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Member since: Sat Jun 13, 2009, 06:39 PM
Number of posts: 4,355

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Who Controls Our Government? The Psychopathic Corporate Elites of America.

This is an excellent article by Richard Gale and Dr. Gary Null. It tells us in some detail about who are the king-makers of
our nation, as well as how they are attempting (through deceit and guile) to control the ways in which the average
Americans live. This is where America is -- politically:

Is it only me or is there something fundamentally flawed with the people who are running our government, including the autocrats, technocrats and bureaucrats who number in the hundreds of thousands. Does it bother you that the Wall Street banks and major corporations, many of our academia and religious institutions and our medical, military and intelligence gathering complexes, Big Pharma and Big Insurance have their needs met at the expense of everyone else? They control our government. We don’t. Instead we fear our government.

They tell us, “Trust us. We know what to do and how to fix all of our crises.” Okay we trust you. They say we are for peace, democracy and freedom. But everywhere we look they are colonizing and militarizing foreign countries with over 960 military bases with a budget of 1.6 trillion going to numerous corporations to keep American imperialism afloat. At the same time, there have been massive home foreclosures, repossessions, for-profit prisons stuffed to the brim with inmates for minor crimes, and the now reappearance of debtor prisons in 27 states. We are graduating students who are functionally illiterate.

They say trust us, unemployment has decreased to 6.7 percent. And we say that the real number is 24 percent due to the millions who no longer receive compensation and have stopped looking for work.

They say lower taxes. We say why don’t you pay what you owe instead of getting accountants to fudge the numbers in order to pay zero tax. They say that the economy is booming and the stock market is reaching record numbers. We say is that because you are loaning to small businesses? Is that because you are helping new companies to jumpstart manufacturing again in the US, or is it because you can go to the fed to be bailed out at zero interest?

They say trust us, we need more law and order. And yet, private banks and corporations have been fined tens of billions of dollars for being serial repeaters crimes and never go to jail. On the other hand the average person gets caught jaywalking and can be thrown into the slammer. ................................


Sorry for not having made things clearer. So, here are the answers to your questions:

M: What does that mean? Sociopaths make up between 2 and 4% of the population.

C: Sociopathy is one of the dozen or so personality disorders listed in "DSM-4" used by mental health people.
There is no official designation of "criminal personality," but "sociopathy" comes pretty close. Some people
use the words "anti-social personality" or "psychopathy" interchangeably with sociopathy.

M: Well, let's see. I mentioned stupid and/or evil, but you seem to have switched that to "sociopaths." I don't have a degree in any of the behavioral sciences. Maybe you don't either.

Either way, I am not exactly sure why we went from stupid and/or evil rwers to sociopaths making up only about 2% of the population. Let's see, Cal33, if I can suss out exactly what you mean and why you may have moved that particular goal post I had set up.

Sociopaths like those at FOX? Like Rove? Like Cheney? Like Rumsfeld? Like Bybee, Yoo, and Gonzo? Like Ryan? Like most of the Republicans in the House and Senate?

Are those the sociopaths whom you mean, Cal 33?

Like the many racists and xenophobes who vote Republican and/or Libertarian and/or Constitution Party?

Are those the sociopaths whom you mean, Cal33?

Sociopaths like the Koch Brothers and Adelson and other big Republican donors who are running breathable air and potable water off the planet?

Are those the sociopaths whom you mean, Cal33?

C: Yes, yes, and yes, Merrily. A high percentage of corporate execs. and top political leaders show sociopathic
behavior -- among Democrats, too. But my guess is that there are more of them among the Republican
leadership, and they have this disorder to a more severe degree.

M: Seems to me that evil and/or stupid right wingers like all of the above make up a lot more than 2% of the rw population.

Wouldn't you agree, Cal33?

C: 2% to 4% refers to the general population. You are right, there is a much higher concentration of them among the top
political leaders and corporate executives. That's where the money and power lies, and these places are what corporate
execs. and politicians are attracted to. This doesn't mean that all of them are sociopaths. And the vast majority of the
Republican masses who follow their leaders certainly are not.

Here's an old 2009 post of mine written in this forum that explains more about sociopaths:

Just type in the space at the top of the page: National Disease: Sociopaths In High Places.

There must be millions of them out there, but they had been kicked out of positions of power by

the Neo-Cons long ago. I hope they are trying to fight and make a come-back.

It is extremely difficult for anyone to move against family tradition (right or wrong). It takes

maturity, intelligence, a willingness to be open-minded, and especially great courage to be
able to question what has been one's model from earliest childhood on. Not many have
been able to achieve what he has done.

My hat off to Edwyn Lyngar!

We probably also lead the world in having the most sociopaths holding the highest

and most important jobs.

Even if this were to be shown in Congress, the Repblicans will probably

come up with a visual of their own (and cooked up by themselves, of course).
And it wouldn't bother them, either.

God also gave them the sun, wind, tides.....etc.....

Those who allow themselves to be fooled by the Conservatives, I suppose. There

are millions of those who continue to vote against their own best interests and
the best interests of their children and grandchildren, and of the nation in
general. "Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do."

A hearty welcome to DU. You'll enjoy yourself here.

And this from a Congress that has only

7% approval from the American people! Congress has become a joke. Does whatever
the Congressmen say or do carry any weight with us American people anymore?

How about Congress suing itself for having done and still doing the worst job in the world?

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