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Member since: Sat Jun 13, 2009, 06:39 PM
Number of posts: 4,772

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Yes, but the objective of the GOP is not to solve problems, but to create more of them. Haven't

you noticed? Their objective is to confuse the American people, because confused people
are easier to twist around your finger.

I hope Reid and all the other spineless Democrats in office will have successful primary

challengers when their terms are up. Only then will the Democratic Party be moving ahead.

This is just one of the ways in which the GOP is practicing vote fraud. They do it in so many

other ways in addition to the infamous electronic voting machines.

It's high time that Democrats are becoming more active it doing something to stop
all this dishonesty. We have waited too long. And once we have started, let's not
stop again. The GOP sure will continue their dirty, slimy ways.

Does anyone know how many Republicans Obama has picked for his cabinet and other positions

such as this one so far? Several of them have been Bush aides.

Warren is one of the few prominent Democratic politicians who has the courage to

call a spade a spade. We've had years of those fence-sitting so-called Democratic
politicians who seem to be afraid of their own shadows, and the Right-Wingers have
only gotten stronger during this time, despite the fact that they have never offered
any proposals to better the lot of the American people. All they do is to block and
destroy whatever the Democrats are trying to do for our nation.

These Ghoulish Odious Parasites (GOP) have never made any proposals because they
have nothing to offer but misery and death. They are too busy making money flow
into their own pockets through all means fair and foul, including preying upon their
own poor and elderly fellow-Americans at every opportunity possible. They are too
busy thinking of their ghoulish profits to care about anybody else.

Obama recently said that if he had been president in the 1980s, he would have been considered a

"moderate Republican." And this from his own lips. I saw it on TV news. So is he, himself,
telling us that he is a moderate Republican?

To the Right-Wingers, of course, this is not enough. To them he is still a "Commie." This shows
how far the whole political scene has shifted to the right in this country. Too many of the leaders
of our nation (both in government and in private industry) are half-crazed fanatics -- fanatics for
their own personal profit, and to hell with everybody else. This is why our whole nation is in the
mess and chaos we are in.

This is what happens when we have too many sickos in positions of power. We are being ruled
by sickos. What else can be expected to happen to our nation but go down-hill? And we have
been going down-hill for a long time.

These mad hats have got to be stopped. There isn't much time left before total disaster strikes.
We've got to win both houses of Congress in 2014, and the presidency in 2016. Fence-sitting
Democratic candidates will not bring about change. The best they can do is to maintain the status
quo, and prolong the agony we're in. In short, all they can provide is more of the same.

For REAL CHANGE we need more Progressive Democrats in office -- people like Warren, Sanders,
Grayson............... And we've got to win in 2014 and 2016.

I 'd like to hear the views of those Democrats who believe that a "middle-of-the-road" approach
might be wiser, and certainly safer.

How about Nix Son? He was about as crooked and mean as they come.

This is, of course, the most desirable way to get honest elections. But

it's going to take a long, long time to become realized.

In the meantime, there is an easier and faster (temporary) method.
Triple the salaries of the senators and representatives, with the
strict proviso that anyone caught in any corruption practices will, if
proven guilty, have a mandatory minimum sentence of ten years
with no hope of parole. And the court will be made up of a judge
and jury like any other civil court. No members of Congress will
be allowed to take part.

Many people think that our senators and reps. are already being
paid too much. These people don't realize that tripling the salaries
of the members of Congress is peanuts compared to the amount
of money wasted through bribery and corruption (and eventually
must be paid for by the American tax-payer anyway). As far as
money is concerned, doesn't the buck ALWAYS stop with the

And there are only 500 odd members of Congress. If you keep the
ratio of the money involved in mind, the increase in salary will be less
than peanuts -- especially when corruption of congressmen could
really come to a dead stop. This would be a cheap price to pay for
a really honest and efficient government, which will be really of, for
and by the people.

This is only a temporary measure. By all means, continue to work
towards keeping money out of politics altogether.

I don't think one should vote for someone on the basis of the person's having

worked so hard the last time, and having "the entire republican party plotting against him and his family."

We should vote for a candidate for what s/he stands for politically. Hillary is
a middle of the roader. This means more of the same as Obama. This is
something we can no longer afford. We are already half-way down the
sewer drainage into self-destruct as a democratic nation.

We need a REAL CHANGE. Hillary may call herself a liberal or anything she
wants -- she just isn't. We are in dire need of someone who will really try to turn this nation of ours around 180 degrees.

I believe we are closer to disaster than most people would like to admit. And
we just have no more time to dilly-dally around.

My guess is that most of the Dem. senators are too overly cautious.

However, she does have an ally in Independent Sen. Sanders.

Never have I ever seen a majority Dem. senate so intimidated and cowed
into a paralyzed inertia by the mad antics of a half-crazed Repub. senate.
These latter see that their antics are working, so why should they stop?

Here comes Sen. Warren. She sees the situation the way it is, and she is
calling a spade a spade. She may or may not succeed. I think she will, but
it will take time.

Let's all at least back her with moral support.
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