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Gender: Male
Hometown: Detroit Area, MI
Home country: USA
Current location: San Francisco, CA
Member since: Wed Oct 29, 2008, 02:53 PM
Number of posts: 12,803

About Me

Partner, father and liberal Democrat. I am a native Michigander living in San Francisco who is a citizen of the world.

Journal Archives

Mary Matalin, Republican Strategist and Pundit, Changes Political Parties

Mary Matalin, a high-profile political pundit and veteran strategist for the Republican Party, changed her party registration to Libertarian from Republican, she said on Thursday.

But in an interview with Bloomberg Politics, which reported on the switch, she emphasized that her decision was not connected to Donald J. Trump’s being the presumptive Republican presidential nominee.

She described herself as a voter as a “provisional Trump” and a “never Hillary,” referring to the leading Democratic candidate, Hillary Clinton.

Pressed on Thursday about why she switched political parties, Ms. Matalin told Bloomberg Politics that she was a Republican in the “Jeffersonian, Madisonian sense.”

“I’m not a Republican for a party or a person,” she continued. “The Libertarian Party represents those constitutional principles that I agree with.”


TPM: The Electoral Map Is Looking Pretty Darn Good For Clinton Right Now

The Cook Political report is out with its new projections of the electoral map for November's presidential election, and it's is looking better and better for Hillary Clinton.

Cook moved 11 states in Dems' direction Thursday and redefined critical swing states Colorado, Florida, Pennsylvania, Virginia and Wisconsin from being toss-up to lean Democratic. They also moved two congressional districts that allocate electors. In Nebraska's Second, Cook moved the district from solid Republican to tossup. Maine's Second moved from solid Democratic to likely Democratic.

It's early and all is subject to change as Clinton and Donald Trump pivot from the primaries to the general election. But, according to Cook–which analyzed polls and demographic shifts to project their electoral model–the election is moving in Democrats' direction at the moment. Cook also notes that it may not have always gone Clinton's way. Cook writes that Clinton "is very vulnerable and would probably lose to most other Republicans." Trump, however, has far greater deficits as he struggles to pick up support from women and Latino voters.

"With these changes, 190 Electoral Votes are in the Solid Democratic column, 27 are in Likely Democratic and another 87 are in Lean Democratic - enough for a majority," the Cook Political Report team writes.

The Cook Political Report also moved New Mexico from Likely Democratic to Solid Democratic and North Carolina to toss-up. Arizona, Georgia and Indiana remain in the Republican column for now, but were all moved to being less solidly Republican.

Clinton's expanding map could also give down ballot candidates a leg up. In states like Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Colorado, Florida and Arizona where there are competitive Senate races, the Clinton campaign's ground game infrastructure could be a major support system for Democratic senate hopefuls.


Rick Perry says he would join national ticket with Trump

No link yet. I don't know how much worse this ticket can get.

The worst thing about a Trump nomination

The Republicans will lose badly in November and point the finger at Trump instead of themselves for enabling his rise by allowing birthers, racists, homophobes and xenophobes run the place. A country needs more than one sane party to maintain a healthy Democracy. And until their absolute best candidate loses, the GOP will keep running around the room with sharp objects.

Clinton plots swing-state ambush for Trump

In recent days, the Clinton campaign has finalized a series of senior hires around the country, expanded the size of her central swing-state planning team in New York, and hundreds of thousands of dollars have been transferred to strategically important state parties from the Democratic National Committee. She’s also scheduled a series of public speeches and private meetings in states that will be crucial to her general election campaign.

Many of the moves had been in the works since early spring, when campaign officials began the process of hiring swing state operatives and more closely coordinating with state parties — the building blocks of the fall campaign’s field organizing infrastructure.

According to operatives and elected officials in eight battleground states, the switch flipped after Clinton’s 16-point win in New York last month — and Trump’s own romp there. In the days after that April 19 victory, some of Clinton’s state directors — who had previously operated only informally and without the campaign’s imprimatur — started meeting with local political leaders and planning the fall fight.

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Can we all agree this would not be a change for the better?

From this: Sasha and Malia Obama

To this: Donald Trump, Jr.

"I love winning with women."

That's going to come back and bite him.

RNC Chair Rinse Penis just called Trump their nominee.

This election is over.

You know what's so pathetic about Cruz dropping out?

He JUST spent money on those ridiculous Cruz/Fiorina '16 signs.

Holy crap! I never thought I would see the day

when the Republican party lost control to this degree. We are watching a real realignment of one the country's oldest parties.
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