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Gender: Female
Hometown: Eastern Shore, Maryland
Current location: Denver/Boulder CO
Member since: Mon Oct 20, 2008, 08:42 PM
Number of posts: 583

Journal Archives

Finally! Information on the implementation of Obamacare (as I like to call it)

I am a volunteer at a Food Bank in Colorado and next week I will attend a 2 day seminar that our state Dept. of Health Care Policy and Financing is offering free through Community Partner Regional Trainings. It's for individuals and organizations that assist potential clients through the application process. These trainings are to help build a common understanding of key elements of the ACA and Colorado's ACA implementation plan, and to strengthen community organization capacity to help families understand the application process and benefits potentially available to them.

Sessions will cover:
* an ACA overview,
* changes in Medicaid and CHP+ policy,
* Connect for Health Colorado,
* systems interactions, PEAK,
* the new Medicaid/CHP+ application

For weeks now I've heard clients skeptical and/or fearful of changes to their Medicaid or CHP. On the other hand I have clients who are very excited and hopeful that they'll finally have some kind of healthcare insurance.

I was quoted in cover story of today's USA Today.

USA Today/Pew Research called me a couple of weeks ago. I was one of 752 randomly chosen cell phone users they called (plus 752 landline users). Most of the questions had you rate your response on a scale of 1 - 5 or very much agree to no opinion. Well, I tried to give them more than 2 cents worth. The survey took about 25 minutes and covered everything from Pres. Obama's policies to household income and religious preference. The last question was would I be available to answer follow up questions from a reporter. Thinking that there was no way I'd be chosen, I said yes, of course. And the rest, as they say, is history. Got the call yesterday and spoke with the writer of that article. Definitely felt funny seeing my name in the newspaper.

I mentioned in a thread (by EarlG) last week that I had taken part in a survey that showed President Obama beating republicans. And DUer's, without your many contributions, be they articles, opinions or spirited discussions, I wouldn't have been able to confidently respond to all of the interviewer's questions. So thank you, thank you again for all the good work you do here.

From the article:

This "sequester," in Washington parlance, could hamper economic growth, drive up unemployment and test the military's ability to respond to security threats at home and abroad.

Likened to a "meat cleaver approach" by the president, the cuts were designed to be bad policy and so politically dangerous that lawmakers would never let it happen. They would find a more efficient and targeted way to cut the deficit.

They haven't.

Beverly Hart, 69, works at a Colorado food bank and is concerned about how the cuts could affect the most vulnerable Americans while Washington stalemates. "There's so many different programs out there that I'm afraid are going to be impacted by these budget cuts for people who are really really struggling. To think that some of these cuts are going to affect them more, I am just so upset about it." Hart said she supports the president's position for more taxes.


Food Bank client handing out worthless bills

I volunteer at a food bank and today was the day for our regular clients to come pick up their Thanksgiving boxes (approximately 20-25 lbs of canned goods, instant potatoes and a gift card from a local grocery store for a turkey or whatever). Families with up to 4 members received 1 box, 5 - 8 members received 2 boxes. And this was in addition to their regular monthly visit. I had a 2 hour shift and we were busy handing out boxes the whole time. Everybody was excited to be there and thanked us for our help.

Well...all except this one guy. He put his 2 boxes in his car and then came back to the door with what looked like a big wad of new bills in his hand. I didn't get a real close look at them, but could make out that the face of the President looked a lot like President Obama. He offered some to us saying that they would be worth as much as real bills in the very near future under this president. All 3 of us volunteers were shocked when he said this and each one of us told him no. He just looked at us then and turned away to walk back to his car. I don't know what got into me at that point. Maybe it was reading several posts here where DUers have said enough is enough and they're going to call out people who do things like this. So I opened the door as he was getting into his car and reminded him that the 2 boxes of food he had just received from us were paid in part by government grants. And he had the nerve to yell at me and say that he paid his taxes. Before I could say anything else, he drove away. Which is probably a good thing because I was really pissed, as were the other ladies.

Email from a Republican friend: Congratulations!

The last time I got together with this very good friend was April 2011. We had lunch together and talked about a lot of things including politics. He had been a Democrat back in the 60's and 70's, even resigned from a college fraternity because it wouldn't accept blacks at the time (early 60's) and I was so proud of him for doing that. As we were discussing likely candidates to run against President Obama, he finally said he would vote for "anybody but Obama". Me: "Even Gingrich? Palin?" Over the next few months he sent me several emails which...well, I'm sure some of you have received similar ones that you couldn't believe a friend would send you knowing that you were a passionate Democrat. So in Sept '11, I emailed him back and told him that I would not open any of his emails until after the election. After that email to him, his emails to me were much less frequent until they completely ceased. I deleted every single one without opening any, even though some of the subject lines looked non-political.

Throughout all this time I've been sad and hurt that I had lost this particular friend, that I had cut him out of my life because of our different political views. I really missed him. We'd been best friends in college and even though we haven't always lived in the same state, we never lost our connection, our closeness, our love for each other.

So you can imagine my surprise and conflicting emotions when I saw an email from him within an hour after President Obama was declared the winner Tuesday night. The subject line said No Subject. I remembered that I had said I wouldn't read any of his emails until after the election. Well, it was over and here was his email. It contained one word: Congratulations! I took that as a conciliatory gesture and responded with a Thank you and question of renewing our friendship. And this was his response within minutes:

I’ve always loved you and I look forward to talking to you again. I am sure I can be “less passionate” about my political views. I am ALREADY trying to “let it go and accept what’s going forward”.
Love you,
PS I’ve missed not talking to you over the last ?? months!

I'm sharing this because it's made me think about some others from whom I've withdrawn over the past few months and how the subject of politics has affected our friendship and how many of you have mentioned loved ones lost because of politics. Our friends and family members are not bad people. We share similar backgrounds, interests, dreams, quirks, joys in life, family relationships, jobs, disappointments, commitments, whatever. And if I, in my small way, can't begin to heal what I've lost with them, how can I expect more from our leaders in the healing of our nation?

So.....I will look forward eagerly and joyfully to receiving more of those thoughtful, funny, charming, informative, caring emails from my college friend and I will be less vocally passionate about my political views with my Republican friends in the hope, yes, I said hope, that they can start to accept that we are all united in our commitment to making this work.
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