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Member since: Sat Jun 13, 2009, 06:39 PM
Number of posts: 4,398

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I fully agree with what you say. We'll have to deal with 2014 first. We really have

to get Democrats voting in huge numbers both in 2014 and 2016.

But back to middle-of-the-roaders. Obama did have both Houses of
Congress during his first two years, correct? I think Hillary and Eric
would do the same and maintain the status quo. Our nation can't
take this any longer. It would be disastrous.

Obama already is president. Holder is not, at least, not yet. I would vote for Obama for

a third term or Holder for his first against any Republican -- as the lesser of two evils.
But I'd vote for a real Progressive Democrat during the primaries. I see middle-of-the-road
Democratic candidates as delaying the coming disaster a little bit longer. But they are not
capable of making any real change.

You are correct, "quislingly" would be an adverb, but "Quislingry" is a noun, as in your

"Quislingry masquerading as a compromise." Ask yourself the question, Who or What
is masquerading as a compromise? Answer: Quislingry is. It's an abstract noun,
of course. We all make mistakes, don't we? I do, too

Yes, I also wonder how much mistreatment is going on in some prisons, where

inmates are treated miserably, and they can do nothing about it. This would be a
a job attractive to sadists, who would be able to inflict pain on the helpless and
get away with it. What a place this world of ours is!

How effective are writing Congress and peaceful protests at changing things for our nation?

When laws favorable mainly to the corporations and at the expense of the middle-
class are enacted, the members of Congress are doing so only because enough
of them have been bought and are just doing what corporate leaders are telling
them to do. Corporations have been practically successful in making bribery,
which is a crime, legal. Anything pronounced unconstitutional in a lower court
could eventually be brought up to the US Supreme Court, where the 5 Right-Wing
Justices could have the decision changed.

The militarization of our police departments across the nation is very likely also
being supported by corporate leaders, if it wasn't their idea altogether right from
the start. This makes peaceful protest, which is part of our Constitutional right of
free speech, much more difficult -- if not impossible. Aren't the police also more
on the side of the Corporations? This became quite noticeable ever since
September, 2011, when Occupy Wall Street made its first protests in N.Y.C.

While writing to Congress is of some use, and peaceful protests do allow a larger
number of our citizens to become aware of what's really going on in our nation,
haven't these efforts been out-gunned and rendered ineffective much of the time
by the Corporate leaders?

To be really effective, I think, in addition to the above traditional methods, we
should also be directly targeting those who are doing things harmful to the American
people whenever it occurs (such as over-pricing the cost of commodities),
explaining what has occurred, and giving the names of companies and even naming
individuals, wherever possible - with evidence!

And spreading this information far and wide - long, loud and clear! I think Liberals
mostly have been too passive. It's exactly at this time now that we need to be more
aggressive, if we want to see change strongly enough.

The general idea is to bring out into the open and expose those companies and
individuals who are the real culprits and are responsible for harming our people and
bringing down our nation for their own personal profit, but are clever enough to be
always pulling the strings from behind the scenes - and getting away with it - time
after time, after time.

The point is that so many of us are misinformed. And when more of us do become
sufficiently informed, there will be fewer who would vote for Right-Wingers. Right-
Wingers are THE PROBLEM.

To be successful in the above, I believe it would require the combined efforts and close
coordination of people with expertise in law and the business world. I am neither a
lawyer nor a businessman. I wonder if there are some of these among our DU
members who feel strongly enough about our present hellish national situation, and
would be willing to start such a move.

And new ideas are always welcome.

Hey DUers: Kelly Westlund has joined DU. She's running to unseat Tea Partier Sean Duffy, Wisconsin

7th Congressional District. She is a Progressive Democrat. She has no Big Money behind her
and depends on grassroots support to beat Sean Duffy. Let's give her all the support we

Her message is in "Politics" under the title of "Intro Democratic Candidate Kelly Westlund."

Please kick this message as often as necessary to get Kelly Westlund as much visibility as
possible. Many thanks.

A hearty Welcome to DU! Would you also please include your regular postal address? There

are a few people like me who have stopped using credit cards and wish to donate
by regular check.

And the best of luck!

NY Post is owned by News Corp, which is owned by Rupert Murdoch. What can one expect?

How do you think his opening up of the Eastern Seaboard to oil drilling will affect Obama's

job-approval rating among his fellow-Democrats?

Some people say that Obama might open up the Eastern Seaboard to Big Oil. Let's

see whether or not this will happen.
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