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Member since: Sat Jun 13, 2009, 06:39 PM
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Does anyone know how effective are the security measures Dems. have taken against Rep. vote fraud

in Wisconsin today? The votes should not be left alone with the Repubs. for
even one second. Not one second -day or night!

Walker's closest aide spilled the beans, and in court Looks like justice may finally have caught up

with the slippery eel. It also seems like an indictment can't help but follow.


Update on story of Gov. Walker having a love child.

I googled "Is it true Gov. Walker has a love child?" And below is one of the many
articles on that topic:


Walker's wrong-doings began very early in life. It's said he will very likely face indictment

sometime in the coming months, whether he wins or loses the gubanatorial election on
Tuesday, June 5. Now comes this new development:


His wrong-doings began at a very young age. If I had any doubts about his being a
sociopath in the past, I definitely no longer do. Looking at his behavior from his
youthful days and onward, what clearly stand out are his qualities of sheer deceptive
and evil ambition in addition to his naked and pitiless aggression - always profiting
at other people's expense.

Knowing the above, how could any thinking person possibly vote for him?
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