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Member since: Fri Aug 28, 2009, 06:27 PM
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ATV invaders of holy places

If you divided all the public land in San Juan County, Utah equally among its residents, it would work out to about 350 acres each. Of course that would never happen. What would happen is that the land would come under the control of a handful of wealthy, powerful people who would become even more wealthy and powerful. These people would eventually take legal ownership and ban their former ATV allies from tearing up their land. They would justify this by invoking their God given right to do what they want with their own property.

Arctic Methane Releases

I need a scientific opinion. Since methane is much worse than carbon dioxide as a green house gas, would it make more sense, if feasible, to burn it off rather than letting it enter the atmosphere?


Cui Bono

I have become jaded. I admit it. I cannot bring myself to believe that the shutdown of government and the impending consequences to global financial markets and American credit is the result of a handful of ideological House nut jobs from safely gerrymandered districts. It is inconceivable to me that the rest of Congress and the President are unable to make these fools fold.

So, I ask myself, who benefits? Whenever I ask myself that question in regards to the antics of politicians, I assume the who are Wall Street financial interests. That parts easy. The why of it is obvious ($$$). The next question for me is how it profits them?

Ever wonder what's wrong with America?

Why the Jesus Party has shut down representative government and how an infomercial video may drive you to gibbering madness?

Did you know that the Bible is actually a book for investors? That Jesus was really a shrewd money changer who didn't love money and that the secret to amassing wealth is turn your reasoning powers over to a born again financial guru who will make you richer than Caesar for $97 and give you free stuff worth hundreds of dollars for doing it? Of course you do. After all, you know what the "prosperity gospel" is, and you've seen the "but wait there's more" commercials on late night TV. But did you know that God punishes those who do not take risk investments with their money? Well, then you need to be enlightened, and News Max is just the place to be enlightened.

Warning! The article reads like something co-produced by CNBC and the 700 Club. The video is long, more repetitive than a Ron Popeil pitch and may be psychologically damaging. Otherwise, it is a masterpiece of the art and symbolic of the Calvinist underpinnings of the religious right, it's hypocrisy, avarice and support for the Republican Party. I sat through the whole thing and am now going to get drunk. May the force be with you!


Robot Warriors

Apparently, autonomous kill vehicles are on the Pentagon's plate. The pros and cons of this are, from a military perspective, many. What I noticed from the attached link to an article in the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists, was a very informative piece that addressed important ethical issues regarding robo war but which fails to address mundane matters of command and control.

A robot army would need a much smaller command and control structure to operate. Far fewer human personnel would be required in such a military. That translates into reduced personnel costs that can be diverted to technological development. It would also vastly increase the power and reduce the numbers of those able to wage war.

Robo soldiers would always follow their programed orders without ethical or emotional considerations. Such an armed force could be used against any foe foreign or domestic without fear of dissension or mutiny within the ranks by those controlling the political decisions and the technology.

An oft repeated concern over our professional military is that only a small fraction of the populace is directly affected by the waging of war. Robo soldiers would greater reduce even that fraction.


What if they gave an election

and nobody came? Would it change anything? Does voting do anything other than legitimize the status quo? What if millions of people chose not to vote and let it be known it was an act of conscience rather than apathy? Does the failure of the overwhelming majority to vote delegitimize the representation of a representative democracy? What would happen?

Data Mining Protects You?

For anyone who still thinks data mining is a valid government activity, please read the attached article. I was particularly impressed by the twisted judicial logic used to deny 1st Amendment rights to US citizens in this case while granting massive data collection authority for a fishing expedition by a private corporation.


Why I Now Support the Draft

"Few probably recall the name Dwight Elliott Stone. But even if his name has faded from the national memory, the man remains historically significant. That's because on June 30, 1973, the 24-year-old plumber's apprentice became the last American forced into the armed services before the military draft expired."

Any idea of a return to military conscription will be met with shock and derision by many people of all political persuasions, and for good reason. Having been a victim of the draft, I felt justice was done when it was abolished. No more, and for reasons I would have never imagined in 1973. I no longer believe that a free people can govern themselves under the shadow of a professional military.


Country Club Clowns

I think maybe I'm losing it. I'm not getting any younger, and I have led a hard (possibly overindulgent life), but a few days ago I was reading DU. Lately, there are lots of photos of Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan everywhere, which is to be expected as they are the candidates for...well, everybody knows what for. So, anyway, I see this photo of the dynamic duo, standing next to one another, each with one arm raised in either a greeting or a victory salute or the bird or something, and they are both wearing these gigantic clown noses. You know, the big red kind that sound like the horn on a kids tricycle when squeezed, and, from the self-satisfied smiles on their faces it would appear they must have their other arms down their pants playing with themselves or with each other while the lesser clowns in the audience are jumping around like they've got hot wires attached to their private parts, nasty, painful expressions on their faces and corn cobs up their asses.

As if this weren't disturbing enough, I saw a video yesterday of of Rushbo Limbaugh doing his signature polo-shirt-jell-o-jiggle while sporting a clown nose on a face that could only have been in the throes of orgiastic passion or oxycotton induced ecstasy. I see the same thing on the faces of the FOX porno news bots. The Koch brothers and Goldman Sachs alpha suits have bulbous red noses with dollar signs on them and wear shit eating grins. Republican congress clowns have clown noses with gravitas. Religious bigots have fiery red clown noses with burning crosses on them. The list goes on. Pick your own and fill in the blank.

However, clown nose psychosis or not, I remain lucid enough to ask: "How the hell did it come to pass that clowns comprise the opposition party in the mightiest republic in human history and are always in the running to win and seem to control what is considered worthy of discussion in what increasingly appears to be a clown circus of a country wearily and euphemistically trumpeted as the United States of America: The home of the brave and the land of the free?

How Ironic

In order to sell more of its infant formula in third world countries, Nestle would hire women with no special training and dress them up as nurses to give out free samples of Nestle formula. The free samples lasted long enough for the mother's breast milk to dry up from lack of use. Then mothers would be forced to purchase the formula but, being poor, they would often mix the formula with unsanitary water or 'stretch' the amount of formula by diluting it with more water than recommended. The result was that babies starved all over the Third World while Nestle made huge profits from this predatory marketing strategy. Source: breastfeeding.com
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