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Member since: Sat Jun 13, 2009, 06:39 PM
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It just occurred to me that this is also a way for lobbyists to secretly photograph or

even video these politicians for possible future blackmail. If they are capable of
bribery, which is a crime, they are also capable of any other type of criminal behavior.

The vast majority of Americans would like to see the super-rich pay at least their

fair share of taxes. Increasing the taxes on the super-rich could be easily accomplished
by removing the loop-holes (a euphemism for "legal cheating"). This is one of the many
big and important items the rich are getting away with.

Another example of a big item would be pollution of the environment, which is not only
creating havoc for human beings, but is also responsible for the extinction of hundreds, if
not thousands, of species of animals. Corporations deny it, of course, but the vast
majority of Americans know they are lying so as to make more profit. They couldn't
care less about human and animal lives, as long as big profits are to be made. Yet
corporations have been always getting their way thus far.

The majority of us know that corporation-led industries are among the most dishonest,
crooked and corrupt of people. They are responsible for our nation's decay and degeneration. The present-day financial inequality of the haves from the have-nots
has increased some ten times in the last 40 years alone.

This makes me wonder, what percentage of Americans really vote Republican during election time, when their lying, crooked ways are known by most Americans? In short,
does any non-Republican know to what degree fraudulent voting is being carried out
by them? We all have heard of some of their dirty tricks during election time:
gerrymandering, Republican-made electronic voting machines, making picture ID-cards
mandatory before one can vote (and which the poor can't afford).....etc. ad infinitum.....

If we add the dirty tricks and the number of false, dishonest votes together, my impression is that the percentage of cheating going on must be enormous. My guess is that they are running, at the very least, into the double-digits

We are dealing with gangsters and Al Capones, and such people should not even be
allowed to run for high office, in the first place.

This has been going on for several decades. What would it take to make a Democrat
mad enough to want to fight back == and fight back effectively against being taken advantage of and having been abused for such a long time?

I sometimes wonder if the Republicans have ever won any general election
honestly in the past 40 years. Yet they are officially winning roughly half the time.

Eric Holder gives Prosecutors 90 Days to File Charges on 2008 Wall Street Collapse. Wow! Finally!

Holder said that he has given his underlings three months to determine whether they can secure indictments against bankers who are widely believed to have committed fraud while issuing, packaging, marketing and selling the residential mortgage backed securities (RMBS) that caused last decade's multi-trillion dollar global financial meltdown.

Holder also stated that he believed prosecutions have not resulted from the 2008 global financial collapse "not for lack of trying."

"These are the kinds of cases that people come to the Justice Department to make," he said. "Young people who want to be assistant US Attorneys in the Southern District of New York, and Eastern District of Virginia and San Francisco live for these cases. The inability to make them, at least at this point, has not been a result of a lack of effort."


5 Reasons why Warren might run,

1.) A formidable progressive challenger to Hillary Clinton doesn't emerge. Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), Vice President Biden and Maryland Gov. Martin O'Malley are often listed as Democratic alternatives to the all-but-declared Clinton candidacy. But none has Warren's star power among the progressive base....................

2.) Donors rally behind Warren. Warren has already proven herself to be a prodigious fundraiser. donors." .................

3.) It's now or never. At 65, Warren is only one year younger than Clinton, even though age concerns tend to be raised more often in the latter’s case. ..........................

4.) The economy dips again. Clinton has been tight-lipped about her 2016 economic pitch, but liberals are hoping she'll offer a plan that would expand Social Security and increase big bank regulations. If she doesn't, they hope a Democratic primary challenger would push her to the left. .......................

5.) Hillary sits it out. If Clinton doesn't run for president, the Democratic field would be wide open and Warren would be a front-runner........................."That’s the beauty of presidential politics, you never know what random plot twist is going to catapult a random candidate into the spotlight," Singer added.


Here are five reasons the left hears "yes" when Warren says "no."

Supporters on the left are moving full-steam ahead with efforts to draft her into the 2016 race, believing it’s only a matter of time before the Massachusetts senator changes her mind — and becomes the populist challenger to Hillary Clinton that they think the party desperately needs.

1.) She hasn't definitively ruled out a presidential run.

2.) She's distancing herself from President Obama.

3.) She hasn't ordered the grass roots groups to shut it down.

4.) Her promotional tour didn’t end after the midterms.

5.) She's remained tight-lipped about Hillary Clinton.


Big Backers of Clinton Foundation found in leaked Swiss Bank files:

According to the Guardian newspaper, which broke the story, on Tuesday:

Leaked files from HSBC’s Swiss banking division reveal the identities of seven donors to the Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton Foundation with accounts in Geneva.

They include Frank Giustra, a Canadian mining magnate and one of the foundation’s biggest financial backers, and Richard Caring, the British retail magnate who, the bank’s internal records show, used his tax-free Geneva account to transfer $1m into the New York-based foundation.

Hillary Clinton has expressed concern over growing economic inequality in the US and is expected to make the issue a cornerstone of her widely anticipated presidential campaign in 2016. However, political observers are increasingly asking whether the former secretary of state’s focus on wealth inequality sits uncomfortably with the close relationships she and her husband have nurtured with some of the world’s richest individuals


The above doesn't look good for Hillary, unless she has a good explanation for it.

This one doesn't seem to have any teeth! :)

Thanks for mentioning "Eeyore Underground." This is the first time I've heard of it. As

individuals, it would be wise of us to accept the present situation and be as happy with
it as we can, since it is already here, and there's nothing we can do about what's
already here.

I'm a believer in the philosophy that when we come across a situation that we find
unpleasant, there are 3 ways we can deal with it. 1. Change it, if we can. 2. Get
away (physically remove oneself) from it, if we cannot change it. 3. Accept it whole-
heartedly, if we can neither change it nor get away from it.

I'm in no way convinced that the present political and economic situation forced upon
us by Corporate America cannot be changed. But this will take time.

In the meantime I should be as happy as I can, of course. This does not necessarily
mean that trying to change the present situation is out of the question. One can do
both at the same time.

The whole of human history has been one of ups, followed by downs, over and over again. I

think one of the main causes of this is that some 2 to 4 percent of the general population is
made up of sociopaths or psychopaths -- just as 1% of us are schizophrenics, 5% are left-
handed....etc.... This is part of nature.

Sociopaths, because of their greed, ambition and lack of conscience, get to the top of the
financial and power ladder more easily most of the time, because they would lie, cheat, steal,
rob and kill-- things that the non-sociopath would hesitate about doing.

The general population will tolerate this until the point is reached when they feel that they
have nothing more to lose, when they realize they have nothing left. This is when steps
towards beginning a revolution are taken.

It always has been this way -- throughout history.

Just google "Psychopaths Rule The World." There are several hundred thousand articles for
you to read. It is an education.

Recently 4 or 5 genes have been identified that are found in psychopaths. But people with
psychopathic behavior have also been found who do not carry those genes. So, the present
theory is that both heredity and environmental influences play a role in the formation of
anti-social personality behavior.

Perhaps some day scientists will learn how to manipulate the genes so that no babies will be
born with them. In the meantime, mental health people can already start showing young
couples good parenting methods. Wouldn't it be nice to be living in the time when there
will be no more wars?

It seems that you could be one of those who sees some pretty flowers around you and immediately

think the world must be okay. You do not see the general trend - the larger picture.
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