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Member since: Sat Jun 13, 2009, 06:39 PM
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Trump, though nominally a Republican, is independent of the greater evil, (Corporate

America) , and both the Democratic and Republican Establishments are under Corporate control.

She is for maintaining the status quo. This means maintaining the slow death.

Corporate America is slowly bringing total destruction to our nation. And Sanders is making a try
at defanging the monster! What an incredibly huge undertaking!! Someone has to begin this
mission. Sanders is it. My hat off to his integrity, courage and daring!!

The chances look slim now, but I haven't given up hope that Sanders would somehow still win.
Trump is certainly no bargain. I don't think he'd stay too long on the political scene, even if he
should win the presidency. He has no business in being in politics at all.

You've given the main reason why the Democratic Party won't change with your "The Democratic Party

officials and their families are awash in corporate cash and want the gravy train to continue."

Both the Republican and Democratic Establishments have come under the corrupting
influence and domination of the Corporatists -- the Republicans since always, and the
Democrats beginning with Reagan.

No, the Democratic Establishment won't change. That's why Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth
Warren have begun their movements to tackle the problem - not just on the surface - but
at its very roots: Break Up Wall Street's death-hold on our nation!

And a huge and gargantuan job it is! I admire them for their courage. These two are the
leaders of the Liberal/Progressive Democrats.

Donald Trump is nominally a Republican, but basically he is his own man. He takes orders
from nobody. Oddly enough, the Republican Establishment is cautiously giving in to him,
after having initially opposed him. They still are opposing him, but very cautiously.

I think one of the reasons for this cautiousness is that Corporatists and their minions,
the Republicans, have gained their tremendous power over our nation mainly through
trickery, bribery and corruption. They have practically BOUGHT THEIR WAY TO POWER.
But this has no influence on Trump. He cannot be bought because has plenty of wealth
of his own. Also it looks like he is the spoilt brat type, and he does things in his own
way only.

The Republican Establishment people are stuck with Trump. The Democratic Establishment
people are dealing with Sanders, but the Democratic Establishment people have the upper
hand at the moment.

Another odd thing is: The majority of Republicans are against Trump, yet he is their
Primary front-runner. The majority of Democrats are for Sanders, but Clinton is our
front-runner. We are all in an odd predicament, indeed!!

We are all keenly watching and waiting to see what further events will develop in the

There are pages listed of her promises if you would look up "DuckDuckGo" and type in

"What Hillary Clinton Promised to do as President."

Many are expecting HRC to break her promises, the important ones at least, should she

win the presidency. But let's also consider the following point: When should
she begin to break them?

1. If she should do it right from the start, too many Democrats will vote for
the Dem. candidate who will be running against her, and her chances of
winning the 2nd term will, in all probability, be considerably reduced.

2. If she is thinking of breaking her promises in the 2nd term, how does
she intend to keep the people waiting that long without giving an answer to
the questions that will surely be raised.

3. It looks like it would be in her best interests to keep her promises -- but then
not really. The Corporate people wouldn't be too happy, would they? And they
are the ones from whom the money and other benefits will be coming!!

4. Perhaps she will say to herself, to hell with the American people, and she'll
try to be satisfied with being a one-term president. I think the possibility is
there that she might be obsessed with being president. And it's very difficult,
if not impossible, to do away with an obsession.

Oy, Veh!!! Life is not easy for anyone - is it?

We will all benefit. Bernie is trying to bring real change to this corrupt

system, with honesty, integrity and decency to all Americans -- not
just to the 1% of already wealthy people. When will you remove those
blinkers from your eyes?

No matter how one tries to put down Sanders with propaganda, here are incontrovertible facts from

Real Clear Politics that Sanders is way ahead of Clinton at beating the Republicans:

Sanders beats Trump (April - 1 May) 6 out of 6
Sanders beats Cruz ( " " ) 5 out of 5
Sanders beats Kasich ( " " ) 4 out of 4

Clinton beats Trump ( " " ) 4 out of 6
Clinton beats Cruz ( " " ) 5 out of 5
Clinton LOSES to Kasich ( " " ) 4 out of 4

And this isn't just a one-time affair. It has been so ever since the summer of 2015!!!
The only sure Democratic candidate to beat the Republicans is Sanders. Here is the
undeniable proof!!!


Election Fraud Watch 2016 - Corruption:

This Article, dated 5-15-2016, begins with:

"How US Elections Are Stolen on Rigged Machines," then follows a description of
what had happened in

California (CA will be voting in 3 weeks),
West Virginia,
and New York.

There's a final piece named: "Believe your Eyes: Evidence of Democratic Primary
Elections Fraud."

The entire article is relatively brief, considering the amount of material it covers.
Edited: (Loads of pictures).


What's Really Going On In Our Nation?

The Republican Party is split into:

a. The Republican Establishment. I 've read that they are trying to get some leading
politician to start a "Third Party," but so far there are no takers. Can this mean that
the Corporatists are losing their grip on the Republican Party?

b. Donald Trump is nominally a Republican, but basically he seems to be his own man.
He doesn't take orders from anybody, not even the Corporatists -- but he is now
the Republican nominee for the presidency.

The Democratic Party is also split:

c. The Democratic Establishment. Hillary Clinton is ahead in the presidential race, and
the Democratic Establishment is backing her up all the way. The Corporatists have
both of them under control. So has the Democratic Establishment now taken over the
place that the Republican Establishment used to have?

d. Bernie Sanders is anti-Corporatist and anti-Establishment. He is a Progressive/
Liberal. If he should lose the Primaries, will he join Hillary or not?

The American people in general:

e. All national polls since the summer of 2015 show that Sanders is the favorite of the
American people for president -- he is way ahead of both Clinton and Trump. But it
looks like he will be losing in the Primaries to Clinton, and Sanders won't be able to get
to the General Election.

f. Polls show that Clinton and Trump are the two presidential candidates with the
lowest favorability rating ever in the history of the U.S. The majority of the American
people simply have a highly negative opinion about both of them, yet Trump has
already won the his Party nomination for president, and Clinton will likely win also.
With our present Election System, the will of the people never did count for much.
Edit: And the majority of the American people are totally fed-up with the present
state of affairs.

What could possibly be the out-come of the above mumbo-jumbo mix-up of events?

1. Could the Democratic and Republican Establishments unite and become one?

2. Could Trump and Sanders become leaders of their own supporters and separate
into new Parties -- In which case there would be 3 or even 4 Parties?

3. Could this be the beginning of the end of the Corporatists' death-grip on
our nation?

I am sure there are other possibilities of what might happen. Your guess is as good
as mine -- but CHANGE IS IN THE AIR.

Please see my reply #12 above.

Islam is also 6 centuries younger than Christianity. I think religions also go through

a maturation process, just like people do. The Inquisition was started by Pope Innocent III
around 1230. He wanted to make sure that the people learned the correct Christian teachings.
There already were many deviations from the Catholic Church's points of view at that time.
Pope Innocent III did not order the torture and burning at the stake.

The above horror was begun by the second or third pope after Innocent III. The Inquisition
was officially banned only in 1830 (although the torture and burnings at the stake had stopped
long before then). The Inquisition lasted 6 centuries.

Today, I believe it's the fanatics who are giving Islam a bad name. These fanatics, in my
opinion, are sadistic people to begin with. They are using religion as an excuse to vent their
passions, just as the Christian sadists were doing at the time of the Inquisition. These were
the socio- and psychopaths of that time. The sociopaths of today can be found - for example -
among the Corporate Power people, who are amassing millions and billions for themselves by
hook and by crook, and they couldn't care less about causing the deaths of millions through
Wars for Profit, and the millions of former Middle-Class people whom they have pauperized,
and many of whom are also dying from want and inability to pay for medical care.

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