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Profile Information

Name: Robin M
Gender: Female
Hometown: New Boston Ohio
Home country: USA
Current location: Columbia South Carolina
Member since: Thu Sep 4, 2008, 12:19 AM
Number of posts: 2,685

Journal Archives

We had a tragedy in our family

My son's best friend was in a traffic accident that killed a man and injured a 7 year-old girl. Her brakes failed she is only 20 she wanted to be a nurse. The Police say she appeared to be under the influence, but she was here about 45 minutes before the accident and she was sober. I hugged her and she was perfectly fine. She had been living here. My son for some reason decided at the last minute not to go. She says she wants to die because she thinks she deserves to die. I am heartbroken for the family and for her. She is being charged with aggravated vehicular homicide and aggravated vehicle assault. Please keep us in your thoughts. My son is devastated and feels helpless and to be honest I feel helpless too. It's. just a horrible situation all the way aroundhttp://www.lancastereaglegazette.com/story/news/local/2014/09/15/deadly-motorcycle-crash/15658131


Again how can white folks tell blacks folks what's racist and what's not?

this is posted in the African American Group

We keep seeing white folk tell black folk White Privilege isn't real or they don't like the term. We see them defend blatant racism if it comes from a liberal like Michael Moore. They claim slavery wasn't the evil institution that it was and poor white folks had it worse. Where does any of this leave room for civil discourse?

Important eyewitness video has surfaced Michael Brown had his hands up

Reverend Al was talking about it tonight. It was a video that showed the eyewitness holding his hands up while saying He had his bleep hands up. He also said Mike Brown was saying okay okay okay. He also said the cop didn't tell Mike Brown to get on the ground. Of course the grand jury might not get it. I really wish they would assign a Special Prosecutor.

White Privilege is real and Slavery was EVIL!!!

How hard is that to understand? When you have self proclaimed progressives denying White Privilege and saying slavery made poor white folks the victim. How do you have any room for civil discussion?

All the Black History Books I've read are wrong!!!!

Slaves were resented by poor white folks because slaves had it so much better than white folks who were poor. I was told today. The racism is so blatant and ignorant these days. The person had "black friends" teach them this. Good Lord these people never cease to amaze me how low they can go.

willfull ignorance

What. can we do to educate someone who doesn't want to learn? How can we help them understand how important it is to be engaged and vote?

My Sisters

We must stay here if at all possible we can't let criminals and their band of misogynists run us off of DU. What happens to any feminist on here should be everybody's concern. I am still in shock over the rape and death threats. I am beyond disgusted. I hope whoever made the threats is apprehended and jailed. It is a crime to make such threats. To all my DU brothers who are supportive and understanding of feminist issues thank you so much, love and peace to you all.

67% percent of OWF cases in Ohio are child only cases (Welfare Reform Failure)


It's a long but sad read some have faced their 36 month time limit and left their kids with other people in order for them to get life's basic needs met.

I think welfare reform is a failure at least Ohio's model is.

I really don't get how Wilson gets by not filling out an incident report.

I have been a security officer as well as a loss prevention officer. I can't count the number of incident reports I have personally filled out. If someone required anything as little as a band-aid I had to fill out an incident report. I took a class on interviewing and report writing. I was never a cop I went to class with plenty of cops though. I imagine there had to have been a report written on the day of Mike Brown's murder. I called a good friend of mine in South Carolina who is LEO there he says this guy wrote an incident report or the CoP is derelict if he didn't require one. They are lying out their ass if they say there is no incident report involving a discharge of a weapon, and a fatal one at that. This is an ongoing cover-up and a lot of people need to be in handcuffs on the FPD.

I haven't allowed myself to comment because nothing I have to say is nice

I can't believe what I'm seeing here in the U.S.A I am considering going to stand in solidarity with my brothers and sisters. This is a damn shame and not all like Americans should act. Cops acting like the military it's insane and the cops in Ferguson are a bunch of fucking liars and most of them need fired. According to Dr. Baden's autopsy the shooter should be charged with murder in the first.
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