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More news about Little Toby...

He went to the Vet this afternoon for another draining. The last drain emptied out 1700CCs of fluids. Today's drain was only 700CCs! This is excellent news. They haven't tested the content yet but the amount is drastically down.
The Vet was at the point of giving up. I understood because the draining is no fun and he didn't seem to be turning around. These results make a big difference. It's nice to see the scientific proof of getting better along with his little smiling face.

Once again, thank everyone for your advise and encouragement. It made a big difference to us.

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Founding members of my "Yorkie Tuesday" group showing off their latest toy. (photo of cuties)

Lucy, Red Bally & Captain

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Toby's Wonderful Day! Big improvement for a sick little dog! (video)

Thanks everyone for all of your help and good wishes. Toby is still filling up with fluids but much more slowly. Instead of a tap every 3 days we are hoping to make it to 5 or 6 days this week. He is feeling so much better and he is so happy to be out in the sun and playing with his friends. A few weeks ago he could barely walk. Now look at him!...

The little Day Care doggies loving these sunny days! (video)

Molly, Bella and Benji visit my Doggie Day Care and play!

Toby is finally home!

He is finally home from the Vets. He still has to be drained but there is no more blood in the chyme. We don't know why but this is very good. He is recovering well from the surgery that left him with stitches from his neck to his tummy. We don't think the cancer that they found in his liver had anything to do with the fluids but it is removed and he had a round of chemo to keep it gone. He is taking cortizone and a diuretic and on a special diet with supplements.

He is so happy to see his brothers and friends! So happy to be out in the yard and in his nap bed under my desk. His tail hasn't stopped wagging all day!
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A perfect day for my Doggie Day care kids to do some "Lawn Boggie!" (video)

Update on Toby...He is holding steady but still at the surgical Vets.

We almost lost him but he pulled through although, he is very weak. His last abdominal drain contained much more blood than the earlier ones so he will not be able to stand many more. The good news is that he has not filled up as much since the surgery on Thursday. He is on diuretics and preds so that may be slowing down the process. There is no way to know if it can be stopped or if he can take another draining.

But...he walked outside today for some air and that's good.

Hospital Toby...
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My heart is breaking. Please "rec" this. Someone here may be able to help us.

My beloved Toby is running out of options. His abdomen has been filling with fluids and he needs to be drained every few days. It is painful and frightening for him. It's been going on for two weeks. He has been tested for everything. His liver, kidneys, gall bladder etc are normal. He has had an MRI and every other test to find a tumor or obstruction but nothing. He just had exploratory abdominal surgery where they introduced a dye to see if they could find the leak and tie it off but they found nothing.
This condition is usually caused by trauma or and obstruction. He wasn't in a fight or an accident and there are no signs of injury. There are no obstructions or tumors. This is a nightmare.

Here is a photo of him the day before this all started two weeks ago. If anyone has any information about this please let me know. We need help because he cannot be drained much longer.
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