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Member since: Sat Jun 13, 2009, 06:39 PM
Number of posts: 4,643

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Yes. I've long noticed the political apathy Americans are experiencing, and I'd say Democrats seem

to be more apathetic than the Republicans. General ignorance plays a big role. Many people
think that mid-term elections don't matter. Probably more will vote in 2016.

I think Fox News (among others) are doing their best to re-write history. You are correct, the

psychopathic billionaires are deliberately destroying democracy in our nation in order to
change it into a Fascist Oligarchy -- with themselves as the lords and masters, and the rest
of the people will be their serfs and slaves.

You are correct. As long as the Republicans continue to own 90% of the news media, they will

be the dominant ones in deciding what news Americans will hear or will not hear. If Democrats
do not begin to join together and combine their resources in competing with the Republican news
media on a grand scale, the Republicans will always have the advantage in keeping the American
public ignorant and voting for the Republicans.

And some Democrats are by nature a rather apathetic lot - to their own detriment.

That is the purpose of our corporate media - to keep the people dumb - so that the psychopathic

corporate leaders can have a free hand in robbing the people and do with them as they wish.
Psychopaths have been planning this for a long, long time, and they have succeeded, and are
now reaping their reward.

It will be a monumental task to slow them down. They've had such a huge head-start!

E. Warren, "Enough is enough," when Obama appointed another banker Antonio Weiss as Under Sec'y to

the Treasury. Weiss was heavily involved in helping firms to move overseas in order to avoid paying taxes.
Warren is the only one who has spoken out against the large numbers of Wall Street people appointed by
Obama into the Treasury as well as other government departments.

We need more people in government with the courage she has. We're having too many spineless showcases
in recent years. No wonder our country is falling apart.


With so many psychopaths holding top positions both in government and private industry, and

for such a long period of time, what else can one expect but total corruption and degeneration from top to bottom,
and from inside out. This is the situation we are now in.

Our whole country needs to be overhauled - from top to bottom, and from inside out. This job is going to take a
long, long time. And the chance for it to begin isn't even anywhere in sight. We are still going furt!er downhill.

And this from a former Israeli law chief, no less. This is a person with guts! I'm all with him.

This is all the more reason why DUers should support the idea of trying to

get wealthy Dems. known for their philanthropy to fund an independent source
of news in the thread further down this same page, "Americans are Half Starved
to Death for a Source of News that is Truly Independent from...."

Who Controls our Government? The Psychopathic Corporate Elites of America. This is a very thorough

article written by two authors, one of whom is a psychoanalyst who has treated many
Wall Street CEOs over the years. Highly interesting reading!


Whom shall I believe - you or Mother Jones? Probably both? Maybe you both could double-check, and

also check the reasons for Franken's having done what he did.
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