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Member since: Sat Jun 13, 2009, 06:39 PM
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I agree. Ford was a Republican, and one of THEM. Whatever he did, the profit motive was there. At

least he did raise the wages of some. Other points were also brought up in the Op, f.i., blinded by greed the
corporations are unable to see that their destruction of the American Middle Class is killing the proverbial
geese that are laying their golden eggs for them. This type of behavior is self-destructive - not only for the
Super-Rich - but also for the entire nation.

The Super-Rich of today could learn a few things from Henry Ford:

About a hundred years ago Henry Ford discovered that by increasing the salaries of
his workers, they, too, became able to buy cars - HIS cars. And Ford was able to make
even more money than when his workers were being paid lower wages. This is common
sense: If you make higher wages, you are also able to spend more.

Present-day corporate executives don't seem to be able to understand this simple logic.
They are continuing to keep the wages of their workers low in order to make more profit.
This pushes more and more middle-class people into the poverty level. The super-rich
gain more -- but this is true only up to a certain point. BEYOND THIS POINT, when the
public, in general, is spending less, the Super-Rich will also be earning relatively less,
because too few people will be able to afford the goods and services owned by the
Super-Rich. I think we are at that point right now!

And, by the way, who is doing the work and making the products owned by the Super-Rich?
The Middle Classes, of course! By killing them off, the Super-Rich are also killing off the
geese that are laying the golden eggs.

The greed for money and power blinds the Super-Rich from seeing the above. They have
brought our nation to its present lamentable state of misery. They deny this to themselves,
naturally, and as long as they deny this, they won't change. It takes a Henry Ford to see
where the way to an even lusher fortune lies -- a way that has proven to be better for
everybody. And present-day corporate execs. are no Henry Fords.

Social workers are known for their compassion for those in need. And our nation sure is in

big trouble right now -- thanks to corporate greed. Yes, they make a great twosome!

"A powerful force for good" is right. But the GOP is also a "powerful force" - but it's for evil -

even if they should only control the House. But they have more than that. They also control the
Supreme Court. No matter which way you look at it, Sanders/Warren (or anyone else) will be
having a rough time. There is no escape from it. But the two of them are both game fighters.
They both won't quit.

He, himself, just started to run. What's the rush?

I doubt it that Warren would ever favor Clinton over Sanders, for whatever reason. She

isn't the type to abandon principles for whatever material gain.

The Government uses the Law to Harm People and Shield the Establishment: by Prof. John Kozy

I must say that this question of "Is America Ruled by Psychopaths?" cannot be explained more
clearly than has been done in this article by Prof. Kozy.


Yes, that is possible. About Elizabeth Warren, from watching her these last years, I can't help but

come to the conclusion that she is, indeed, an unusually decent human being. And she wants to
help bring back this nation to its former greatness again. This is something that is rather rare
among politicians. That is what makes her so attractive in the eyes of many people - regardless
of party affiliation. Bernie Sanders is the same way, but he doesn't have that something extra
that she does. I'm for him, too.

I definitely would vote for Hillary Clinton against any Republican, should she win the Democratic

I, too, support both of them.

And don't forget, some time ago a group of millionaire Democrats were urging Elizabeth Warren to

run. They would back her. (If I remember correctly, it was an open letter).
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