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Member since: Sat Jun 13, 2009, 05:39 PM
Number of posts: 6,018

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And does it make a difference? She is denying any connection with Wall Street. Do you believe that?

The difference between Third-Way Democrats and a Progressive Democrat like Bernie

Sanders: Bernie has stressed that he cannot be bought by the Corporate Power people.
He is not for sale. During his entire political life, he has never taken a single penny from
any of them.

I think the reason Bernie has not joined either of the two main parties is because he
had always known that not only the Republicans, but also many Democrats are on the
take, and, as a result, have come under the influence of the Corporate people. I also
believe that the reason he joined the Democratic Party just before running for president
is that he did not wish to cause a split in the Party, which would have been the case had
he chosen to run as an Independent.

In the last (5th) Democratic Primary debate, Hillary Clinton was trying to claim that she
was independent of Wall Street. I think many people will find it hard to believe this,
since she did receive large sums of money from them. Of course her fans are with her.
Some of them, possibly, are Third-Way Democrats themselves.

If we elect another Third-Way Democrat as president, we'll be getting more of the same.
Most of us Democrats, and even quite a few Republicans, are sick and tired to death of
the status quo. We've had it up to our necks. Enough is enough. Bernie is the person to
elect -- he is definitely fighting the corrupting influence of Wall Street, and Elizabeth Warren
will be right there, fighting along with him.

Does this sound too good to be true?: Unlimited energy from simple grains of sand. This energy can

be used for anything and in any way: driving a car, lighting up your home.....etc..... and this is
especially good for the consumer - it's supposed to be dirt cheap.

Are our energy problems over, or is this a hoax?


Iowa: Sanders calls for raw vote count amid reports of voter fraud and missing votes:

One official said that the vote results were not obtained from the campaigns but from the chairs
of the precincts. There were also other irregularities.


I think Bernie's proposed system would, indeed, make us pay less, not more, .....

It's very likely that what we save with Bernie's Universal Health insurance system will more
than compensate for the rise in taxes for the Middle Classes. The average family is
paying $6,000+ for health care today. Under Bernie's system, the average Middle Class
family will be paying $600+. This means a savings of $5,000+ per year. The rise
in income tax for the average family certainly will be a lot less than $5,000.

Bernie is correct. There is nothing to fear. Under his plan Americans will be paying less.

It's time for the corporate-dominated and corrupt DNC Establishment to be replaced.

By hook and by crook they are slowly changing us into Republicans. And we are more
than half-way there! We must reverse the flow! How can it be done?

What you say is very true. But DWS started this, and Bernie couldn't do anything else but reply,

without losing his cause altogether. It would have been fatal for him to play the role of the

I also think it's only sensible for him to continue seeing this case through in court, so there
will be no future repetitions of DWS's nonsense. I admire Bernie's judgment and thoroughness.

And, in addition, how often would the innocent party agree to make amends to the guilty one by

agreeing to reinstate the former state of affairs? Does this even make sense?

What a thoughtful, considerate and gentle post! Thank you.

It's looking like that DSW's ambition is bigger than her common sense and judgment.

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