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Member since: Sat Jun 13, 2009, 05:39 PM
Number of posts: 6,984

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Have we now become a Police State?.......................................

The link below is only one among a whole series of articles showing that we
are now living in A POLICE STATE! What was happening in Germany nearly
a hundred years ago under Hitler is taking place here today.

Most of us were unaware that our police departments have already been
militarized from coast to coast, until Sep. 2011, when Occupy Wall Street
began their peaceful protest in the USA. The violence with which the police
treated these non-violent protesters was shocking to most people. Only then
did the realization hit us: Our police are now militarized.

The American people had no say whatsoever in whether or not we wanted to have
our police departments militarized. The American people were not consulted. So,
who authorized a militarized police? What was the reason for its creation? We
already have the strongest military in the world, do we also need a militarized
police force here at home, and, if so, for what purpose?

It must have taken decades to have the police departments of our whole
country militarized. The American people, as stated above, were not consulted.
It had been done secretly. Why the secrecy? Take a guess!!!


For other similar articles, just google: Is USA now a Police State? You will have
millions of articles to read

Warren's suggestion that Wells Fargo CEO Stumpf be criminally investigated got results: Justice Dept

has begun preliminary investigations of Wells Fargo Bank.

Great for Elizabeth Warren! There should be more people like her in the House and
the Senate.

I hope this is just the beginning. God knows our big corporate businesses need
a thorough house-cleaning job -- from top to bottom, and from inside out!


Did you see this on TV yesterday? Warren saying to the CEO of Wells Fargo: The only way to change

Wall Street was to put in jail all those executives guilty of massive fraud.

She is one of those politicians with real guts. Bernie is another. I know
there are others, but who are less well known, or not yet known Deat all.
Main Stream Media keeps doing its best to keep them unknown.

Let's all help to elect more of them. We need more of them by the tons
to bring about integrity and change into this nation of ours!

To do the above we need more Democrats voting Progressives into office.
We also have to use much stronger measures to overcome Republicans
cheating at Election time. Half-way measures won't help at all. They are
cheating now, more than ever.

France just became the first country to ban plastic silverware, plates and

cups. France also made it a requirement by law that supermarkets
must donate unsold food to charities in February (instead of throwing
it away).

I'd bet we'd be among the last ones to have such humanitarian feelings
for the have-nots. The Corporatists have too much power here, and
they have a penchant for making the poor people suffer more.

Added: http://www.truth-out.org/buzzflash/commentary/france-becomes-first-country-to-ban-plastic-silverware-plates-and-cups

The only reason Hillary is winning the Dem. Primaries is because the Dem. Establishment

people are doing their best to help her along with their crooked ways. Perhaps many of them
are in her political debt? She has had so much experience in her long political life - and a lot
of it seems to have been experience of the unpleasant negative type.

The only presidential candidate who is a decent human being and still running is Bernie. I
hope he stays in. If it hadn't been for all the dirty tricks played against him, he would have
easily been the Dem. Front Runner today.

For the above reasons I would like to see Bernie win, even if it should be only at the expense
of Hillary's coming into difficulties - brought on herself by herself - such as the result of her
present FBI investigation, or the exposure of her Goldman Sachs speech, or whatever else.

Yet, if she should win the Dem. Primaries, I would vote for her against any Republican. The
reason is simple - I'd like to help prevent still greater misery and more unnecessary deaths
for the vast majority of the American people by doing what I can to fight the greater evil.

If some find the above crazy, my answer is: These are crazy times. And that is WHAT IS
taking place right now. What else better can one do than play along with it -- until these
times change? No situation on earth is permanent. The life of our planet, itself, is only a
temporary one.

Those who would not vote for Hillary in the GE, have you taken a good look at the Big-Picture?

With all her negatives that have been described here at DU, she would still be a lot better
than any Republican president. For instance, I doubt it that she would nominate a
Republican to the SCOTUS. Yes, there will be no change. She will maintain the present
status quo. Our democracy will remain a half-dead one. But where there is life, there is
hope. We can still hope that the next Progressive president will do the job.

If we elect a Republican president this coming November, I feel that the Corporatists are
ready to kill democracy in our nation altogether, and this time they will make their
Oligarchic Fascists the leaders of our nation. My feeling is that they would have made their
move during Bush Jr.'s presidency, but they decided against it probably because they felt
that they weren't strong enough. And a failure of this magnitude would carry heavy
consequences. Today they are much stronger than they were a decade ago.

An example: Police departments have been militarized in our entire nation from coast to
coast. Few people knew about this until 2011, when Occupy Wall Street began their
peaceful demonstrations. The police cracked down on them brutally and had them jailed,
albeit for a few days only -- not just in NYC, but throughout the country.

Only then did we realize that the militarization of our police departments was already a
fait accompli in 2011. To do something of this order takes a good deal of planning, and
time. This must have taken years to complete.

Whose idea was it? Who did the planning? We already have the strongest and most costly
military in the world, do we really also need a militarized police department at home? And
if so, what is it for? And why such secrecy? Shouldn't the American people also have had
some say in this? If it weren't for the Occupy Wall Street incidents, we might still have
been totally in the dark today.

Sanders still has a chance of winning. I have not given up hope. But if he should lose
the Primaries, I would vote for Clinton. Under these circumstances, odd as it may seem,
she would represent our best hope of preventing the greater of two evils from happening
to our entire nation!

To me, the above is a brief description of what I think is the Big-Picture of the state our
country at this very moment. We are living in highly interesting, but also extremely
dangerous times.

In the meantime, we'll continue to do everything to help Sanders win.

Isn't it odd that Clinton and Trump are the likely winners of the Democratic and

Republican Primaries respectively? The majority of the American people openly
distrust the both of them! Come November, and we might have to choose between
the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea.

We need Election Reforms really badly. We can't go on like this. But this is
what the Republicans want. Republicans have been thriving on chaos -- even though
Trump is backfiring in their faces this time around.

Modern day Republicans don't know how to govern. When in power they inevitably
bring chaos, which the Democrats have to deal with when they get into power. But
too many people don't even see this. I put much of the blame on the 90%
Republican-owned news media's propaganda and lies.

As far as the news media is concerned, the Democrats have nothing to fight back
with. Nor do we seem to be interested in starting one of our own to counteract
the Republican lies with genuine news and the truth that the American people deserve
to know. It can be done. But Democrats are too passive, and I think this passivity
and apathy do play some role in the mess we're in, too.

If it's true that Cruz's wife has a copy of Hillary's Goldman Sachs speech transcript, this is

my guess of what is likely to happen: The Republicans would wait until after the Democratic
Primaries are over before they make public the transcript. It would be highly foolish of them
to publish it in the news right now, since it would be helping Sanders to win -- which is
something they desperately wish to avoid. They know their chances of losing to him are very

All they need to do is to wait until some time after the Democratic Primaries, and Hillary
would have to either stop the race, or resign if she were already president. The
Republicans would be sparing themselves a great deal of trouble.

Bernie and Elizabeth are the leaders of this movement. They are for honesty and integrity in

Government, a Government that is for the entire American people, not just for the
few super-rich. Bernie and Elizabeth stand for reform -- removing the bribery and
corruption of the Corporate Power people -- and replacing them with people of
MORAL principles.

They are the exact opposites of the Tea-Party. The Koch brothers, I understand,
are doing a good deal of the financing of the Tea Party. They are known for their
bribery and corruption.

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