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Member since: Sat Jun 13, 2009, 06:39 PM
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I sometimes wonder what might have happened if there had never been a civil war, and

the South had seceded.

My guess: In time world opinion alone, among other things, would have convinced them to abolish slavery. They would have looked so backward as long as they allowed it to continue. There wasn't any other moral choice.

The important thing is that they would have stopped slavery on their own. It wouldn't have been forced down their throats. Their pride wouldn't have been hurt. They are still suffering
from hurt pride today, a century and a half later.

So there would have been two separate countries, or perhaps they might even have rejoined
the Union? The bitterness wouldn't have been there, and quite possibly racism in general would have been less than it is today.

Just musings of mine. What do you think?

How Swedes and Norwegians broke the power of their "1%."

Sweden and Norway are two of the richest and most democratic nations in the world today, and have
been so for many years. But they weren't always so. Norway didn't even become an independent
nation until 1905. Prior to that it was ruled either by Denmark or Sweden.

Both Sweden and Norway were living under the oppression of their own "1%," until they learned how
to throw off their yoke through non-violent means. It was a long and difficult struggle, but they
succeeded. Maybe we can learn from them.


Elizabeth Warren is not just an obviously bright person. There is something about her that

lets her honesty, integrity and caring about one's neighbor come shining through. This, I think,
is what makes her so appealing to so many people. I think she will win the MA election by a
huge margin.
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