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Member since: Wed Oct 28, 2009, 02:15 PM
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My 86 year old mother is getting ready...........

to watch the debate. The last words I heard before she went to her room to put her jammies on was "don't forget the popcorn."

Over dinner she said that she took pride in staying up for the entire 2nd debate & she hopes to do that again tonight.

Well spoken by a Brit he called Trump..............

a knob head which is British for an idiot or dickhead.

My niece is living in Australia with her boyfriend who is originally from Liverpool. They are visiting for a month & came over for lunch today.

He and I had a little talk about American Politics, he called Trump a knob head. I think this was well said.

My 86 year old mom is scared.........

she watched NBC news last night with Lester Holt. It was reported that if Trump takes Pennsylvania (where we live), he will win the election.

Mom was almost in tears when she said "I'm scared". This is a woman who lived through the Depression and WWII. She was also married to a 15 year Marine Corps vet. She basically served with him for 10 of those years as she moved where he was ordered to serve, and she lugged 4 kids along with her.

Mom's first vote for President was Adlai Stevenson in 1952. She has lived through the absurdity of Reagan and W, but she doesn't think we'll survive the lunacy of Trump.

I've told her that Pennsylvania is safe for Hillary, but she said that Florida was safe for Gore.

To all voters don't let my 86 year old mom be scared.

Pennsylvania residents, whose congressman is Tim Murphy........

if you want the name of a person to write in, email me. This person is 25 and a progressive. I just did my absentee and wrote his name in.

Ian D. McNeill

Has anyone else noticed that Trump does not wear a wedding ring?....

Just saw that tonight while I was watching MSNBC. My Dad didn't wear one, he worked around and with machinery. When he got married he was in the Marines, and that was the way it was.

But in 2016, it's less likely for a man not to wear a band. What does this say about Trump, particularly in light of what we have seen and heard today.

Maybe he thinks if he doesn't have a wedding band, that he's not really married & he can do or say anything he wants to in regard to women.

Does anyone have a link.........

to Trumps campaign website. You know, one that has his policies, etc. on it. The one he references has his policies spelled out. Every search I run just returns websites asking for donations.

I just want to see what the hell is on it.

Why do citizens of the European Union need a Visa.........

to visit the United States, but I an American citizen don't need one to visit the EU?

U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers and visa/esta issues

My niece has been living in Australia for the past 2 years. She's been living with her boyfriend who is a British citizen. They have just travelled back to the US for a month long visit. We also know he was going to propose to her while here. They met while he was a student here in the US, attending college on a soccer scholarship. He moved to Australia where his mother & stepfather live. He plays professional soccer and runs camps and teams for young kids.

They got to Boston today & just one plane trip to Pittsburgh. He was not permitted to enter the US, because the last time he was here, about 3 years ago, he overstayed his visa by 5 days. He is now stuck at Logan Airport, my niece is here.

There was some talk about his having to go back to England to reapply for a visa. I'm of the opinion that he should try to travel to Canada & start the process there, because Montreal and Toronto are both an easy drive from Pittsburgh.

Any suggestions out there?

I'm just pissed, because I know a hell of a lot gets by Customs and Border Protection & there's got to be an easy solution to this problem.

Posted by a friend on Facebook, I've known him since I was 12...........

Irony: people who criticize the Head Coach of the Steelers for giving evasive answers and demand specifics during a post game press conference, will accept a total lack of substance from the republican candidate for the office of President. I guess it's better to know the press corner's responsibility in the Tampa 2, than if Russia invaded the Ukraine.

I love him!

My 86 year old mother, 16 minutes into the debate.........

counted that trump had snorted 8 times. She wants to know what he actually has been snorting.
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