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Member since: Sat Jun 13, 2009, 06:39 PM
Number of posts: 4,395

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I don't know if most Amazon employees are dissatisfied with their pay or not. Do you?

The Biblical name for present-day Iraq was "Mesopotamia." They were the first people

to invent the written language some 6,000 years ago. All the written
languages in the West are derived from the Mesopotamian. Some ten
centuries later the Egyptians developed their script, which wasn't very
efficient and died out. The Chinese developed their written language
at about the same time as the Egyptians did.

I wouldn't exactly say that the British and the French "invented Iraq."
Iraq (or Mesopotamia) was responsible for Western civilization, even
though it is one of the have-not nations today.

It seems quite clear that no nation in history has been Numero Uno
forever. Nations seem to reach the top by turns, and then fade. They
could rise again, of course.

Surprising article by super-rich Nick Hanauer (who recently invested $6.4 billion in Amazon) telling

his fellow super-rich, that the way to avoid civil war and stay rich is by paying employees livable
wages. The results: everybody will be able to afford to buy what they need and want, the rich
will be able to sell more and make greater profits, taxes to help support the homeless and needy
would no longer be necessary, government would become smaller (which is what many super-rich
want) the middle-classes will become re-established, people in general will be more satisfied.

A super-rich has not only come around to our way of thinking at DU, he is also doing his best
to convince his fellow super-rich of the validity of his presentation. Can you imagine that!!

This is a fairly long article.


I've read Colin Powell's autobiography a long time ago. This is my personal opinion: Bush, Sr.

had played a big role in Powell's promotion to general, as well as doing him other favors.
Powell probably felt a personal debt of gratitude to Bush, Sr. When Bush, Jr. became
president, Powell possibly tried to repay that debt to the father through working for the
son as Secretary of State, when Junior offered him the job.

Maybe he really believed the falsified documents of Saddam Hussein's having had WMD,
and then again maybe he believed them because he WANTED to believe them.

Bush, Jr. is a jinx. Whatever and whomever he touched he turned into a disaster. Powell
had such a great career -- he became a national hero after the Persian Gulf War. If he
had run against Clinton in 1992, he probably would have won the presidency. But then,
he would have had to run against Bush, Sr. during the Republican primaries -- something
he would never allow himself to do.

I can just imagine his present regret at having accepted Junior's offer of the job. How
great must be his regret at not having stayed retired. Junior just made use of him because
of his name. And the result? The national hero has now become a villain. I don't think
he is a villain. In 2008 he voted for and supported Obama. His was a great career
destroyed by that jinx Bush, Jr.

I think there are some of both types among us. Some are DINO and have

values more like those of the GOP.

Former CIA bigwig predicts an "open-source revolution" is coming and the 1% is bound to lose. He

ought to know what he is talking about. A fairly long article, but it gives a good
deal of interesting info:


"Obama set the bar so high that everyone else looks boring in comparison." I think

Elizabeth Warren will be far more successful at dragging America out of the
gutter than Barack Obama has been doing so far. I think she would do far
more for the good of all Americans. I find her far more exciting.

Thanks for the info. Am glad to know that there is no tme limit. It would also be

a waste of time to do it now, since the GOP is controlling the House. It might
be worthwhile to do it when Dems. will have the control of both Houses.

Is it too late for Obama to change his mind about prosecuting war criminals?

I just saw on MSNBC-TV "Jansing" that Cantor lost to Brat by a large margin, in spite of having

outraised Brat by 26 to 1 !!!!

This shows that money - although very important - isn't the only thing that counts!

I believe the most important thing that counts is getting the people out to vote. And
this involves a whole lot of different kinds of work -- of which raising money is only one!

To win in November 2014, we should concentrate on getting more Democrats out to vote!
And after that we can concentrate on 2016. But Nov. 2014 should come first!

And we can do it. We can beat the Pubs in spite of their Koch money.
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