, etc. Brother came over today I took his blood and the glucometer read 290, way too high. My brother didn't understand it was high, because the doctor never gave him any instructions.

I'm pissed at the doctor. This is all new for my brother, he's flying blind with no support from the doctor. My brother does have me (also Type 2) to come to, but I can't hold his hand.

A doc just can't hand out meds and say that will take care of it, there's more to handling diabetes than watch your carbs and take 2 kinds of pills a day.

bookbub.com and my nook.........

make for a fulfilled book junkies life. I joined bookbub.com (no charge) just an email address needed & you check as to what your likes are e.g. mystery, history, etc. Every day you get an email from bookbub.com listing about 5 books that run from being free to about 1.99. Every day if the free book is something I like I get it. Today I chose 2 free books & one for 99 cents.

A few days ago, I got for free the 1936 investigation of corruption of the San Francisco Police. Though it's only 55 pages long, it is very interesting. The other day for 99 cents I got a 555 page history of the HUAC, titled "Naming Names". This era is my forte in History & I did my senior Thesis on a part of it.

There are now about 200 books on my nook & it's going to be a great fall & winter.

As an aside, my 85 year old mother is now using my tablet to read her books. I have always gotten large print books from the library for her, but it can be bothersome to order them, wait for them and them pick them up. I found that the library has the books of her favorite author, Debbie Macomber digitally available. I download them & they are immediately available for her to read. She's loving it. The print also is large enough for her to read.

What Trump wants to do about "illegal immigrants" has been done before..........

It was called the Mexican Repatriation an it occurred in the 1920's and continued until about 1936. Probably about 2 million Mexicans, US citizens included were forcibly picked up and sent back to Mexico.

I found in Wikipedia a very good explanation of why it happened, it is as follows. They are many of the reasons Trump and others of his ilk cite. I don't believe what Trump is saying and wanting to do about immigration. The Mexican Repatriation in the 20th century is a stain upon the US, and anything Trump is suggesting be done, is also a stain.

Justifications for repatriation

According to Los Angeles, California county officials, returning immigrants to their country of origin would save the city money by reducing the number of needy families using federal welfare funds and free up jobs for those perceived as "Real Americans." A telegram to the U.S. Government Coordinator of Unemployment Relief sent by C.P. Visel, the spokesman for Los Angeles Citizens Committee for Coordination of Unemployment Relief (LACCCU), wrote of the “deportable aliens” in Los Angeles county. He stated, “Local U.S. Department of Immigration personnel not sufficient to handle. You advise please as to method of getting rid. We need their jobs for needy citizens” A member of the Los Angeles County board of Supervisors, H.M. Blaine, is recorded as saying "the majority of the Mexicans in the Los Angeles Colonia were either on relief or were public charges,” even though sources at the time documented that less than 10 percent of people on welfare across the country were Mexican or of Mexican descent. American citizens who were experiencing the negative effects of the Great Depression followed suit in blaming immigrants for their desperation and thought that removing immigrants from relief rolls and having them deported would solve their problems. Independent groups such as the American Federation of Labor (AFL) and the National Club of America for Americans thought that deporting Mexicans would free up jobs for U.S. citizens and the latter group urged Americans to pressure the government into deporting Mexicans.

An analysis of a study conducted during the 1930s on deportation costs questions the then prevailing argument that deporting immigrants would reduce city costs overall. “If 1,200 aliens were deported, they would leave behind 1,478 dependents who would be eligible for public welfare. $90,000 in government costs to deport individuals and $147,000 yearly to provide for their families indefinitely or until they reached legal age. 80% of those deported would be eligible to obtain non-quota preference for reentry due to the fact that they had wives, children, or other relatives who were citizens or legal residents.”.

Look what I found on ebay today.............

There should be a new 2015 headline saying the same thing. But who would the quote come from?

There is also an inside page headline and report that President FRANKLIN D ROOSEVELT has made a speech in which he said that RULE of the US by LIBERALS is needed for progress !!

I noticed that a DU'er..........

has as their avatar, the US flag upside down. Etiquette for the display of the flag says that flying it in this position is to show that person(s) are in distress or military objects are in distress. To show the flag in this manner when one is not in distress is disrepectful to the flag.

If this avatar is in the DU library can it be removed. I specifically am a stickler when it comes to respect for the flag and showing the flag in this way is disrespectful.

On another level many die hard conservatives and teabaggers began flying the flag in this position in 2009 when President Obama was sworn into office.


Bad Day At Black Rock...........

is on TCM right now. I love this film.

This an email I received from Rand Paul (why I don't know)

The same old crap that colleges are full of "left wing socialists".

Fellow Conservative,

I refuse to accept that our nation's colleges will always remain bastions of left-wing extremism.

I refuse to allow leftists to brainwash an entire generation of American students into hating our country and our free-market system.

That's why I'm joining forces with the Leadership Institute, the nation's premier conservative grassroots training organization, to help liberate our nation's colleges and universities from the clutches of the left.

Please, as a personal favor to me, sign the national Save our Students petition. And then ask everyone you know to do the same.

My goal over the next several weeks is to find 100,000 conservatives who are sick and tired of the left's hijack of our institutions of higher learning.

I want to wave this petition in the faces of the leftist lunatics who have seized control of our nation's great universities.

Too many conservatives believe that America's colleges are lost causes. They believe that tenure of liberal professors and the left's tight control of university bureaucracies have turned higher education into a permanent breeding ground for left-wing extremism.

It doesn't have to be that way.

In fact, I've spent a lot of time traveling the country to talk to young Americans who embrace our shared constitutional principles.

One thing is very, very clear to me. America's college students agree with the conservative movement's pro-freedom message .

All that's missing is someone to help them stand up to the left-wing education establishment.

Conservatives shouldn't surrender to the left . You and I shouldn't leave this next generation of leaders to be brainwashed by America-hating socialists and Marxists .

Conservatives must fight back.

And that is exactly what the Leadership Institute and I will do.

Please sign the national Save Our Students petition today. Your signature will mean so much to conservative students in the fight against the left. They'll know they have grassroots patriots like you standing with them.

I have told my friend, Leadership Institute president Morton Blackwell, that I will do what I can to get 100,000 patriotic Americans to sign this petition.

You and I will show campus liberals we're coming for them - and we're not afraid to fight them on their own turf .

Every day conservative young people must battle with a university culture hostile towards everything they ever learned about freedom and America's traditions.

These students want to hold fast to pro-liberty, conservative principles.

Students have seen how the Obama administration's big government policies have damaged their career prospects, their financial outlook, and even their family lives - their futures

However, the constant left-wing propaganda students must endure in class day after day takes its toll, and many end up believing the left's lies.

That's why you and I have to fight back now.

If you agree with me, please sign the petition today.

In order to win, conservative students must have the organization, training, and support to fight back against the leftist campus monopoly and stop the indoctrination .

And the Leadership Institute will provide just that, with your help.

The Leadership Institute teaches students how to: • increase the size and effectiveness of their campus group
• organize large numbers of volunteers and voters
• host successful high-profile speaker events
• engage in campus activism to promote conservative principles
• use the media to get their message out
In short, they teach conservative students how to go toe-to-toe with campus liberals - and win .

Consider the case of Evan Schrage at Michigan State University (MSU).

Evan was a member of a student group the Leadership Institute started at MSU called the Campus Conservatives.

Evan enrolled in a creative writing course. When the professor went on a vicious anti-conservative tirade, Evan knew what to do, thanks to Leadership Institute training.

Evan recorded his professor's rant on his cell phone video camera. He then sent it to Morton's staff, who published it on the Leadership Institute's campus news watchdog website, CampusReform.org.

The story became national news . Evan appeared twice on national TV to expose his professor .

The result?

The professor was suspended from teaching.

Will you stand with Morton Blackwell and the Leadership Institute to continue this vital work?

Please sign your petition right now.

Today's college students are concerned citizens who are experiencing firsthand how big government destroys opportunity.

They've seen their graduating peers struggle to find jobs. They have friends who suffer under Obamacare and struggle to pay off student loan debt.

You and I can't give them up to the left.

My friends at the Leadership Institute are across the country, visiting college campuses from UCSD in California to Bates College in Maine.

They've gone right into the "belly of the beast" to organize conservative students together into strong groups to fight back .

If you stand with Morton and me, we'll show the radical professors and leftist administrators that Americans won't let our nation's youth become indoctrinated.

Please sign your petition now. And ask every friend and family member you know to do the same.

Thank you for your help to advance our shared conservative principles.


Rand Paul
United States Senator

The Leadership Institute is a non-partisan educational organization approved by the Internal Revenue Service as a public foundation operating under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue code. The Leadership Institute does not endorse, support, or oppose candidates or proposed legislation. The Institute has an open admissions policy; all programs are open to the public. Contributions to the Leadership Institute by individuals, corporations, and foundations are tax deductible.

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