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Member since: Sat Jun 13, 2009, 06:39 PM
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Let's Have Our Senators Know That We Want Reid Thrown Out!

It looks like Reid deliberately castrated the Filibuster Reform Bill.
He really seems to want a continuation of the type of senate
where the minority Republican Party can stop the majority
Democratic Party simply by having one of their senators say that he
intends to filibuster a bill he does not like. No debate was even
necessary. That statement alone sufficed to put a full stop to
that bill.

And the Republicans abused that type of filibuster to the tune
of over 400 times during Pres. Obama's first term. It's the largest
number of filibusters in any one presidential term in the history
of our nation!!! The Democrats' hands were tied. And there was
nothing they could do about the situation because of the abuse
of that type of filibuster. Then the Republicans had the audacity
to say that Obama accomplished very little in 4 years. The nerve
of these cynical hypocrites!

And Reid capitulated when he had the upper hand. Does he enjoy
leading a senate that gets little done? Maybe he doesn't like to
work too hard? Could he be a mole pretending to be a Democrat
when he is actually working for the Republicans? Either that or
he is a spineless wimp. In either case it would be insane for us to
have someone like him continue as our majority senate leader.

Let's have our senators know in no uncertain terms that we want
Reid thrown out of his position as majority leader, and have him
replaced with a genuine Democrat.

The whole situation is totally insane!

Yes, Democrats are patsies! They've let the GOP get away with vote and election frauds on all

levels of government throughout the country since 2000. I don't
think the GOP has won a single election honestly since that time. and
now Democrats are letting them castrate the filibuster reform bill, too -- not
to mention all the other GOP dirty tricks in-between. This is AIDING
and ABETTING in GOP crimes.

Can there really be that many moles among the Democratic ranks
working for the GOP?

Are we helping let evil triumph?

I wonder how Nancy Pelosi feels now about her "Impeachment Is Off the Table," when she

had every reason, and duty required her to impeach Bush, Jr. for his crime of having
lied and tricked our nation into an unjustifiable war against Iraq, as well as numerous
other serious crimes. Today, Bush doesn't even dare to set foot in many nations in
Europe. They'd arrest him and send him to The Hague and charge him as a war

These are sociopaths. We are dealing with criminals. There are too many of them
holding high positions, both in government and in private industry. They've been
there far too long. And as long as they hold these positions, our country can't help
but go downhill. We'll become a Third World nation because these sociopaths have
the same mentality as the sociopathic leaders of Third World nations. It's only a
question of time.

We've got to vote them out of power. But how? Having the majority of voters
doesn't help at all. This is exactly where these sociopaths lie, cheat and use dirty
tricks to stay in power!

If I remember correctly, Lautenberg came out of retirement during the

Bush years to help the Democrats win. Now that the Dems. are the
majority in the Senate, Lautenberg would probably be glad to go back
to retirement, especially since he is already 89. And bless him for
his loyalty and having done a good job, when the Dems. needed him
the most!

Is it really possible for Reid to be that spineless?! I can hardly believe it! If true, he

has to be out of his mind. The Dem. senators ought to kick him out of his position.

He could be the first Japanese Teabagger. My guess is that he won't last long in

his job. He'll have to resign or get fired, or whatever.

And we improved on what they gave us: In Japan, the average CEO makes 11 times

more than the average worker. (1 - 11).

In the good ol' USA, the average CEO makes 700+ times what the average
worker does. (1 - 700+).

Years ago I was at another forum. I wrote to the Repub. "You people are being paid to say

what you say. That takes all the fun out of a debate. I don't even know what you
personally really think about the topic being discussed. You have to say what you're
being paid to say."

The guy replied, "You mean you Dems. aren't being paid?"

Was he surprised when I told him "No, we're not being paid. We do it for the fun, the
enjoyment of having the chance to express our minds and opinions about these
topics. Haven't you guys ever done something for the pure joy of it, without any
money being involved?"

Don't forget, O'Reilly has the tougher job. He has to cover up his lies with further lies. All

Kucinich has to do is to tell the truth. In this sense, any Dem. can out-debate any Repub.

Only he isn't the punching bag type. Just look at his past history. Assassination attempts

when he was mayor didn't frighten him away from what he was doing. He continued his
fight against gangsters.
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