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Member since: Fri Aug 28, 2009, 06:27 PM
Number of posts: 5,132

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Ed Gillespie, George Bush's Florida svengali,

was trailing Mark Warner in the Virginia senate race by 11 points on Halloween night. Now, after the votes have been counted, they are tied and there will be a recount. Shades of Florida 2000.

Why I will vote Tuesday

I hold the Democratic Party in utter contempt after supporting it my whole life and working for its candidates. It took a long time and began with the ascendancy of the DLC and the corporatist pandering of the party that has largely wiped away any significant difference between them and republicans. I have come to accept that the Democratic Party has become a wholly owned subsidiary of moneyed interests that intend to create a political plutocracy with the fawning assistance of both these sorry parties.

So, on Tuesday I'll go to the polls, hold my nose and vote for the fucking democrats. The reason I'll do this is not just because I loathe and despise republicans even more than democrats (actually I loathe and despise them a lot more), but also because there is no viable alternative and so I intend to become involved with local democratic politics and be a thorn in its side until it begins to move left. There is absolutely no way of moving the Republican Party left. There never has been. It can only move farther and farther right.

That's why I'm getting involved in local Democratic Party politics. State and National politics have no other use for me than as a cash cow or a zombie voter. Both have agendas controlled entirely by big money and neither could care less about the needs of anyone without a 7 digit income or above. Any hope of political reform rests at the community level. That's where I'm going to be, and if enough progressive people do likewise, someday, sooner than later I hope, we'll be sending democrats to state capitols and to Washington who are actually democrats. So, fuck the Democratic Party. It's days are numbered. I hope.

Ed Gillespie for Senate

I just received a call from an outfit calling itself Venture Data Call Research. Some smarmy lisper wanted me to answer a few polling questions about issues relating to the general election in November. I said "Sure, why not?"

The guy proceeds to ask me several minutes worth of questions about where I live in Virginia and nothing about politics. Then he asks me if I get most of my calls on a cell or a land line phone. I say, "land line." (which isn't true).

He then tells me he's s-o-o-o sorry but his is a cell phone survey, conducted for the benefit of the Ed Gillespie for Virginia Senate campaign, and I'm just out of luck because I use the wrong kind of phone.

I ask him why he didn't tell me that earlier. He doesn't answer. I tell him never to call me again and waste my time with such bullshit. Then the line goes dead.

I call Venture Data Call Research to pitch a bitch. I get a recording telling me that they are sorry if I've been inconvenienced by their call and to go their web site if I don't want them to call again and to otherwise fuck off.

I get really steamed and pull up Ed Gillespie's campaign site. There are places to click if you want to send him money, work for his campaign, read his biography, listen to his corporatist bullshit, go to his Face Book or Twitter site and other limited and impersonal options like that. There are even electronic directions to his campaign offices that don't work, but there is no email address, no phone number or other method to actually contact the bastard or any of his stooges.

This is the guy who engineered the 2000 Florida election coup for Smirking Chimp, was a lobbyist for Enron, a former RNC Chairman, and is the Machiavelli who ran the election campaign of Bob McDonnell, Virginia's first ever governor convicted of multiple felonies for corruption.

So, I wanted to tell ole' Ed that there are a hundred reasons I'd never vote for a sociopathic fascist rat bastard like him, and the phone call was just one of them, but I will, apparently, never get that opportunity.

U.S. Army sending division HQ element to Iraq

Source: Stars and Stripes

WASHINGTON The 1st Infantry Division headquarters will deploy to Iraq soon as the U.S. military steps up its campaign against Islamic State militants, the Pentagon said Thursday.

Read more: http://www.stripes.com/news/us/army-sending-division-hq-element-to-iraq-1.304965

Get Ready. The rest of the division can't be far behind.

ATV invaders of holy places

If you divided all the public land in San Juan County, Utah equally among its residents, it would work out to about 350 acres each. Of course that would never happen. What would happen is that the land would come under the control of a handful of wealthy, powerful people who would become even more wealthy and powerful. These people would eventually take legal ownership and ban their former ATV allies from tearing up their land. They would justify this by invoking their God given right to do what they want with their own property.

Arctic Methane Releases

I need a scientific opinion. Since methane is much worse than carbon dioxide as a green house gas, would it make more sense, if feasible, to burn it off rather than letting it enter the atmosphere?


Cui Bono

I have become jaded. I admit it. I cannot bring myself to believe that the shutdown of government and the impending consequences to global financial markets and American credit is the result of a handful of ideological House nut jobs from safely gerrymandered districts. It is inconceivable to me that the rest of Congress and the President are unable to make these fools fold.

So, I ask myself, who benefits? Whenever I ask myself that question in regards to the antics of politicians, I assume the who are Wall Street financial interests. That parts easy. The why of it is obvious ($$$). The next question for me is how it profits them?

Ever wonder what's wrong with America?

Why the Jesus Party has shut down representative government and how an infomercial video may drive you to gibbering madness?

Did you know that the Bible is actually a book for investors? That Jesus was really a shrewd money changer who didn't love money and that the secret to amassing wealth is turn your reasoning powers over to a born again financial guru who will make you richer than Caesar for $97 and give you free stuff worth hundreds of dollars for doing it? Of course you do. After all, you know what the "prosperity gospel" is, and you've seen the "but wait there's more" commercials on late night TV. But did you know that God punishes those who do not take risk investments with their money? Well, then you need to be enlightened, and News Max is just the place to be enlightened.

Warning! The article reads like something co-produced by CNBC and the 700 Club. The video is long, more repetitive than a Ron Popeil pitch and may be psychologically damaging. Otherwise, it is a masterpiece of the art and symbolic of the Calvinist underpinnings of the religious right, it's hypocrisy, avarice and support for the Republican Party. I sat through the whole thing and am now going to get drunk. May the force be with you!


Robot Warriors

Apparently, autonomous kill vehicles are on the Pentagon's plate. The pros and cons of this are, from a military perspective, many. What I noticed from the attached link to an article in the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists, was a very informative piece that addressed important ethical issues regarding robo war but which fails to address mundane matters of command and control.

A robot army would need a much smaller command and control structure to operate. Far fewer human personnel would be required in such a military. That translates into reduced personnel costs that can be diverted to technological development. It would also vastly increase the power and reduce the numbers of those able to wage war.

Robo soldiers would always follow their programed orders without ethical or emotional considerations. Such an armed force could be used against any foe foreign or domestic without fear of dissension or mutiny within the ranks by those controlling the political decisions and the technology.

An oft repeated concern over our professional military is that only a small fraction of the populace is directly affected by the waging of war. Robo soldiers would greater reduce even that fraction.


What if they gave an election

and nobody came? Would it change anything? Does voting do anything other than legitimize the status quo? What if millions of people chose not to vote and let it be known it was an act of conscience rather than apathy? Does the failure of the overwhelming majority to vote delegitimize the representation of a representative democracy? What would happen?
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