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Member since: Sat Jun 13, 2009, 06:39 PM
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"he's the only one who's going to turn this country around". He's the only one who will turn

this country around for THE WORST.

I understand quite a few Brits regretted their vote to get out of the EU. They had

no idea of the consequences of their action. And since the difference is very small
anyway -- only 1.8% higher for those who wanted out than those who wanted to
stay put, couldn't the Brits ask for a second referendum?

It does take a few years for them to be out, officially.

I think Bernie would be wasted as a V-P. He could do a lot more good for the American

Nation as senator.

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Do you know where and when I can get to hear that speech? Thanks.

This is great. I wish many Sanders Democrats are winning elections in all states across

the country, too.

It has always been Sanders' priority to have more Progressives win elections across the
board. That's the only way for a Democratic president to be able to do what s/he wants
to do for the benefit of all Americans.

i see ads for "free" solar panels. Has anyone here had them installed, and are they

really free? If so, would you also name the company that does this? Many thanks.

Whether he succeeds or not in the coming months and perhaps years ahead, Bernie Sanders

will be remembered in history as the one who had done all he could to fight against the
incredible corruption, greed and cruelty of the Big Business Corporations, that had brought
America to her knees into social, economic and political degradation.

I believe the movement started by him and Elizabeth Warren to return America to her
greatness of the post World War II years will be continued by their followers -- long after
the two of them will have retired from the political scene.

Can the Corporatists, who prefer to maintain the present status quo, be made to change?

Democrats and Republicans, especially the younger members, are becoming more and
more dissatisfied with their Establishments, and are joining the Independents by the
droves. Today, the Indies number 43%, Dem. 30% and Rep. 26%. It won't be long
before the Indies alone will have reached 51%, and will outnumber the Dems. and
the Reps. combined.


What are these mostly younger people dissatisfied about? To put it very briefly, more
and more of them are becoming aware of the fact that the American people have been
robbed for decades, and are continuing to be robbed today, by the Corporatist top
wealthiest 0.1% of the population, who have gained control not only of the economy
of the nation, but also of its politics. They have bribed and bought their way, so that
too many corrupted people are holding top positions not only in the business world,
but also in government. These latter politicians make laws that favor the Super-rich. So,
how can the Corporatists lose?

How can the Corporatists lose?

I already see the first important step: The large numbers in recent years, especially
of the younger people mentioned above, consistently leaving their Parties in disgust.
They have suffered intensely from the unending greed and corruption of the
Corporatists. And these younger people are the future of our nation! You can be sure
they will see to it, that their children will not suffer the disadvantages that they have
gone through.

Corporatists will do their best to see that the status quo remains, of course. Maybe
some of their wiser and less sociopathic ones will begin to have second thoughts
about continuing in their present greedy ways -- especially when the number of
Independents will have reached the 51% mentioned above. I don't think it will take
very long for the Indies to outnumber the Dems. and Reps. combined.

Something will have to give! Right? Yes, I see change coming -- unless, God forbid!,
a total dictatorship will have already taken over our nation. Then that's another story!

Does the Dem. Establishment have an unconscious death-wish for its own party?

Bernie is the only Democratic candidate who can beat Trump. He is the only one who
consistently has a positive favorability rating with the American people since the
summer of 2015. Both Trump and Hillary consistently show negative favorability
ratings. The American people want Bernie for president, but the Democratic
Establishment prefers its favorite , Hillary, in spite of the above. They and the DNC
helped Hillary to win the Primaries with their dirty tricks -- and they had the help of
the Corporate news media to boot.

This is the big issue of what is wrong with America today: The will of the majority no
longer means anything. That's why people are leaving both parties by the millions.
The number of Independents far outnumber either major party, and their numbers
are growing by the day.

I can see change coming in the not-too-distant future -- Big Change. At this rate,
what else can it be but that something is going to have to give? I wish I could know
in advance in what direction things will change -- but with the situation as it is, the
number of different ways are too many.

One guess is: Are the Democratic Establishment elites going to overtly join up with
the Corporate elites some day? This is highly unlikly. Corporate elites have always
preferred to work from behind the scenes, while protecting their powerful influence
in both Parties at the same time.

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