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Member since: Mon Sep 14, 2009, 04:47 PM
Number of posts: 3,556

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As a scientific experiement I will watch it at half speed

Will it make me more pissed off or less, Im not sure.

But I will do it in the name of science.

Im just amazed people still read meters

They drive a van down my road at 40mph and read ever meter along the way.

LA needs to catch up with the times.

There is already 7 people there. what is an 8th person supposed to do?

No they didnt

The law says you need a government issued photo ID.
A texas CHL is a government issued ID.

Who cares

They want to make more money by having a second store. If they follow all zoning regulations, they should be allowed to build a 2nd store or one on every block if they want to.

That was a clusterfuck

I dont really have a problem with this shooting. I hope the officer has a speedy recovery.

Not after a high speed accident

Too much internal damage to the organs.

Also the body would never make it to the hospital soon enough. They have to investigate the scene of the crash before they pull the body fron the wreckage. I will assume the odds of that heart being reused are a solid 0 percent

It doesnt sound constitutional to me

People have the freedom of speech through voting or by not voting.

Plus do we really want to fine people for not voting?

buying a secondary mortgage often gives your rights to pay off superior liens

If the primary mortgage holder owed 50 grand, then you could buy the second mortgage and payoff the first.

Since the primary note is more than the house is worth the secondary note is essentially worthless. Real estate auctions are no place for amateurs.

Its a bit simple to say all derivatives are bad

There are many derivatives that are used to reduce risk and help businesses compete. There has to be some middle ground.
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