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My namesake... http://youtu.be/GgXzWhexJh0 ... If I were asked to recommend only one political / history book it would be this one... http://www.amazon.com/Treason-America-Anton-Chaitkin/dp/0943235006 ... Treason in America: from Aaron Burr to Averell Harriman, by Anton Chaitkin. I do NOT endorse all of the views by Chaitkin external to this book, nor all of his actions, nor all of his associations, but I DO highly recommend this book. It is one every US citizen and everyone interested in its history should read. It it well written, meticulously sourced, and it is eye-opening -- even for those who consider themselves already knowledgeable. If you have not read it before, you need to read it, it is need-to-know information, and what it has to say is not going to be found in many places, if anywhere, else. That is my tip for whoever is passing by.

Journal Archives

A message today to anti-war activists from the Syrian town of Kafranbel

In case anyone thinks this is fake, this town is well-known among Syrians for doing similar visual statements for quite a while...


“We started writing signs in English in May 2011 because we felt that the international community would care more about human rights than Arabs, so we wanted to address them in a common language,” he said.

Cartoons were introduced in August 2011, executed by a technician at a dental clinic who sketched as a hobby. Syrians took notice, and foreign media regularly featured Kafranbel’s signs.

Protests, and the signs, are meticulously planned, and every detail has a meaning. Posters, for example, carry datelines that tell the story of the conflict, starting with just Kafranbel, to Occupied Kafranbel and then Liberated Kafranbel after the army was expelled from the town in August.

“We switched again seven weeks ago to the Syrian Revolution Kafranbel,” Fares said. “Most of the world has forgotten that we are in a revolution, and call it a civil war. We are reminding them of what is actually happening on the ground.”



This doesn't necessarily mean that I'm for intervention at this point; I'm not necessarily against it either -- will have to wait and see what develops a bit more.
Posted by Waiting For Everyman | Sun Sep 8, 2013, 08:09 PM (23 replies)

Self-deleting and copying OP here.

Iranian diplomat warns that Obama's daughter will be kidnapped and raped if America attacks Syria

I happened to see this story in the Daily Mail, while reading another about the G20:

An Iranian strategic expert has warned that one of President Obama's daughters will be kidnapped and raped if America attacks Syria.

Alireza Forghani, also the former governor of southern Iran’s Kish Province, warned of mass abductions and killings of American citizens worldwide in the event the Obama administration launches a military strike in Syria.

'Hopefully Obama will be pigheaded enough to attack Syria, and then we will see the … loss of U.S. interests ,' he threatened.

'In just 21 hours , a family member of every U.S. minister , U.S. ambassadors, U.S. military commanders around the world will be abducted. And then 18 hours later, videos of their amputation will be spread ' he said reported The Daily Caller.

The threat comes amid reports today that the U.S has intercepted an order from an Iranian official instructing militants in Iraq to attack U.S. interests in Baghdad if the attack goes ahead.


Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2413657/Iranian-strategic-expert-warns-Obamas-daughters-kidnapped-raped-America-attacks-Syria-Secret-Service-intercepts-orders-attack-US-targets.html#ixzz2eJwfGyH3

The Daily Caller article:


In addition, Forghani warned, “We should remind Obama that if you are a bastard, there are other bastards all around the world who can assault Sasha.” The statement is written in both English and Farsi, but in the Farsi version, Forghani clearly stated that Sasha will be raped by someone who has been able to get close to the Obama family.


(about the writer)
Reza Kahlili is a pseudonym for a former CIA operative in Iran’s Revolutionary Guard and author of the award-winning book ”A Time to Betray“ (Simon & Schuster, 2010). He serves on the Task Force on National and Homeland Security and the advisory board of the Foundation for Democracy in Iran (FDI).

Read more: http://dailycaller.com/2013/09/05/iran-threatens-brutal-attacks-on-americans-obama-family-if-us-hits-syria/#ixzz2eJxIanvn

I debated even posting this. It's certainly gross, and I'm no fan of the DC. But it isn't being picked up much by other news outlets (and maybe for good reason, I don't know), and for that very reason, I think at least a few of us here should have some awareness that this statement is out there.

Mainly though, it's that the threat is generalized to include lots of other ordinary people who may be in various places in the world, or right here in the US -- potentially DUers or our friends or family.

I'm also wondering about this though, what regard would a mind like this have for any red lines, about chemical weapons or nuclear for that matter, or anything at all? I don't think they even comprehend the point.

What alarms me the most about it is the use of Sasha's name, and the phrase "someone who has been able to get close to the Obama family". It seems to be saying that a specific person is already in place somewhere within their circle. I hope the Secret Service is on this.
Posted by Waiting For Everyman | Sun Sep 8, 2013, 05:12 PM (0 replies)

New German intercept shows Assad responsible for chemical weapons attack


Assad 'launched chemical attack in moment of panic because he was scared rebels would take Damascus', say spies as Russia sends missile cruiser to Mediterranean

Bashar Al-Assad launched the chemical attack which killed hundreds of people because he 'lost his nerve' in a moment of panic and worried that Damascus would fall to rebel troops, according to new intelligence.

In a telephone call which was tapped by German spy chiefs, a senior Hezbollah commander told the Iranian embassy in Lebanon that Syria's president intended to tilt the balance of power towards the regime in the battle for control of the country's capital.


The call from a Hezbollah leader about the chemical attack, in which he described the move as 'a big mistake', was intercepted by Germany's BNC intelligence service and reported by Der Spiegel magazine.

The revelation has led the country's top spies to agree with the U.S. intelligence assessment that Assad was indeed responsible for using chemical weapons in the attack on August 21.


Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2411254/Syria-crisis-claims-Assad-launched-chemical-attack-scared-rebels-Damascus.html#ixzz2eKKVoLsN

The interesting thing about this, to me, is the news that Assad is that worried about actually losing Damascus.
Posted by Waiting For Everyman | Sun Sep 8, 2013, 02:41 PM (4 replies)

As reported by TIME...

Dr. Sakhr al-Dimashqy, the President of the Unified Medical Center in East Ghouta:

“The total number of cases that medical points and field hospitals had received was about 10,000,” Dr. al-Dimashqy said through an interpreter, saying that he helped document 165 deaths, out of around 1,400 total.


The government may have additional sources, but there is one.
Posted by Waiting For Everyman | Sat Sep 7, 2013, 10:33 PM (0 replies)

Or, how 'bout the classic that's always true regardless?

"Winds of Change"? Change is one thing we can always count on, whether it be good or bad.

Walk softly through the desert sand
Careful where you tread
Underfoot are the visions lost
Sleeping, not yet dead

Hang on - Winds starting to howl
Hang on - The beast is on the prowl
Hang on - Can you hear the strange cry
Winds of change are blowing by

Mountains crumble and cities fall
Don't come to an end
Lie scattered on the desert floor
Waiting for the wind


You got your life planned carefully
But you left out one detail
The hidden hand deals just one round
And the winds of change prevail


Walk softly through the desert sand
Old dreams lead the way
Nothing new in the sands of time
Just changes every day

Hang on - It's starting again
Hang on - There's no shelter from the wind
Hang on - Like a fire from the sky
Winds of change are blowing by

Posted by Waiting For Everyman | Wed Sep 4, 2013, 04:27 PM (0 replies)

Vladimir Putin 'doesn't exclude' backing military force on Syria if evidence proves 'beyond doubt'

Source: The Independent

Vladimir Putin 'doesn't exclude' backing military force on Syria if evidence proves 'beyond doubt' Assad used chemical weapons

Steve Anderson Wednesday 04 September 2013

Russia's President Vladimir Putin has said he would not rule out endorsing military action in Syria if it could be proven that Bashar al-Assad's regime had used chemical weapons against its citizens.

Though he "doesn't exclude" the possibility of backing force, he said that action should only be taken once evidence has been submitted to the UN Security Council and that, at present, he felt it was "ludicrous" that the government of President Assad would use chemical weapons at a time when it was holding sway against the rebels.

Speaking in an interview with the Associated Press, he said: "From our viewpoint, it seems absolutely absurd that the armed forces, the regular armed forces, which are on the offensive today and in some areas have encircled the so-called rebels and are finishing them off, that in these conditions they would start using forbidden chemical weapons while realizing quite well that it could serve as a pretext for applying sanctions against them, including the use of force.

"If there are data that the chemical weapons have been used, and used specifically by the regular army, this evidence should be submitted to the UN Security Council," he added. "And it ought to be convincing. It shouldn't be based on some rumors and information obtained by special services through some kind of eavesdropping, some conversations and things like that."


Read more: http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/politics/vladimir-putin-doesnt-exclude-backing-military-force-on-syria-if-evidence-proves-beyond-doubt-assad-used-chemical-weapons-8797219.html

In another version of the interview on Al Jazeera, he goes on to say this:

If there was clear proof of what weapons were used and who used them, Russia "will be ready to act in the most decisive and serious way," Putin said.

Posted by Waiting For Everyman | Wed Sep 4, 2013, 05:09 AM (14 replies)

Russia "doesn't exclude" the possibility of supporting a UN resolution against Syria

Apparently Putin may be setting the stage for a way to relent on the UN sanctions, if the evidence is indisputable. UN approval could possibly change the whole situation for us if we ultimately end up going into Syria.


Vladimir Putin, the Russian president, has warned the US against taking one-sided action in Syria, but has also said that Russia "doesn't exclude" the possibility of supporting a UN resolution authorising military strikes.

He says that such an endorsement would require "convincing" evidence that President Bashar al-Assad's government used chemical weapons against citizens.

He also says the currently available evidence does not fulfill this criteria.

In a wide-ranging interview with the Associated Press news agency and Russia's state Channel 1 television, Putin said it would be "absolutely absurd" for Assad's forces to have used chemical weapons at a time when they were in the ascendency in the conflict.


If there was clear proof of what weapons were used and who used them, Russia "will be ready to act in the most decisive and serious way," Putin said.

This story is also in The Independent, that I've seen so far.


Another interesting one though, and I don't know what to make of it at all. From Ya Libnan News, which is out of Lebanon:


Posted by Waiting For Everyman | Wed Sep 4, 2013, 04:51 AM (7 replies)

It was completely different,

For starters, the vast majority of Libyans wanted the Gaddafi regime ENDED, and begged us, and begged us continually for help. Next, the world community was almost entirely behind us and/or with us in intervening. And third, the UN was solidly endorsing our action too, as was the Arab League. We weren't out in front ahead of everyone by ourselves, we were being pulled in by everyone after they were already resolved that we should act.

But the first difference, the Libyan public, was the most important. Because without that unambiguous desire from them for our help, I don't think the world community and the UN would have been on board with us either.

I question whether there is a sufficient majority of Syrians who clearly and without reservation, WANT our help as desperately as the Libyans did. I'm not saying the situation is not as desperate, of course it is. But I don't see that same desperate desire for our help that was so clearly unmistakable from the Libyans.

See the story of this man, Mo Nabbous,...


...whose internet stories caught the attention of many of us, and whose friends made this film montage in his memory, of clips from news stories that he made to bring Libya to our attention. Sadly, Mo died just hours before Libya won its independence.

Additionally, Syria is more complex in its dangerous associations in the region, with Iran and so on, in a way that Libya was not. Everything about it is different.
Posted by Waiting For Everyman | Wed Sep 4, 2013, 01:41 AM (1 replies)

Report to NATO: 70% of Syrians support Assad

This is a big reason why I think we should stay out of Syria. (For those who can't or don't want to go to the link below, the percentage of the public opposed to Assad is estimated at about 10% right now.)


So we are outraged by these chemical attacks and mass killings, but apparently the Syrian public is not.

Even among that 10% opposition, some of them said that if the US attacks Assad, they too will actually switch sides, and fight on his side against us, because they will see it as defending their country under outside attack. (Wish I had saved the link to that statement but I didn't; it was in a linked article somewhere here on DU this past weekend.) I realize not all opposition may be feel that way, but I don't doubt that it's a real view among some.

When I saw that, it was a crystallizing moment to me, I thought "forget this, no way". We are far too hated there to get involved directly, and we should stay out of it. Syria is not Libya, and it is not the same as another nation might be some other time. I also didn't know until recently, because very little is being mentioned about it in the news, that the Saudis and Jordan and Dubai are assisting the rebels. If anything, we should be helping them in their efforts, and not acting directly ourselves. This is something that those in the local area should do, and it seems as if they are trying to.

Also, where is the pressure on Russia and China, Syria's friends, to do something to discourage Assad? For those who believe "looking bad" is a big thing, why don't we put a focus on making Russia look bad for doing nothing about this?

I agree that 100,000 dead and this use of chemical weapons warrants intervention, but not under these circumstances. There is no way that we should go into a situation in which we immediately become the enemy the moment we take action to help. This fight has to be won first by the Syrian people being outraged at Assad themselves, and next by sympathetic neighboring states.

There are indirect things we could do, and I think we should. But this is not our battle. Anyway that's one person's take on it.
Posted by Waiting For Everyman | Tue Sep 3, 2013, 10:04 AM (43 replies)

I want to share a tune from my rocker ex who's 65 and battling cancer.

Demian (aka Denny Romans) is one of my favorite ex's, my son's dad, and a 47-year friend, who has lived most of his life performing with his band in Europe but is now back in Florida and still at it -- a professional musician continuously since 1965. He's the guitarist, singer, and group leader. I think he has a lot of heart /guts / whatever we call that essential drive within us... kind and brilliant, a rare combination.

This is a cover, of course, which is something he rarely does. He has written, I don't know how many, but certainly upwards of 100 original songs, which are mostly what he plays. But I think his recent version of this is smokin', and wanted to share it with you... especially for some of us who may be feeling from time to time that we're "old and over" -- no, we're not!

A pic from roughly the 90's, in Holland.

Posted by Waiting For Everyman | Wed Aug 21, 2013, 02:10 PM (3 replies)
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