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Dachshund puppy meets Nikki Haley's doppelganger on a SC beach:

August 2011 - Pawleys Island, North Carolina Madeline is a two year old rescue Dachshund, who belongs to myself and my girlfriend, Emma Crompton. She was adopted with the help of Halfway There Rescue in Charlotte, NC.
The video was taken in August of 2011, when Madeline was a year old, in Pawleys Island, South Carolina. She had been playing with the crab for around twenty minutes, when I decided to capture the unique moment between the two unlikely playmates. Madeline is a very playful, loving pup who always seems to make friends...whether it be our friend's pit bull or this ghost crab.

Ghost Governor.....

Posted by Are_grits_groceries | Wed Jun 27, 2012, 07:00 AM (4 replies)

Photo of fire almost on top of the Air Force Academy. So this is what Armageddon looks like:

The football stadium is at the bottom.

I expect the Four Horseman to ride out of that any second now.

Posted by Are_grits_groceries | Wed Jun 27, 2012, 05:41 AM (63 replies)

New lawsuit against Second Mile claims Sandusky abuse started in 1970s

The first civil lawsuit since Jerry Sandusky's guilty verdict has been filed. The suit includes three of the victims included in the child sex scandal, as well as a new alleged victim who claims Sandusky was abusing children as far back as the 1970s.

Making this suit more notable is the fact that it is not aimed at Sandusky or Penn State. Instead, the target is the organization founded by Sandusky, the Second Mile Foundation.

The Second Mile wants to distribute its assets to a group called Arrow Ministries, but this new court filing is hoping to block that move. The suit is filed on behalf of Victims 3, 5, and 7 as identified in the Sandusky grand jury indictment.
Last month, Penn State Trustees were briefed on another suit that person has filed against the university. In that suit, John Doe A. claims Sandusky had been molesting children for decades and that Penn State and the Second Mile knew its facilities were not safe.

The plaintiffs want to block the transfer of the Second Mile assets so the organization cannot say it does not have the money to pay a civil suit.

No surprise.
And nobody knew nothing.

Posted by Are_grits_groceries | Wed Jun 27, 2012, 04:28 AM (8 replies)

The rabble won at UVA. Sullivan reinstated as President of the University of Virgina

Dragas: "This Board has found middle path."

Dragas kept her seat- maybe. McDonnell has to reappoint her which he probably will. I'll bet he used that as a big stick to get her to STFU so this will die down. He wanted no part of it, but he had to act.
Dragas will now be watched like a hawk along with the entire BOV. They badly underestimated the support Sullivan had in most areas of the university. Even the people who didn't like her detested the secrecy.

Posted by Are_grits_groceries | Tue Jun 26, 2012, 03:50 PM (2 replies)

Check out this great Oreo pic that was posted on FB:

Now that's a cookie!

Posted by Are_grits_groceries | Tue Jun 26, 2012, 12:15 PM (2 replies)

Dana Jacobson, formerly of ESPN, recounts her abuse when she was a child:


The Jerry Sandusky child sex abuse trial is over.  The long road to recovery for his victims, is just beginning.
I should know, as it's a path I'm currently traveling.

Like the young men who bravely took the stand in the Sandusky trial, I was molested as a child.  That's still not easy for me to say, let alone write and share publicly, but if we've learned anything from the Sandusky scandal it's that the time for silence is over.  As I heard one Sandusky victim put it, it's time to "find my voice."

It was something I couldn't do when I was molested.  I didn't speak out, no matter how many chances I may have had.  I just couldn't.  Travis Weaver, one of the young men who testified in front of the grand jury in the Sandusky case but not at trial did an interview which aired on Rock Center last week.  He said he was scared to say anything because he thought no one would believe him.  I know that feeling.

That's what these monsters count on, our silence.  They have the power and they know it.  

She was also on CNN discussing this.
Took some courage!

Posted by Are_grits_groceries | Tue Jun 26, 2012, 07:35 AM (5 replies)

Sandusky insists he is innocent of child sex abuse. Wants out of isolation.

(Reuters) - Former Penn State assistant football coach Jerry Sandusky still maintains he is innocent of sexually abusing children, remains determined to clear his name and insists that he has always been faithful to his wife, Dottie, his defense lawyer said on Monday.
"The main reason is he wants the public to know he's not guilty, but the most important reason is he wants to maintain his innocence for his family's sake," Rominger told Reuters. "He really feels that (the conviction) is an insult to his wife, who he has loved and been faithful to all these years."
"Jerry said to me that he was looking forward to being evaluated by the psychiatrist because he was going stir crazy sitting in that holding cell by himself and just needed to get a chance to get out and see family," Rominger said.

"He lost some of his energy, but we still share a joke or two about a few unrelated things, inside jokes basically. He's still capable of a little bit of humor. He told me he's been thankful for the companionship of the guards who've been supervising him because otherwise he'd have no one to talk to."

Jerry Sandusky wants out of isolation in jail
"He's anxious to be able to move around," Rominger said. "His exact quote to me, 'I don’t think I’m suicidal. I’m dealing with this, but if I have to sit around in this cell for a few more days, I am going to go nutty.' ”

In general population, Rominger said, Sandusky would be on a block with only a few other inmates.


Posted by Are_grits_groceries | Tue Jun 26, 2012, 07:13 AM (32 replies)

Exclusive: The Untold Drama of the Jerry Sandusky Trial

As Jerry Sandusky awaits a sentencing that will almost certainly put him behind bars for the rest of his life, a previously unrevealed exchange in court last week illustrates the ways in which his case will never be fully resolved.

The Daily Beast has learned that one of the defense’s key witnesses in the sexual-abuse case against the former Penn State coach—a young man who called Sandusky a “father figure” and a wholly positive influence on his life—may have reached out just days earlier out to a victims’ support group, using language that would suggest he may be a survivor of abuse himself. In an extraordinary behind-the-scenes meeting in the presence of the trial judge, the witness was apparently confronted about what appeared to be his confession, but the message was ultimately never presented as evidence.
Unseen at the time was a Facebook message, obtained exclusively by The Daily Beast, that had been sent to Voices 4 Victims, a victims’ advocacy group established by Penn State student and sexual-abuse survivor Matt Bodenschatz.

The Facebook message carried the name and picture of the young man in question. It was sent on June 15, 2012 – five days before he took the oath, sat in the witness chair, and said that nothing bad had ever happened between him and Coach Sandusky. The private message was sent only to Bodenschatz, the Facebook page’s administrator, but was directed at the eight young men who had testified for the prosecution:

“Thank you to the victims to come forward (sic), I am very proud of you.  You are the voice for some of us who have been so badly damaged. And stay strong not to let our violators win.  Stay STRONG. You have my support!”
The whole story:

In some ways, it will never be over.

Posted by Are_grits_groceries | Tue Jun 26, 2012, 07:03 AM (1 replies)

Greatest slogan to use on anti-gay marriage homophobes:

Gay marriage. If Dick Cheney can handle it, so can you.

Good bumpersticker too!

Posted by Are_grits_groceries | Sun Jun 24, 2012, 01:44 PM (1 replies)

Here's what the inmates did for Sandusky on his first night in jail:

By law, Sandusky, who is currently on suicide watch at the Centre County (Penn.) Correctional Facility, will be sentenced within 90 days of the verdict being rendered.  He’s facing a maximum of 442 years behind bars.

As for what he may be facing once he’s actually behind bars?  If his first night in jail is any indication…

As soon as the lights went out at night, Sandusky’s fellow inmates at the Centre County Correctional Facility serenaded him with a chorus from Pink Floyd’s “The Wall”:

“Hey, teacher, leave those kids alone!”

For those seeking real-world justice, it appears Bubba has things well in hand.


Inmates don't like child molesters.

Posted by Are_grits_groceries | Sun Jun 24, 2012, 01:28 PM (148 replies)
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