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Wounded Bear

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Gender: Male
Current location: Kent, WA
Member since: Thu Aug 27, 2009, 08:55 PM
Number of posts: 8,222

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Is anybody surprised?...

The whole party is based on authoritarianism. They think leadership is some combination of making uninformed decisions (remember the "decider?" that was a moment for the ages) and barking orders, largely based on the uninformed decisions they made. There is no loyalty out there to see, no real principles except to misguided bronze-age theocratic bullshit. No loyalty to superiors or to subordinates. It's all me-me-me Trump and a crop of assholes who wish they were Trump.

People claim they want a "strong leader" and then fall for the bullshit and end up with someone with the mentality of a playground bully. Don't see anybody on the Repub slate who shows the maturity of a loud-mouthed BMOC wannabe. Of the whole bunch, Kasich is the best at faking it, I guess, but he's no savior of anything.

If not for the real risk that one of these bozo's might actually be president come next January, this would be fun to watch.

I came to the realization long ago...

that Repubs, and Conservatives in general don't respect work. Not really. They like to claim the white collar jobs in finance and stock market offices are true "work" when in fact they are more gambling than working. They certainly have no respect for people who work for someone else. In their minds, anybody who really counts should be running their own business, or making their living day trading stocks or something, anything that is "entrepreneurial" in their minds.

Of course, most wealthy people in America, like anywhere else in the world earned their wealth the old fashioned way, they inherited it. At worst, most of them started out on second or third base, to call up an old canard. And to finish the line, they think they hit a homer, that is they did all the work. Pres Obama's line about "they didn't do that" was understood by anybody who knows how the hard working people of the world get along. Only someone of privilege stoking their ego thinks they got where they are completely on their own efforts, with no assistance from any outside source. At best they'll thank God, instead of the public institutions which made their accumulation of wealth possible.

Working class, to them, means lower class, and don't deserve anything extra, meaning anything more than someone in the owner/CEO class is willing to pay them.

Thanks for the link.

When I went in the Corps...

it actually was the first time I had direct interaction with black people, and certainly the first time I saw black people in positions of authority. Not a lot officers, but many NCOs and senior NCOs held positions in the units I was assigned to.

Nobody was black or white, we were all green. It wasn't as simple as that, of course, but we worked at it. It was the time when I started working on my own latent racism, which was surprisingly stronger than I imagined. One good thing, it's kind of hard to act out racially against someone who can bring charges on you.

That was back in the 1970s, and I like to think I'm better now, but you know what, it slips out once in a while. All that shit I learned in my younger years is still in there. I'm just better than I used to be at suppressing it.

I'm proud to have voted for Obama twice and against Reagan twice. I guess life has a certain balance to it.
Posted by Wounded Bear | Sat Mar 5, 2016, 09:26 PM (0 replies)

If you really think that the Democratic Party has gone "too far left"....

there's not much we can do for you around here. I kind of understand what you're saying, and I'm not in total disagreement, but I don't think there are that many "authoritarian socialists" around here. That would be more akin to communism.

Bernie isn't really that far to the left, and the only thing he is trying to 'socialize' IIRC is medical delivery. I don't want to get lost in a semantic battle about the definitions, but just because you think your friends want to follow "The Shining Path" doesn't mean that represents the beliefs of most Bernie-bots.

It's just that the Republican lite, DLC line of the Democratic Party is getting old to a lot of us, and no longer represents many of the values we think the Dem party should be about.

The Party has not gone too far left, that's propaganda from the RW echo chamber, worthy of Fox News or hate radio, not of a discussion around here.

Make no mistake, I'll take Hillary over any Repub, but she's my fall back, not as bad as the Republican position.
Posted by Wounded Bear | Thu Mar 3, 2016, 04:22 AM (0 replies)

Kurds have wanted their own country for many years...

I hear they've softened their stance, in favor of a enhanced federal status in Iraq, but still.

Obviously, the Russians don't really give a shit about that, but are using it as leverage against the Turks, because of long standing issues there.

The whole region has issues that stem from before WWI and the breakup of the Ottoman Empire, not to mention the whole Sunni-Shia thing going back to the 7th Century. It's a clusterfuck, and our going in and trying to seize/"open up" the oil resources have not helped. For all of his brutality-a probably largely because of it-Saddam's Iraq was the most secular, stable country in the region. Toppling him released a lot of regional power brokers trying to be the next BMOC.

Thanks, Bush/Cheney. I hope this whole fucking war period is named after them in perpetuity. The Bush/Cheney War. So much more accurate than the Second Middle Eastern War, don't you think?

True justice, and thus true justice reform is not race based...

However, given the history of the US, it is understandable that many blacks are skeptical about talk of economic reforms that do not directly address their issues. So often in the past, reforms have benefited whites and others, but not blacks. That's just a historical fact. We won't get past that using the conservative based "it's not really happening because we already fixed all that" thought virus.

I do know that MLKjr was a strong proponent of economic reforms, too. He knew that if ALL people at the bottom of the economic ladder were helped, blacks would be helped too, if we ensure that they are not excluded.

The M$M will ignore economic justice issues as they are not as sexy as racial conflicts and don't fit their Chicago school, supply-side narrative. In truth, there is no conflict. Helping black poor people will help all poor people. Helping all poor people will help black poor people. They are entwined.

Walnut Eyes

Walnut Eyes

I think it was the eyes at first,
so dark, like polished walnut.
Almond shaped, with a hint of remembered sadness,
But with a gleam of promised happiness.

I remember walking in the spring,
hiding beneath a great oak tree
taking shelter from the raindrops
that ran down your face like tears
of joy.

I felt what it was like
to hold you and feel your warmth
against the cold.
To feel your arms wrapped around me
to feel your heart beat against the cold
and the thunder
and the fear of being complete
and that the feeling of completion
would last but a moment.

And yet, a moment could be an eternity
lost in those eyes
gleaming like polished walnut
smiling like hope itself
smiling for me.

Jan 24, 2016

PSA re: Presidential comments at Roseburg...

Note to those who are pre-loading complaints that the President will 'politicize' the shooting in Roseburg.

IMNSHO, by commenting like that, you already have politicized it.

Look in a mirror, it's a good cure for hypocrisy.
Posted by Wounded Bear | Thu Oct 8, 2015, 11:12 AM (0 replies)

The Repub concept of 'leadership' is pretty much macho bluster...

In their minds, it consists of making decisions based on half-baked ideas and intelligence and barking orders.

Whe Dubya called himself "The Decider" the sheeple on the right were all agog at what a firm leader he was. Meanwhile anybody with any sense at all, when they heard that one, was thinking

I get where you're going...

But I don't think that is all we need. The Greeks and Romans had female deities and they were pretty violent. Granted, the female gods were often ranked inferior to the male ones in the hierarchy, but still.

It's not just that our world is run by the 'patriarchy.' After all, the system as it is hurts men, too. Somehow, the PTB gets to distort the message from 'we want women and minorities, et al, to receive equal treatment' to 'they want special treatment.'

Having a woman president would do a lot to alter perceptions of some, but there is the problem that women of power have too often been forced to work their way through a system that destroys the positive traits of their femininity. You can see that in the female Republicans that have survived the recent purge of moderates from their party. Most of the female republicans out there now would be a disaster as President, because they have become too 'Republican' in the modern sense, which seems to carry all of the worst traits of the masculine/authoritative mindset. There was a time when Republican women might have helped, but the ones out there now are, in many ways, worse then their male counterparts.

Honestly, Hillary isn't my personal choice, because of her corporate/DLC ties, but she'd be better than any Republican alternative, male or female IMHO.
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