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Member since: Sat Jun 13, 2009, 06:39 PM
Number of posts: 5,077

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Believe it or not, the Pope's powers are quite limited. There are many things he

cannot touch: the area of doctrines, for example. To make any changes there
he'd have to get the whole Church involved. It would be comparable to making
changes in our Constitution of the United States. He can't simply dictate it all
on his own.

That would have been a lazy man's approach. Pope Francis, I believe, is one who

sincerely believes that his church needs real change - and very badly. He is thorough in whatever
he does. Two years ago he hit the ground running, and hasn't stopped since.

You can believe that this Pope is wise enough to have consulted with

the appropriate scientists before making such a statement.. There are
universities run by Catholic priests in Italy, too. This has nothing to do
with Catholic Church doctrine.

You really don't think that the Pope does not consult with his science experts

before he makes such a statement, do you? There are universities run by Catholic
priests throughout the world, including Notre Dame and Georgetown here in the US.

Another way is to make the toe nail thinner. This can easily be done by using a file. (Be sure

not to make the nail too thin, though. You could hurt your toe). Then use your regular nail clipper.

"Why don't the Poor Rise UP?" Because the Multinational Corporations have been well prepared for

this -- their moment of triumph that's right around the corner. Their Wall Street is raking in profits
by the trillions at the expense of the rest of the nation, and the 90%-Main-Stream-Media owned
by them keeps much of the general population misinformed and misguided about their dirty and
crooked deals.

Then there is the police dep't which has been militarized from coast to coast. Whose side do
you think they will take, if there should be an "uprising by the people?" Will the police be for the
Multinational Corporations or will they be for the people? For an answer, all we need to do is to
look back to 2011 when a large group of non-violent Occupy Wall Streeters (OWS) sat peacefully
in protest at a park nearby to Manhattan's Wall Street. The police, nevertheless, tear-gassed
them, etc., and they were hauled off to jail -- even though the OWS protesters didn't raise a
finger to threaten the police. That was 4 years ago. OWS is still alive today, but very much

I think November, 2016 will be crucial. If Progressive Democrats should win the Presidency
and Congress at that time, the long, slow and difficult process of removing some of the Multinational
Corporate Power will begin. OWS may play its role again. And it will be an uphill battle - all the way.

But if the Multinational Corporations should win in 2016 -- God help us!!

And people love their delusions - racial or any other kind. One would only rouse their

angry indignation, if their delusions are questioned or disturbed in any way.

It seems clear to me that most supporters of Sanders here at DU would support Clinton, if

she should happen to win in the Primaries. I certainly wouldn't want to see a Republican
win the Presidency in 2016. I was wandering if most supporters of Clinton would do the
same for Sanders, if he should win in the Primaries. Has this latter point ever been
brought up here?

Bernie Sanders' Caring about people seems to have remained steady and consistent

since his days as a young mayor of Burlington, VT in the 1980s. His standing up
for less fortunate people has never changed. Below is quite an article:


Just imagine, if Dems. should win the Presidency, Senate and House, with Sanders,

Warren and Grayson holding the top position in each branch respectively. This is
wishful thinking, of course, but if it should happen, I believe most of the national
problems plaguing us now would be solved within 8 years.
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