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Name: C.S. H.
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Home country: U.S.A.
Member since: Fri Aug 8, 2008, 10:48 AM
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Trump's Hollywood Walk of fame Star destroyed.


Anthem singer at Heat-76ers kneels during performance

As they have all preseason, players and coaches for the Miami Heat locked arms during the national anthem on Friday. Some bowed their heads. It’s the way the team has agreed to pay respect to the flag while also standing up against social injustice and police brutality against minorities.

The only difference this time was that the young woman who performed the Star-Spangled Banner, identified by the Heat as Denasia Lawrence, did so while kneeling at midcourt and opening her jacket to display a shirt that read “Black Lives Matter.”

The NBA has supported its players in speaking out against racial injustice, but has also asked its players and coaches to stand during the anthem to pay respect to the flag.

“It would be my hope that they would continue to stand for the national anthem. I think that is the appropriate thing to do,” NBA Commissioner Adam Silver said earlier Friday during a news conference in New York.

The Heat said in a statement it was “unaware ahead of time,” Lawrence would kneel during the anthem.

Guard Wayne Ellington said he didn’t notice Lawrence was kneeling at first because he had his eyes closed, which he normally does.

More :MiamiHerald

Gov. Rauner pours in nearly $46 million as part of bid to cut Speaker Madigan's power

th little more than two weeks until Election Day, Republican Gov. Bruce Rauner's personal investment in eroding the ranks of legislative Democrats led by House Speaker Michael Madigan has grown to nearly $46 million, state campaign finance records show.

The massive influx of cash represents the election-year battle lines playing out in Illinois after more than a year of fighting between Rauner, the first-term governor, and Madigan, the nation’s longest-serving speaker, over the future of the state.

Democrats hold supermajorities in the House and Senate and have been able to stymie Rauner’s economic agenda, which calls for changes in laws that would weaken traditional Democratic allies in organized labor and among workers’ compensation attorneys. The Democrats' refusal to move on those issues led to a lengthy budget stalemate, which culminated in a temporary spending plan that expires Jan. 1.

State filings show the governor and wife Diana Rauner donated another $9 million Thursday to the campaign fund of House Republican leader Jim Durkin of Western Springs. Durkin almost immediately transferred $5 million to the House Republican Organization, the campaign arm of the House GOP, and $3 million to the Illinois Republican Party.

The latest influx comes after Rauner’s campaign fund about a week earlier sent an additional $3 million to Durkin, to be funneled to individual Republican House campaigns.

Durkin’s campaign fund also benefited from a $3 million donation Friday from billionaire hedge-fund founder Ken Griffin, a Rauner ally.

All told, Rauner, his family and his campaign fund have doled out $45.8 million in political contributions this year. Of the $29 million the Illinois Republican Party has raised this year, nearly $21 million has come from Rauner and $4 million this month through Durkin’s campaign fund.

More : Chicago Tribune

***I don't care that much for Madigan, but I hate Rauner with a purple passion. He came in throwing his money all over the state just what I expected from Republican and won Governor. A lot of ministers sold us out in the city.

President Obama, early voting for Hillary Clinton.

WATCH:- While Demolishing TRUMP, MSNBC’s Steve Schmidt Declares Hillary Next President

Steve Schmidt chews up his own Republican party and spits them out. I think he's disgusted with them.

There's a new “silent majority,” and it's voting for Hillary Clinton

Trump voters and Bernie Bros get all the press, but it’s Hillary voters who are going to win.

In a 1969 speech, then-President Richard Nixon directly addressed the “silent majority” of Americans who he hoped would support his middle path policy on Vietnam. The speech itself, if you read it, is rather banal and unremarkable, but the turn of phrase came to be a powerful icon of the politics of the era. At a time when American society seemed in many ways to be pulling apart, Nixon argued for stability.

And with that phrase, he offered recognition to the large number of Americans who were neither Black Panthers nor Klansmen, neither war hawks nor hippies, just basically normal middle-class white people who rejected Jim Crow without embracing Black Power, disliked the war but disliked communism even more.

Nixon’s presidency itself descended into oblivion, but his silent majority of hard hats and conformists carried forward, dominating American politics for the rest of the 20th century. Under George W. Bush, Republican rhetoric took a different turn — more overtly pious and messianic — but in the wake of Bushism’s self-discrediting collapse, Nixonian themes have strongly reemerged under the leadership of Donald Trump.

Trump-branded signs intoning the slogan “THE SILENT MAJORITY STANDS WITH TRUMP” festoon his rallies, and optimistic writers invoke the notion of a silent majority to tout theories that the polls are undercounting Trump voters.

But though Trumpniks are certainly the demographic descendants of Nixon’s white working-class silent majority, the basic reality is that they are anything but silent. Trump’s rallies are, as Trump would be the first to tell you, enormous, raucous affairs. He brings in big ratings. He attracts constant coverage, and so do his supporters, in the form of endlessly writerly explorations of the agonizing anxieties of “Trump Country” communities afflicted by everything from deindustrialization to opiate addiction to an influx of immigrants from the Dominican Republic.

More :VOX

Morning Joe attacks ‘elites’ for ignoring Trump supporters: Don’t call them racist, they’re in pain

Two videos part 1 and 2, much more : raw story

Whether it’s Bernie Sanders or Donald Trump, Joe Scarborough seems to agree with the GOP nominee that the media is biased against them.

According to Scarborough, media elites and the “coastal elites” ignore or outright mock supporters of extremist candidates like Sanders and Trump. With Sanders, he explained that the media ignored thousands of people showing up at rallies. When it comes to Trump supporters, the media focuses almost exclusively on the negative aspects of Trump and his supporters. When discussing his supporters, the media elites talk about the racism, xenophobia, sexism and homophobia. The “deplorables,” co-host Mika Brzezinski, recalled. They miss the stories about how many of these supporters see hope in the Republican nominee.....

Cops Called on Groom Practicing Wedding Dance, With Heartwarming Results

*Republican hypocrisy:

“If Trump wins, the election is legitimate and the people have SPOKEN. If Hillary wins, it must be RIGGED.

Donald Trump is accused of forcing himself on over ten women. STICK TO THE ISSUES. Bill Clinton accused of misconduct by 4 women. His wife should be disqualified from office.

Hillary Clinton has not directly mentioned any of Trump's accusers. She need to stop distracting from real issues. Trump has a press conference with 4 of Bill Clinton's accusers, gives them front row seats to the debate, and mentions them at a debate. Great job taking the gloves off president Trump.

Bill Clinton cheats on his wife. Impeach him. Trump proudly brags about sexual assault (has 5 kids with 3 wives and has cheated on his wives). Elect him.

Hillary oversaw the department of state while 4 people died in an embassy attack. JAIL HER. 2 Republicans were in office while over 200 people died in embassy attacks. No problem.

Immigrants don't pay taxes. Round them up and kick them out. Trump doesn't pay taxes. He's a business genius.

Independent fact checkers found Trump is likely the least truthful candidate in the history of politics. He tells it like it is. Hillary is statistically more truthful than most politicians according to fact checkers. She is the most untrustworthy person ever.

Hillary's foundation only spent 87% of their donations helping people (average amount is 75%). CROOKED. Trumps foundation paid off his debts, bought paintings of him, and made political donations to avoid investigations for a fake university while using less than 5% of funds for charity (and he got shut down by NY State). So savvy... Put him in the white house.

Trump made 4 billion dollars in 40 years, when an index fund started at the same time with the same "small loans" he received would be worth $12 billion today... without a trail of bankruptcies, thousands of lawsuits and burned small business owners. He's a real business whiz. Hillary took a loss of $700k. She's a criminal.

Trump is the first candidate in the modern era not to release his tax returns, and took a billion dollar loss in 1 year. Genius. Hillary releases 40 years of taxes. Corrupt. Trump denies saying things (on the record) he actually said (on the record), he's just telling it like it is.

Your arguments are thin. Your ignorance of reality is shocking. Your double-standards are offensive, and your willingness to blindly support him and recycle the rhetoric is absurd. Your opinion is not fact. Your memes are not news articles. And your hypocrisy is not a platform."

Please feel free to share or add to this

***This was posted by someone in a blog that I found.

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