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Member since: Tue Jun 16, 2009, 03:09 PM
Number of posts: 2,102

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What a ZINGER!!! Romney/Ryan campaign attire donated to Kenya... See what they did there?

Stiffing the campaign staff and stiffing the McJourney and the McSkynyrd that played at the RNC was too subtle, too... "eso-."

This is the kind of snappy, witty stuff my grandfather would have thought of.


Is it in poor taste to ask why I have to live in a world where my own family will eat me?

My paternal grandmother (95) passed away earlier this month. Her husband has been gone for several years.

I have maintained minimal contact with my family since my father died in 1994. A high-school friend once described my family as "like being in a Eugene O'Neill play."

As early as 1997, my mother had suggested that one of my cousins was going to try to run away with my grandparents' estate.

Turns out she was (exactly) half right. My share of the estate has been whittled down from 1/3 (my grandparents had 3 children and I was to receive my father's share) to 1/10 since my grandfather died. There is a probate hearing later this month in which the aforementioned cousin is to be named executor.

There are now 10 people named in the will. 4 of them live at my cousin's address. A fifth will live there when she is born.

Anyone who contests the will will be treated as deceased and their share goes to... guess who?

I try to look for the opportunities in unfortunate events and the only one I am seeing here so far is that I am reasonably sure that this will be the final time I ever get totally fucked by members of my own family.

I hope this wasn't in poor taste

Is Music Necessary? (recent essay by George Duke, who passed away last night...)

I was waiting for part 2 of this GREAT essay by George Duke on the necessity of music education...

I guess I'll have to ask him about it in the afterlife...

R.I.P. George. I'll try to get everyone to at least read your essay, if not listen to a ton of your stuff...


The Zigganator

I'm not particularly proud of it. His supporters will probably start calling him that.

Faster than an unarmed pedestrian!
More powerful than a recalcitrant prosecutor!
Able to duck the law with a single smirk!

Sometimes I wish my brain had a mute button.

What am I grateful for this morning? Hmmm...

Oh yeah...

It would be nice to have one of these in California... Last time the subject came up, we continued to be held hostage by Dianne ("Hah! Dare to primary me and I'll make sure you end up with Jon Voight!") Feinstein!

SKYRIM: "The elf was recalcitrant, but eventually snuggly..."

Some of you liked the last two, so here's part 3:


DU photoshop enthusiasts... what perfect timing!

Sitepoint, a very popular Australian site for web developers, is having a Photoshop contest.

The prizes might be kinda boring, but a whole bunch of people will see your entry.

The rules are simple.

You have to Photoshop the face of a famous person onto the body of an animal that you think epitomises that person.
Entries will be judged 50% on your Photoshop skills and 50% on the humour value.
You may enter as many times as you like.
Files must be 1.5 MB max (with 70% quality as min) and no larger than 800x600 px.
Entries must be submitted in this thread.

The closing date for entries is Friday 26 July.

EDIT: DU borked the link. You will have to copy/paste it.


At this particular point in US history, I can't possibly imagine anyone being interested in this...

I just don't know what to say... so...

Pickett's Rant

Today is the anniversary of Pickett's Charge, the ill-fated Confederate assault that decided the Battle of Gettysburg in favor of The United States of America.

I watched Fox News' coverage of the occasion a few minutes ago. Shemp did not mention who won the battle... at all. Fox's point-of-view was completely that of the rebels--the losers. The army that lost the American Civil War. If you didn't already know much about Gettysburg, here's what you missed on Fox:

1) Robert E. Lee! Fox mentioned his name about 30 times
2) The hardships, the starvation, the dysentery--that sapped the glorious courage and strength of the rebel army
3) The Battle of Gettysburg lost the war for the South
4) The emotional turmoil that set in when you realized that Fox News was mourning the slave-owners who tried to overthrow the United States government.

...and that's about it. You wouldn't have even found out who was President.

Of course, the Confederacy has gained a lot of ground since they stopped firing bullets and started fighting with money, lobbying, bribery, lying, stealing, and assassination.

What are you going to do today to prevent the Confederates on Wall Street from putting you to work on their retail plantation? What are you going to do today to keep your town from becoming a company-town?

McDonald's is already trying to get away with paying employees in company scrip--debit cards with high bank fees. Banks are already lobbying to tax credit unions... because controlling 93% of all the money in the country is not enough for them. That's just two things; this paragraph could go on for about 33 years.

Do you still have enough money stashed away to ignore this?

Is it time to start an Alison Grimes group?

Just sayin'

Turdle-Boy has GOT TO GO!
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