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Member since: Sat Jun 13, 2009, 06:39 PM
Number of posts: 4,967

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Why is it annoying? Elizabeth Warren is interested in improving the lot of ALL Americans. She

is a US senator, and, as such, she is trying to do what she can to see to it that HRC is doing the same.

The Government uses the Law to Harm People and Shield the Establishment: by Prof. John Kozy

I must say that this question of "Is America Ruled by Psychopaths?" cannot be explained more
clearly than has been done in this article by Prof. Kozy.


Yes, that is possible. About Elizabeth Warren, from watching her these last years, I can't help but

come to the conclusion that she is, indeed, an unusually decent human being. And she wants to
help bring back this nation to its former greatness again. This is something that is rather rare
among politicians. That is what makes her so attractive in the eyes of many people - regardless
of party affiliation. Bernie Sanders is the same way, but he doesn't have that something extra
that she does. I'm for him, too.

I definitely would vote for Hillary Clinton against any Republican, should she win the Democratic

I, too, support both of them.

And don't forget, some time ago a group of millionaire Democrats were urging Elizabeth Warren to

run. They would back her. (If I remember correctly, it was an open letter).

This does not apply to Senators Warren, Sanders....etc... nor does it apply to Progressives and

Liberals, in general.

"Warped," yes. But "Downright comical?" Hardly! I think it's downright dangerous.

For instance: Your quote "... Our military is crumbling.
Obama has your guns and ammo in his crosshairs. ...."

I think this is deliberately planned by the Tea Party leaders, so that their unthinking masses will go out and
get more guns and ammo, and keep them in a safe and well-hidden place. This is long-term planning -- just
in case there should be a serious future conflict between the left and the right. We all know that many leftists
don't own a gun, but most rightists do. Tea Bagger leaders want their followers to be armed to the teeth.
Guess who will win the conflict, if there should be one?

Welcome to DU, Jack!

I agree that the guard shouldn't have let the kid remove the gun from his holster. But the

reasons for having armed guards in an elementary school can be many, and one of them is
to help prevent some crazed gunman from random shooting at the kids, or anyone else.
This has happened in the past, and the last time wasn't very long ago

It is important to prevent crazy people from owning guns, and how can that be done?

You are right. The Swiss do have some peculiarities all their own. In many areas outside of the

large cities, anyone marrying someone from the next town or village is no longer considered as
one of their own, and the couple is treated accordingly. In one small town called "Lenz" (if I
remember the name correctly) this inbreeding had been going on for so long that 20% of the population
was mentally retarded.

I also had a friend who was German-Swiss. His son was working in a bank, and as part of his training
was sent to Geneva for two years. The young man was practically socially ostracized. Was he glad
to come back home after two years!

In general, the French-Swiss didn't care to speak in another language. The German and Italian Swiss,
on the other hand, were mostly multilingual.

I guess we all have some qualities that others might consider as odd.

Can this be really true? "Democrats embrace Citizens United in Defense of Clinton." See below.

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