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Tornado in Columbia, SC 20 minutes ago.

Heeeeeerre we go again. One agency said this would last all day.

There is a long line of dark green with red/orange areas embedded in it southeast of me. I could be in the middle of that for a long time. It is moving northeast.

AND here's the rain. Meh!

Posted by Are_grits_groceries | Sat Mar 3, 2012, 12:20 PM (4 replies)

When you contact anybody about boycotting ProFlowers,

find a way to include alternates to them. This will really drive home the message to them. In fact, the info should be posted everywhere. Post on their FB page.

Of course people can find this info, but we want to make it as easy as possible to leave ProFlowers.

This info I'll help nudge people away from them if they see an alternative. If this info goes viral in some way,
That would really give them something to chew on. This may be more effective.

A Local Florist - They Need Your Business Too
Florest Express.....www.FlorestExpress.net.....888-444-1922
1-800 Flowers.....www.1800Flowers.com.....800-356-9377 (1-800-Flowers)

Posted by Are_grits_groceries | Sat Mar 3, 2012, 09:41 AM (9 replies)

Good grief! A tornado warning was issue for Columbia, SC 3 minutes ago.

There are also severe thunderstorm warnings all over the state. They are heading my way. Soon to be followed by other, worse warnings I'm sure.

Nowhere to run. Nowhere to hide.

See you in Oz.

Posted by Are_grits_groceries | Sat Mar 3, 2012, 05:38 AM (25 replies)

I am dreading tornado season.

These outbreaks now are very early and exceptionally violent. If the pattern of much colder moist air colliding with much hotter humid air continues to occur, I shudder to think of the damage. It's bad enough when the air temperatures are only 10 or so degrees apart.

I can only hope that we have an anomalous summer to match the weird winter. I hope the weather is much cooer than normal.

If not............

Posted by Are_grits_groceries | Sat Mar 3, 2012, 05:31 AM (2 replies)

The reason the SC Missing Person case turned into a HUGE story:

The department’s investigators had searched Sponseller’s office building on three previous visits, beginning with the day the lobbyist was reported missing by his family. On Feb.19, 20 officers were ordered to search the building room by room. On Feb. 25, officers searched with cadaver dogs.

Also, investigators failed to search Sponseller’s locked office desk, where Hospitality Association employees on Tuesday found empty gun packaging and a three-page note Sponseller had left. The association’s acting executive director noticed the desk drawers were locked and asked the other employees to find a key. Once a key was located, they opened the drawer, according to Bob McAlister, a spokesman for the association.

After employees notified Scott of their discovery, he said he personally went to the building to oversee a door-to-door search that led to the discovery of the body.

Columbia Mayor Steve Benjamin and city manager Steve Gantt said Thursday they supported Scott’s decision to make changes on his command staff.
Read more here: http://www.thestate.com/2012/03/01/2174024/2-commanders-gone-from-police.html#storylink=cpy

Once they found the note, they knew where to look. I would think that a locked drawer would be a big clue. But nooooooooooooo............

Next time, call this guy:

He could have found it sooner than those Keystone Kops

Posted by Are_grits_groceries | Sat Mar 3, 2012, 03:59 AM (0 replies)

My letter from the CEO of Carbonite about Rush:

Over the past two days we have received a tremendous amount of feedback on Rush Limbaugh’s recent comments. I too am offended and very concerned about his comments. Limbaugh’s remarks have us rethinking our future use of talk radio.

We use more than 40 talk show hosts to help get the Carbonite message out to the public. The nature of talk radio is that from time to time listeners are offended by a host and ask that we pull our advertising. This goes for conservatives like Limbaugh and progressives like Stephanie Miller and Ed Shultz. We even get customers who demand that we pull the plug on NPR. As an advertiser, we do not have control over a show’s editorial content or what they say on air. Carbonite does not endorse the opinions of the shows or their hosts.

However, the outcry over Limbaugh is the worst we’ve ever seen. I have scheduled a face-to-face meeting next week with Limbaugh during which I will impress upon him that his comments were offensive to many of our customers and employees alike.

Please know your voice has been heard and that we are taking this matter very seriously.

I basically told them that Rush had long been a noxious person who went well beyond the political realm. I didn't agree with his political views, but at least when he was nattering in that area, he was just a modern version of a recurring figure in our history.

Then I said that he had gone well beyond any bounds of decency by attacking a graduate student who wanted to express her views. Limbaugh called her a slut and a prostitute. Then he demanded that she send videos of sexual activities because of her use of birth control. His logic is warped along with his mind.

I told him that this was who he was supporting with their ad dollars. It didn't reflect well on Carbonite, and they no longer would get any of my money or recommendations. They were supporting someone engaged in vile personal attacks.
I am going to write him back. I will tell him not to waste time trying to teach a pig to sing. Rush believes in 2 things: money and power. The second derives from the first. Nobody has ever been able to tell Rush what to do.

Your meeting is going to be PR designed to assure your clients that you are doing all you can, and actually you are. In some cases, it would be effective. This isn't one of them because Rush has powerful backers. In my opinion, you have 2 choices. You and Carbonite can stay on the very low, dirty road with Rush or you can find a better way to use your money to advertise your services.

The choice you make will be telling about you and the direction Carbonite is headed.


Edit: I am also going to add that if any media person whose views I agreed with engaged in the same type of personal attacks, they and their sponsors would be getting the same type of email you are.

Posted by Are_grits_groceries | Sat Mar 3, 2012, 02:57 AM (4 replies)

OMFG! The temperature in Nashville is going to drop 30-40 degrees.

Clay Travis (@ClayTravisBGID)
3/2/12 2:46 PM
82 degrees with 30 mile gusts in Nashville. Temp about to drop 44 degrees as tornadoes barrel through. Eerie.

Find shelter!
When there is that much difference, it's going to be wild.

Posted by Are_grits_groceries | Fri Mar 2, 2012, 04:00 PM (8 replies)

Syria: New Satellite Images Show Homs Shelling

Local sources have reported that approximately 700 civilians have been killed and thousands wounded in Homs since the Syrian military began its current assault on the city on February 3, 2012. Indiscriminate shelling and sniper fire has caused most of the casualties in Baba Amr, which is a residential area where elements of the armed opposition have sought refuge. Human Rights Watch interviewed 15 Homs residents who escaped the city in the last two weeks, as well as two foreign correspondents who spent time in Baba Amr during the military assault.

“These new satellite photos and witness accounts show the extent of the brutality unleashed on Baba Amr," said Sarah Leah Whitson, Middle East director at Human Rights Watch. “Despite the killing, Russia and China continue to block any international action.”

Human Rights Watch acquired and analyzed this commercial satellite image of the Baba Amr neighborhood of Homs on February 25.A wide view of the image clearly shows the extensive damage caused by the use of surface-delivered explosive weapons in a populated area. The image reflects the damage that has occurred since previous images were taken between four and six weeks ago.

Analysts have overlaid the large-scale image of Baba Amr with symbols to highlight certain features:
-       Red circles represent destroyed or damaged buildings
-       Yellow circles are impact craters in open areas like fields, or roads.

Much more: http://www.hrw.org/news/2012/03/02/syria-new-satellite-images-show-homs-shelling


Posted by Are_grits_groceries | Fri Mar 2, 2012, 03:51 PM (0 replies)

Severe Storm Risk Map (1pm) Good Lawd!

Let's be careful out there.

Posted by Are_grits_groceries | Fri Mar 2, 2012, 11:26 AM (3 replies)

Supreme Court denies Cuccinelli's bid for UVa records

RICHMOND -- Virginia’s highest court has ruled that Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli cannot force the University of Virginia to turn over records dealing with the work of a former university climate scientist.

In an opinion released this morning, the state Supreme Court ruled that the university cannot be the subject of a “civil investigative demand” issued by the state attorney general under the Virginia Fraud Against Taxpayers Act.

“We remain unconvinced that this statute of general applicability was intended to apply to corporate bodies that are arms of the Commonwealth,” Justice LeRoy Millette Jr. wrote in his opinion for the court.

Just three months after Cuccinelli took over as attorney general in 2010, his office began investigating “possible violations” of the Virginia Fraud Against Taxpayers Act by former university professor Michael Mann. Cuccinelli issued a “civil investigative demand” -- similar to a subpoena -- seeking emails and other documents related to five research grants Mann obtained at UVa, where the scientist worked from 1999 to 2005.

Albemarle Circuit Court Judge Paul Peatross ruled that summer that Cuccinelli failed to show why he suspects Mann may have violated the fraud statute. Peatross also ruled that Cuccinelli had to confine his inquiry to grants made with state funds. Four of the five grants Cuccinelli initially targeted were federally funded awards.


Posted by Are_grits_groceries | Fri Mar 2, 2012, 11:15 AM (2 replies)
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