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Profile Information

Name: Robin M
Gender: Female
Hometown: New Boston Ohio
Home country: USA
Current location: Columbia South Carolina
Member since: Thu Sep 4, 2008, 12:19 AM
Number of posts: 3,972

Journal Archives

If anybody is interested CNN has a show about Glen Campbell

and his battle with Alzeimers.

Ohio voted yes on bipartisan redistricting

It's a start. I hope it will get rid of some tea baggers.

Are we watching the implosion of the Republican Party?

There is no leadership the are snipping at each other. They don't want debates unless they have all conservative moderators. They don't want bills on the floor unless they are in almost 100% agreement with them. This is ship sinking like the Titanic.

I need a break from the snark and Ben Carson will beat Hillary threads ****AA group****

All the condescension in the world will not make their candidate the nominee. It's a turn off. I think they need to stop telling folks what to do. Most of the threads are poison. The attacks on bravenak are continuing, they are still snipping away at her. I will go in to defend my friend but otherwise no longer wish to engage in their nonsense.

If I tell you a pear is an apple does that make it true?

We all know it doesn't. Saying that Hillary Clinton is hated almost everyone and most politicians fear her doesn't make it true. Throwing good Democrats and Civil Rights Leaders under the bus by saying they are endorsing Hillary because they are threatened or they are selfish doesn't make that true either.


If you haven't personally engaged in this I am not talking to you.

The Republican crybaby freak show

Damn what a bunch of whiners

Bipartisan budget deals are a good thing sometimes

This is how Government is suppose to work. President Obama made a good deal with Congress which is run by Republicans. I don't understand the hair on fire reactions from some people. You make compromises sometimes. I trust President Obama.

Someone threatened to shoot up my son's high school tomorrow.

My son just got home of course they will have extra security and every student searched, but should I keep him home or send him? He wants to go. I understand he thinks he will be fine and I do too but, there is a parking lot he has to park in that's what I worry about.

Deputy Ben Fields a huge POS



After all, he'd been manhandled by the beefy South Carolina cop the same way almost exactly 10 years before.

"I recognized him on the spot. I remembered how big he was," the 36-year-old Army veteran told the Daily News.

Martin had encountered Fields twice before: once in a Columbia, S.C., parking lot during an arrest and later in the courtroom, where Martin and his wife, Tashiana, filed suit against the hulking officer for civil rights violations.

Leon Lott to have a Press Conference at 4 pm

Richland County Sheriff re: the dickhead who used excessive force against an AA student in South Carolina
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