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Member since: Sat Jun 13, 2009, 06:39 PM
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I believe that many become atheists as a reaction (whether consciously or not) to

some unpleasant experiences they have had with religionists -- oftentimes
with clergymen of that particular religion. Example: A friend of mine was
attending church one Sunday when he was 18 or 19. The preacher was
saying that those who did not accept Christ would be condemned to hell.
Someone asked, "What about those who have never even heard of Christ?"
The preacher said, it couldn't apply to those who have never heard of
Jesus. Another asked, "What about Gandhi? He knew about Christianity."
The preacher replied that Gandhi was in hell.

Well, my friend was a great admirer of Gandhi. He couldn't believe his ears.
He went up to the preacher after the service and spoke with him about
Gandhi. The preacher insisted that Gandhi was in hell. My friend became
an atheist on the spot, and has remained one ever since.

Jasana, just keep on being the way you are. To me you are one of those
spiritual people who are practicing as their conscience tells them to. And
each one of us is at some level of development. We do change with time
according to our ability as we experience and learn more. There are no rigid
doctrines to follow. We just do what we can. If more people did what you
are doing, the world would have been a far better place than it is now. Well,
it isn't. You seem to be accepting that too, while continuing to be the way
you are, Just keep it up.

There are international institutions that have been involved in debates and discussions

on this topic for many decades.

There are a few cases reported of a born-blind patient who had died on the operating table.
While the medical personnel were making efforts at resuscitation, the non-physical part of
the patient had floated out of his/her body and was watching and listening to all the goings
on. The resuscitations were successful.

Post-op the patients, of course, were still blind. But they reported to the nurses and
surgeons what each one of them had been doing and saying during the resuscitation.
These medical personnel were astounded, but could give no "natural" explanation. How
could these patients have seen when they had never seen? They were born blind, and
still were blind.

To really go deeply into this subject, you'll have to do a lot (and I mean a LOT) of research.
There are many institutions of world-renown involved in the links given below: Just begin with:


Since resuscitation methods have improved, millions who would have died in the past are now being

brought back to life. Roughly 8% of those who were clinically dead (flat EEGs, etc.) have had
various experiences while "on the other side." Some were clinically dead for a few minutes, others
for hours, even days. Some have had minor experiences, others major, deep ones.

You're stating as fact "There will be no white light...." that some of these "near-death experiencers"
will not agree with.

Einstein was born to a non-practicing Jewish family. Religion played little or no role in his life as a
child. I was surprised to learn that he had written quite a bit about spirituality, which were
conclusions of his own after he had become an adult. Among other statements, he had said that
it would be difficult for him to believe that there could be such order throughout the entire universe
without there also being some Supreme Intelligence present to sustain it.

But I do agree with you that NOW is the most important, if not the only, moment we can live in.
And every NOW moment well lived makes the chances for having better future moments that are
dependent on how we are handling our here and now.

I believe Powell could easily have beaten Clinton had he chosen to run in 1992. He was just

that popular after the Gulf War. But, he'd have had to run against Bush, Sr. to whom
he felt a depth of gratitude. Bush, Sr., among other things, had used his influence in
helping Powell become a general. Also, from what I've read, Mrs. Powell was terrified
at the idea of Powell's being assassinated, had he won the presidency. She was dead
set against his running for that position.

I wouldn't be surprised that he accepted the position of Sec'y of State when asked by
Bush, Jr., partially because of his gratitude to Bush, Sr. Also, he had stated in his
autobiography that he would try his best to respond positively to the request of any
president of the United States, if and when asked to do so.

If you've read his autobiography, he'd said that he didn't know what he should study
when he started college. He wasn't interested in any particular field. Then he joined
the ROTC while there, and realized that this was where he felt he belonged. His
description of his experiences in the ROTC showed that very likely he had the authoritarian
type of personality. Taking, following and passing on orders was what made him comfortable.

It was too bad that he had come in contact with Bush, Jr. That was his luck. If Bush, Jr.
hadn't happened in his life, Powell would have had the reputation of being one of the most
popular and all-time great American generals.

Powell's personality type was well-suited to that of a military man. He needed to have some
authority figure above him. He should not have tried his hand at a non-military position.
And secondly, gratitude -- especially of the second-hand variety -- to a man like Bush, Jr.
could and did prove fatal to the success that was already his.

Have we forgotten ol' Scott Walker? More convictions expected in scandals involving him.

Someone of his caliber deserves to get into all the problems he has brought upon himself:


Let's Have Our Senators Know That We Want Reid Thrown Out!

It looks like Reid deliberately castrated the Filibuster Reform Bill.
He really seems to want a continuation of the type of senate
where the minority Republican Party can stop the majority
Democratic Party simply by having one of their senators say that he
intends to filibuster a bill he does not like. No debate was even
necessary. That statement alone sufficed to put a full stop to
that bill.

And the Republicans abused that type of filibuster to the tune
of over 400 times during Pres. Obama's first term. It's the largest
number of filibusters in any one presidential term in the history
of our nation!!! The Democrats' hands were tied. And there was
nothing they could do about the situation because of the abuse
of that type of filibuster. Then the Republicans had the audacity
to say that Obama accomplished very little in 4 years. The nerve
of these cynical hypocrites!

And Reid capitulated when he had the upper hand. Does he enjoy
leading a senate that gets little done? Maybe he doesn't like to
work too hard? Could he be a mole pretending to be a Democrat
when he is actually working for the Republicans? Either that or
he is a spineless wimp. In either case it would be insane for us to
have someone like him continue as our majority senate leader.

Let's have our senators know in no uncertain terms that we want
Reid thrown out of his position as majority leader, and have him
replaced with a genuine Democrat.

The whole situation is totally insane!

Yes, Democrats are patsies! They've let the GOP get away with vote and election frauds on all

levels of government throughout the country since 2000. I don't
think the GOP has won a single election honestly since that time. and
now Democrats are letting them castrate the filibuster reform bill, too -- not
to mention all the other GOP dirty tricks in-between. This is AIDING
and ABETTING in GOP crimes.

Can there really be that many moles among the Democratic ranks
working for the GOP?

Are we helping let evil triumph?

I wonder how Nancy Pelosi feels now about her "Impeachment Is Off the Table," when she

had every reason, and duty required her to impeach Bush, Jr. for his crime of having
lied and tricked our nation into an unjustifiable war against Iraq, as well as numerous
other serious crimes. Today, Bush doesn't even dare to set foot in many nations in
Europe. They'd arrest him and send him to The Hague and charge him as a war

These are sociopaths. We are dealing with criminals. There are too many of them
holding high positions, both in government and in private industry. They've been
there far too long. And as long as they hold these positions, our country can't help
but go downhill. We'll become a Third World nation because these sociopaths have
the same mentality as the sociopathic leaders of Third World nations. It's only a
question of time.

We've got to vote them out of power. But how? Having the majority of voters
doesn't help at all. This is exactly where these sociopaths lie, cheat and use dirty
tricks to stay in power!

If I remember correctly, Lautenberg came out of retirement during the

Bush years to help the Democrats win. Now that the Dems. are the
majority in the Senate, Lautenberg would probably be glad to go back
to retirement, especially since he is already 89. And bless him for
his loyalty and having done a good job, when the Dems. needed him
the most!

Is it really possible for Reid to be that spineless?! I can hardly believe it! If true, he

has to be out of his mind. The Dem. senators ought to kick him out of his position.
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