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Walk away

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Member since: Fri Jul 17, 2009, 08:21 AM
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Joe Biden...In or Out (Hillary Clinton Group)

I don't think he'll run but it might not be such a bad thing. He may seem to be taking more votes from Hillary at first but, in the long run, his presence will take the wind out of Bernie's campaign. It will force the BS campaign to run against him. Also, they will have to smear and attack him the way they do Hillary, in order to desperately try to reclaim 2nd place.

The same thing will happen in the repukes camp. They will have to go after Biden because (unlike Bernie) he is electable in the General. That will take the constant media assault off our girl.

In the end, Hillary beats all comers and with Biden in the mix she may emerge a stronger candidate to face a republican opponent. I'm just not that worried about this and I see the "up" side.

I'm so HAPPY! I just got off the phone with my previously undecided client and...

She, her sister and their daughters watched the Hillary videos that I sent them and read all of the articles. They are now (all nine of them) certain that they will vote for Hillary and are even talking about having a house party!

When we first spoke she had told me that she and her daughters had not decided if they would vote for the republican nominee or Hillary. I was appalled and asked her how she could vote for any republican as a woman with daughters. I then asked if I could send her and her family some information about Hillary and if she wanted to discuss it I was available This was over a month ago and they only looked into it this week. What changed their minds? What did I send them that made the difference? I wish I could take credit for their sudden enlightenment but Foxnews did my work for me! They watched the debates! When Marco Rubio said he would oppose abortions even if the woman's life was in danger, it seems to have galvanized these women

I'm beginning to see where this is going! Thank you Donald Trump for ensuring that millions of women had the chance to see what complete assholes the GOP is. The more national exposure this early in the game, the more everyday Americans get to see what is only meant for the wingnut base!

Did anyone catch Hillary at the National Urban League Conference?

I saw some of it on MSNBC this morning and she gave an impassioned speech on the full spectrum of racial issues. They are repeating parts of it through the morning. Apparently, Bernie was there as well but they didn't play any video. It was reported, by Joy Reid, that he gave his usual talk on income inequality but did say that black lives matter.

p.s. I just watched Jeb Bush take credit for the "economic boom" in Florida that was the result of the housing bubble during his reign as governor and false kingmaker. He neglected to mention that the minute he left office, the bubble burst and Florida's recession ended up being twice as bad as the rest of the country!

The New York Times, liars or just stupid?????

This is a question I have been asking myself all week. Are the folks over at the Gray Lady really incompetent or do they think we are so stupid that they can lie to everyone time and again and no one will notice?

Funnily enough, this is the same question I have been asking myself for years whenever someone spews moronic republican talking points at me. "Do they really believe this shit or do they think I'm too uninformed to realize this is just a bunch of garbage?"

Maybe it's a combination of both. I really can't tell but how can I make them stop it!

Last night I went to a fantastic "Christmas in July" backyard party given by...

one of my neighbors. She is an accountant who's family comes from Puerto Rico and the food was incredible, roast pulled pork, black beans and rice and even eggnog ice cream with dolce de leche cake! Christmas lights and snowmen and reindeer!

Her friends from work, church, her family and many neighbors attended. It was an incredibly diverse evening, folks from Cuba, England, Germany, Eqypt, Mexico, Spain, South Africa, California, Texas, New York, New Jersey and many more. All ages and several religions including me, the Atheist.

Many brought guitars and drums and the music was terrific.

The best part of the evening was that every person there (as far as I could tell and I talk to everybody) was a Hillary supporter! It was so pleasant to be in a great big happy group of people who not only loved Hillary and were active in supporting her but they really hated Republicans! Even the Cuban business owner (I thought he would be a hold out). Many were teachers and no one is more anti republican in NJ after Christie slammed and smeared them and then defunded the schools.

Politics was the popular subject of the evening. I have never talked politics at a party and everyone agreed with me! No one even mentioned Bernie Sanders name once. It was like he didn't exist. I have to get out more!

I love this photo of Hillary.....

I'm going to use it as my signature this week in honor of her remarkable life. She has met nearly every world, business and religious leader. It's obvious from this photo that this meeting with Mandela was one of her happiest and most memorable!
<a href=".html" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" alt=" photo clinton-mandela-august-6-2012_zpsoxeppqqw.jpg"/></a>

We lost our dear little Daisy to cancer this week. Please consider organic lawn & garden care...

Daisy lived in a beautiful condo community where the rolling lawns where sprayed and the trees powdered. She is one of several dogs in the complex that died of cancer in her mouth. Her Vet tells us that this never happens in rural communities.
My Day Care and the surrounding yards are organically kept but the world around us is filled with dangerous chemicals.

Here is an article about the risks: http://www.nytimes.com/2014/05/11/opinion/sunday/the-toxic-brew-in-our-yards.html?ref=opinion

And a tribute to Daisy in our weedy but chemical free backyard: &list=UU4JJL-u4RGiQYGcJXV4zIcw

Happy Passover from Me and Henry and remember.....

Dogs like Matzo too!!!

<a href=".html" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" alt=" photo passover_zps2eedd0f7.jpg"/></a>

Care to DU a Christie poll??? This poll doesn't need much help but it's fun anyway!


on edit....and don't forget to read the excellent article that goes with it!

The deadline to enroll for health insurance on the Exchange has been extended.

You still must sign up on the www.healthcare.com site by the 31st but you have until April 15th to choose your insurance and sign up.

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