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Member since: Sat Jun 13, 2009, 06:39 PM
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By now just about everybody knows about the Dem. Establishment's Rigged Elections. It's not

simply an occasional local happening, it covers all 50 states, plus the Territories. It is nationwide!
Does anybody still doubt what happened in Arizona, Nevada, and now Wyoming?

What are the Sanders people doing about Wyoming, Arizona, Nevada? The Dem. Establishment
does the vote-counting, and the Dem. Establishment people are apparently beholden to Clinton.
I don't doubt that, if it weren't for the voter and election frauds, Sanders would be winning by
even larger percentages in many states.

From their behavior, it has become obvious that Third Way Democrats are more like Republicans
than Democrats.

Bernie and his supporters have got to fight back, and with vigor. I think we ought to demand
a re-election in all those states where there is proof of election or voter fraud.

This bullshit has got to stop, and the practitioners of fraud brought to court. Anything less than
this, and they will just continue their fraudulent practices, and they will "WIN."

Large numbers of members of both the Democratic and Republican parties are becoming aware

that their Establishment Party people have become mesmerized by, and fallen prey to, the
temptations of the corrupt Corporate Power (also known as "Wall Street") people. There is a heavy
price being paid for this, of course; and among them is the loss of freedom -- they must follow the
dictates of Wall Street.

After 3+ decades of the above, with the noose of Wall Street getting ever tighter around their necks,
these members can't take it any more. But their Party Establishment leaders refuse to change. They
prefer to maintain the status quo, because the profit in it for them is too enticing and irresistible.

Many members of both Parties have had it. Enough is enough. And they are leaving their Parties
by the droves. Some statisticians lump these into the general category of "Independents," and this
unaffiliated group of people have become the largest - bigger by far than either of the two major

Others have also benefitted from these discontented former major party members -- the sub-groups
within the major parties: (a) the Progressive Democrats led by Bernie Sanders, and (b) the nominally
Republican group led by the quite independent and totally erratic Donald Trump. One never knows
what he will say or do next - not even he, himself. He is the beloved favorite of the Tea Partiers.

Right now I see 6 major political factions:

1. The Corporate Power (or "Wall Street"). They have done very well in controlling much of the nation
through bribery and corruption. They have a strong foothold in both the Republican and Democratic
Party Establishments.

2. The Republican Party Establishment.

3. The sub-group of the Republican Party led by Donald Trump.

4. The Democratic Party Establishment.

5. The Progressive Democrats led by Bernie Sanders.

6. The Independents.

Our present national situation: We are in the gutter - politically, economically and morally. The GDP has
risen lately, but most of the wealth has been systematically going into the pockets of the Super-rich,
also known briefly as the "1%." Actually it's closer to 0.1 percent. The lower 90% is earning less per
year, even though the cost of living is rising. The middle-class is slowly being killed off, and the ranks
of the poor are increasing, and some of them are dying slowly from want.

Corporate Power people operate mainly by pulling strings from behind the scenes. They are the cause
of maintaining the flow of wealth into the pockets of the relatively few Super-rich.

Both Republican and Democratic Establishment leaders agree with the Corporate Power people (with
some minor differences in degree), and do their best to help them maintain the status quo.

Progressives, Donald Trump, and Independents largely disagree with the above three. They want
change, although the changes they want are not necessarily the same. And some are not sure of what
changes they want.

Corporations have the wealth. The three last-mentioned groups have the numbers.

We must bear in mind that the middle-classes form the back-bone of any nation. When there are too
few of them, the nation begins to fall. There are two main classes of what might be described as "work,"
a. Services. b. production of materials. The middle-classes are the ones who produce the work as well
as the ideas for producing new materials and services.

Corporate people produce no work of their own. What they do is to manipulate money, and the new ideas
they produce is making sure how to manipulate that money so that most of it will end up in their own
pockets -- and if the majority will have to suffer and some of them will have to die, so be it! As long as
they can make the profits - and with the profits come their power - the power of bribery and corruption.
It's the only thing that matters to them.

After decades of our going down the drain, things are coming to a head. The majority of the people
can't take this "status quo" any longer. They want change. But the Corporate Power people and their
followers are doing what they can to maintain the "status quo." Many of their top leaders are sociopaths,
and sociopaths are incapable of change.

I think we are now at a stage, where something has got to give. And how things will turn out is anybody's
guess. Just take a look at the 6 political factions mentioned above. They could make things very complicated,
couldn't they? Whether we like it or not, I believe change is coming. Too many of the people are sick and
tired of the "status quo." Some are even dying. It's only a question of time.

Here's a summary on "Sociopathy" from one of my earliest posts:


I care about both. Cheating shouldn't be happening at all. It shouldn't even be a problem.

The behavior of Republican-lites does remind me of that of Republican-heavies.

Petition to do a Revote of the Arizona Dem. Primaries because of voter suppression has been made

100,000 petitions are needed by April 21. This number has already been surpassed - 101,651.
Let's see how it will turn out.


Young man, many thanks for this post. With your intelligence and capacity for hard work, I

believe a great future lies ahead of you.

You seem to use a good deal of name-calling and sloganeering, and

avoid talking about the facts with evidence Fourscore has presented.
This is so typical of the very Right-Wingers you are criticizing.

This 22-year-old young man is taking a double-major in college, and still finds time to

take a stab at investigative journalism on his own. I wonder how he finds the time to
do all that. He has to be an awfully fast learner. My admiration goes out to him.

There are lawyers and lawyers. The lefties have very differenr political views from the right-


Howdy, there! This Internet has really made it easier to communicate, regardless

of any distance. I still look upon the computer with admiration, if not awe, and
think of of it as a miracle.
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