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Member since: Sat Jun 13, 2009, 06:39 PM
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What you say is true, more so in this country where more people can scramble for money by hook and

by crook. And a high percentage of those who make it are socio- or psychopaths, because they will gladly
do unethical things, which the average person would avoid doing. So the chances of psychopaths
succeeding are far greater.

I can name a place where the inhabitants were all of the same race, and yet

their society was strictly divided -- by class! Before people from non-white countries
went there, England was, and probably still is, the most class-conscious nation in the
world. At the top was Royalty, then came the High Nobility, then the Low Nobility,
then the Commoners. If you think the Nobility would consider marrying a Commoner,
think again. There will always be rare exceptions, of course. And, my hat off to them!

Today, money plays a big role, even among Commoners. I know an Englishman who
is a retired school-teacher. It would be rare indeed to come across someone more
knowledgeable than he. Not long ago he happened to be among a group who were
well-off financially. Before long the question of money was brought up, and he was
asked why didn't he stay " where he belonged!!!"

One would think that a commoner, who has gone through all that from those "above"
him, would be different. I suppose many are different because they think for them-
selves. But there are many who actively join in the class-system, because deep down
they have accepted it and swallowed it hook, line and sinker. It's in their blood.

The above applies almost everywhere, but, England, I believe, still takes the cake.

Edited addition: For some, there will always be some reason for increasing separation.
If race and class weren't already there, something else will be invented to take their
places. It's the need to feel oneself "better than" the others. People who feel
comfortable and secure about themselves don't have this need.

There is a little known situation about Norway: The original natives there were an

Eskimo-like people, who now live mainly in the far north of Norway,
beyond the Arctic Circle. I think they have been pushed up there
by the Germanic tribes that invaded the area some 2,000 years ago.

The natives keep mostly to themselves. They do come across some
prejudice if they went south "into town" -- so to speak.

You are correct. The Puritans believed in punishment and executions -- beginning with

the way people accused of being witches were treated, back in the 17th Century.
And these were mostly (if not all) whites. So race doesn't play much of a role here.

I agree. Just take a look at the behavior of the Tea Partiers -- how much more primitive and

aggression-prone can anyone get? They are not only proud of their sloppy manners, they
seem to revel in them.

Yes. And especially there should be no such thing as "Private Prisons." It's

a disgrace to our nation. There have been many Hollywood movies showing
American prisons to be brutal and sadistic -- with primitive guards enjoying
making life more miserable for the prisoners. Anyway, this has become our

As far as DNA is concerned, I would think you are more like brothers and sisters.

Let me put it this way: If the Repubs. were to win both Houses and the Presidency in 2016, there

(1) either will be no more elections by 2024, or Americans will have to go through
the motion of phony elections, the way it was under Stalin in the USSR.

(2) In short, a Corporate Fascist Oligarchy will have taken our country over.

Whereas if the Dems. were to win both Houses and the Presidency in 2016, it
depends on the following:

(1) With a middle-of-the-roader as president, the present political trend would continue.
The same old BS, with our country going further down the drain slowly and surely.
Total fascism would be delayed for awhile.

(2) With a Progressive as president, s/he will have a very tough fight ahead to bring
back some democracy to our nation again.

That, I think, would be the difference.

It is a fact that in several European countries, if Bush, Chaney & Co.

ever set foot there, they'd be arrested immediately and sent to The Hague to stand trial
for war crimes. So these countries have already done a lot more about Bush, Chaney
& Co. than we have.

There is only one country in the world I've heard of where the above people have been
tried for war crimes "in absentia" and have been found guilty - Malaysia!

Foreign countries have already done their share. We have done little or nothing. It's
now up to us. Do you think we are up to it?


Your quote is very true, but the relatively few whose "Love of Power" is stronger have

nearly always been on top, because they are more greedy and aggressively ambitious
to get there -- regardless of how many others get hurt or even must die. This has
been so since the beginning of history. It's the few who have always been holding
back the many, and things will change only when these same few somehow evolve
into something better. Who knows when that day will come?
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