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Member since: Mon Sep 15, 2008, 10:33 AM
Number of posts: 104

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I thought he has been caught in a major dust up before.....

..... he got caught lying about some award he won for his reporting. Here is one account. Peabody vs. Polk


I completely agree.

USAF Medic 65-69.

That is exactly what I would expect from a bunch of hypocritical GOPers

Not a single hypocrisy bone in the entire caucus.

I don't get it... is there a joke here?

what am I missing?

With all due respect Doc

I think the title "filthiest politicians in the country" belongs clearly to Wisconsin's Scott Walker. There is not enough space on DU or time in my schedule to list the atrocities perpetrated by Wisconsin's governor.

If that is how it went down I think the President showed REMARKABLE

restraint. After years of disrespecting Obama. After 100s of floor speeches from Bachman lying about the president and his policies. I think all she deserved was a..... F off...... go crawl back into the hate filled hole you emerged from you IDIOT !!!!!!

Absolutely true

Makes no sense spend all week delivering news and commentary. Then at 9:00 CST shut the doors draw the curtains flip on the prison video loop. See yaaaaa...... Monday morning.

It's not dumb that caught up with him

It's pure unadulterated arrogance.

Hopefully the arrogant governor in Wisconsin will be the next to fall.

Maybe Scott Walker and Bob McDonnell care share a cell in federal prison.

I'll bet he now wishes he never bought the gun.

As for security that will now be taken care of by the prison guards.

Without a gun he would have called the police and checked his doors and windows. With a gun he is transformed into Rambo.

It seems to me it's like setting a bottle in front of an alcoholic or sweets in front of a dieter. No bottle no drink. No sweets no mouthful. No gun no shots fired.

He would have blamed Obama. Goehmert is a POS... plain and simple.

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