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Member since: Sat Jun 13, 2009, 06:39 PM
Number of posts: 4,472

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It's more than "not knowing what democracy means," Republicans are out to destroy democracy,

because they find it profitable to do so. Money (and the power that goes with it) is their god.

You're correct. The Neo-Cons joined the Republican Party some 40+ years ago, worked

their way up the power structure ladder, and managed to kick out the old-time
Republican Establishment to the last man. It was all done quietly. The Neo-Cons
were smart enough to keep the Republican name. The vast majority of those who
vote Republican never knew, to this day, that a coup had taken place. They still
think they are "voting Republican."

I wonder if the Tea Partiers are trying to do the same thing to the Neo-Cons
right now? We know that there is in-fighting going on.

Today, the Republican Party is anything but Republican, but their voting masses
haven't a clue that what they think of as their Party no longer exists.

During the Senate's hearing of the nomination of Clarence Thomas as a candidate justice to the US

Supreme Court, there was a young female lawyer who objected. She accused him
of having sexually harassed her when she was working under him. Many thought
that Thomas would never make it. But he did. As Tuesday Afternoon said, the
cartoon "could be looked upon as a metaphor for "...silencing the woman's voice..."

One interesting point is, Can any Republican get into any high position today without being a

sociopath first?

I, too, got his name wrong the first time. Had to edit it. :)

Or could it be a case of "The Stockholm Syndrome?"

There was no mention of Justice Alito in the cartoon, was there?

I'd like it even better than Warren-Clinton, but on the practical side, how good are the

chances of their winning?

You beat me to it. And so would I. :)

What you say is true, more so in this country where more people can scramble for money by hook and

by crook. And a high percentage of those who make it are socio- or psychopaths, because they will gladly
do unethical things, which the average person would avoid doing. So the chances of psychopaths
succeeding are far greater.
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