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Member since: Sat Jun 13, 2009, 06:39 PM
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Can this be really true? "Democrats embrace Citizens United in Defense of Clinton." See below.


Some of the religious leaders finally are wising up to him. He is possibly one of

the worst sociopaths to ever become governor. And he is now trying to run for
the presidency. If he should ever succeed, God help our nation!

Hi rbnyc: It's mighty generous of you to wish this post would die. I, on the other hand,

emphatically do not! I believe it is important that your post stays a while longer. It does
help to invite readers to take a calm and deep look into their own minds.

When we feel very strongly for or against some cause, obviously some of the principles and
values felt and held deeply by us have been touched upon. It is exactly these principles and
values that give us a clue as to where we are as human beings. I believe that an occasional
dose of introspection could be a healthy exercise for everyone.

You described this post as "another tired, burnedout anti-Hillary diatribe." Does this also

mean that you don't believe that there is any truth to what the author has said? After all,
opinions should be formed based to a large extent on truth (or lack of it) in the statements
made. Correct?

She backs the system that brought about the economic collapse of 2008, where millions

of Americans lost their homes.....etc..... Just look at the size of the numbers of people
she has helped compared to the ones who have been ruined.

Still, I'd vote for her if she should win the Democratic nomination in 2016. She is preferable
to any Republican, who would be trashing our democracy altogether. Does this reasoning
make any sense to you?

How America Became an Oligarchy. "The Politicians are Put There to give the Impression that We Have

Freedom of Choice. We don't. We have Owners ......." Ellen Brown

Interesting thoughts.


Sure, Hillary Clinton also has good points -- especially when compared to the Republicans.

But now, just consider the magnitude of the negative side of her. Just to mention
one point: She will foster maintaining the present national political reality of having
America ruled by business corporations. The same bribery, corruption, election fraud,
robbing the everyday citizens in order to make the super-rich more super-rich, making
war on small nations for the sake of profit ...etc... all of which, if continued, will event-
ually bring America down to the status of a Third World nation -- where the few rich
have everything, and the rest have little or nothing.

We are already close to reaching that state. Democracy is only half-alive today, and
she will at least keep it that way. A Republican, as president this time, would
probably kill democracy altogether and install in our nation an Oligarchy, which is a
dictatorship. There are some who say that we already are an Oligarchy.

Americans do enjoy many features central to democratic governance, such as regular elections,
freedom of speech and association, and a widespread (if still contested) franchise.


The US is an oligarchy, study concludes - Telegraph☑

The US is an oligarchy, study concludes Report by researchers from Princeton and Northwestern universities suggests that US political system serves special interest organisations, instead of voters


The rest of the advanced nations in the world all do have the single-payer system or

some variation thereof. We are the only exception. What are Democrats here afraid
of? Don't want to make the insurance company execs. angry?

As I have noted earlier, I beieve there are more Progressives in DU than in the general

population. It would nice if there were more Progressives in the general population also,
but I don't think there are.

Our Police Departments have been militarized for some years now - and from coast to coast. It took

many years of planning to have this accomplished. Who might have started all this, and what could
be their purpose behind it?

Well, let's take a look at some recent history: In 2011 Occupy Wall Street began their well-publicized
and peaceful demonstrations in NYC as well as many other cities throughout our country. In spite of
the participants' peaceful and non-resisting behavior, they were hand-cuffed by the hundreds (and
in time, by the thousands) and brought to jail. Most were released in a matter of days. All racial
groups took part in these demonstrations. Eventually they spread into other parts of the world.

Here in the US, the police made it more and more difficult for OWS demonstrations to take place,
until it became well-nigh impossible. Within 2 years OWS just about died out. It had such a promising

What was OWS all about to begin with? They wanted to bring out to public attention the selfish, greedy
and crooked ways the corporate business world was raking in money, and at the expense of the everyday
middle-class American people - most of whom weren't even aware of how their take-home pay was
shrinking steadily, instead of rising.

The question here is, On whose side do you think the police will be, should it ever come to the
situation where there was an actual confrontation between business corporations and everyday
American citizens? Just make a guess.

These days it seems to be happening every week that some new case of a black male unarmed indiv-
idual, but nevertheless had been beaten and/or shot to death by police officers. The officers always
gave the story of having been threatened or attacked, and their stories were accepted and the
case was closed. Then it occurred several times that some passerby having a phone with a video
camera happened to record the scene of the beatings and/or killings. This was clear evidence that
what had actually occurred was quite different from the statements made by the police officers
involved. We have all seen on TV some half dozen police officers jumping on some non-resisting
individual, dragging him down, beating him with their night-sticks, and hand-cuffing him. It's

What could be a reason behind this? Do they want us citizens (the 99%) to know that they have
overwhelming power, and that they are not hesitant about using it?

Well, with our new Attorney General Lynch, we hope the Fed. Gov't will become more actively
involved in appropriate cases. I hope we won't be disappointed.
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