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Member since: Mon Sep 15, 2008, 10:33 AM
Number of posts: 199

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Ryan doesn't care. The tea party radicals don't care.

Look they had what 60 vote in the house that they knew was going no where.

Doing the same thing over and over expecting different result is at best idiotic but it does define the republican house.

They are just like the 5 year old 'leader' in the White House. We want it our way or we will scream louder kick sand SCREAM even louder, break things that are in reach. SCREAM LOUDER and so on and so on. Here we are 6-7 years later and now they are going to pass another idiotic bill that is DOA in the senate.

A house full of idiots being lead by and idiot they would burn the house down if they don't get their way.

I'm frighten you are right he will not leave even if it take starting a shooting war

somewhere so he can use the "trump" card of "we are at war" you can't attack a president when we are at war. The tail wagging the dog.

So this is a case where they will follow the Constitution while at

the same time 45 is writing Executive Orders that IGNORE the Constitution. Leave it to the republicans to bend the rules to fit their needs. IMO the Bush v Gore SCOTUS was a clear signal that the Constitution is only a tool we use when it benefits us. Madding!

Tears... imaging the tears in the eye of parents when their young child (adult)

is sent off to fight a war in a foreign country. Korea, Vietnam, Middle East all to "support and defend the Constitution".
I feel no great sympathy for Congress members who have tears. Many have managed to avoid ever going to war themselves.

Feel sympathy for this generation of parents who will have their kids put in harms way because the country elected a crazy person who by all accounts should be impeached.

Who cares Scarborough is a GOP tool

is now and always has been.

To keep a pyramid scheme going...

don't you need a constant flow of new incoming cash? So have the US taxpayers become the next "investors"?

Well on this one you scooped Rachael Maddow.

I listen to the podcast of her show last night and she couldn't figure out why. She kept making the point that 45 has the right to fire but she did not scope this out for a reason. She had a guest on who didn't specifically pin point this either.

I kept thing to myself the best explanation is Bharara must have something on Trump in the pipeline.

I would add one point they want the poor to work AND

pay into Social Security and Medicare until they prematurely die. Leaving their SS and Medicare money unclaimed. Waiting for the time when the repugs can pillage it.

Time to purge ideologues from the national media.

The Hannity's and Limbaugh's have done more to damage our country than any Muslim citizen. They do it through constant barrage of lies and conspiracy theories. We have all heard the saying "let God sort out the good and evil". I hope theses haters will finally have to account for their hate filled rhetoric.

Ok maybe a really dumb question but....

.... if Trump is guilty of some illegal activity that got him elected POTUS why wouldn't Pence be tainted? Fruit of the poison tree? The were elected as a ticket right? Two sides of the same coin? Then by extension why would the republicans still hold the WH at all? Anyone...?
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