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Member since: Wed Oct 28, 2009, 01:15 PM
Number of posts: 2,884

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What was the exact word........

that Trump repeated yesterday, that keeps getting bleeped today. I can't read his lips. If it is too bad too repeat, just give me the first letter or two.

I made a delicious Deep Dish Apple Pie last night..........

my first time ever making a pie. I had a ready made crust, so the hard part was out of the way. I sliced apples and tossed them with flour and allspice. I then mixed sugar & sour cream then blended butter into it, it then poured this over the apples and mixed it in, then placed it into the pie plate. Baked it and then the last 10 minutes of baking I sprinkled a mix of cinnamon, butter and sugar over it.

It is delicious.

I miss my Ginger.........

I rescued her from the pound for a whopping $25 (which included getting her spayed), lived with me for 14 years

I'm not against Hillary Clinton.....

it's just that I can't see her winning the general election in November.

What will happen, has all ready started. The repugs going on and on about Benghazi, emails, her husband's impeachment, her "crimes", etc. They will repeat this ad nauseum for the next 10 months. People will begin to believe it and will not vote for her because of this. This crap will keep democrat voters away from the polls.

Her response(s) to these attacks by the repugs, I have noticed recently, is a snide smile by her and a dismissal out of hand. But that is not enough, because what the repugs are saying is propaganda that will air in the media and will be believed by the masses.

Debbie Wassermann Schultz and the entire DNC, must get their heads out of their butts and realize that the party will only continue if it can give America a candidate that can unite the masses, particularly the young and bring them to the polls and that is Senator Sanders.

If I can read the repugs for what they are and what they will deliver, why can't the DNC?

Even my 85 year old mother, over dinner tonight said..."she can't win". & my mom in 2008 was a die hard Hillary fan. Mom still likes her, and would give anything to see a woman president in her life time, but thinks it's more important to have a Democrat in the Oval Office.

Pittsburgh Cop not charged with assault.........watch the video & tell me what you think

A judge dismissed the charges.

Watching the snow coming down.............

expecting about 6"-8". Getting ready to get clam chowder ready for dinner. Just download 4 new mysteries to my Nook. Got plenty of food, furnace is working & for the living room, because of the drafty sliding glass doors leading to the porch the electric fireplace is running at 74 degrees. It will be a good week end.

If and when you die................

and if you are going to have some type of service, what song(s), music do you want played?

For me:

and everyone better be having some fun.

For the lst time in 4 years I have health insurance...........

It was confirmed that I am eligible for Medical Assistance & my packet is in the mail. I've been going to a Free Clinic these past years. The physician that oversees the clinic & I have met often has a private practice that participates so I can have "continuity" of care.

I can have my cataract removed, yea!!! I've been dealing with it for 3 years. Just need to see about dental care, and also checked I have food stamp assistance also.

This may change in 3 months, because I haven't had the income since October that I used to have I qualified and I will be back to work in late February and I may not qualify on a review.

The Bengals bungle big time..........

I'm a die hard Steelers fan. When Jone's pass was picked off, I knew the season was over. But not the case. Bengals fumble and the Steelers recover. I still thought the Steelers would lose, because they were looking at over a 50 yard field goal attempt. Then what happens, the Bengals get back to back unsportsmanlike 15 yard penalties, and the Steelers have a 35 yard field goal attempt and score.

Final Steelers 18 Bengals 16

Final should have Been Steelers 15 Bengals 16.

The Bengals have no one to blame but themselves.

Too funny....for those who have kids and those of us who don't............

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