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Member since: Sat Jun 13, 2009, 06:39 PM
Number of posts: 4,334

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Does he hope to make the Conservatives less angry at him in this way? Fat hopes! They

are continuing in their attempts to destroy him and the Democratic Party -- with impeachment,
no less.

Obama hasn't the faintest idea of how to deal with sociopaths. Why doesn't he consult with
some prominent mental health professionals who have a great deal of expertise on sociopaths?
He might learn something.

I'm sure you've read of dolphins and whales rushing themselves out of the ocean

to lie helplessly and die slowly on land. They commit mass suicide because
they are being driven crazy by the noise of the experiments we are carrying
out at sea. We create havoc not only to our fellow-men, we also do the
same thing to animals. Human beings! What lovely creatures!!!

I agree with you. Is Obama still appeasing the Conservatives? They will gladly

help to poison our atmosphere while making huge profits, and also continue to spit
in his face. They probably have noticed that the more they put him down, the more
he is likely to appease them. Oh, well, I give up!

This is what many people don't seem to understand. Sociopaths are like that. Their

consciences have been arrested at the developmental stage of a small child. . . . Nothing
bothers them -- not lying, not cheating, not manipulating others for their own profit, not
stealing, not causing the death of others ... you name it.

Sociopaths are interested only in profit and having power over others. There is no feeling of
guilt in them, however much harm they may cause others -- not even causing their deaths.
And they are extremely ambitious. They succeed in their ambitions more than most, because
they are not inhibited by having second thoughts about harming others on their way up the
ladder of success.

The number of sociopaths (people with anti-social personalities) in the general population is
between 2 and 4 percent. That number is considerably higher among top corporate
executives as well as political leaders. In my opinion concerning politicians, there are more
of them among Republicans than among Democrats -- not only in numbers but also in the
degree of the severity of their viciousness.

With too many sociopaths in power, there will always be conflicts and wars. They can't help
being the way they are, and nothing seems to be able to change them. Their behavior can
be influenced by the fear of punishment, yes. They will avoid doing certain things when they
know that such behavior would land them in jail, for instance. But this is not real change.
In their minds they still feel that what they'd like to do is not wrong, but they wouldn't want to
serve a jail sentence for it.

I think Nancy Pelosi and Obama never understood this point about sociopaths: Appeasing
them only increases their appetites. What they respect is force. They respect the big stick.
They are like the rest of us in this respect: They don't want to be hurt, even though
sociopaths might enjoy hurting others. I think if Pelosi had proceeded with impeachment against
Bush, the Conservatives wouldn't have been so daringly open with their misdeeds today. It
wouldn't have made too much difference, even if Bush should have been pronounced "Not Guilty."
The amount of the dirt that would have been revealed with the public hearings of the impeachment
would have made a profound impression not only on the American people, but also upon the
sociopathic leaders. This alone would have made a very big difference. Of course, in time people
do forget. So, let some future highly-positioned sociopath be impeached again.

You are right. In order for the Dem. president to become effective in what s/he does in 2017, s/he

needs both Houses of Congress beginning in 2015. And to do this, we need Democrats
to vote en masse in Nov., 2014. If we don't do this, we'll have only ourselves to blame.

Uh-oh! Most Republicans have guns, many Democrats don't. :)

Alternet: "Most Republicans think Jesus would denounce Universal Healthcare." How is it possible

that so many could have become brain-washed to this extent, or are these masses
mainly made up of those with lower intelligence?


Certainly you should take her past in view, but what is of main importance is to look

at what she has done the past 5 years, and what she stands for today. She has been
a Democrat for 20 years. Her record is open for all to see.

That would be nice. I would like

people like Sanders, Grayson, etc. I hope Warren would run too, but that's not likely.

Yes, O'Malley is definitely left of center, and he is also a doer, not merely an ideologue. I'd

pick him over Hillary any day, although I'd vote for her if there is no one to oppose her.
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