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Member since: Sat Jun 13, 2009, 06:39 PM
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30 companies had a combined profit of $163+ billion, but paid less than zero taxes. I.e.,

they had a tax liability of MINUS 10.6 billion. The American middle-class gets
hammered. And we, the American people are basically doing nothing about it.
In fact, few of us even know anything of the above. I certainly didn't.

And there are thousands of companies doing the same thing. If the super-rich
paid the same rate of taxes as the middle-class did, there wouldn't have been
a national debt to begin with.

So, are we going to let this nonsense and insanity go on forever?

It's high time that we, the middle-class, banded together in a united front
and DEMAND that the super-rich pay the same rate of taxes that we do.
And we must keep on making this demand loud and clear until it actually
gets done.


Psychopaths (people with anti-social personality disorder) make up 4% of the general population.

As long as they are around, there will people trying for empire. Whether or not they will succeed
is another story. It is a part of their personlity to want to make money and exercise power and
control over others by all means - both fair and foul. They cannot help but follow this drive.

Science has detected 4 or 5 genes that are present in those with psychopathic or sociopathic
personalities, and the environmental influences one has experienced during one's formative years
certainly also play an important role in helping them become one.

Maybe someday scientists could learn how to manipulate one's genetic make-up, so that all
new-born babies will be free of this taint. But, until then, they make up 4% of our population.
And with them around, there always will be trouble.

So, do we need another Clinton for president? Let's start early clamoring for someone with

integrity, idealism and love of the American people -- Elizabeth Warren, for instance.
If we start now, by 2016 she will be a well-known household name.
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