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More on what he said (well worth reading!): http://www.worldsoccer.com/news/eric-cantona-racism-immigration-charlie-hebdo-359077

Muslim Groups Give $100K To Help Detroit Residents Without Water

The Muslim community of Michigan has stepped forward this week with a contribution of $100,000 to support Detroit residents who are facing hardship from water shut offs.

More than 60,000 households in Detroit have faced the risk of water shut off or are struggling to recover from water damage due to recent floods. The grant from the Michigan Muslim Community Council in partnership with Islamic Relief USA – the largest Muslim charity organization in the United States – will be used in direct assistance to disadvantaged Detroit families struggling to maintain their water utilities. The groups hope that this grant will encourage others to come forward with assistance since there is still great need.

“We are hoping this is going to be contagious,” said Islamic Relief CEO, Anwar Khan. “It is important to us in our faith to help our neighbors. It is a part of our faith to help our friends.”

Islamic Relief USA had provided disaster relief teams to metro-Detroit to help with recent Detroit flooding, and has partnered with local groups to offer Disaster Assistance Response Training to residents in order to have a group of trained individuals who can help if future disasters strike this area.

Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan led an effort to provide water relief to disadvantaged families by setting up the Detroit Water Fund and a plan for residents to receive help. Other major donors to this effort include Ford and GM who each donated $50,000, and the United Way which donated $100,000.

The grant is part of a concerted effort by metro-Detroit Muslims to contribute to the city’s revitalization because Detroit has been an important part of American Muslim history and is recovering from difficult economic times. Other initiatives include the Huda clinic, which provides free medical and dental clinic to all; Zaman International, which provides food and material assistance to at risk-women and children; DREAM (Detroit Revitalization Engaging American Muslim), which reclaims and renovates homes for disadvantaged families; and the Ramadan Fight Against Hunger Food Drive and Oedhiya project, which distributes several tons of food and meat annually to local food banks and community centers.

From: http://www.goodnewsnetwork.org/muslim-groups-give-100k-help-detroit-residents-without-water/

Anything in the MSM about this?

Denis Leary: Racism isn't born, folks...

Fox News 'terror expert' says everyone in Birmingham is a Muslim: Twitter reacts with #foxnewsfacts

Steve Emerson, described as a terrorism analyst, also told Fox News that parts of London have a Muslim police force who 'attack people if they don't dress according to religious rules'.

He told the American network: "In Britain, it’s not just no go zones, there are actually cities like Birmingham that are totally Muslim, where non-Muslims simply don’t go in."


The interview was roundly mocked on Twitter, under the hash tag #FoxNewsFacts.

@nikkidholliday summed up the mood on Twitter, saying: It's things like #foxnewsfacts that make me proud to be British, what a fantastic response.

Full article with lots of tweets: http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/fox-news-expert-says-everyone-4962092

And here's the feed which is still going very strong lol: https://twitter.com/hashtag/foxnewsfacts?src=hash

A couple of my faves...

Islamification of Britain continues as popular bingo chain forced to change name to Mecca #foxnewsfacts

German Village Plays Epic Prank On Neo-Nazis

Residents of Wunsiedel, where Hitler's deputy Rudolf Hess is buried, are tired of yearly invasion of neo Nazis to their village, so they decide neo-Nazis can march for a good cause.

Marlene Halser

Published: 11.17.14, 16:10

They keep coming back year after year. Since the 1990s, neo-Nazi demonstrators invade the village of Wunsiedel in south Germany every November to commemorate the National Heroes' Remembrance Day by visiting the grave of Adolf Hitler’s Deputy, Rudolf Hess, which was located in the village until it was dissolved in 2005 when the lease agreement ran out.


Instead of taking the neo-Nazis seriously, this time they decided to play a prank on them. Under the slogan "Right against right: (“rechts gegen rechts”), Wunsiedel's residents gave the neo-Nazis' march a new purpose.

For each meter the neo-Nazis marched last Saturday throughout the village, local companies donated 10 euro for a project called “Exit”, a NGO that supports neo-Nazis who are ready to leave the milieu.


"Wenn das der Führer wüsste" ("If the Führer would know") said a pink banner they had to walk by, "Brisk like greyhounds, tough like leather, and generous like never before" ("Flink wie die Windhunde, zäh wie Leder, grosszügig wie nie") said another one, in reference to former Nazi slogans from the Third Reich.

Even food was provided for the neo-Nazi protesters, who tried to ignore the prank as much as possible. Under a banner saying "Mein Mampf" ("My food") instead of "Mein Kampf" (the title of Hitler's book), the village offered bananas to the demonstrators.

On the pavement, village residents had placed landmarks informing the marching neo-Nazis how much money they had already raised by walking through the village – with a total of 10,000 Euro in donations collected for the NGO.

Full article: http://www.ynetnews.com/articles/0,7340,L-4592903,00.html

What If Money Was No Object?

Excellent accompanying infographic below....

Miss Hitler 2014: Yes, there really is a neo-Nazi beauty contest in Russia

In one of the more disturbing corners of the internet, a group of neo-Nazi Russian social media users is currently holding a beauty contest that has been dubbed ‘Miss Hitler’.

The competition, officially called ‘Miss Ostland’ - named after the territory occupied by the Nazis in eastern Europe - asks contestants to post a picture of themselves on the @hitler_public page of VKontakte, Russia’s Facebook equivalent.

Rules of entry are apparently quite simple, as Vocativ reports:

1. Be a woman.

2. Be a Nazi.

3. Be a woman Nazi.

4. Be a woman who hates Jews.

5. Be a member of the “Adolf Hitler” VKontakte group.

6. Post a sexy Nazi pic.

7. Get other Nazis to like your pic.

8. Don’t insult other women’s pictures. Nazis are a lot of things, but they are apparently not catty on social media.

Some of the entrants so far (Picture: VKontakte)

Contestants are also encouraged to write under their photo why they “love and revere the Third Reich of Adolf Hitler”.

More: http://i100.independent.co.uk/article/miss-hitler-2014-yes-there-really-is-a-neonazi-beauty-contest-in-russia--xJOrGDFSUx

Gotta LOVE this anti-xenophobia sign in a shop window....

A shop window in Rochester and Strood ahead of November's by-election in the UK. UKIP's Mark Reckless is expected to win.

My earlier post about UKIP and the threat they pose: The Nazis - A Warning From Yesterday For The UK

Also, check this blog out for more info on UKIP: http://www.hopenothate.org.uk/ukip/

A special Venn diagram to pass on to any Islamophobes you may know...

(ISIS is included within the red dot, if anyone wants to update it to add them feel free)

Adding an article that Marmar posted back in DU2, which I found when looking earlier for this diagram.

The Lies of Islamophobia: The Three Unfinished Wars of the West against the Rest

from TomDispatch:

The Lies of Islamophobia
The Three Unfinished Wars of the West against the Rest

By John Feffer

The Muslims were bloodthirsty and treacherous. They conducted a sneak attack against the French army and slaughtered every single soldier, 20,000 in all. More than 1,000 years ago, in the mountain passes of Spain, the Muslim horde cut down the finest soldiers in Charlemagne’s command, including his brave nephew Roland. Then, according to the famous poem that immortalized the tragedy, Charlemagne exacted his revenge by routing the entire Muslim army.

The Song of Roland, an eleventh century rendering in verse of an eighth century battle, is a staple of Western Civilization classes at colleges around the country. A “masterpiece of epic drama,” in the words of its renowned translator Dorothy Sayers, it provides a handy preface for students before they delve into readings on the Crusades that began in 1095. More ominously, the poem has schooled generations of Judeo-Christians to view Muslims as perfidious enemies who once threatened the very foundations of Western civilization.

The problem, however, is that the whole epic is built on a curious falsehood. The army that fell upon Roland and his Frankish soldiers was not Muslim at all. In the real battle of 778, the slayers of the Franks were Christian Basques furious at Charlemagne for pillaging their city of Pamplona. Not epic at all, the battle emerged from a parochial dispute in the complex wars of medieval Spain. Only later, as kings and popes and knights prepared to do battle in the First Crusade, did an anonymous bard repurpose the text to serve the needs of an emerging cross-against-crescent holy war.


The Crusades Continue

With their irrational fear of spiders, arachnophobes are scared of both harmless daddy longlegs and poisonous brown recluse spiders. In extreme cases, an arachnophobe can break out in a sweat while merely looking at photos of spiders. It is, of course, reasonable to steer clear of black widows. What makes a legitimate fear into an irrational phobia, however, is the tendency to lump all of any group, spiders or humans, into one lethal category and then to exaggerate how threatening they are. Spider bites, after all, are responsible for at most a handful of deaths a year in the United States.

Islamophobia is, similarly, an irrational fear of Islam. Yes, certain Muslim fundamentalists have been responsible for terrorist attacks, certain fantasists about a “global caliphate” continue to plot attacks on perceived enemies, and certain groups like Afghanistan’s Taliban and Somalia’s al-Shabaab practice medieval versions of the religion. But Islamophobes confuse these small parts with the whole and then see terrorist jihad under every Islamic pillow. They break out in a sweat at the mere picture of an imam. ...........(more)

The complete piece is at: http://www.tomdispatch.com/post/175317/tomgram%3A_john_feffer%2C_crusade_2.0 (the story follows a brief intro)

An Open Letter To The West From Islamic State... (TOON)

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