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Member since: Sat Jun 13, 2009, 06:39 PM
Number of posts: 4,414

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If I remember correctly, Lautenberg came out of retirement during the

Bush years to help the Democrats win. Now that the Dems. are the
majority in the Senate, Lautenberg would probably be glad to go back
to retirement, especially since he is already 89. And bless him for
his loyalty and having done a good job, when the Dems. needed him
the most!

Is it really possible for Reid to be that spineless?! I can hardly believe it! If true, he

has to be out of his mind. The Dem. senators ought to kick him out of his position.

He could be the first Japanese Teabagger. My guess is that he won't last long in

his job. He'll have to resign or get fired, or whatever.

And we improved on what they gave us: In Japan, the average CEO makes 11 times

more than the average worker. (1 - 11).

In the good ol' USA, the average CEO makes 700+ times what the average
worker does. (1 - 700+).

Years ago I was at another forum. I wrote to the Repub. "You people are being paid to say

what you say. That takes all the fun out of a debate. I don't even know what you
personally really think about the topic being discussed. You have to say what you're
being paid to say."

The guy replied, "You mean you Dems. aren't being paid?"

Was he surprised when I told him "No, we're not being paid. We do it for the fun, the
enjoyment of having the chance to express our minds and opinions about these
topics. Haven't you guys ever done something for the pure joy of it, without any
money being involved?"

Don't forget, O'Reilly has the tougher job. He has to cover up his lies with further lies. All

Kucinich has to do is to tell the truth. In this sense, any Dem. can out-debate any Repub.

Only he isn't the punching bag type. Just look at his past history. Assassination attempts

when he was mayor didn't frighten him away from what he was doing. He continued his
fight against gangsters.

You're jumping to conclusions a bit early, don't you think? Why not wait and see? There's

also a good possibility that Kucinich might give some real news to those Republicans who
listen to or read Fox News only, and expose them to what's actually happening in the
world for the first time.

If the numbers of people in the entire world affected by our corruption is considered a factor,

just read msgs. 17 and 23 by Koko in this thread. This, I think, is what he is trying to point out. The small nations wouldn't even be in the picture - the damage that they do is very limited.

This problem is really quite easily solved. See below:

They're: When it means "they are." The apostrophe stands for a letter not written.
Just like "he's" for "he is" ... etc. Go by the meaning.

There: Just remember that it means the opposite of "here," and add a "t" to "here."
Quite simple, isn't it?

Their: Is the remaining one that doesn't fit into either of the two above. And it is a
possessive adjective, just like our, your, his, its, my. Our dog, your cat, their

There isn't really any problem, is there?
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