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Member since: Sat Jun 13, 2009, 06:39 PM
Number of posts: 4,715

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Bernie Sanders to propose bill to break up big banks, he'll be supported by Sherrod Brown. But, i

question if there will be enough time for it to succeed, because the Republicans will
have the majority in the Senate in 2 weeks+. I wish Bernie had thought of this sooner.


Then it would mean that you are making a decision that is and should remain political into

a personal one. We should not be dealing with personal feelings here. We should be
dealing with the idea "Who would do more good and/or less harm to our country, Hillary
or a Republican president?

This should be the main, if not only, reason to influence your vote. To do less would
mean to fall short of your own sense of objectivity and love of country. Please think
of the millions of our fellow-citizens on or near the poverty line, who would have to
continue living in their misery for years longer -- and many of these will not survive.

Please think it over.

Bush, Sr. was president at this time, correct?

I heartily agree. Whether Elizabeth Warren becomes president or not, she is - luckily for us - the

most powerful Democrat in America. She has the integrity, honesty, and courage to point
directly at the wrongs going on in our country, and say what is wrong, and name those who
are committing the wrongs. And in addition, what the right thing to do is.

Sanders and Grayson have also done so, but somehow, Democrats at large have responded
to them not as much as they have to Warren. There is that "something" about her that
inspires and appeals to more people than any other Democratic leader of late. She is
reminiscent of a Kennedy, a Roosevelt.

The Democratic senators recognize it, too. When was the last time that they have created
a new and special leadership role for a junior senator with only two years' experience? I
don't know of any other.

Elizabeth Warren is the right person to come along at the right time to halt the downfall of
our nation into ignominy, and to begin the long and hard climb back on the trail to where we
used to be a nation that was honored and respected worldwide.

She is already doing this right now - and as a senator!!!

I also read that Weiss will most likely not appear before the Senate until next year, and

that the White House is sticking by his nomination, despite the petitions of large numbers
of Democrats to have a non-Wall Streeter nominated for this job. Well, the Republicans
will control the Senate in January. So, we will have another Wall Streeter in the Treasury

Can't help but notice that Pres. Obama can be tough on his own fellow-Democrats, but
gives in more often than not to the Republicans. How come?

If there were more like-minded congressmen who would not only cheer Grayson on, but also take

active part in being Liberals, then success will be in the offing for Liberals.

Aren't most Republicans and many Democrats already working for Corporate America? As the saying

goes: "Who, do you think, is really ruling America?" Aren't they already having many of our government
people in their payroll and telling them what to do? These are the guys and dolls who never run for public
office themselves. They prefer to be behind the scenes, pulling the strings. The public officials jump when
Corporate America tells them to jump. We have already been described as being a totally corrupt nation

I think America reached its height of development during World War II and for the decade after WW II.
Europe was in shambles, and the Marshall Plan helped to rebuild Europe. Other nations over the globe
received our help, too. We were highly regarded the world over.

Probably beginning with Johnson and Nixon, large-scale corruption and crooked ways and means began to
be used more and more often. Corporations have always been trying to corrupt the nation since way back
when. Teddy Roosevelt fought against them, and was partially successful. But they were gaining in power
under the Republican presidents that followed. (Teddy Roosevelt began as a Republican president, but he
eventually quit that Party). FDR came along and pushed them back again. Eisenhower didn't do too much,
but he did warn the nation to "beware the Military-Industrial Complex." Kennedy was assassinated -- he
apparently was too independent, and avoided getting America into wars large-scale, which was what the
MIC wanted. Johnson complied. Then came Nixon.

I believe the corporations have been gaining in political power more and more ever since. I think they will
strike when they find that conditions are right. I do admire their patience and long-term planning abilities in
all areas, both big and small.

For example: The top 5% of the nation own something like 90% of the wealth of the nation today. This took
a long time to achieve, but things are accelerating in the last few decades. They control 90% of the news
media, and are able to lie convincingly to about half of the nation. The Democrats have nothing to compete
with in this area. They've managed to keep a large portion of the American people misinformed and dumbed
down. The quality of our school system has become abysmal. Dumbed-down people are more easily

As for some other areas: (1) I sometimes wonder why have our police departments been militarized - any
ulterior motives in their minds? (2) Why does the National Rifle Association go to such extreme lengths to
try to prevent reasonable laws from being enacted, such as the sale of all kinds of deadly automatic weapons
to civilians - weapons that are never used to hunt animals with? (3) Many Democrats don't own guns. Could
we say the same of Republicans? If it should come to a conflict between the two, who will have the advantage?

Yes, the Republicans have been planning for all of this into extreme lengths and details since a long, long time.
And they never stop planning.

"the planet Earth and not fantasyland is under our feet, and move on." Move on to WHAT? There is

something you don't seem to understand. Many of us think that should the Repubs. take over all three branches
of Government in 2016, this time they would make an all-out push for killing Democracy in our nation, and
installing an Oligarchic Dictatorship in its stead. They did not do so the last time under GW Bush because they
did not think a coup at that time would have been successful. So they bided their time. But today, they are
much stronger than they were 8 years ago.

For the Repubs. to win in 2016, it might very well mean the death of Democracy as we've known it. For the
Third-way to win, death of Democracy in our nation would be delayed for a while. -- hopefully it will be delayed
long enough until future elections would produce a government that will produce REAL change.

I am all for changing right now, because time is not on our side. Elizabeth Warren, in my opinion, is the best
person to do it. If she won't run, I'd be glad to have some other people who are willing to try: Sanders, Franken,
Grayson, Biden, O'Malley......

You probably don't think our Democracy is that close to death. Well, I do. And I don't wish to witness it without
putting up a fight. The best that the Third Way can do is to prolong the death of Democracy in America by a little.
It has shown to be a failure. We need more than the Third Way. We need total change, or our goose will be cooked!

With Elizabeth Warren, the Dem. Party can be in for a serious change - for real, this time:

This is what the vast majority of Democrats really want. We've been waiting so long
that it seemed to be forever. And now suddenly, here is Elizabeth! She definitely is
our best hope! I think this is why her popularity went up as rapidly and fast as a
shooting star.


Why doesn't that old coot simply retire? His sadistic impulses are becoming far too

obvious. People with such impulses shouldn't be judges in the first place - especially
not a Supreme Court Judge.
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