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Member since: Sat Jun 13, 2009, 06:39 PM
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Yep, so would I. Warren and Sanders are like two peas in a pod. I am glad

at least one of them is running.

I didn't either. In fact, I didn't want her to run for any office at all -- not even

for dogcatcher. But I would have loved to vote for Elizabeth Warren as president.

Nobody denies that racism exists here, yet Obama was elected president. I think the

same applies to sexism. It exists with many, but that is not the main reason why
Clinton lost her bid for the presidency in 2008. My opinion is that Clinton carries
too much political baggage, plus her Middle-of-the-Road political views...etc...

So, I believe sexism can (and does) exist, but it isn't strong enough to prevent a
woman from being elected president. Sexism and electing a female president can
co-exist -- just as racism and electing a black president does.

I am for Sanders, but if Clinton should win the Democratic nomination, I would vote
for her in Nov. 2016.

Yes, it's amazing how many people don't see these as contradictions. Well, when one

has grown up hearing the above all during one's formative years, it becomes engraved
in one's mind and becomes a permanent fixture that's hard (if not impossible) to change.
And the few that do succeed in changing will likely still have to deal with the years of fear
and guilt before they finally find inner peace again.

I guess more of the red states would be having these laws than the blue ones. And it is

exactly the red states that need the most watching and challenging and dealing with
the vote and election frauds.

Am glad that organizations that might be capable of handling the pictures problem are already in

existence. It is good to know. Thanks for the info.

Nadin in Reply #5 just informed that taking pics. in voting booths is not allowed in some states.

It is unfortunate, but not hopeless even in these states, since this ruling may be challenged
(on 1st Amendment grounds).

As for the other states, how does one proceed with the matter if one suspects them of having
committed vote fraud? Do all those picture-takers band together and demand a recount
to see whether or not any of them have been "miscounted?" They have the evidence of how
they had voted with them.

The above also supposes that a group has already been formed functioning as a headquarters
where all parties interested in picture-taking have already registered and may be contacted to
show up with their pictures when needed.

I can see a good deal of preparation for unexpected eventualities is needed.

That's just the point. Too many Americans are apahetic. But Bernie has the ability to

get people interested, even excited and ready to commit. That's one of his strong points.

Yes, I went through parochial school too - all the way. It was never said so openly by

my teachers, but I had the distinct feeling that the implication was that sex, basically,
was evil. It was tolerated by the Church because it was the only way for the continuation
of the human species.

As little as 200 years ago, the Church did not allow the people to have sex on Fridays,
Sundays and another day of the week. Why Fridays? Jesus died on a Friday. Why
Sundays? Possibly because Jesus rose on a Sunday.

So, sex was permitted 4 days a week. This was only for the common people, of course. The
rich and powerful nobility had their mistresses. But the nobility were religious - after a
fashion: They had a chaplain living right on the grounds, just in case the nobleman should
happen to become seriously ill. In such a case the chaplain was right there, so the nobleman
could confess his sins and avoid hell.

I have also read of a case of an 18-year-old young man who joined the priesthood. He was
immediately made an archbishop. And why? His father was a prince. A royal. This happened
during the Middle Ages.

I admire Pope Francis for trying to change some of this. He does have courage. But don't
expect him to make any attempt to change basic Catholic doctrines. He couldn't do that
even if he should want to. And I don't think he would want to. But, for a pope, he is quite
a liberal.

Maybe I am too optimistic, but I am hopeful that during his second term as president,

Bernie could have a Democratic House and a filibuster-proof Senate. Have you noticed
that Democrats don't say much about the Republicans blocking whatever the Dems. are trying
to accomplish? Bernie is different. As president he wouldn't hesitate to see that the
Republicans will get the full blame for whatever they are doing to block any progress.
Everybody will get to hear it - loud, clear, and often. And Elizabeth Warren will be doing
the same thing in the Senate.

More and more Republicans will finally get to know the truth of what their leaders are really
doing to our nation.

Things will be different. The main thing I am worried about is his age. Will he still have the
energy when he is 81 and 82? I wish he had started 10 years sooner. Forty years in
politics and he has no political baggage whatsoever. He doesn't owe anybody a thing. It's
incredible! Bernie is no ordinary man!
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